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Venture Capital is a private or organizational

investment made into an innovative startup that is in
its developmental stage and has a vast potential to
grow. Typically, a Venture Capitalist or Venture Capital
firm is keen on making long-term investments and
understand the associated risks. In some cases, the
capital could be a conditional loan that the startups
must repay. However, typically, the investor purchases
a few equity stakes in the company in lieu of the
capital, making them a financial partner. Moreover,
the participation of the Venture Capital in the
management and operation wings of your startup
could significantly heighten the way your startup
functions.Acquiring funds through Venture Capital is
suited for companies that have a large up-front capital
requirement, which they cannot substitute with cheap
Sequoia Capital India

Amit Jain Bengaluru

Sequoia Capital India, formed in 2000, is a well-known venture capital firm

that is a subsidiary of Sequoia Global. In most transactions, Sequoia Capital
India acts as the lead investor in instances, and it has also partnered with
leading venture firms to act as co-lead investors.

The company invests in various stages of company development, right from

the seed stage until maturity. Normally, it is a late-stage investor for maturing
startups belonging to the information technology sector. Amongst the various
industry sectors where it is active, Sequoia Capital invests greatly in the fields
of eCommerce, software, internet, financial services, mobility, healthcare,
information technology, apps, marketplace, and SaaS.

Notable Investments:
Flyrobe, FreeCharge, NearBuy, GoZefo, Paper Boat, Just Dial, Citrus Payment
Solutions, Zarget, UnitedLex, Runnr, Equitas Holdings, Chillr, App Labs, etc.

32 USD 1.5 339

Blume Ventures

Karthik Reddy Mumbai

Founded in 2010, Blume Ventures aims at providing seed funding to early-

stage startups. The firm is primarily focused on tech-focused ventures that
are attempting to impact consumer behaviour. The company is active in the
following fields of investment: software, eCommerce, internet services,
mobility, education, SaaS, healthcare, fitness, service industry, and travel.

Blume Ventures follows a collaborative approach and prefers to co-invest with

angels and seed funds that coincide with the company's goals. It believes in
establishing and sustaining long-term relationships with an investment
horizon of eight to ten years. In addition to funding, Blume Ventures provides
active mentoring services to startups that are looking to find a foothold in the
Indian market.

Notable Investments:
TaxiForSure, Zenatix, Zopper, Chillr, FastFox, Stellapps, BHive Workspace ,
Printo, Dunzo, Purplle, Cashify, UnAcademy, InstaMojo, HealthifyMe, etc.

15 USD 122.4 182

Kalaari Capital

Vani Kola Bengaluru

Since 2006, Kalaari Capital has been working towards empowering

entrepreneurs to build innovative solutions to transform the way Indian
consumers live, transact, and work. The venture capital firm invests in seed,
early-stage, and late-stage ventures. Backed by a strong advisory team led by
Ratan Tata himself, the company analyzes the health, mission, and vision of
startups before extending its expertise.

Even though Kalaari has a strong leaning towards tech-centric businesses, it is

open to investing in unknown companies and individuals who exhibit the
potential to emerge as future leaders. In addition to financial assistance,
Kalaari Capital regularly conducts Summits and Events to build a learning
network for entrepreneurs.

Notable Investments:
Workday, Myntra, Haptik, Grabhouse, Mettl, Via.com, Visionary RCM,
InstaMojo, PopXO.com, Oven Fresh, Scoop Whoop, SimpliLearn, SnapDeal, etc.

12 USD 479 155

Matrix Partners India

Vikram Vaidyanathan Mumbai

With its origin in Boston and roots dating back as late as 1977, Matrix Partners
established its presence in India in 2006. The company believes in early
investments between seed and series B funding rounds. While it prefers
acting as the lead investor and investing on its own, it has tied up with other
investors to co-invest on various projects.

Matrix Partners India emphasizes on seeking quality, passion, and

commitment in the founders and teams that pitch to them. The organization
has been highly active while investing in sectors such as mobile apps, internet
services such as search engines, eCommerce platforms, foods and beverages,
information technology, and healthcare.

Notable Investments:
ShopClues, Centre for Sight, ItzCash, Muthoot Finance, W for Women,
Chumbak, DailyHunt, Practo, Ola, Quikr, RazorPay, TreeBo, TestBook, &Me, etc.

7 USD 721 88
Kae Capital

Sasha Mirchandani Mumbai

Kae Capital is a sector-agnostic fund that opens its doors for any business that
possesses the potential to scale up. It prefers companies based in India and
focuses on growth, leadership, and innovation. Apart from investing in the
pre-A stage Kae Capital also follows up on Series A and B rounds funding.

Over a decade, the company has offered exceptional opportunities to infuse

capital in nascent businesses while also imparting experience through market
exposure. Even though the company is industry neutral, it is always on the
lookout for businesses working in the field of technology, mobile,
eCommerce, consumer internet, healthcare, education, and so on.

Notable Investments:
Clink, CloudByte, Culture Alley, Squeakee, Eventifier, Trupay, Fynd, FortunePay,
Nudgespot, Nuiku, Airwoot, Sendd, Qubecell, AirWoot, 1mg, The Porter, etc.

12 USD 53 75
India Quotient

Madhukar Sinha Mumbai

Active since 2011, India Quotient is an early-stage investor that is attempting

to help the companies that have not gained support from other investment
firms. As long as the business shows the potential to grow in the future, India
Quotient is ready to groom, back, and financially support it. The investment
firm is also interested in startups that are working in education, healthcare,
finance, and other sectors.

India Quotient also successfully conducts mentorship programs to inspire

entrepreneurs and to establish industry networks. It makes effective use of
platforms like WhatsApp to form peer-to-peer groups for knowledge
exchange purposes.

Notable Investments:
Roposo, Clip App, Grabhouse, CREO, Wealthtrust, Belita, PhotographAI,
DogSpot, LendingKart, Creditmate, Coolberg, Ketchupp, 91mobiles, etc.

11 USD 120.9 74
3one4 Capital

Pranav Pai & Siddharth Pai Bengaluru

Active since 2011, India Quotient is an early-stage investor that is attempting

to help the companies that have not gained support from other investment
firms. As long as the business shows the potential to grow in the future, India
Quotient is ready to groom, back, and financially support it. The investment
firm is also interested in startups that are working in education, healthcare,
finance, and other sectors.

India Quotient also successfully conducts mentorship programs to inspire

entrepreneurs and to establish industry networks. It makes effective use of
platforms like WhatsApp to form peer-to-peer groups for knowledge
exchange purposes.

Notable Investments:
Jigsaw Academy, Ressy, Aarav Unmanned Systems, BEGiN, Yulu, YourStory,
Tripoto, Oust Labs, Licious, LoanTap, FairCent.com, Jiny, Magic Crate, etc.

2 USD 118.5 69

Sarath Naru Hyderabad

With experience spanning over two decades, VenturEast has managed to

establish dedicated funds and teams for various sectors. The team members
bring with them expertise in their respective fields, thereby increasing the
scope for investing in diverse startups. 

The home-grown early-stage fund looks for companies that can bring a
differentiated approach to the table in order to sort the unmet needs for the
Indian consumers. After having enabled more than 100 businesses operating
in Technology, Healthcare, and Life Sciences, VenturEast continues to stay
focused on mobility, financial services, food and beverage, consumer internet,
cloud technology, IoT, cleantech, and digital health.

Notable Investments:
Portea, Gland Pharma, Little Eye Labs, MosChip, Polygenta Technologies,
InOpen, Kissht, AD2PRO, Loyalty Rewardz, EdGE Networks, iNurture, etc.

6 USD 85 67
Aavishkaar Venture Capital

Vineet Rai Mumbai

With its name literally translating to "invention," Aavishkaar looks for

innovation in the Indian market. It was established in 2001 with the primary
aim of boosting the development of the backward and overlooked regions. In
pursuance of this mission, the organization has been working dedicatedly to
locate entrepreneurs and companies that share the vision of uplifting low-
income and deprived margins of the society.

It believes in laying the foundations of enterprise-centric development, which

will translate into people-centric growth.Over the last two decades, Aavishkaar
has made breakthroughs in industry sectors like agriculture, dairy,
handicrafts, energy, water and sanitation, health, microfinance, and financial

Notable Investments:
Jaypore, Kamdhenu, Milk Mantra, Zameen, Butterfly Fields, Little Laureates,
Vaatsalya, Mandala Apparel, Vortex, Swas Healthcare, Waterlife, etc.

1 USD 226.8 63
Orios Venture Partners

Rajeev Suri Mumbai

Orios Venture Partners started its operations in 2013 and has been backing
investors that were once tagged as 'misfits.' It is a seed-stage venture fund
that majorly invests in and closely collaborates with brands and startups that
are working in consumer technology.

The fund helps in various business operations ranging from capital infusion to
brand development. It looks at making 10 to 15 investments on a yearly basis
with startups in B2B, B2C, and software spaces in the Indian ecosystem as its
primary targets. The fund prefers investments in eCommerce, software, retail,
healthcare and wellness, food and beverage, fitness, SaaS, machine learning,
and food delivery.

Notable Investments:
Miss Malini, PharmEasy, ZipGo, Country Delight, Boon Box, Zostel, Pipemonk,
Sapience, JigSee, WholesaleBox, Yum Lane, PinkBlue.in, GoMechanic, etc.

7 USD 200 54
Saama Capital

Ash Lilani Bengaluru

Saama Capital has been helping build businesses since 2012. It is an

independent successor to SVB India Capital Partners, formerly known as SICP,
which had been investing in Indian companies since 2006. This investment
firm follows a balanced and diversified approach while investing in early and
growth-stage funding. It also offers assistance in seed stages in some

Given that its core team comprises of experienced individuals who have an in-
depth understanding of the Indian market, Saama Capital has a broad
investment portfolio and a sector-agnostic outlook. However, the organization
has displayed a strong preference for startups in fintech or financial services,
internet technologies, SaaS, and consumer products.

