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Vehicle manufacturing in Turkey
shows tremendous dynamics

Aesculap creates the space
needed for new technologies

The commercial kitchen

pros at Edlund launch into
laser cutting with the brand
new TruLaser 2030 fiber

4 to the point
6 Panorama Expanding from a
22 PERFORATED Panel garage to a successful
job shop: SCS shows
28 characters
how it’s done.
30 perspectives

The TruDisk 8001

solid-state laser
generating eight
kilowatts of power
persuades users
with perfect
cutting results,
even for thicker
sheet metal.
read more
about it
on page 15

2 Express 3/15
15 sheet
poWer For heavY
metal 18 space at
last! 24 inFastthelane
an 8-kilowatt, solid-state new construction at the most modern
laser cuts sheet metal aesculap created the production equipment
like a hot knife through room needed for guarantees growth
butter. optimized processes. in turkey.

12 “iF onlY everYthinG

WorKeD JUst this perFectlY!”
Edlund, a renowned maker of commercial kitchen equipment, now has the
new truLaser 2030 fiber in operation. nathan Howard, manufacturing foreman,
tells us in an interview what excites him about his first laser cutting machine.

EXPRESS 3/15 3
rEadY For
to tHE Point

oth a challenge and an opportunity. Hardly any concept
incorporates these two to the same extent as Industry .0.
Achieving this is a challenge because never before did
such comprehensive networking of human labor, hard-
ware and software exist within production processes. The oppor-
tunity is to digitize the entire value addition process and to install
networks connecting everything involved. Because only this will
make it possible to cope with the complexity of tomorrow’s man-
ufacturing processes.
As early as 2011 TRUMPF participated in the Industry .0 Work-
ing Group, initiated by the German Federal Government. The
company offered decisive initiatives for the definition of tomor-
row’s Smart Factory. Our responsibility, as we see it, is not only to
follow up on future developments but also to make an active con-
tribution to their design. The objective is to ensure our customers’
technical lead in global competition — now and in the future. Even
now, many of our products and services are aligned with the needs
of intelligent production processes. Others will be introduced at
this year’s Blechexpo.
One milestone on the road to the Smart Factory is the found-
mathias kammüller, dr. Eng.
ing of AXOOM. Built upon our customers’ confidence and our ex- Head of trumPF
pertise in production technology, we see AXOOM as yet another machine tool division
gateway to achieving Industry .0. Available is a portal with sev-
eral applications to support the steps along the value chain. This
portal will catapult your manufacturing processes into the future.
Take a close look at the AXOOM preview and help shape this fu-
ture. A wealth of exciting details about where the journey will lead
is offered by the AXOOM insert in this issue.
Our customer Edlund has also set out into new territory. The
new TruLaser 2030 fiber — the very first laser unit in the shop —
is now in place on the production floor. The enthusiasm of pro-
duction manager Nathan Howard demonstrates that it doesn’t
always have to be a top-of-the-line machine to satisfy individu-
al customer requirements. Hermann Schickling is relying on his
gut feeling and puts his faith in the solid-state laser. With his new
TruLaser 5030 fiber, equipped with an -kilowatt TruDisk Laser, he
has made his entry into thick sheet processing.

EXPRESS 3/15 5
in 2015 German companies will be investing about
10.9 billion euro in cloud services, technologies and
integration — as well as in consulting support

10,900,000,000 euro

Since February, EHt

werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
has been a fully-owned
subsidiary of trumPF,
now organized as trumPF
teningen GmbH.
the trubend Series 8000
is the first product to be
brought out under the
trumPF brand.

a poWerFUl Giant
The machines in the TruBend Series 8000 The enormous press force of 1,000 tons can and CNC height axis steering simplify parts
were engineered especially to bend large and thus be concentrated on smaller parts with handling and relieve loads on the operators.
thick parts. With open height of as much as shorter bending sides. In this way high- Additional aids are the tool indicator and the
1,020 millimeters, a bending length of up to strength sheet metal of great thickness can be MobileControl movable control panel, reduc-
eight meters, and a box bending depth of up formed without damage to the tooling system. ing both set-up times and walking paths. The
to 500 millimeters, this machine can manufac- Perfect results right from the very first bend BendGuard, an opto-electronic safety-system,
ture extremely large parts. In addition to the are guaranteed by a special angle measure- ensures safety even at higher bending velocities.
crowning value calculated by the control, the ment system: LCB — laser controlled bending. The perfect design of the machine’s geome-
crowning curve can also be modified point- This feature may be used regardless of which try and the use of modern crowning systems
by-point, every 250 millimeters. In this way bending tool might be selected. Also avail- do away with special machinery founda-
it guarantees exact angles even when bending able as an option is the cordless OCB (oper- tions. This reduces investment volumes and
smaller workpieces at multiple bending points. ator-controlled bending) angle measurement guarantees flexibility in positioning the ma-
In addition, the tolerances — such as those re- system, making for perfect angles at push-but- chine on the shop floor. The machines of the
sulting from tool wear or where the bent com- ton control. TruBend Series 8000 are available with up to
ponent has to satisfy special demands — can be Convenience and a clear layout are offered 20 tons of press force at a working length of
compensated for. The CNC-controlled crown- by the multi-touch T8000T controls with their six meters, or 400 tons at five meters, as sur-
ing is available in two loading steps: as much intuitive operation. Bending aids and support face-mounted versions.

as ,000 or up to 6,000 kilonewtons per meter. brackets holding up to 00 kilograms of weight www.trumpf.info/6ymgc

6 EXPRESS 3/15
according to a survey
moDern Data pool 42%
42 percent of the it
carried out by Statista — decision makers around

1.1 zettabytes
the statistics portal, the world plan to
63 percent of the continue investing in
companies interviewed cloud computing. this
expected a significant investment volume is
reduction of their Seen at global scale, the data volumes generated will multiply by a factor of five between 2014 second only to expendi-
operating costs through and 2020 — from 0.23 to 1.1 zettabytes or 1,100 billion gigabytes. Even today, a fifth of all bits tures for computer
the use of the cloud and bytes reside in the cloud. in just a few years, this will increase to more than 40 percent security technologies

