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CELTA 5 Lesson plan Teacher: Vidhulika Bhola Level: pre- intermediate

Source: English Result Pre-intermediate student’s book, Mark Hancock and Annie McDonald,
Oxford, page 36/37
Length of lesson: 45 minutes

Stage name Stage aim (Why) Time Focus Procedure (How) Tutor’s comments
(What) (How (Who)
Warmer to energise the 5 mins T-S 1.Teacher to give
students and instructions.
get them S-S 2. SS discuss and make
talking. a list of the things
found in a hotel room.
T-S 3. Feedback/whole
and class feedback.
Language to clarify 15 T-S 1.Teacher to use realia
focus meaning, mins and ask ss, ‘What’s
pronunciation this?’
and form. Students to answer;
Teacher to give some
examples of it’s use;
drill in a sentence-
It’s shampoo .
Drill with students
(chorally and
Similarly, for soap.
drill sentence for soap-
it’s soap.

Teacher to show picture

of a minibar to show
meaning. Elicit the
word. Drill in short

T-S Phonological analysis

on the board of the
target vocabulary-
shampoo, soap and
Controlled to focus on 5 mins T-SS Exercise 3: Instructions:
practice accuracy do an example on the
board with whole class
Ensure SS discuss in
pairs. Monitor closely.
Feedback – on board by
the teacher.
Controlled to focus on 10 mins T-S Ex 4: Instructions,
practice accuracy do an example
S-S Ensure SS discuss in pairs.
Monitor closely.
T-S Feedback – through audio
to check answers. Play
twice and sing along.
Freer to provide 15 mins T-SS Set the task with
speaking fluency instructions.
practice Exercise 1: Work in pairs.
Give personalised example
with instructions. Light
monitoring. Make notes of
examples of good language
S-S Students discuss.
Linguistic to provide T-SS Write 3 sentences on the
feedback feedback on board of good language
(IF TIME) successful heard while monitoring the
language used previous activity. Praise the
in the freer speakers and end the
activity lesson on a positive note.