Notable Investments:
Miss Malini, PharmEasy, ZipGo, Country Delight, Boon Box, Zostel, Pipemonk,
Sapience, JigSee, WholesaleBox, Yum Lane, PinkBlue.in, GoMechanic, etc.

1 USD 240 47
growX ventures

Sheetal Bahl New Delhi

growX ventures have been actively backing early-stage startups since 2008.
The venture firm is primarily focused on developing and aiding tech and B2B
startups but is also open to working with other sectors as well.

So far, the company has dabbled around in fintech, software and SaaS,
consumer internet, healthcare, mobility, marketplace, analytics, and computer
vision.In addition to capital investment, the company aims to work closely
with businesses at an operational and strategic level. The team members
believe that they can use their past failures to set precedents for what should
be avoided so that the business can succeed.

Notable Investments:
Advantage Club, Meddo, Pixxel, Wellthy, ProgCap, FastFox, Jump!, AdSparx,
BiteClub, Quandl, FLO, Fynd, FortunePay, Table Hero, ZipLoan, etc.

5 NA 40
Venture Highway

Divay Kumar New Delhi

With its beginning dating back to 2015, Venture Highway is a result of the
partnership between a group of friends, who are driven by their passion for
all things related to technology. Given the impressive exposure and
experience in their respective fields, the young and dynamic team members
are effectively leading the company with the vision of helping the next
generation entrepreneurs to set up and establish great enterprises.

The company prefers seed and early-stage assistance and is largely focused
on the technology sector. Additionally, it has also shown a keen interest in
eCommerce, internet technologies, mobile apps, software, agri-tech,
healthcare, and fintech companies.

Notable Investments:
BetterPlace, BuildSupply, Cars24, Chalo, CityFurnish, Farmzen, Headout, Mars
Play, Meesho, Moglix, OkCredit, StellApps, Tracxn Labs, Wealthy, Wish Fin, etc.

1 USD 39 40

Mahesh Murthy Mumbai

With its humble beginnings in 2006, SeedFund has grown into an investment
firm that has been the two-time recipient of the Venture Intelligence award of
2010 and 2013. The company aims at backing early-stage and seed companies
working in various sectors. By allowing startups to establish contacts with
enterprises, SeedFund facilitates growth and development-driven network for

Despite being sector agnostic, SeedFund has registered a massive success

with companies working in the fields of eCommerce, healthcare, software,
fashion, apps, news, mobility, education, internet services, and search engine.
SeedFund has helped these companies scale up to their true potential.

Notable Investments:
Chumbak, CarWale, Fetise, Healthizen, Heckyl, Jeevanti, Nearify, Printo,
RedBus.in, SportsKeeda, Vaatsalya, Viral Mint, Think LABS, LurnQ, LifeBlob, etc.

5 NA 39
Tracxn Labs

Abhishek Goyal Bengaluru

Powered by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Tracxn Labs! is backed by

Tracxn! Technologies. The company helps startups gain a competitive edge
using the industry-specific data collected and analyzed by a team of data
experts. Using this data, the firm helps companies bridge the gaps and
inefficiencies that are coming in the way of its development. 

The company covers more than 100 sectors with the internet, eCommerce,
financial services, apps, mobile, SaaS, human resources, software, education,
and recruitment featuring prominently. Tracxn Labs offers a mature platform
where companies and entrepreneurs can work closely with market and data

Notable Investments:
FabHotels, Wealthy, UnAcademy, Cookifi, Darwin Box, Twigly, Hansel.io, Tavaga,
IndiFi, WishUp, JustDoc, ft Cash, Slice Pay, Online Tyari, iimjobs.com, etc.

5 NA 38
LGT Lightstone Aspada

Kartik Srivatsa Bengaluru

Aspada, established in 2011, formed a partnership with LGT Lightstone in

August 2019 to form LGT Lightstone Aspada, an India-centric investment
platform. The company is an early-stage investor that is responsible for
managing capital, identifying potential to invest, and exit in home-grown
business that offer ripe investment opportunities. Additionally, it is also an
investment advisor to the SONG (Soros Economic Development Fund,
Omidyar Network, and Google) fund.

It is a pioneer for the companies working in the themes of agriculture,

healthcare, financial services, education, logistics, employability, food supply
chain, and technology-led SME enablement platforms.

Notable Investments:
Aasaan Jobs, Dunzo, WayCool, EM3 Agri Services, InI Farms - Kimaye, Leaf, All
Fresh, Schedulers, Lithium, Eye Q, Shiksha Finance, Varthana, Ummeed, etc.

2 USD 17 36
Aarin Capital

T. V. Mohandas Pai Bengaluru

Aarin Capital is a venture fund dedicated to technology-intensive businesses

that are operational in the field of life sciences, healthcare, education, and
other sectors that may be relevant to the Indian market. It finds itself greatly
active in the education, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, e-learning

The investment house encourages investee companies to focus on their core

strengths to maximize free cash flow. In addition to acting as financial
investors, the company also takes on the role of an operating partner. Due to
this dual responsibility, the company has set up two dedicated teams that are
responsible for carrying out the tasks assigned to them.

Notable Investments:
BYJU's, Magic Crate, Wigzo, FairCent, Trip Factory, Pocket Aces, Invictus
Oncology, FAB Hotels, PharmEasy, Zimmber, HomeLane, Vyome, do Select, etc.

1 USD 100 35
Inventus India

Samir Kumar Bengaluru

Inventus India is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in technology-

focused companies. Founded in 2008, the firm primarily invests in Series A
rounds of B2B and B2C companies. The company follows an entrepreneur-
first approach as they believe that it will inculcate a customer-centric
environment. Further, the company implements capital efficiency in all its
investee companies to maximize their profit margins.

The venture capital firm has primarily invested in startups that follow the
themes of eCommerce, software, information technology, internet services,
healthcare, logistics, automotive, enterprise software development,
education, and public transport.

Notable Investments:
RedBus, Insta Health, Power2SME, Funds India, Savaari, Lemnisk, cBazaar,
Policy Bazaar, HealthifyMe, Fun Toot, LBB, Shifu, Move-in Sync, Peel Works, etc.

4 USD 46.7 34
Lightspeed India Partners

Akshay Bhushan New Delhi

Lightspeed Venture Partners have been actively investing in direct and cross-
border Indian companies for over a decade. Established in 2007, Lightspeed
India Partners have invested in various early and growth-stage companies
that are tech-centric in nature. However, the company has also worked with
non-technological business sectors such as finance, healthcare, education,
media, retail, and advertising.

In addition to the capital investment, Lightspeed India Partners aim at

extending consultancy and advisory services to the investee companies in
order to transform the Indian market. The company boasts of backing female-
led organizations with over a third of its consumer portfolio being headed by

Notable Investments:
Ebix Cash, FastFox, FreshMenu, OYO Rooms, Shuttl, BYJU's, Magic Pin,
LimeRoad, Udaan, OkCredit, Innovaccer, One Assist, RedCarpet, etc.

4 USD 310 33
YourNest Venture Capital

Sunil K Goyal Gurgaon

Founded in 2011, YourNest is a hyper-focused 'Pre-Series A' fund house that

serves the purpose of nurturing global market leaders based out of India. It
mainly deals in technology-led, enterprise-driven (B2B), and DeepTech
startups. The fund works towards transforming startups into established

The Second Fund of YourNest explores deep tech subject matters such as
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain Technology, IoT, and
Advanced Robotics, amongst others.YourNest acts as the ladder that allows
startups to become a part of an industry-wide network. Companies also
benefit by gaining insights into the emerging ideas and trends that are set to
leave an impact on the sector.

Notable Investments:
Bookmycab, Beta Out, Miko, Trezi, CredRight, Momspresso, Orbo, 3rd Flix,
MoMark, Arya, GolfLan, Uniphore, Proof of Performance, Wings Travels, etc.

2 USD 76.4 32
BanyanTree Finance Pvt. Ltd.

Sanjiv Singhal Mumbai

BanyanTree Finance Pvt. Ltd. is a Venture Capital firm that acts as an advisor
to BanyanTree Growth Capital. It offers funds to middle-market companies
that promise growth prospects in the Indian economy. The firm prides itself
on supporting neglected sectors or themes and actively participates in the co-
investment strategies.

The experienced investment team that operates BanyanTree Finance is

capable of identifying the companies that have a clear advantage over its
competitors even if they are operating in sectors that are neglected by other
private equity financers. It has a strong preference for companies working in
Information Technology and Infrastructure ecosystems.

Notable Investments:
Atria Brindavan Power Ltd., Axiom Cordages Ltd., Beaver Engineering, City Union
Bank, Dee Piping Systems, Deepak Fasteners Ltd., Dilip Buildcon Ltd., etc.

3 USD 175 23
Unilazer Ventures

Ronnie Screwval Mumbai

Operating since 1991, Unilazer Ventures is a private equity and venture capital
firm that specializes in early and late-stage investments. The firm operates in
the four broad areas of private equity, startup and angel, commodities,
treasury, and social.

The company has a preference for high impact sectors like agriculture,
healthcare, education, and microfinance. Further, the investment team looks
to invest in the sectors that display positive indices in its favor. The
organization offers flexibility in the handholding facility and is open to offer
assistance in the long and short run, depending on the startup's requirement.
In addition to the funding, Unilazer also brings its vast experience and
consumer understanding to the table, which adds value to the support
offered by the VC firm.

Notable Investments:
Niki, ShopClues, Yumist, Lenskart, EasyPolicy, DailyObjects.com, DogSpot,,
MeraDoctor Zivame, SilverPush,, Timesaverz.com, Indus Insights, etc.

3 USD 1.12 28

Sid Talwar Mumbai

Founded in 2014, Lightbox Ventures has an impressive track record. It has

partnered with various entrepreneurs, who are currently leading well-known
businesses. The company is focused on early-stage startups that delve into
consumer technology. Hence, eCommerce, Internet technologies and services,
and mobile apps feature prominently in their portfolio of investments.