We proDUce KnoWleDGe
The “Knowledge Factory Initiative” is cele- work by the Knowledge Factory is the event
brating its tenth anniversary. Ten years ago, named “Wir.Unternehmen.MINT ”. The Ini-
TRUMPF was one of the founding mem- tiative introduced strategies to promote
bers of the network entitled “Knowledge MINT (mathematics, IT, natural sciences and
Factory — Enterprises for Germany”. The technology) in Stuttgart in mid-October, in
major objectives of this association are ed- cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg
ucating children and helping those who are Foundation. These strategies will be discussed
founding their own companies. More than with educators, pre-school teachers, pupils,
700,000 children and young people have and representatives from government and
taken part in projects focused on the natu- business. www.wirunternehmenmint.de
ral sciences and technology or on economic
education. In addition, more than 10 start- Greater DiversitY
ups have been supported. “The Knowledge
Factory is a unique initiative covering all Using the new Smart Profile Detection function,
levels of learning — from the child care tubes with odd profiles can be loaded in the
center to start-ups,” explained Dr. Nicola TruLaser Tube 000 automatically and with
Leibinger-Kammüller, President full reliability. The heart of the Smart Profile
of the TRUMPF Company. Detection system is a camera that determines
“We show young people the angular position and orientation of the
how business works, tube as it is loaded. It takes a photograph of
starting with pro- the profile. In just a matter of seconds and
duct design and parallel to operating time, this photo is com-
continuing through pared with a stored contour. What follows is
to manufacturing the automatic repositioning of the clamping
and marketing.” A devices to suit the angular position.
current example of www.trumpf.info/gir5o8

Tobias Richter, general manager of ProfiLaseRichter, located in the town of Chemnitz:

“intense use of the truLaser tube 7000 has shown me

TRUMPF, Fotostudio Escherich, Gernot Walter

the enormous advantages it brings with it. this is far

more than the pure time saving during set-up. thanks
to the machine’s automation level, we shorten our
throughput times and can ultimately deliver more quickly.”

EXPRESS 3/15 7
8 Express 3/15
Laser network

Even complicated orders

cannot intimidate these
two young entrepreneurs,
Stefan and Christoph Sigel
(right). Their courage and
daring have certainly paid off.

Making short
work of it
Stefan and Christoph Sigel are young — and successful. In just five years,
the brothers from the Swabian town of Heimsheim have turned their
part-time company in a garage into a successful job shop.

Cut back to the year 2009. The brothers’ father and un- cutting machine that is linked into a laser network with
cle asked whether they didn’t want to take over the small a TruLaser Robot 5020 for laser welding. The road to this
workshop where they mounted components for custom- stellar equipment was determined by the brothers’ hands-
ers in the HVAC field. Christoph and Stefan did not hesi- on approach. Stefan Sigel: “When making investment de-
tate long. They both grew up in the tiny corrugated metal cisions, we never wavered and instead listened to our gut
shop and had actually earned their first cash there evenings feelings. And often, we were simply lucky and profited
and in school vacations. And this although Stefan Sigel from a father who opened the occasional door for us.”
was still in his apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic and
Christoph was studying mechanical engineering. Christoph SEIZING THE OPPORTUNITY  The bending ma-
Sigel: “We really didn’t have anything to our credit except chines and the TruPunch 5000 punching machine are
a bit of confidence within the HVAC industry. Our father all pre-owned. In some cases they were purchased from
had made his mark there.” a dealer, sometimes directly from another company. “We
But this part-time job quickly became a serious adven- never regretted starting out with these TRUMPF machines.
ture. This partnership gave rise to a LLC , the SCS Metall They are all extremely reliable. To name just one example,
GmbH. In June of 2010 Christoph Sigel abandoned the me- the punching machine (built in 2006) has served us since
chanical engineering curriculum to become self-employed the spring of 2011, ten hours a day on average, and with-
while Stefan launched a mammoth effort — starting his ap- out any problems at all.” The baptism by fire for this ma-
prenticeship position in the early morning and then work- chine took place right after it was installed. A huge order
ing for five or six hours in their own company. For both of occupied almost all of the machine’s capacities. The job,
them, days lasting 12 to 14 hours were more the rule than destined for Oslo, Norway, was to cut a complex pattern
the exception. But this commitment paid off. While in 2010 of holes in a façade measuring 27,000 square meters. This
Peter Oppenländer

a single TRUMABEND V 85 was used in job shop opera- exceptional job ran for a good two years. Here, in addi-
tions, today there are three press brakes, a TruPunch 5000 tion, 55,000 complex brackets were bent and a second press
and — something quite new: a TruLaser 3030 fiber laser brake was purchased. “And, to top it off, new customers

Express 3/15 9
LaSEr nEtwork

The laser
network, serving a
TruLaser 3030 fiber
and a TruLaser
Robot 5020, expands
kept knocking at our door, all in one fell swoop,” Christoph of electrical junction boxes. In August of 2015, the new pair the range of services
Sigel recalls. “By the start of 201, we had reached the limits of machines had been installed together with the laser net- offered by SCS by
of capacities at the old site.” work, and the large order for cutting and welding was al- adding laser cutting
The application for a building permit was almost fin- ready in its pilot run. Christoph Sigel: “In this way we could and welding.
ished, since the Sigels had decided to erect a new structure. approach the subject of laser welding cautiously.”
But things turned out differently. Shortly before submitting If they are asked why they have all their equipment from
their application, a friend and businessman offered his own a single source, it is not technician Christoph Sigel who
building. Stefan Sigel: “Everything fit perfectly. The layout has an answer at the ready, but instead management expert
and the floor space were almost identical to our planning. Stefan: “After just a few minutes I can deal with the uniform
And so we decided to lease that building right away and, by control concepts used for all the machines and master the
doing so, saved ourselves the stress of a construction proj- most important buttons and commands.” Stefan Sigel also
ect.” A small side effect of the relocation in mid-201: In the has a word of praise for the TRUMPF Bank: “Our experi-
new building in Heimsheim there was an old laser cutting ence with classic banks has largely been unfavorable. At
machine that Sigels took over. “We weren’t planning to start TRUMPF Bank, we quickly found that the advisors under- Watch Drop&Cut
in laser cutting, but we took advantage of the situation and stand our business.” on video:
gradually entered the market.” And again, a suitable order www.trumpf.info/
arrived at just the right time — a long run of shim washers, 2w1svp
please Direct YoUr QUestions to:
between 0.1 and 0.2 millimeters thick, for transmissions. achim Greiser, Phone: +49 (0) 7156 303-30396,
But that elderly machine was no longer the perfect unit for e-mail: achim.greiser@de.trumPF.com
this delicate task.
In spite of the fact that another
machine tool manufacturer was close
by, the Sigels traveled to the TRUMPF
show room in Ditzingen. The qual-
ity of the specimen parts was just as
convincing as the rugged engineer- “With the
ing of the TruLaser 3030 fiber. “The
machine is really made for shop use. laser network we
Every detail has been thought out
entirely,” acknowledges Christoph
could approach
Sigel. “I was particularly impressed laser welding
by the Drop&Cut function, an un-
rivaled solution for quick post-pro- quite consciously.”
duction.” Drop&Cut uses a camera
to transmit a live picture of the ma- christoph sigel
chine’s interior right to the display
at the control terminal. A mouse
click or touching the screen is suffi-
cient to project the geometry of the
desired part onto the remaining plate. Parts can be
positioned and turned, inside the camera’s field of
view, on the sheet metal. Here outlines can be rotat-
ed, shifted, copied or deleted as desired. Christoph Sigel:
“Post-production couldn’t be any easier.”

