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The bodybuilder’s very best friend

The headline can describe both Oskar Emt, Head of Bodybuilder Support at Scania Sweden,
and his favourite tool, Scania’s SDP3 software. Oskar is a keen promotor of supplying
bodybuilders with the necessary capabilities for doing their own bodybuilding adaptations
via BCI and SDP3. “Honestly, I can’t see one single reason for not choosing BCI on every rigid
sold, and in the same process, make sure that all the local bodybuilders buy in on the
concept on using SDP3 on their own” says Oskar Emt. “It shortens lead times, bring increased
quality and provide each rigid with a built-in higher residual value”.
Oskar Emt was born and raised in Södertälje so the choice of working for Scania was not a
dramatic one. But despite being in his early 30s, he has already gotten loads of experience
of bodybuilding (and he actually left Scania for a number of years to work at leading body-
“Yes, I have seen it all, maybe that is why I am so impressed over BCI and SDP3 combo”, Emt
says. “For me BCI is something almost religious since it brings so many obvious advantages for
both Scania, the bodybuilder and the end customer.”
Scania Complete made it for Oskar
According to Oskar Emt, the aha-moment for him came when he got involved in producing
Scania Complete vehicles. It struck him both how easy it is to create a certain functionality but
also that if you once have done it, it is easy to duplicate on the next truck.
“Bodybuilders love the system. It is smart to work with, the price is fair and you get rid of
everything from endless cable harnesses to relays and frustration”, says Emt.

Oskar Emt (to the left) is talking with Peter Nybäck

about some body building details. Via the SDP3
software is easy to make adaptations and
implementations for smart bodywork functionality.

But what about Scania’s own workshops, don’t they risk losing assignments if bodybuilders
are allowed to mixture with the truck set up themselves?
Not according to Oskar Emt:
“That is a misunderstanding, I would say. Here in Sweden, we all benefit from this and the
workshop is not “losing” anything. They are happy not having to deal with minor coding issues
and at the end of the day we all get more work since this help Scania being top-of-mind among
bodybuilders and customers alike since they all appreciate the flexibility. Bear in mind as well
that it is only certain parts of the SDP3 functionality they get access to.”

PTO functionality – just a button away

Out of a potential customer base of some 50 Swedish bodybuilders, Oskar and his team have
so far provided 2/3 of them with SDP3, a yearly subscription and the necessary education. And
he won’t rest until the penetration is at least 90 percent:
“Put it like this, once you as a bodybuilder has experienced how easy it is to set up some basic
rules regarding PTO’s with your own computer, like automated increased idling when the PTO
is activated, you never want to go back”, says Oskar Emt.
A typical Swedish bodybuilder like HIAB uses SDP3 to do on average 5-20 “adjustments” per
vehicle, things like moving buttons and install emergency switches on hook lifts. One can easily
imagine how many metres of cable and the toil that took in the old days.