Through its operational expertise and understanding of product and brand

building measures, the company helps budding ventures differentiate their
products. The Lightbox team comprises of various technologists, investors,
and entrepreneurs, who have a knack for identifying investment
opportunities. The company has led functions at eBay, Google, Yahoo!, Sony,
etc. and has global investing and operational experience.

Notable Investments:
Droom, PayMate, Melorra, Parabo Press, Dunzo,, Info Edge, InMobi, Nua, Bombay
Shirt Company, MapMyIndia, Embibe, Zoomin, Rebel Foods, Furlenco, etc.

3 USD 400 26
Growth Story

Meena Ganesh Bengaluru

Growth Story has been helping build startups from scratch since 2006.
Founded by a husband-wife duo, who are successful serial entrepreneurs by
themselves, Growth Story lives up to its motto of building tomorrow's giants.

The venture capital firm caters to companies that are listed in India, UK, and
the US. Thus, it possesses operational experience on a global scale. Growth
Story aims at working towards the promotion, incubation, and maturation of
greenfield ventures with a primary focus on consumer internet, technology,
healthcare, education, and consumer sector. The company offers core
business solutions that can help attract investors, shareholders, and

Notable Investments:
BigBasket, Portea, FreshMenu, Grow, HomeLane, housejoy.in, Tutor Vista,
Marketics, CustomerAsset, CredR, HungerBox, Housejoy, Verloop, etc.

3 USD 300 21
Lighthouse Funds

Vivek Chandaria Mumbai

Lighthouse Funds is in the business of helping businesses. The VC firm

comprises of entrepreneurs and investors who believe that India and her
economy offers a ripe opportunity for businesses to thrive. The company
initially focused on US-centric companies but realized the true potential of the
Indian markets and started concentrating on India.

In 2008, the company acted as advisor to the India 2020 Fund I and followed it
up by advising India 2020 Fund II in 2014. The firm seeks out consumer-
centric enterprises that are not only relevant in the current scenario but will
also emerge relevant in the future or the long run.

Notable Investments:
V2 Retail, Arkis BioSciences, UNIBIC, FabIndia, Capital Trust, Aqualite India, Nykaa,
Duroflex Pvt. Ltd., Suraksha Diagnostics, Stylam, Indian Herbs, WOW! Momos, etc.

3 USD 388 20

A.R. Jayakumar Bengaluru

Karnataka Information Technology Venture Capital Fund (or KITVEN Fund) has
been operational since 1999 and enjoys the backing of State and Central
Government-run financial institutions. As the name suggests, the Venture
Capital invests in emerging companies that display a promising future in
information technology, biotechnology, and other technology knowledge-
based industrial sector. Startups operating in the field of Semiconductors,
Animation, ESDM, Visual Effects, Comics, and Gaming can also apply.

As a partner investor, the VC focuses on seed or rapid-growth opportunities

and prefers early and growth-stage investments operating in Karnataka. It
works closely with its portfolio companies to supplement other forms of
assistance beyond mere capital or financial backing.

Notable Investments:
Telematics4u Services, VIDTEQ India, Pawaa Software, String Bio, Open App,
Bluarmor, BluArmor Helmets, Pandorum Technologies, Zumutor Biologics, etc.

3 USD 8.3 18
Aurum Ventures

Ashish Deora Mumbai

Founded in 1999, Aurum Ventures is a subsidiary of Aurum Group, a

multinational company founded by first-generation entrepreneurs. The
venture capital firm also enjoys a global presence in the UAE, Singapore,
Brazil, Uruguay, Tanzania, and Mozambique. The company aims at offering
long-term investments in businesses that are ushering in a significant change
in the markets. Apart from decades of experience, the company also brings
fresh and unique approaches to handling operations.

Aurum focuses on businesses serving in the fields of telecom, aviation,

information technology, mineral exploration, real estate, and optic fibers.
However, the company is driven by the passion for indulging in unexplored
and untapped opportunities that appear to offer the best possible returns.

Notable Investments:
Spice Jet, N-Trig, DuneNetworks, Civcom, Zebra Medical Vision, PolyPid,
Youth4Work, LifeBond, Nephera, BPT, Glucon, etc.

3 NA 17
Catamaran Ventures

Narayana Murthy Bengaluru

Catamaran Ventures derives its name from the Kannada word "Kattumaram,"
which is a twin-hulled boat that is swift, stable, and agile. True to its name, the
family-owned organization offers stability and agility for companies to reach
their full potential swiftly. In addition to being sector-agnostic, the firm
displays portfolio diversity as it invests in venture capital, private equity,
public markets, and joint ventures. Further, it has invested at various stages of
startup development, right from a very early stage to a very late stage.

Since the capital raised is domestic in nature, it is not FDI restricted, which
also grants the company the flexibility in terms of investment size and

Notable Investments:
Lookup, Paper Boat, Monica Healthcare, Acko General Insurance, Innoviti,
Coverfox Insurance, Healthspring, Bloom & Wild, YeBhi, etc.

3 NA 15
Rajasthan Venture Capital Fund

Girish Gupta Jaipur

Rajasthan Venture Capital Fund, or RVCF, is a pan-India Venture Capital firm

that is headquartered in Jaipur. Set up in 2002, the company has set its eyes
on small and medium-sized businesses that are operational in the field of
IT/ITeS, Biotechnology, Retail, Auto, Agri-Tech, Healthcare, Tourism,
Hospitality, Entertainment, and more. However, RVCF is sector and geography
agnostic and is open to diversifying its investment portfolio.

In addition to offering capital and financial support, the organization also

extends managerial support to companies that are currently developing. It
invests Rs. 1 crore to 10 crores in the early and growth stages of startups and

Notable Investments:
Yatra, Aujas Networks, SoftTech Engineers, WholesaleBox, Wooden Street,
Mosambee, Nextenders, Cancer Therapy Centres, Chatha Foods, etc.

3 NA 14

Arjun Malhotra Gurgaon

Established in 2014, Investopad operates on a mission to support and build a

nurturing startup ecosystem for next generation entrepreneurs, mentors, and
investors. It works towards developing community workspaces for small
businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to scale up their enterprise.

Investopad facilitates a collaborative environment to add value to the

participatory startups and to build long-term relationships that translate into
the success of the business. The firm is interested in investing in startups that
will introduce disruptive technologies in the Indian market. The advisory team
at Investopedia is a mix of senior executives at global tech companies,
founders of late-stage startups, and investors looking to capitalize on
upcoming opportunities.

Notable Investments:
yTM,Snaplion,Mavin,Autonomic, etc.

3 NA 12
One97 Mobility Fund

Vijay Shekhar Sharma Noida

One97 Mobility Fund is a result of the collaborative efforts of One97

Communications with SAIF Partners, SAP Ventures, Saama Capital, and Intel
Capital. The firm, a leader in the Indian telecom applications and mobile
service space, identifies young entrepreneurs who wish to take the mobile
device and mobile internet service sectors by the storm.

The fund is open to seed and early-stage investments in mobile-first startups.

In addition to offering access to capital, One97 also provides a supportive and
nurturing ecosystem based on mentorship, resources, connections, industrial
experience, and business strategies.The company's primary area of interest
lies in device apps, location-based services, MMA, Video, mCommerce,
content aggregation, and more.

Notable Investments:
Targeting Mantra, MobiSwipe, CIQUAL, The Mobile Gamer, Dexetra, Plivo, App
Surfer, Zepo, PayTM, Engrave.in, AppSurfer, IIMJobs, Chhotu.in, etc.

3 USD 100 1
The Smart Start Fund

Prashant Gulati New Delhi

The SmartStart team comprises of successful entrepreneurs, technophiles,

and leaders in the field of technology. They have taken onto themselves to
give rise to a new generation of entrepreneurs, technology lovers, and
dedicated risk-takers who wish to provide life-altering solutions to the
technology-driven sector.

Apart from having its base in India, SmartStart boasts of having a strong
presence in Dubai (UAE) and Silicon Valley (USA) as well. However, the
company is open to investing in global opportunities and is geography-
agnostic. In order to let the startup thrive, the organization believes in keeping
its bureaucratic overhead as minimum as possible while conducting a chunk
of business online.

Notable Investments:
YouPlus, STILT, Wand Labs, Remitware Payments, ZopHop, Shifu, OneShop,
EdCast, Pext, GOQii.

3 NA 10
Reliance Capital

Anmol Ambani Mumbai

Reliance Group, led by Anil Dhirubhai Ambani, needs no introduction in the

Indian markets. Reliance Capital is the Venture Capital arm of the
multinational conglomerate that enjoys a strong presence in various sectors.
The division focuses primarily on offering financial services to nascent
businesses. It also works in value creation and consolidation opportunities for

Given the diversity of the parent organization, Reliance Group practices sector
neutrality and is open to investing at the seed and early stage of various
startups. However, the company's historical records indicate that it has a
strong inclination towards businesses that offer financial services like asset
management, insurance, commercial and home finance, etc.

Notable Investments:
Yatra, TeamLease Services, Dr. Lal PathLabs, ToneTag, BillionLoans, Amber Group,
HG Infra Engineering.

3 USD 14.4 7
IvyCap Ventures

Vikram Gupta Mumbai

Set up in 2011, IvyCap Ventures prides itself on following an entrepreneur-

centric approach. The company strives towards providing a global alumni
ecosystem to cultivate entrepreneurship in India while also enhancing the
returns gained by investors.

The organization believes in investing in the early or growth stage of the

startup. It adopts a collaborative approach to propel the business to its
success. The company has established a structured Mentor Model that injects
skills, experience, and passion into its portfolio companies. Since 2015, the
organization has been successfully running IvyCamp, which is a one-of-its-kind
Unified Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform that acts as a super
incubator to add value to early-stage entrepreneurs and innovators.

Notable Investments:
Purplle, BeYouPlus, Pharmarack, Biryani By Kilo, ftcash, Clovia, Lendbox,
GrabOnRent, BlueStone.com, Aujas Networks, OnlineSales.ai, etc.