a clear line BrinGs aBoUt secUritY

Three weeks after the tests, a decision was made in favor
of a brand-new TruLaser 3030 fiber and, just a week later,
Peter Oppenländer

the order was expanded to include a TruLaser Robot 5020,

to be integrated into the laser network. The reason: There
was another order in the offing. This time it was for a series

10 EXPRESS 3/15
The TruLaser
Robot 5020 in

A major order for the production

of electrical junction boxes gave
the businessmen the impetus to
coUraGeoUs Go-Getters
invest in a laser network.
wHo: scs metall Gmbh, heimsheim, Germany. Founded in 2009. 15 employees.

wHat: Job shop with a wide range of capabilities, from prototypes to mass production

How: trulaser robot 5020 and trulaser 3030 fiber in a laser network, trupunch 5000,
3 x truBend press brakes, trumark station 5000 marking laser

EXPRESS 3/15 11

“if only everything

worked just this Edlund has become
a byword for
professional kitchen

equipment like this
multi-purpose wedger,
dicer and french fry

edlund is one of the very first companies to test the new

trulaser 2030 fiber — the very first laser system to be used
by the kitchen equipment manufacturer. production
manager nathan howard reports on how the acquisition
has been worthwhile.

12 EXPRESS 3/15
It doesn’t always have
to be the top of the line.
98 percent of the stainless
steel sheet worked at
Edlund is between 0.6
and 1.9 millimeters thick.
The TruLaser 2030 fiber is
ideally suited for these

All TRUMPF 2D laser

cutting machines:

After 90 years of company history, developers especially true for surface quality. make good on our claim to turn
the TruLaser 2030 fiber now stands Our customers handle our prod- out only premium products. To
on the shop floor, the first laser had been ucts dozens of times a day. No not fall behind the competition,
cutting machine in the firm’s sharp edges can be tolerated. In we have to make sure that all
record. It was just about time, yearning for addition, cleaning the equipment our processes achieve maximum
don’t you think? has to be quick and reliable. To efficiency.
Absolutely! Our developers in
laser cutting finish the surfaces in the past, we
particular had been yearning for for quite assigned four workers exclusive- But new machinery first means
the laser for quite some time. The ly to deburring the parts. That, of
spending a bit of money ...
equipment we had in the past kept some time.” course, is everything but cost-effi-That’s right, but we take a good,
us from getting ahead, especially close look at every investment.
cient — and we, in particular, have
in terms of design. In the past we nathan howard to keep an eye on efficiency. And the TruLaser 2030 fiber is a
used punching machines exclu- prime example here. Our calcula-
sively for cutting, where today we Why is that? tions show that it will have been
David Seaver Photography, Edlund

use the laser. Of course, the field Our position on the market is amortized after just two and a half
of kitchen equipment has seen a fairly unique. We still produce years. And this is true although
great deal of progress in recent and ship almost exclusively from we used only the current one-shift
years and punching was no longer our initial location in Burling- operations as the basis for our cal-
the best choice, especially for our ton, Vermont. With our extensive culations. In the future we want to
commercial equipment. This is degree of vertical integration we make use of the optional automa-

EXPRESS 3/15 13

Cutting with
the laser makes
it possible for
Edlund to create
edges that
would not be
possible with
machines. This
product quality
and reduces the
need for

tion component for the machine. we don’t need to cut especially Did this increased productivity
That will make it pay for itself even heavy-gauge sheet metal. 9 per- then make itself noticeable on
sooner. But, as I said, we are al- cent of our stainless steel sheet is a larger scale?
ready wildly enthusiastic — and between 0.6 and 1.9 millimeters For sure. We have entirely new
that is something we didn’t expect. thick. I simply don’t have to hire “thanks ways to approach new develop-
a muscle man. A 3-kilowatt laser ments. We simply sketch out a
You’re alluding to the fact that the is more than sufficient and the to the drawing on the PC, take the USB
TruLaser 2030 fiber is an entirely
new machine. You were one of the
TruLaser 2030 fiber is the ideal
machine for this thickness. It was
trulaser 2030 flash drive out into the shop, and
cut a few test components. In just
first customers to test it out. What important for us to work more fiber, our a few minutes we have our sam-
were your initial experiences? quickly. Moreover, we can now ples. It couldn’t get any better!
I can simply say this: If only ev- manufacture products that sim- development This has let us reduce our devel-
erything worked just this perfect- ply were not possible before. opment time by more than half —
ly! The machine was delivered time has exactly the effect we were hoping
and no more than four days later Can you cite an example here? to gain from a technology like the
it was integrated into our regular What occurs to me right off the
been reduced laser.
operations. There were almost no top of my head is our multi-pur- by half.”
initial difficulties at all. We actual- pose wedger, dicer and cutter
ly had expected a significant num- from the Titan Max series. Mak-
nathan howard
ber of bugs and were assuming ing up its frame posed a num-
about 15 percent downtime. Ul- ber of challenges for us. The very
timately, it was nowhere close to tiny radii and curves simply could
that. What’s more, the problems not be cut with our punching ma-
we encountered were all fairly mi- chine. The laser, however, lifts any
nor. And here a word of praise for restrictions on our work. We cut
the service department is in or- the part so that the entire device
please Direct YoUr QUestions to:
der. Whenever we had any trouble, is far more stable when assembled. martin klewenhagen, Phone: +49 (0) 7156 303-31680,
TRUMPF delivered the solution a And we get four extra frames from e-mail: martin.klewenhagen@de.trumpf.com
quarter of an hour later. each sheet of metal. Another ex-
ample is the pusher finger in our
Now the situation is that the tomato slicer. The plates were al- the cooKinG pros
TruLaser 2030 fiber is not the most ways bent when they exited the wHo: edlund company llc, Burlington, vermont, Usa.
powerful machine in the TRUMPF punching machine and then had Founded in 1925.105 employees. www.edlundco.com
range. Instead, its ratio of price to to be straightened, deburred and
David Seaver Photography

wHat: prizewinning manufacturer of commercial kitchen

performance is captivating. Is this washed before processing could equipment, including a variety of vegetable slicers,
adequate to satisfy your claim to continue. We save on those op- can openers and scales
premium quality? erations now and that makes us How: trulaser 2030 fiber, trupunch 1000, truBend 3066
Entirely! You see, the fact is that 0 percent more productive.