2 USD 132.8 29
Canbank Venture Capital Fund

R.A. Sankara Narayanan Bengaluru

Canbank Venture Capital Fund Ltd. (or CVCFL) is the wholly-owned subsidiary
of Canara Bank and a premier domestic Venture Capital Fund. With over two
decades of experience, it is one of the earliest Venture Capital management
companies in India. CVCFL has invested in several promising companies, aided
progress, and posted successful exits within the sphere of the Indian

The fund aims at building businesses and value creation through a pragmatic
operational approach. It follows a General Fund policy and practices sector
neutrality. Hence, the company enjoys a diverse portfolio in various lines of
business. Various Public Sector Banks, Financial Institutions, and Insurance
Companies contribute to the fund's corpus.

Notable Investments:
KEY Difference Media, Prolific India, Renewable Energy Systems, KLT Auto,
Unitherm Engineers, Scorpio Engineering, RK Group, StartupXseed Ventures, etc.

2 USD 308 27
Zodius Capital

Neeraj Bhargava Mumbai

Zodius Advisors is a Venture Capital firm that invests in high-growth, market-

defining, India-centric startups. Established in 2011, the company promotes
the idea of "Digital India" by partnering with promising and exceptional gen-
next entrepreneurs.Keeping in line with its "Digital India" philosophy, the
organization invests extensively in digital commerce, digital media, and other
consumer-based digital services.

The company claims to develop one company every six months and follows a
collaborative approach with its portfolio companies to speed up and shape up
for stellar growth and profitability. The Zodius team makes good use of its skill
and experience through its deep involvement in strategy-building, finance,
sales and marketing, M&A, and performance of the partner startups.

Notable Investments:
Fresh Menu, Zyfin, OfBusiness, MedGenome Inc., MarketsandMarkets Research,
PepperFry, BigBasket, Allygrow Technologies, Appsdaily Solutions, etc.

2 USD 155.3 24
Sixth Sense Ventures

Nikhil Vora Mumbai

Founded in 2014, Sixth Sense Ventures is India's first domestic consumer-

centric venture capital fund. The organization claims to possess a cumulative
experience spanning over seven decades in the broader consumer domain.

Sixth Sense Ventures is flexible in terms of size and stage of the investment
provided that the business caters to the consumer requirements in an
efficient manner. It backs first-generation entrepreneurs and startups that are
looking to scale up their business.The company relies on its intuitive ability to
identify the key startups that are capable of carving a niche for themselves. It
assesses the entrepreneur or startup based on their foundational idea and
accompanying capabilities rather than the capital, as it is capable of plugging
such gaps.

Notable Investments:
Bira 91, My Healthcare, Soothe Healthcare, AVG Logistics, Veeba Foods,
SMAAASH, Hindustan Foods, Ethos Watch Boutiques, Weddingz.in, etc.

2 USD 67.7 21
Unicorn India Ventures

Bhaskar Majumdar Mumbai

Unicorn India Ventures, founded in August 2015, is an early-stage venture

capital firm that is focused on registered Indian startups. It invests in seed and
early-stage companies that operate primarily in the technology sector.

Further, Unicorn India Ventures is committed to the success of these startups

and hence, even offers follow-up investments in the range of Rs. 1 crore to Rs.
10 crores. The organization is keen on sharing market insights to help the new
ventures and enterprises achieve favorable results. Unicorn India Ventures'
portfolio companies can leverage the investing teams operating, investing,
and entrepreneurial skills paired with the industrial and domain expertise of
mentors and advisors to write their own success stories.

Notable Investments:
Boxx.ai, VanityCube, Pharmarack, OPEN, Open App, Clootrack, Sequretek,
Inntot Technologies, GrabOnRent, Smartcoin, Inc42, Roder, etc.

2 USD 159.6 21
SIDBI Venture Capital

Ananta P. Sarma Mumbai

SIDBI Venture Capital Ltd. (SVCL) is the venture capital subsidiary of the Small
Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI). Incorporated in 1999, the VC
firm has been highly active in the MSME sector and invests in the early-stage
of startups.

The organization is sector-agnostic but primarily invests in businesses

operating in fields of technology, manufacturing, agriculture, financial
inclusion, and consumer service. Certain sectors are divided on the basis of
the business' geographic location, which can be accessed through the fund
information. SVCL seeks entrepreneurs who display strong leadership skills
and are driven towards a single-minded goal to introduce disruptive
technologies in the Indian markets.

Notable Investments:
Grab, HolaChef, Capital Small Finance Bank, SuperZop, Mobisy Technologies,
ZappFresh, Corporatedge, SSP Advantage, Glocal Healthcare, etc.

2 USD 58 19
Speciale Invest

Arjun Rao Bengaluru

Speciale Invest focuses on seed-stage investments in startups across India,

Israel, and the US. They prefer being the first investor in a technology-oriented
business venture. The organization is dedicated to building enterprises from
scratch and providing every form of support to the entrepreneurs and teams.
In addition to the capital injection, they also offers knowledge-sharing
platforms and operational support in product management, sales and finance,
digital marketing, and administrative matters.

It seeks out companies that require long-term investments and are capable of
introducing a disruptive technology for enterprises and consumers. Apart from
its headquarters in Bengaluru, the company also has an office in Chennai.

Notable Investments:
CheckGaadi.com, Kawa Space, CynLr Astrogat,e Labs, Wingman, Agnikul
Cosmos, PaperVC, Surukam, Genylabs, Pocket52, Scapic, FrontdeskAI, iauro, etc.

2 USD 20 17

Ankur Bansal Mumbai

The primary purpose of setting up BlackSoil in 2010 was to offer advisory and
financial solutions to high growth companies, startups, and entrepreneurs.
The organization is actively involved at every stage of the development of the
enterprise. It also conducts business in matters related to BlackSoil Capital
Pvt. Ltd., an NBFC offering debt facility, and BlackSoil Realty Fund, which
injects capital in the real estate sector.

BlackSoil carries out unique equity and credit-based assessment of the

financing options and shares feedback on the various proposals. Due to the
timely disposal of issues, financial matters are not stuck in the bottlenecks.
Easy credit, along with experience-based advice, translates into unmitigated
growth of the portfolio companies.

Notable Investments:
Nearbuy, NowFloats, CredR, Rubique, Industrybuying, eShakti.com, GoBolt,
WebEngage, Truweight, Chumbak, iNurtutre, Intelligence Node, etc.

2 USD 28.1 15
Contrarian Drishti Partners

Somak Ghosh Mumbai

Since 2013, Contrarian Drishti has been helping out companies that possess
the "it" factor that makes them stand out. The organization focuses mainly on
underdeveloped and under-penetrated sectors of the Indian economy. It
seeks companies that have the vision of charting the undiscovered territories
and leveraging technology to exploit favorable market trends.

Given that the Contrarian Drishti team comprises of skilled and experienced
investment professionals from various backgrounds, the company is sector-
agnostic. However, it displays a strong preference for healthcare, education,
food, utilities, energy, agriculture, and financial services industries. The firm
manages the Contrarian Vriddhi Fund, which is aimed at supporting early-
stage businesses.

Notable Investments:
Minjar, Bookmycab, Pratilipi, Progcap, Brun Health, Signzy, Crediwatch, Zestl,
Wholesalebox, Squad, OnlineTyari, Joybynature.

2 USD 10 14
Jupiter Capital

Rajeev Chandrasekhar Bengaluru

Incorporated in 2005, Jupiter Capital is a leading investment and financial

service company that enjoys a strong presence in 9 companies. Hence, it is
well-equipped at handling international public and private investments. It has
been a pioneer in the Indian telecom and media sectors. It has diversified its
investment portfolio and branched out into technology, real estate,
infrastructure, healthcare, and financial services too.

Jupital Capital believes in the transformative power of innovative ideas. The

company supports various startups through value addition, brand building,
and strategy formulation in their concerned sector. It holds that infusion of
the right resources at the right time will enable the venture to reach stellar

Notable Investments:
URDoorstep, AcadGild, Asianet News, Indigo 91.9 FM, India Linx, Raaga
Associates, VijayDurg Ports Pvt. Ltd., Republic, IL&FS, Private Air, Niraamaya, etc

2 NA 10
Next Orbit Ventures Fund I

Ajay Jalan Mumbai

Next Orbit Ventures is a multi-asset fund management firm that invests in the
debt and equity of growing startups and companies. In doing so, the
organization not only generates superior returns for its partners and
investors but also helps add sustainable value to the enterprises.

Since its conception in 2012, Next Orbit Ventures has been extraordinarily
active in partnering with other Venture Capital firms to work closely with
budding entrepreneurs and businesses. The company is willing to investing in
startups across a range of sectors, industries, and geographies. It infuses
value in startups through venture capital, private equity, public equity, and
debt investments. Additionally, the company also contributes via
unconventional business solutions.

Notable Investments:
The Ratnakar Bank, PNB Housing Finance, Thyrocare Technologies, Primarc,
Mercator Lines, FemtoDx India, Kirloskar Electric, Actofit.

2 NA 9
Rabo Equity Advisors

Rajesh Srivastava New Delhi

Rabo Equity Advisors is a global investment advisor and a domestic

investment manager with offices in Mumbai and Bengaluru. The company
also enjoys an influential presence in Mauritius. Rabo Bank holds 51% of the
shares of Rabo Equity Advisors. The company identifies and evaluates
potential investment opportunities and offers economic and market
intelligence support to startups that make the cut. It has a higher preference
for companies that are operating in the food and agribusiness sector.

Rabo's Investment Team leverages the data collected through reliable sources
like Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory. Given its extensive
experience and historical track record, Rabo Equity Advisors has a lot to offer
to portfolio businesses.

Notable Investments:
Cremica Food IndustriesLT FoodsParijat IndustriesBeloorBayir BiotechPrabhat
DiaryVacmet India Ltd.