14 EXPRESS 3/15
LaSEr CuttinG

a trulaser 5030 fiber has been in service at schickling Gmbh just since
april and the people there are already impressed by the 8-kilowatt
solid-state laser and its speed, savings, efficiency and process reliability.

Claus Langer

EXPRESS 3/15 15
ermann Schickling is an avowed fan of solid-state lasers.
The manufacturing equipment at his family-run firm,
founded in Visbek, Lower Saxony, in 19, includes four
TruLaser 5030 fiber units with 3- and 5-kilowatt beam sources.
“The solid-state lasers are quite simply very cost-favorable. Energy con-
sumption is low, the call for wearing parts is reasonable, and the ma-
chines are rugged.” This is how the businessman explains his decision
to place all his bets on this technology for 2D laser cutting. When vis-
iting the 2014 Euroblech, Schickling was immediately interested in the
TruDisk 800 laser, shown there for the first time on a 2D laser machine.
This solid-state laser boasts eight kilowatts of power.

thicK, thicKer, saFer The Schickling GmbH is a system sup-

plier and serves as a job shop for industries like vehicle and furnace
assembly, agriculture, furniture, and many others. The company of-
fers all the services along the process chain: from 2D and 3D laser cut-
ting, through laser tube processing, laser welding (including its own
fixtures shop), folding and deep drawing technology, as well as pow-
der coating. In its automated manufacturing operations, a Stopa stor-
age system with 1,450 positions provides materials as needed during
the two shifts and — if necessary — during lights-out operations at night
and over the weekend. That is why process reliability has a high pri-
ority for Hermann Schickling. But that is only one advantage with
which the -kilowatt laser racks up points. “In the past we had to farm
out many orders for cutting thick sheet metal. That is now a thing of
the past. With the TruDisk 800 and the BrightLine fiber function we
have not only achieved superior cutting results for 25 millimeter mild
steel and stainless steel up to 40 millimeters, but also profit from the
high quality of the edges,” Schickling explains.

a hiGh-speeD poWerhoUse In addition to the Bright-

Line fiber function, which makes for excellent results when cutting
thick sheet metal, the CoolLine feature ensures perfect quality at the
cutting edge and an extremely stable cutting line in heavy gauge mild
steel. The cutting head with its special nozzles sprays a water fog in a
circle around the laser beam and onto the workpiece. The heat of evap-
oration for the water keeps the temperature nearly constant during
the cutting process and clearly raises process reliability when work-
ing thick mild steel. Of course, the additional laser power makes itself

Hermann Schickling is thoroughly Watch the TruLaser

enthused with the TruLaser 5030 fiber 5030 fiber at work:
and its 8-kilowatt laser. A Stopa www.trumpf.info/
storage system takes care of ugy9w0
supplying materials while a LiftMaster
makes it easier to handle parts. Even
cutting narrow curves presents no
problems for this high-power laser.

16 EXPRESS 3/15
The BrightLine fiber option produces amazing cut edges at
impressive speed, when working with mild steel 25 millimeters
thick. The 8-kilowatt laser displays its cunning even more
impressively when processing thin and medium-thickness sheets.

noticeable in cutting velocity, too. “Naturally, we use the TruDisk 800

not just for cutting thick metal, although the cutting process there is
impressively quick and the piercing quality is excellent,” Schickling ex-
plains. “When cutting thin- and medium-gauge sheet, the -kilowatt
laser can truly demonstrate the power it has.”

a class oF its oWn Although this businessman puts his

full faith in the solid-state laser, he does admit to having some initial
reservations about the -kilowatt laser. New technology is sometimes
plagued by initial difficulties when used in the practical world. But his
doubt was entirely uncalled for. The machine was set up and has run ab-
solutely smoothly since the very first moment. “You can’t get any better
than this,” Schickling raves, adding, “The cutting process never breaks
down, nothing collides with craters, and part quality is uniformly good.”
The jump from five to eight kilowatts is, in the owner’s opinion, a
massive leap. Returning to CO lasers is hardly an option. “As we see it
now, the new TruLaser 5030 fiber enjoys a mighty cost advantage, based
on total costs per hour, when compared with our CO laser machines,”
he explains.
A broad range of capacities, the best quality, good service, and a
wealth of expertise are, for Hermann Schickling, the prerequisites for
surviving in the tough job shop market. “Offering 2D laser cutting alone
is a thing of the past. Laser welding will certainly become standard be-
cause, working with laser tube processing, the results are simply great,”
he says. Until such time as his two sons join the business in a few years,
he intends to continue to invest in the newest and best machines and
will maintain his loyalty to TRUMPF. “Their quality and services are in-
valuable,” he sums up.

please Direct YoUr QUestions to:

Hendrick meidert, Phone: +49 (0) 7156 303-33844,
e-mail: hendrik.meidert@de.trumPF.com

a Devotee oF soliD-state
wHo: h. schickling Gmbh, visbek, Germany.
Founded in 1988. 240 employees and between
30 and 50 temporary workers. www.hschickling.de

wHat: system supplier and job shop for the vehicle

and furnace construction industries, agriculture,
the furniture industry and many others

How: 4 x trulaser 5030 fiber, 4 x trulaser 5030,

trulaser 5040, trumatic 6000, trumatic 7000,
3 x trulaser cell 7040s, trulaser cell 3008,
2 x trulaser tube 7000s, 2 x trulaser robot 5020
Claus Langer

and others

EXPRESS 3/15 17

Space “From the very

outset we have banked

at last! on modern, eco-friendly

and economically
sustainable concepts.”
to ensure continuing growth in the future, the thomas philipp,
plant manager at aesculap
medical technology experts at aesculap are counting
on automation. this effort was, for a long time,
stymied by the existing buildings.