2 NA 7
Uniqorn Ventures

Shiraz Bugwadia Mumbai

Founded in 2015, Uniqorn Ventures is a VC firm that specializes in early-stage

seed investments. The company looks for entrepreneurs who are driven,
passionate, and committed to overcoming the initial challenges experienced
by early-stage ventures. However, that's not the only set of criteria for
selecting the companies that go into their portfolio. The company claims to be
extremely selective in making their pick as they wish to make meaningful

Upon identifying the prospective partner, Uniqorn Ventures work closely with
the core team to understand the prototype, gauge the market opportunity,
and assess the scalability of the business. It promises to stand by its partners,
even in adverse conditions and plan to stay invested in the long run.

Notable Investments:

2 NA 6

Parag Kothari Mumbai

TRUST Capital is an award-winning full-service financial house and venture

capital firm. It's USP is specializing in "Fixed Income" investments. The
company offers investment options across multiple asset classes such as
debt, equity, and real estate. It is interested in early and late-stage ventures.

The pooled-in capital is then infused in growing enterprises and startups. It

looks for proactive and able leaders and entrepreneurs who can shoulder the
responsibility of floating disruptive technology-based enterprises. TRUST
Capital has a strong preference for business ventures exploring solutions in
the healthcare, internet technologies, finance, and mobile industry. It actively
participates in events, seminars, and conferences aimed at nurturing the
entrepreneurial spirit.

Notable Investments:

2 NA 4
Claris Capital Limited

Krishna Handa Ahmedabad

Since its inception in 2015, Claris Capital Ltd has been acting as a subsidiary of
Claris Lifesciences Limited. It has an avid interest in pharmaceuticals,
healthcare, education, energy, agriculture, and other new-age industries that
will revolutionize the Indian market. Further, it aims at expanding into fashion,
consumer industry, and fintech as well.

In addition to providing financial impetus, it also helps the company grow by

offering organizational stimulus. Founded by a successful entrepreneur, the
company aims at supporting and incubating businesses on the basis of the
previous experience. It contributes towards building a robust core team that
can carry the business to its fruitful end goal.

Notable Investments:
KiviHealth, Wotu Technologies, Hyperpure.

2 NA 3
Goldstone Technologies Ltd

Pavan Chavali Hyderbad

Founded in 1994, Goldstone Technologies Ltd. finds itself listed on BSE and
NSE Ltd. Apart from corporate offices in Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, and
Bengaluru, the company is also present in the US. It works primarily in the
Business Intelligence and IT Service sectors.

The company follows the philosophy of melding People, Process, and

Technology to formulate efficient business solutions. Companies sponsored
by Goldstone enjoy the backing of research and exhaustive data that give rise
to beneficial opportunities. In addition to data and analytical inputs,
Goldstone also assists with staff augmentation and managed IT services. It
believes in implementing process governance while adhering to the startup's
initial practices, work culture, and mission.

Notable Investments:

2 NA 2
Exifinity Venture Partners

Deepak Ghaisas Bengaluru

Exfinity Venture Partners is an early-stage, frontier technology fund that backs

B2B enterprise companies. It enjoys favorable connects in the entrepreneurial
ecosystem across India and the US. Rather than merely focusing on startups
that are India-centric, the firm seeks out enterprises that not only appeal to
the Indian market but also promises to make it big globally.

The company looks for founders who have a working understanding of the
market, have prior experience, and excel in their relevant field. Startups
working in the areas of Mobility, Cloud, IoT, AI, Data Analytics, and Software-
defined hardware are more attractive to Exfinity. It combines fresh capital
infusion, a world-class mentorship program, and a nurturing entrepreneurial
ecosystem to launch the business venture towards success.

Notable Investments:
Locus.sh, CloudSEK, Deep Vision, Jump AI, MoEngage, IQLECT, Fitternity, AgShift,
Shotang, PrimaryIO, ABSENTIA, Mad Street Den, Uniken, etc.

1 USD 119.2 31
Astarc Ventures

Kishore Musale Mumbai

Astarc Ventures is a venture capital firm that has been operational since mid-
2015. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Astarc Group. Being an early-stage
partner, it aims at forming long-lasting relationships with its portfolio
companies. By leveraging its experience, Astarc plans on imparting quick and
sustainable growth to its partners.In terms of investment focus, the company
has two main themes, namely, Strategic Theme and Sector-Agnostic Themes.

The former relies on the core business functions of the Astarc Group, while
the latter is an extension into other branches of consumer lifestyle and
preferences. In addition to being open to businesses and technologies across
all sectors, the company is also independent of the geographical location.

Notable Investments:
Rapido Bike Taxi, Cashcow.ai, Space Angels, Khidki, ION Energy, 9stacks, Purple
Style Labs, Infinite Analytics, Woopl, PharmEasy, ABSENTIA, etc

1 NA 28

Sanjay K. Randhar Ahmedabad

Formerly known as Gujarat Venture Financial Limited, GVFL was established in

1990 at the behest of the World Bank. It was one of the first premier venture
capital of India and is independent, autonomous, and board-managed. GVFL
promises an array of services ranging from business governance and support
to strategic directions to technology-oriented startups.

Given its vast experience, GVFL possesses deep insights into the complete
growth cycle of startups. The company credits its success to its passion for
conducting a detailed assessment of business management credentials and
market viability. Their team of professionals are highly skilled not only to
identify promising businesses but also to help them reach their aspired

Notable Investments:
Ecotrail Personal Care, FORMCEPT, Chajjhed Foods, Vidooly, Varmora Plastech,
Schedulers, SITAC RE, Alfa Corpuscles, Amrita Therapeutics, etc

1 NA 25

Kunal Upadhyay Ahmedabad

Built by India's leading business institute, IIM-A, in 2007-08, CIIE vies to

maintain the innovation continuum through Capital, Incubation, Insights, and
Acceleration. The primary purpose of CIIE is to single-handedly nurture the
spirit of entrepreneurship and offer every possible aid to founders and
entrepreneurs in realizing their goals. They believe in intervening at an early
stage and providing assistance when the business venture truly needs it.

CIIE enjoys strong backing from various governmental and non-governmental

agencies that are looking to invest in budding enterprises.While the firm is
sector-agnostic, it aims are offering greater leverage to overlooked industries
like cleantech, defence, biotech, aerospace, and impact-tech.

Notable Investments:
Trillbit Technologies, Mantis Technologies, FlyBird Innovations, vPhrase,
Awaaz.De, Parvata Foods, Eashmart, Gridle.io, Thrillophilia.com, etc

1 NA 25

Venk Krishnan Bengaluru

Rather than merely offering capital assistance, NuVentures believes in

empowering next-generation entrepreneurs by granting them cutting-edge
business solutions. NuVentures makes use of its vast network of seasoned
investors and successful entrepreneurs to establish a flourishing ecosystem
for startups. It invests in the early-stage of tech-enabled business ventures
and offers a mix of capital and mentorship.

The company also conducts events like NuMeet periodically.In addition to

curating and sharing sustainable solutions, NuVentures is also extremely
participative in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. Two of its social
initiatives, Tamahar and Snehadeep, caters to neglected minorities such as
those with special needs or people with disabilities.

Notable Investments:
com,Scripbox,Zansaar,Nomadly,CapriCoast, TapChief, Zenprivex, etc

1 USD 30 23
Endiya Partners

Dr. Ramesh Byrapaneni Hyderabad

Endiya Partners invests in IP-led Indian product business ventures that appear
to be promising on the global scale. It makes use of its extensive and deep
domain expertise paired with vast and exhaustive entrepreneurial and
operating experience to co-create scalable businesses. Since 2016, the
company has been offering strategic and operational support to startups.

Glancing through its portfolio, one can see that the firm has a leaning towards
companies operating in healthcare, technology, and tech-enabled business
sectors.The company works towards bridging the funding gap prevailing
between the Angel and Series A funding drives. They reach investment
decisions upon considering the momentum, market size, and the kind of
business solutions offered by the startup.

Notable Investments:
Cygni, Steradian Semiconductors, Slang Labs, Cure.fit, Advancing AI Compute,
Shield Square, Kissht, SigTuple, Darwin Box, eKincare, Hansel.io, InnerChef,

1 USD 65.7 21
Windrose Capital

Rohit Goyal Pune

Windrose Capital follows the philosophy of "For the Founders, by the

Founders." It grants early and mid-stage financial support to startups that
display exceptional quality of scaling up and disrupting the Indian markets.
Since 2013, the fund has been managed by experienced and skilled advisors,
who have a deep insight into multiple industries.

When considering the investment proposals, Windrose Capital seeks out

companies that leverage demographic growth, digital value-addition, and
distribution capacities to capture the market. It has a preference for startups
active in fintech, connectivity and flow, business enablement, healthcare, and
agritech sectors. The company follows a conventional investment approach
where it sticks to its core competence.

Notable Investments:
Supreme Trans Concepts, Nivesh.com, Mitra Robot, Precily, INC., Blue Sky
Binary, Platify, PaperVC, Biddano, Commshala, ideaFORGE, ClearDekho, etc.

1 USD 30 15
Pi Ventures

Manish Singhal Bengaluru

With its foundation dating back to 2016, Pi Ventures looks for technology-
based startups that are making headways in the fields of Artificial Intelligence,
Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to solve consumer
problems. The company understands the deep penetration of technology in
the Indian markets, making it a hotspot for the introduction of disruptions.

They seek out entrepreneurs who have exceptional problem-solving skills,

persistence, patience, passion, and tenacity.Pi Ventures is an early and seed-
stage investor that utilizes its global network and experience-based insights to
help the startup grow. It has partnered with various bodies like SIDBI,
Electronic Development Fund, and Hero Enterprise to offer financial backing.

Notable Investments:
Wysa, SwitchOn, SigTuple, ten3T, FrontdeskAI, NIRAMAI Health Analytix,
TRANSPER, Locus.sh, Customer Success Box, Owe Me, Zenatix, etc.

1 USD 35.2 17
SenseAI Ventures

Vinish Kathuria Gurgaon

As the name suggests, SenseAI is an Artificial Intelligence-based venture fund

aimed at boosting the AI industry. It is helping entrepreneurs and founders
transform their technology and ideas into scalable businesses. The team
comprises of successful tech entrepreneurs who have prior experience of
floating various enterprises.