The tradition-rich buildings at Aesculap are a landmark in the town of

Tuttlingen. Its more than 400 companies in the field of healthcare make
Tuttlingen a global center for medical technology. Aesculap, with a staff
upwards of ,500, is the region’s largest employer. This medical technol-
ogy manufacturer, today a part of B. Braun Melsungen AG, is celebrat-
ing its 150th birthday in 2017. A great deal has changed during this time
and the company has grown steadily. But global growth is not the only
firm’s target. It also intends to expand production space at the Tuttlingen
headquarters — a clear commitment to Germany as an operating loca-
tion. The lack of space in the existing buildings had become a full-blown
problem for modern sheet metal processing. “To put a fine point on it:
Things had gotten too tight,” says group manager Volker Huber. “As far
as available space goes, we have worked right at our limit for some time.
Sensible material flow could simply not be established.” The manufac-
turing lines no longer reflected Aesculap’s product diversity. “We work
with far more than 150 different sheet metal varieties which, because of
space limitations, had to be warehoused outside the actual manufactur-
ing operations,” is how Joachim Bludau, the section foreman for sheet
metal, describes the situation. Given the large number of products made
by the company, handling warehouse logistics proved to be extreme-
ly complex. “This degree of inefficiency simply didn’t fit with our own
self-image,” says Bludau. “Something had to change!”
Matthias Just

18 EXPRESS 3/15
The majority of processes in Aesculap’s sheet metal manufacturing plant
is fully automated. At the Innovation Factory, dedicated in June, all the
machines working with sheet metal are linked to a Stopa storage system.

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The ToolMaster (below) ensures uninterrupted operation These perforated plates are folded during final assembly to create autoclavable
of the TruMatic 6000 (above). If needed, it can change out sieve baskets for the operating room. This is one of the primary products turned
the punching tool in a matter of seconds. out by sheet metal processing operations at Aesculap.

a Joint plan Continuous growth, both in “We can now chines,” says Philipp. “To guarantee that the floor’s
the field of sheet metal processing and in certain load-bearing capacity — three tons per square me-
other areas of the plant, offered a reliable foun- implement full ter — would be reached, we decided on a design
dation for expanding the floor space. The team incorporating trusses.” Additional details — such
assembled around plant manager Thomas Philipp automation — and as the heating concept, which uses only the heat
decided, with the assent of the management board, generated by the machines — round out this thor-
not just to build a new production hall but instead that’s exactly oughly ambitious game plan. Project management
a complete plant, including an office building. The calculated it could be completed within 15 months.
new structure, in addition to production opera-
the way we had At that moment, at the latest, voices were raised
tions, was also to be home to the development and envisioned it.” to say that this was impossible. “It was clear to me
marketing departments. The plan for a new “Cen- that if we applied our concerted efforts, then the
ter of Excellence” was born. This marked the start Joachim Bludau, schedule would be quite doable,” Philipp notes dry-
section foreman for sheet metal
of a construction running into the millions. ly. And he turned out to be right. In August of 2014
at aesculap
“From the very beginning we decided to use relocation into the “Innovation Factory” started,
only modern, eco-friendly and economically sus- which was then opened by Federal Health Minis-
tainable concepts,” is how Philipp explains the ter Herman Gröhe in June 2015.
approach. These ideas were reflected in the pro-
posals presented in 2011 in the course of an anonymous design com- at last a chance to aUtomate At the Innovation
petition. The building was to be 50 meters wide, 25 meters tall, and 150 Factory, the name is the objective. All the procedures are designed in ac-
meters long — enough space to satisfy all the expectations of the Aescu- cordance with the latest rules for process-oriented manufacture. “Begin-
Matthias Just

lap team. “Just a single row of columns supports the upper production ning from scratch was truly a luxury,” says section foreman Bludau. The
floor, giving us the greatest possible flexibility when arranging the ma- Aesculap team worked closely with TRUMPF to find the ideal solution.

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Group manager Volker Huber (above) was a member of the The section foreman for sheet metal, Joachim Bludau (below),
planning team for newly purchased machines from the very collaborated with TRUMPF to work out an entirely new combination
beginning. Plant manager Thomas Philipp (below) attached of a TruMatic 6000 with a blower that vacuums away the protective
great importance to support by his employees. paper from beneath the sheets (above).

Together they visited many reference customers, considered new ma- production and, at the same time, can set up the tools for the next job
chine and automation concepts, and put them to the test at the show order. “The different machines are really well coordinated with each
room in Ditzingen. The outlay for integrating all the unprocessed other. This is also true for all the other processes,” Bludau is pleased to
material into the manufacturing area, using a Stopa storage system, say. “Moving into a new facility was truly a matter of liberation from
has certainly paid off. The majority of the manufacturing systems are past restraints.”
automated and linked to the storage facility. New machines like the
TruLaser 5030 fiber are fully coordinated with the steps of the pro- please Direct YoUr QUestions to:
Steffen Henzler, Phone: +49 (0) 7156 303-31344,
cess; that provides flexibility and reaction speed never seen before.
e-mail: steffen.henzler@de.trumPF.com
The booking clerk enters the order into the system, and both the right
kind of sheet metal and the appropriate program are sent automati-
cally to the machine tool. “That’s exactly the way we had envisioned
it,” says Bludau.
“In our work with TRUMPF we also developed solutions that hadn’t innovative planner
existed before on the market,” says group manager Huber. One exam-
wHo: aesculap aG, tuttlingen. Founded in 1867. about
ple is the completely automated procedure for manufacturing the per- 3,500 employees in tuttlingen and a total of around
forated plates used in baskets for surgical containers, one of the prime 11,500 worldwide. www.aesculap.de
products turned out by the sheet metal manufacturing line. In order wHat: manufacturer of surgical instruments, implants,
to prevent damage, the sheets of metal, just one millimeter thick, are surgical sutures, sterile containers, surgical navigation
separated by paper. In the past, an employee had to remove this by systems and motors, as well as cardiology products
hand. Today a SheetMaster lifts the sheet metal and then a blower sep- How: trulaser 5030 fiber, trulaser 3030, 2 x trumatic 6000,
arates the paper. The sheet then moves to the oiling system. Finally, a trumatic 5000, truBend 5050 and others
TruMatic 000 punches the grid. The operator only has to monitor

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PErForatEd PanELS

Giulio Boem (giulioboem.com)

“What’s floating in there?” ask passersby who glance into a courtyard off the
Rue des Trésoriers de la Bourse in Montpellier. The answer to this question
is as simple as it is unique: Two aluminum plates, stacked one upon another,

are riveted at various points and arch to form the image of a cloud made of
metal. The “Festival des Architectures Vives”, lasting two weeks, lured artists
and architects to Montpellier at the beginning of June. They presented their
works throughout the city. Included here was the floating “Cloudscape” by
FAKT, an office of architects in Berlin. The four young architects describe their
FaKt architecture office transformed artwork in this way: “We made a conscious decision in favor of aluminum. It
is relatively light in weight and thus can easily be shipped. It permits the hov-
an ancient courtyard in montpellier, ering feeling while the viewer discovers — through the spatial and structural
France, into a high-contrast site. curves — varying effects and reflections from every viewpoint.” The expertise

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and the machinery needed to create this Cloudscape, 6.4 by 4.5 meters
in size and almost 200 kilograms in weight, were provided by the Karl
Dieringer Company. Christopher Kern, junior executive at Dieringer,
worked with the young team of architects to find the appropriate solution.
“To cut thousands of holes in this aluminum sheet, two millimeters thick,
we used our TruLaser 300. It encountered no problems with the task
of cutting the holes, from six to 0 millimeters in size, in the workpiec-
es with their mirrored foil.” An artwork of this type was also a premiere
for the founders of the FAKT office: “Such experimental and elaborate
projects can be successful only in specific constellations. In this case,
Dieringer supported us in the manufacture and AMAG Austria Metall
contributed the material.” www.fakt-office.com

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sector of

in the fast Lane

turkey — the bridge between europe and asia — is one of the most important
export markets for the mechanical engineering industry. Being used there
are extremely modern machine tools, especially in the rapidly growing sector of
manufacturing automobiles and working vehicles.
seqoya/fotolia.com, EvrenKalinbacak/fotolia.com, Beyçelik Gestamp A.ŞŞS.

Vehicle construction in Turkey is a relatively new branch of manufacturing in Turkey is concentrated in the mean-
industry. Beginning in the 1960s, local vendors came into time not only in Bursa but also in Istanbul, Izmir, Izmit
being and, as of the mid-190s, multinational companies and Adapazi and has sacrificed nothing of its dynam-
penetrated the market. The motor vehicles industry, ini- ics. Major investments in the most modern manufac-
tially anchored in the Bursa region, profited from a high turing systems are characteristic of Turkish vehicle
level of direct foreign investment. Many of the private- production. The German mechanical engineering in-
ly owned Turkish production companies became subsid- dustry also profits from this. In the year 201 alone,
iaries of international car corporations or developed into it exported to Turkey merchandise valued at about
Tier  suppliers. .5 billion euros. Thus the country holds the 15th posi-
In the wake of this success, the working vehicles in- tion among the industry’s most important export markets.
dustry had an easy start. Today, Turkey is Europe’s larg- Four examples offer a glance into the world of sheet met-
est producer of utility vehicles and busses. Vehicle al on the Bosporus.

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As is seen in Istanbul, tradition and the modern world are often close neighbors in Turkey. The unique
location between Europe and Asia makes the country an important trading partner.

positive cUttinG Reliable pro- specifications of a variety of machines in advance. Process

cesses are indispensable for Beyçelik reliability, cutting speed and quality, along with the short
Gestamp A. Ş., a manufacturer of ve- set-up times featured by TRUMPF machines were thor-
hicle parts, located in Bursa. This oughly convincing,” explains Kutlu Şahin, vice president
enterprise, founded in 197 by Falk at Beyçelik Gestamp. All the machines are equipped with
Çelik, began as a job shop in 19 an automatic loading and unloading system. “Our custom-
for the automotive industry. In 2007 ers expect us to deliver not only the best quality, but a good
the Spanish Gestamp Automociòn cost-benefit ratio. To make sure this happens, we constant-
Group purchased half of the shares. ly work on improving our processes,” says Şahin.
Beyçelik Gestamp employs a staff
of 2,200 and delivers metal parts to
renowned companies like Ford and
Toyota. During three shifts, six
days a week, batch sizes between
100 and 1,000 pieces leave the line. everYthinG aUtomotive
Kutlu Şahin, deputy When it comes to laser cutting wHo: Beyçelik Gestamp a. ş., Bursa, turkey.
director general at systems, Beyçelik Gestamp swears Founded in 1978. 2,200 employees.
Beyçelik Gestamp, focuses www.beycelik.com
on machines built by TRUMPF.
on the optimization of wHat:
A 5-axis TLC 005 laser cell and five TruLaser 8030 Cell supplier of sheet metal components
processes. That is why, in to the automotive industry
his three-shift operations, models are already in place in manufacturing operations,
he depends on machines and two additional TruLaser Cell 8030 machines are to fol- How: 5 x trulaser cell 8030, tlc 1005
built by TRUMPF. low in the course of this year. “We took a close look at the

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As a result of the
larGe Units maDe Up QUicKlY investment in high-speed
Founded in 1965, the Koluman Holding is bending cells, Ömer
the largest Mercedes-Benz dealer in Tur- Arabacı, metal processing
key. Now a part of Koluman Holding is manager at Yarış Kabin,
Koluman Otomotiv Endüstri A. Ş., located was able to reduce the
time needed for bending
in Yenice, in the Mersin Province. The com- by 60 percent.
pany, which was founded in 1999, produces
trailers and superstructures. Its high-volume Great flexibility
production includes articulated trailers, tank- in processing a
variety of different
ers, dumpers, concrete pumps and run-
materials was the
way and road sweepers. With 450 employees, deciding factor for
the company generated revenue of 0 mil- Hakan Yaman,
lion euros last year. Processed in two- and deputy general
three-shift operations are steel, stainless steel manager at hiGh-speeD BenDinG
Koluman Otomotiv
and aluminum, in thicknesses of from 2 to Yarış Kabin, located in Balike-
Endüstri A. Ş., when
15 millimeters. “The CNC cutting processes he purchased a sir, was founded in 1976 by
are the most difficult work in our production TruLaser 3060 and three brothers: Hüseyin, Hasan
operations and that is why we focus on the a TruLaser 5060. and Nazmi Yarış. This compa-
best possible cutting results and ny’s specialty is manufactur-
dependable processes,” reports ing cabs for agricultural and
Hakan Yaman, deputy general earthmoving machines. With
manager at Koluman Otomotiv revenues of 115 million euros last year, it is among the
Endüstri A. Ş. To achieve this, market leaders in this sector. The company employs
he uses a TruLaser 300 and a about 1,000 workers, in two plants, with total floor
TruLaser 500, both made by area of 00,000 square meters and 70,000 square me-
TRUMPF. This machines are dis- ters of production space. For executive Nazmi Yarış,
tinguished by a working range of the daring to undertake even major investments
6,000 × 2,000 millimeters. “In is one key to his company’s success. When taking
addition to the cutting velocity, up automated bending, Yarış Kabin decided on a
the machines’ capacity to cut a TruBend Cell 5000 as well as the high-speed bend-
variety of materials was a prima- ing cell, the TruBend Cell 000. “With these machines
ry reason for our selecting them,” we were able to slash by 60 percent the time need-
Yaman explains. ed for bending. In addition, we need fewer operators
Over the long term, the com- and automation guarantees the best part quality,” ex-
pany wants to establish itself as plains Ömer Arabacı, metal processing manager at
a global brand and, to achieve Yarış Kabin. He adds: “Our aim is to supply the high-
this, will continue to invest in est-quality products at minimum cost, even to the
the production site. Expand- most demanding customers. That is possible only with
ing the manufacturing facilities, the most modern technology.”
taking lean production into ac-