On the basis of the practical skills and experience gathered through years,
SenseAI team works with founders at the various stages of funding, branding,
product development, and deployment. SenseAI looks out for businesses in
the fields of mobility, transportation and logistics, healthcare, risk
management, fintech, media and communication, retail and eCommerce,
automotive, and manufacturing, bearing an AI-component at its core.

Notable Investments:
Jovian, Tripeur, Cure Skin, Monet, NewsBytes, Assured Risk Cover, Frrole.ai,
Ridlr, Artivatic.ai, ThirdWatch, FabAlley, InThree Access, Orahi, TapChief, etc.

1 NA 17
Tata Capital

Vaithianathan Ramachandran Mumbai

Established in 2007, Tata Capital Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata

Sons Ltd. It is registered with the RBI as a Core Investment Company and
marked the entry of Tata Groups in the venture capital service sector. In
addition to the regular financial services, Tata Capital offers fee-based
financial services to its partners.

The company invests in early-stage business ventures across multiple

industries. The commonly recurring themes in their portfolio reflect a strong
affinity towards startups active in the sectors of finance and financial services,
software, mobile, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, information technology,
infrastructure, and manufacturing. It successfully operates more than 100
branches across the critical markets in India.

Notable Investments:
Sun Catalytix, AlefEdge, Lendingkart Finance, Brinton Pharmaceuticals, Farcast,
Sea6 Energy, Nearex, Innoviti, Vaultize, Vortex Engineering, Vanu, etc.

1 USD 44.84 16
50k Ventures

Sanjay Enishetty Madhapur

50k Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund working towards

empowering startups that making use of innovational technologies to provide
practical solutions to consumer problems. The firm believes that the early
stages of a startup are the most crucial period and could seal the fate of the

Hence, value creation forms a critical part in building the startup. 50k Venture
outlines a structured process, which could help with the startup's operations,
and strategy-formulation, thereby giving the startup the competitive edge.
Through its mentorship program, the company attempts to offer more than
just financial resources by exposing the portfolio companies to their network.
It helps combine money, people, and knowledge to form a winning strategy.

Notable Investments:
Commut, Book My Bai, Cholr, PeeSafe, Automate.io, NicheAI, i-lend, Evolve
Snacks, Fabulyst, KhanaGadi, MyDidi, Norah AI, Zify, AppsFly.io etc

1 NA 13
Angel Investors are also known as Individual, private,
seed investors or angel funders. An Angel Investor is
an individual who has a high net worth and is open to
offering financial assistance to small startups and
entrepreneurs. Essentially, they are individuals who
have both the finances and desire to help cash-hungry
startups.Typically, the investment is in exchange for
equity ownership in the company. Quite often, an
angel investor is either a friend or a family member
who has excess funds and is looking for higher
rewards on their investment as compared to
traditional instruments.They usually provide a one-
time investment to help the startup get off the ground
or to support it through difficult stages. Angel
investors are more focused on building sustainability
in startups than gaining through profitability. Hence,
they are considered to be more startup-friendly as
compared to other "predatory" forms of funding.
Rajan Anandan

Rajan Anandan New Delhi

Rajan Anandan is an active angel investor with a focus on early-stage tech

companies. He is an alumnus of Stanford University, where he acquired an
M.Sc. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, and the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology, where he earned a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering.

He has first-hand experience working alongside founders of various startups

that have emerged as global business leaders in the field of technology. Given
his track record, he is well-known for sharing deep insights with associated
startups that can help them in the long run. In addition to angel investing,
Rajan has co-founded the Blue Ocean Ventures, a seed fund to invest in Sri

Notable Investments:
Zenatix, Threadsol, Mypoolin, InstaLively, Innov8 Coworking, EasyGov, Wirwoot,
Trell, PregBuddy, SimSim, Styledotme, Dunzo, FreshtoHome, UnAcademy, etc.

7 NA 64
Binny Bansal

Binny Bansal Bengaluru

Binny Bansal, a Computer Science Engineer from IIT Delhi, started his career
as a Software Engineer at Amazon. Using his knowledge and experience in the
eCommerce sector, he brought about a revolution with Flipkart, an Indian,
home-grown eCommerce platform that he co-founded with Sanchin Bansal.

After his stint as a founder, he took on the role of an angel investor to help
other founders like himself. His investment patterns hint at a preference for
information technology, internet, and fintech startups. In 2018, Binny also
founded Xto10X, a software and consulting firm that covers the startups
active in the South East Asian markets.

Notable Investments:
Roposo, Mobikon, Terraview, Masaba, Sig Tuple, Increff, Crio.Do, CureFit,
Stellaps, Unacademy, MadRat Games, SHEROES, InShorts, TouchTalent, etc.

1 NA 35
Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal Mumbai

After having earned an MBA from Boston College in 1998, Anupam Mittal
started his entrepreneurial journey by launching People Group, a New Media
and Entertainment group that covered businesses like Shaadi.com,
Makaan.com, People Pictures, and Mauj Mobile. People Group was soon
hailed as the most innovative enterprises of India with Anupam Mittal
featuring highly on BusinessWeek's list of India's 50 Most Powerful People.

Anupam seamlessly transitioned into the role of an active angel investor to

help other startups and companies. He prefers seed-stage funding of new and
upcoming businesses and has a diverse portfolio of investments. However, he
exhibits a strong preference for healthcare, eCommerce, automobile, and

Notable Investments:
PipeMonk, Blink, Betaout, CityFlo, Trell, SimSim, InnerChef, DailyNinja, Rapido,
YumLane, Bharat Bazaar, OLA, Zepo, LetsVenture, Vebbler, HashLearn, etc.

4 NA 35
Kunal Bahl

Kunal Bahl New Delhi

Kunal Bahl has a degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the

University of Pennsylvania, Marketing and Operations Strategy from the
Wharton School, and Executive Program. If these educational
accomplishments earned by Kunal Bahl are not enough to impress his
understanding of the business world, it may also be mentioned that he is the
CEO and co-founder of SnapDeal, India's no-frills, value-focused online

He is an active angel investor who prefers seed and early-stage investments.

His personal investment portfolio contains a variety of investments with food
& beverage, consumer products, transportation, finance, and technology
featuring prominently.

Notable Investments:
Zenatix, Fynd, Betaout, Gigstart, Flyrobe, MamaEarth, ShadowFax, Jugnoo, Bira
91, MoEngage, Ola, Zumbl, UrbanClap, Razorpay, Indus OS, Rapido, Belong, etc.

5 NA 33
Kunal Shah

Kunal Shah Mumbai

Kunal Shah is well-known for his business ventures like FreeCharge and CRED.
He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Arts (Philosophy) from Wilson
College, Mumbai, after which he pursued an MBA from Narsee Monjee
Institute of Management Studies before dropping out. He kickstarted his
professional life as a junior programmer at a BPO before laying the
foundation of PaisaBack, a platform that granted cashback offers to organized

He featured on the list of Fortune's 40 under 40 for two subsequent years,

2015 and 2016. He is an active angel investor in Seed to Series B funding of
various startups. Despite the diverse portfolio, he shows a strong leaning
towards tech and fintech-oriented businesses.

Notable Investments:
Innov8 Coworking, Flyrobe, Dil Mil, Khatabook, TapChief, Unacademy, Zilingo,
LifCare, TableHero, Daily Ninja, Cookifi, Twigly, LiquiLoans, MyScoot, etc.

4 NA 30
Rohit Bansal

Rohit Bansal Gurgaon

Rohit Bansal is an ex-alumnus of IIT, Delhi, and has a Bachelor's and Master's
Degree in Computer Science Technology. Rohit Bansal and Kunal Bahl
together founded Snapdeal, an online marketplace for the Indian consumer.
He currently holds the position of Chief Operations Officer (COO) at Snapdeal.
In addition to his own business ventures, Rohit is also an avid angel investor.

He is a seed and early-stage investor who has a strong preference for

consumer service providers and tech-centric businesses. Once again, he has
partnered with Kunal Bahl to set up Titan Capital with the motive of investing
in 70 startups.

Notable Investments:
Bira 91, Leena AI, MamaEarth, FlyRobe, Fynd, LetsVenture, Indus OS, Zenatix,
UrbanClap, Betaout, Belong, Zinier, Headout, Razorpay, Gigstart, Routofy.

5 NA 29
Mohandas Pai

Mohandas Pai Bengaluru

T.V. Mohandas Pai, fondly referred to as Mohan, is the co-founder and

Chairman of Aarin Capital. He has vast experience in operations and
leadership and has been associated with big names like Infosys and Havells.
He is the Chairman of Manipal Global Education and the co-founder of the the
Akshaya Patra Foundation.

Mohan is an active seed-stage investor for a number of companies. He is also

a board member for a number of startups and offers his expertise to drive
them forward. He has a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from St. Joseph's
College of Commerce, a Bachelor of Law from Bangalore University, and is a
Fellow Member of Accounting and Finance at the Institute of Chartered
Accountants of India.

Notable Investments:
Ressy, JustDoc, ZoomCar, TaxSutra, Magic Crate, Velvetcase, Connect India,
Tracxn, Online RTI, SavvyMob, Verloop, Licious, KleverKid, YourStory, etc.

3 NA 29
Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Vijay Shekhar Sharma New Delhi

Vijay Shekhar Sharma is the brain behind PayTM Mobile Solutions. He

founded One97 Communications Ltd. in 2000 and has led the company to its
current success. In 2010, he founded PayTM, which revolutionized the digital
transaction industry, and the company's stellar growth has resulted in the
company's growth to form subsidiaries such as PayTM Entertainment, PayTM
Money, and PayTM Payments Bank.

He is also the founder and co-founder of EduKart and VideoPink Inc,

respectively. In addition to his business ventures, Vijay also seeks out
businesses and startups that he can invest in from its seed stage. He has a
preference for businesses operational in the field of financial services,
mobility, media, and consumer services.