Koluman Otomotiv Endüstri A.ŞŞS., Yarışsş Kabin, Mercedes-Benz Türk A.ŞS., Gernot Walter
count, is being planned for the
upcoming years.

heavY movers specialists For caBs

wHo: Koluman otomotiv endüstri a. ş., Yenice, mersin wHo: Yarış Kabin, Balikesir, turkey.
province, turkey, Koluman Group. Founded in 1999. Founded in 1976. 1,000 employees.
450 employees. www.koluman-otomotiv.com.tr www.yariskabin.com.tr

wHat: production of truck trailers and superstructures, wHat: manufacturer of cabs for agricultural and
along with semi-trailers, tankers, dumpers, runway earthmoving machinery
and road sweepers, and more
How: truBend cell 5000, truBend cell 7000
How: trulaser 3060, trulaser 5060

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CountrY rEPort: turkEY

reliaBle manUFactUrinG punching machine, Mercedes-Benz Türk as early

Mercedes-Benz Türk A. Ş., with an investment as 1992 chose a TRUMATIC 20 ROTATION
volume of 5 million euros, is one of Turkey’s machine and, since then, has continuously ex-
largest direct investors. It has been on hand in panded the number of TRUMPF machines in
this country since 1976 — at that time operating this plant. “We boost our production capaci-
under the “Otomarsan” name. ties every year and, as a result, our inventory
Located at the Hosdere site, in Istanbul of TRUMPF machines continues to expand,”
Province, is one of the world’s most modern says Nusret Kanat, technical service bus at
bus production facilities. Also to be found Mercedes-Benz Türk in Instabul. In addition to
there is the Mercedes-Benz Türk R&D Cen- seven 2D laser cutting machines, there are two
ter, a development complex for buses and TRUMATIC 500 ROTATION units along with
trucks and one of the most important in the two TruPunch 5000 machines in service. An
globe-spanning R&D network. additional TruPunch 5000 is slated to be pur-
In production at Hosdere since 1995 are the chased this year. “Only by drawing on the best
Conecto public transit bus and the Travego, technology available we can manufacture de-
Tourismo, Intouro and Setra UL Business pendable products. We also require efficient
overland bus models. The company is the larg- machines, so that we can deliver at favorable
est bus exporter to Western Europe. Eighty prices,” Kanat explains.
percent of production output is destined for
To make about 12,000 parts, of which 4,500
go directly to the assembly lines, the firm works
steel between 0.75 and 15 millimeters in thick-
ness, aluminum and stainless steel from one
Mercedes-Benz Türk A. Ş. is the largest exporter of buses to Western Europe.
to two millimeters, and galvanized sheet metal
The rise of production capacities parallels the climb in the inventory of
at gauges of 0.75 to two millimeters. Lot sizes TRUMPF machines. “Only with the best technology can dependable
of from 20 to 1,200 items are turned out in two products be manufactured,” says Nusret Kanat, technical service bus at
shifts. In the search for a precise and efficient Mercedes-Benz Türk in Istanbul.

poWerFUl BUsses
wHo: mercedes-Benz türk a. ş., hosdere plant, istanbul, turkey. Founded in 1995. 3,300 employees. www.daimler.com

wHat: production of the conecto public transit bus as well as the travego, tourismo, intouro and setra Ul Business models

How: 2 x trulaser 3030, trulaser 3030 fiber, trulaser 5030, 3 x trulaser 3530,
2 x trUmatic 500 rotation, 2 x trupunch 5000

b u LG a r i a on site
Istanbul At the close of September 2014 TRUMPF founded its own
subsidiary in Turkey. This was done by taking over 80 percent of
Bursa the shares in the company KOZ Makina Sanayive Diş Ticaret A.Ş..
t u
r k E Y The firm, located in Istanbul, employs a staff of about 40 and
in the past was the authorized dealer for TRUMPF lasers and
The 77.3 million iran
residents of Turkey machine tools in Turkey.
live on an area of
783,562 square
kilometers. The SYria please Direct YoUr QUestions to:
GDP in 2013 came alptekin közen, Phone: +90 (0) 216 5704540,
to 820 billion USD. irak e-mail: alptekin.kozen@tr.trumPF.com

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“the better you
understand a subject,
the more often you
identify a solution
to a problem.”

28 EXPRESS 3/15

tell Us,
mr. rohWerDer …

a healer of metals … what do you see as your

greatest strength? And your
greatest weakness?