Notable Investments:
DealStreetAsia, Flyrobe, Kawa Space, GOQii, Unacademy, TapChief, Milaap,
Hiver, SourceEasy, Wishberg, The Ken, Nurturing Green, FactorDaily, etc.

3 NA 26
Anand Chandrasekaran

Anand Chandrasekaran Gurgaon

With a BS in Electronics and Communication from the PSG College of

Technology and an MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University,
Anand Chandrasekaran always had a penchant for entrepreneurship. During
his stint at Stanford, he became an Executive Team Member of BASES, the
largest student-run entrepreneurship organization at Stanford.

Anand Chandrasekaran went on to be associated with big names like Airtel,

Snapdeal, Yahoo, and Facebook. With this vast experience, he adds value to
the startup companies with which he gets associated. He is currently a part-
time seed-stage investor for a number of businesses.

Notable Investments:
Fynd, Khatabook, SHEROES, WittyFeed, Nexkey, Verloop, BabyChakra,
Buttercups, Splitkart, Aisle, Gamezop, Rentongo, ORO Wealth, etc.

2 NA 23
Rajesh Sawhney

Rajesh Sawhney Gurgaon

Rajesh Sawhney is an Electronics Engineering degree holder from the Delhi

University. He also possesses a Master's in Management from the University
of Mumbai. He has completed a fellowship on Globalisation and Leadership
from the London School of Economics and Social Sciences. Rajesh started his
career as the Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Times Internet Limited.
He then went on to become the Founding President of Reliance

Currently, he is the co-founder of InnerChef, a growing food-tech startup.

Rajesh is also the Founder and CEO of GSF Accelerator and GSF SuperAngels,
which are working to provide mentorship and financial aid to promising

Notable Investments:
NightStay, InstaLively, Playcez, Viki, eBikeGo, CityMall, Hungry Foal, Param, ORO
Wealth, Hipcask, Rentongo, Zocalo, Overcart, ZAPR, GreyOrange, etc.

5 NA 22
Girish Mathrubootham

Girish Mathrubootham Chennai

The founder and CEO of Freshworks Inc., Girish Mathrubootham, is no

stranger to the entrepreneurial world. After launching Freshworks in 2010 and
acquiring the status of a demigod of the Indian SaaS industry, Girish moved
on to investing and helping out other business ventures. Considering that he
has earned a B.E. in Electrical and Electronics and an MBA in Marketing, it
comes as no surprise that his primary interests revolve around tech-centric

Further, he has a preference for early-stage investments.Girish specializes in

Customer Support Software, CRM, ITIL, Cloud-computing, SaaS, UI/UX,
NetFlow and more. Hence, this skill, experience, and expertise are invaluable
for any founder looking to start a company in these sectors.

Notable Investments:
Zarget, ShieldSquare, Innov8 Coworking, InkMonk, Frilp, Betaout, SpotDraft,
PickYourTrail, Pando, Zenprivex (ZPX), FactorDaily, Paperflite, Whatfix, etc.

6 NA 22
Zishaan Hayath

Zishaan Hayath Mumbai

Before assuming the role of an angel investor in various startups, Zishaan

Hayath started his entrepreneurial journey as the co-founder of Chaupaati
Bazaar in 2008. However, it was Toppr.com that got him in the spotlight. Toppr
emerged as one of the leading learning platforms, with over 10 million active
student users.

Zishaan also helps with the operations of Powai Lake Ventures, a Mumbai-
based angel investment club dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs from IIT-B.
Interestingly, Zishaan is an IIT-B alumnus himself. During his tenure at IIT-B, he
earned the Institute Citation and two Institute Colors. He was conferred with
the Young Alumni Achiever Award in 2015. Apart from making his mark in the
startup ecosystem, Zishaan is a passionate traveler and a photographer.

Notable Investments:
Pickingo, Orobind Fitness Technologies, Housing.com, Flyrobe, OfficePlace,
ShadowFax, Wealthy, BookEventz, Ample Wholesale, Qyk, Squad, AdPushup.

4 NA 13
Pallav Nadhani

Pallav Nadhani Bengaluru

The founder and CEO of FusionCharts, Pallav Nadhani, is a B.Comm. graduate

from the University of Calcutta and holds an MS in Computer Science from the
University of Edinburgh. FusionCharts is the leading Charting solution in
JavaScript and HTML5. He has also founded Collabion and Charts.com. The
former helps enterprises that run Microsoft SharePoint/PowerBI/0365 extract
more from the available data.

On the other hand, the latter helps in the creation of open-source visual
libraries.Pallav has invested in nearly 25 companies across the Indian and US
markets. He is extremely keen on investing in startups exploring Business
Intelligence. In addition to being an Angel investor, he is open to partnering
with companies that focus on data visualization.

Notable Investments:
iimjobs.com, ShieldSquare, Minjar, Betaout, Skillenza, Nutanix Beam, The Ken,
Snapshopr, Artifacia, My Child, Healthify Me, Eduora.

4 NA 12
Phanindra Sama

Phanindra Sama Bengaluru

After acquiring a B.E. (Hons.) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from BIT
Pilani and a course in Computer Networks Proficiency from the Indian
Institute of Science, Phanindra Sama founded RedBus. RedBus emerged as
India's leading bus ticketing company and organized a once unorganized
sector. When RedBus was acquired by Naspers, Phanindra went on to start
Kakatiya SandBox, an enterprise offering working solutions to local problems.

The Kakatiya SandBox initiative also took off flawlessly, highlighting the man's
visionary quality.Phanindra Sama went on to pursue management,
economics, and finance-related courses from the Swedish Institute, Stanford
University, and King's College London. In 2019, he became a part of Young
Global Leader at the World Economic Forum. He is an avid investor in seed-
stage businesses.

Notable Investments:
ShieldSquare, InkMonk, Betaout, Jiny.io, Opentalk, Fyle, Unacademy, YourDOST,
My Ally, Gamezop, DailyObjects.com, galleri5, InnerChef, Belong, Skillenza, etc.

3 NA 18
Haresh Chawla

Haresh Chawla Mumbai

Haresh Chawla, the former Group CEO of Network18, is an active seed-stage

investment partner and angel investor. He played a notable role in the growth
and expansion of Network18 in the past decade. Haresh has ably led the
development of the company into new segments and has created multiple
market-leading brand franchise.

Upon ending his Viacom18 stint, he became a partner at True North, India's
earliest home-grown private equity fund.He has a Master's Degree in Business
Administration from IIM Calcutta and has completed his graduation in
Bachelor of Technology from IIT Bombay. Haresh maintains a very diverse
investment portfolio with investments in companies that are engaged in the
real estate sector to startups offering financial services.

Notable Investments:
Jaypore, Housing.com, Grab, Niki, Cred, Typeset, Indiez, Table Hero, Chef's

3 NA 12
Amit Ranjan

Amit Ranjan New Delhi

Amit Ranjan is the co-founder of SlideShare, a hosting site that is hailed as

"The Wikipedia for Professionals." This venture has given him the experience
of building and scaling a global-level internet company. LinkedIn acquired
SlideShare in 2012.He has successfully crossed the startup-government
chasm and has been instrumental in working with the Government of India to
build technology-driven e-Governance platforms. He assumed the role of an
architect for the government's ambitious National DigiLocker project.

Amit continues to fuel his passion for startups by speaking at conferences and
enrolling in mentorship programs. As a seed-stage angel investor, he is always
on the lookout for startups that possess the potential to disrupt the Indian

Notable Investments:

3 NA 11
Prashant Malik

Prashant Malik Gurgaon

Prashant Malik is a name associated with several disruptive startups like

Zomato, Innov8 Coworking, and UrbanClap, to name a few. This IIT Delhi
alumnus with a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering has a knack of
identifying business ventures that are not only sustainable and scalable but
are capable of growing by many folds within a small period. While working in
Microsoft, Prashant was awarded several patents.

However, he rose to prominence upon co-building Cassandra, a NoSQL

database management system that can handle large volumes of data.
Cassandra forms the core of major companies like Facebook, Netflix, Apple,
and Instagram. Being an active angel investor, Prashant looks for tech-centric
companies that he can help build, lead, and incubate.

Notable Investments:
Myra, Hinge, Appiterate, Touchtalent, Shadowfax, OfBusiness, Elemential,
LeagueSX, ThetaRay, JUMP Bikes, VAYAVISION, Zebra Medical, Vision Ltd., etc.

3 NA 8
Utsav Somani

Utsav Somani New Delhi

With a B.Sc. in Information Systems Management and Finance from Singapore

Management University and an M.Sc. in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
from ESADE Business School, Utsav Somani is no stranger to the startup
culture. He is a keen seed-stage angel investor who is a part of various Angel
networks such as Indian Angel Network, Powai Lake Ventures, growX
ventures, Mumbai Angels, and more.

As an investor, Utsav seeks out startups and entrepreneurs working in the

field of consumer internet, healthcare, SaaS, mobile, enterprise software, and
clean technology.In addition to angel investing, Utsav contributes to startups
through his startup management, portfolio and risk management, financial
modeling and valuation, and product innovation skills and expertise.

Notable Investments:
Innov8 Coworking, DoorMint, Dose FM, Testbook.com, Tavaga, CoinDCX,
GroMo, BharatPe, Mall91, Stranger & Sons, Sugar, LogiNext, Oye Rickshaw, etc.

3 NA 7
Vikram Chachra

Vikram Chachra Mumbai

Vikram Chachra is a venture capitalist with a vast and extensive

entrepreneurial background. Since 1999, he has been active in building and
funding internet-based businesses across the globe. He has seeded several
early-stage startups and created value for their shareholders. In addition to
Angel investing, Vikram founded the 8i Ventures, which is a leading early-stage
VC fund that supports startups creating digital and consumer goods in India.