Dr. michael rohwerder is researching an intelligent corrosion protection I can be very hard-headed and don’t
give up so quickly. This helps if you
system. Unexpected hurdles always motivate him to continue. are working on complex questions.
But there is also the danger that
In industrialized nations, oxidation damage adequately researched so that it would work re- sometimes I want to achieve too
much, all at once.
to metal consumes up to four percent of eco- liably,” Rohwerder explains. That is why he and
nomic output. Corrosion protection is thus an his staff spent years trying to better understand … how would you characterize
important subject in metals research. Coatings the principle. He achieved success when he in- yourself in a few words ?
equipped with special pigments were used for serted capsules of conductive polymers into I am certainly a level-headed and
many years. But they turned out to be hazard- the coating. These functioned without being serene person who also attempts
ous to both health and the environment. Ever afflicted by the earlier problems. He also used never to forget the humor in things.
more stringent legislation will force them from a new process for activating the polymers: Its
… where do you get your energy?
the market and out of the picture. For years, electrochemical potential changes as soon as
now, scientists have been searching for new a metal starts rusting. This change now acti- The work at MPIE is extremely varied
ways to protect steel and other metals against vates the polymers present in the coating. “It and exciting. New ideas and great
successes are always in the air. That
corrosion, both durably and in an eco-friendly will take quite some time before our findings
feeling and my family always give
process. become a product ready for industrial use.” In
me new energy.
spite of this, Rohwerder has no lack of motiva-
Basic research One of them is Dr. tion. “The better you know the details of a sub- … what would you take with you
Michael Rohwerder of the Max Planck Insti- ject, the more often you identify a solution to to the proverbial desert island?
tute for Iron Research (MPIE). This physicist a problem. That always gives me a boost, even A host of books, for sure. I used to
has dealt with the properties of surfaces from though the solution poses additional questions. read a great deal but right now I
the very start of his career. “This segment of Ultimately, the overall understanding of the unfortunately do not have time for it.
physics is especially fascinating to me since, topic grows with every step.” Of course I would take my family.
when working with surfaces, you always have
… what dream would you like to
an eye on a potential use but are still doing practice proviDes incentives
make come true in your life?
basic research,” says Rohwerder. In a highly Seeing potential applications is mandatory for
More than ten years ago I took a
promising project, he is investigating the use Rohwerder. “Often pragmatic questions open
canoe tour through Canada’s
of conductive polymers for corrosion protec- the door to new avenues in basic research.
wilderness. I’d certainly like to do
tion. To do this, the polymers are blended into In addition, processes and technologies are
something like that again.
a protective coating. The polymers are then often used in practice but one doesn’t know
activated as soon as the corrosion process exactly how they actually work. If, following
Claus Langer

starts. The polymers release active substances a change in the material, the coating no lon-
which flow to the point being affected. There ger functions, then we have an excit-
they repair the corrosion damage and sheathe ing question for research.” In the
Since years now
the spot with a new layer of anti-rust coating. future this scientist would be Rohwerder works
“As early as in the 1990s there were vendors pleased to see that the results on understanding
selling coatings containing conductive of his current research are the basics of
polymers,” says Rohwerder. “But protec- being adopted by industry. intelligent
tion was hardly reliable since, at that time, “The coming years will see corrosion
the knowledge base was not sufficient to considerable changes in
design the layer appropriately. In some the field of coatings. If we
cases, these coatings even reinforced the are able to contribute our
corrosive attack. That was why they quickly findings on conductive poly-
disappeared from the market.” mers in corrosion protection,
“I was bothered by the fact that there was then we would have reached an
a fine principle out there, one with great po- important goal.”
tential, but one that had simply not yet been www.mpie.de/corrosion

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trUmpF eXpress 3/15

pUBlisheD BY

GET CONNECTED! TRUMPF Werkzeugmaschinen

GmbH + Co. KG,
Johann-Maus-Straße 2
71254 Ditzingen, Germany

the FUtUre has alreaDY BeGUn For content
Mathias Kammüller, Dr. Eng.
Declining batch sizes and growing numbers of versions make flexible sheet metal
processing ever more complex. Due to this, the effort involved in non-productive processes eDitor-in-chieF
is rising all out of proportion. This is precisely the chance for networked production. Evelyn Konrad
With TruConnect, TRUMPF helps optimize these processes individually and +49 (0) 7156 303 – 30 428
creates transparency in manufacturing. evelyn.konrad@de.trumpf.com

eDiteD BY
Read more about this in our web special:
pr+co GmbH
Stuttgart, Germany
Monika Unkelbach
Anton Tsuji

laYoUt +
pr+co GmbH
Stuttgart, Germany
Gernot Walter (AD)
Tanja Haller

Reprotechnik Herzog GmbH
Stuttgart, Germany
Fast anD reliaBle printeD BY
Walter Zwicklhuber, owner of Gewa Blechtechnik, located in Ried im frechdruck GmbH
Traunkreis, a town in the province of Upper Austria, is building on Stuttgart, Germany
automation. Decisive for trouble-free, around-the-clock processes are
reliable machines like his new TruPunch 5000. Its high degree of contriBUtors
automation and its absolute reliability are convincing in this large- Norbert Hiller
format machine. But the TruPunch 5000 also scores points with flexibility Julian Stutz
and speed. It punches sheets measuring 3,050 × 1,550 millimeters, at Katharina Walz
thickness of up to eight millimeters, with as many as 1,350 strokes per
minute, and marks at 3,000 strokes a minute. You can read about how translation
Walter Zwicklhuber uses the machine and what excites him on: Stewart Lindemann,
Wuppertal, Germany
Matthias Just
Claus Langer
Peter Oppenländer
David Seaver Photography
Foto Atelier 2
Fotostudio Escherich
Gernot Walter, Foto Atelier 2

Giulio Boem

Printed on paper from

sustainable sources.

30 EXPRESS 3/15
Thick sheet.
Perfect edges.
Big profits.

Laser cutting with BrightLine fiber.

Now also on the TruLaser 3030 fiber.
With BrightLine fiber, the solid-state laser becomes a universal tool. Now you can unlock
all the benefits of the innovation on the TruLaser 3030 fiber, achieving outstanding edge
quality also with thick sheet while maintaining unbeatable productivity working with thin
sheet. Profit from stable processes, fine contours and effortless part removal. It’s a win-win.

a smart helper. Cleanliness implies feel- coated metal column is made up from a steel tube
ing at ease — at the workplace, too. A practical and measuring 150 × 150 ×  millimeters. A metal plate
stylish eye catcher is the “Pfiffikus — Smart weighing 0 kilograms serves as the base and
Fellow” holder originating at the H. P. Kaysser lends stability. This designer piece is manufac-
iStockphoto-visual7, H. P. Kaysser

metal design shop. This pylon, 1.90 meters tall, tured entirely on the TruLaser Tube 000. The
holds all the utensils needed for quick cleaning. A standard colors are red, yellow and blue, but it can
dustpan and brush, two spray bottles and a stable also be delivered in every RAL shade.
shop broom will find a home here. The powder- www.kaysser.de