Along with practical, hands-on knowledge in the entrepreneurial world,

Vikram also possesses the requisite educational qualification to have a keen
understanding of business. He has a B.Comm degree from the Shri Ram
College of Commerce, an MBA in Personnel Management & Industrial
Relations from XLRI Jamshedpur, and an MBA in Accounting & Finance.

Notable Investments:
Ressy, MassBlurb, InkMonk, Moovo, OnlineTyari, CBREX, Carwale.com, HCG
Global, ExeTap, MoneyTap, Blue Tokai, Eatigo, Signizy.

3 NA 7
Kris Gopalakrishnan

Kris Gopalakrishnan Bengaluru

Fondly called Kris, Senapathy Gopalakrishnan is one of the founders of Infosys

Technologies Limited. Given his skill, experience, and vision, he has several
accolades, honors, and awards to his name. In 2011, he received the Padma
Bhushan, India's third-highest civilian honor.He has made effective use of
technology and innovation to maintain a leadership role in the business

With a Master's Degree in Physics and a Bachelor's Degree in Computer

Science, both from IIT Madras, it comes as no surprise that he has a keen
interest in startups that ride on introducing disruptive technologies. However,
upon observing Kris' investment portfolio, it becomes amply clear that he is also
interested in themes of finance and financial services, food, and ecommerce.

Notable Investments:
Vahdam Teas, Verloop, HungerBox, Planys Technologies, Crayon Data, Grow
Fit, Unbxd, Acko General Insurance, SigTuple, Verloop, FirstCry.com, etc.

2 NA 21
Sandeep Tandon

Sandeep Tandon Mumbai

With an impressive academic background through affiliations with premia

academic and educational institutes like Bombay Scottish, University of
Southern California, and Harvard University, Sandeep sure does possess the
competence and expertise in his line of work. He bears credit for laying the
foundations of several ventures likes FreeCharge, Tandon Group, and Accelyst
Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Apart from financial assistance as an angel investor, Sandeep makes use of

his experience as a founder and an entrepreneur to offer strategy and
operational expertise to startups. He possesses experience spanning over two
decades in various businesses operating in the tech domain. Sandeep also
participates in various mentorship programs.

Notable Investments:
Pianta, FlyRobe, Atomberg Technology, Progcap, Spinny, Unacademy, Pocket
Aces, Bharat Bazaar, ShaadiSaga, Remitware Payments, LifCare, etc.

2 NA 17
Sharad Sharma

Sharad Sharma Bengaluru

As an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Canaan Partners and an Angel Investor,

Sharad Sharma has seen both sides of the coin. He has been a leader and a
participant in various ambitious and esteemed projects like Yahoo! India and
HotJobs at a domestic and global level. Prior to these ventures, Sharad
assumed the role of a CEO after co-founding Teltier Technologies, an
organization that is now a part of Cisco.

He is now giving back to the community by offering a nurturing platform

through active participation in iSPIRT Foundation (which he co-founded) and
Indian Angel Network. With over two dozen investments, Sharad leads big and
small companies through orbit change. He takes a personal interest in the
software product industry and offers financial backing and technical advice.

Notable Investments:
MyPoolin, Minjar, Vebbler, Wishberry, IntensAquatica, Amigobulls,
LetsVenture, Ciafo, Frrole, ADDA, i7 Networks.

2 NA 13
Naveen Tewari

Naveen Tewari Bengaluru

Naveen Tewari is the man behind InMobi, through which he aims to redefine
mobile advertising through a user-first approach. In addition to floating
startups, Naveen has fuelled nearly 30 startups from its seed stage through
angel investing and technical and operational support.

An alumnus of IIT Kanpur, Naveen was awarded the prestigious

"Distinguished Alumnus Award" for his involvement with entrepreneurship.
He also possesses an MBA from the Harvard School of Business.He believes in
establishing a flourishing environment for startups as it will form the pillars of
growth of the Indian market and economy. Apart from his business-related
activities, Naveen heads the India School Fund, a US-based nonprofit that
funds and sets up schools in Rural India.

Notable Investments:
Zimbber, Mettle, Kaarva, Woopl, Springboard, Indus OS, Razorpay,
LetsVenture, Mango Games, ZAPR.

2 NA 10
Aniruddha Malpani

Aniruddha Malpani Bengaluru

Dr. Malpani is an IVF specialist with a Doctor of Medicine degree in Obstetrics

and Gynecology from the University of Mumbai. His interest in the
entrepreneurial world was kindled when he assumed the charge of Director
and Board Member at Inventurus Knowledge Solutions in 2009.

This association gave him exposure to the intermingling of business ventures

with the healthcare industry. From that moment on, the doctor decided to
branch out as an investor. He then went on to become an esteemed member
of Mumbai Angels and connected with the Indian startup network. After
gathering years of experience, he founded the Malpani Ventures, through
which he invests in startups and promising businesses.

Notable Investments:
Raincan, AllizHealth, Multibhashi, Creditas Solutions, Instinct Innovations.
Primaseller, Urjas.

2 NA 9
Vishal Gondal

Vishal Gondal Mumbai

Vishal Gondal is a shining example of how the entrepreneurial spirit is

unrelated to age, educational qualification, or geographical location. At the
young age of 16, Vishal founded IndiaGames, a multi-platform gaming
company. The award-winning company awarded him the status of 'the Father
of the Indian Gaming Industry.'In 2012, Walt Disney company acquired
IndiaGames, and he was offered the post of a Managing Director Digital at
Disney UTV. However, he wanted to continue exploring his entrepreneurial
side and soon quit to form GOQii Inc.

The company promotes users to shift to a healthier lifestyle and combines

wearable technologies with life coaches and experts. He is also a partner at
Sweat and Blood Venture Group and actively invests as an individual investor.

Notable Investments:
Instablogs, Innov8 Coworking, Remitware Payments, Hullo, Inc., InnerChef,
Headout, Flipsicle.

2 NA 7
Ajeet Khurana

Ajeet Khurana Mumbai

Ajeet Khurana has taken on many roles. He is an angel investor, author,

mentor, TEDx speaker, and entrepreneur. Ajeet also played a significant role
in creating the TV Show 'The Vault.'He started his entrepreneurial journey in
the field of education and web publishing. After realizing the hardship faced
by solopreneurs, Ajeet began to get involved in raising investment for small
businesses that had the ability to drive a drastic change.

Through his personal experiences, professional networks, digital mindset, and

financial acumen, he also acted as a mentor and guide for these small
businesses.He has studied Computer Engineering from the University of
Mumbai and is an MBA-holder frim the University of Texas at Austin. Ajeet
also became a lecturer at the University of Texas and taught eCommerce.

Notable Investments:
WittyFeed, Leaf Wearables, Raincan, Stitchwood, Medd.

2 NA 5
Sundeep Gupta

Sundeep Gupta Indore

Sundeep Gupta started off his entrepreneurial journey as an innovator

himself. He had a passion for teaching and education management, which he
translated into a successful venture through Gupta Tutorials. He was awarded
the "Captain of Industry" honor by the then Chief Minister of Madhya
Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan. He is also the recipient of the Excellence in
Education award from IIT Delhi. Sundeep possesses a B.Tech degree in
Instrumentation Engineering from IIT Kharagpur.

He has successfully founded various business ventures like M Learning, which

offers mobile-based distance learning using media channels like video
lectures. As an angel investor, he seeks out startups that are working in the
edutech domain and is interested in early-stage investments.

Notable Investments:
SR Creations, Gupta Tutorials Indore, Fluids Multimedia, M Learning,
Neelamber Commercial Transport Exchange. 

2 NA 5
Rajiv Mehta

Rajiv Mehta Bengaluru

Rajiv Mehta started his tryst with the business world by becoming a member
of the Indian Angel Network. As a member of IAN, Rajiv helped assess and
evaluate startups based in Bengaluru and provided evangelist services to
them. His degree in M.Sc. from the University of Pennsylvania allowed him to
make rational and dynamic decisions that worked in his favor.

Through Arvind Fashion Brands and Sports Lifestyle Ltd., Rajiv gained
additional exposure to managing and heading operations in the retail
industries. Soon enough, he kickstarted his entrepreneurial journey as the
founder and director of KAN DFY Sports Pvt. Ltd.As an angel investor, he seeks
companies working in the consumer service sector. He is currently the CEO of
Stovekraft Limited, the 750 crores parent company to Pigeon and Gilma brand
of kitchen appliances.

Notable Investments:
SmartPocket, Fynd, The Blue Book, fourseven.

2 NA 4
Sandeep Aggarwal

Sandeep Aggarwal Gurgoan

After a long and expansive career in handling business operations, strategy

and investment, and internet technologies across India and the US, Sandeep
founded his own venture ShopClues. This initiative went on to earn him the
title of "the father of the Indian marketplace." He also went on to lay the
foundation of Droom, India's first automobile marketplace.

On witnessing the positive reception to his ideas, he took on the role of a

serial entrepreneur, angel investor, philanthropist, and internet visionary.
Sandeep is an active participant in various mentorship programs and enjoys
making all-round contributions to startups in the field of technology and
financial services.Sandeep has an MBA from the Washington University at St.
Louis and a B.Comm from Kurukshetra University.

Notable Investments:
Shopsity, ShopClues, Wydr.

2 NA 3
Abhishek Rungta

Abhishek Rungta Kolkata

Abhishek Rungta is an Entrepreneur, Digital Strategy Consultant, Marketing

and Technology Expert, Angel Investor, Venture Building, and Offshore
Outsourcing Expert. As a founder of Indus Net in 1997, he understands the
struggles that come with raising investments for budding startups. Hence, to
establish an enabling platform for nascent businesses and entrepreneurs, he
offers every possible assistance to help them grow and reach their full

Given his vast experience as a consultant and a strategic partner, Abhishek

makes use of his skills and expertise to seed and grow companies from the
ground up. He has an interest in business ventures that explore edutech,
information technology, and SaaS domains.

Notable Investments:

2 NA 3
As we already know, Angel Investors are preferable
over Venture Capitalists. However, with different Angel
Investors having different interests, it is not very easy
to grab the attention of an active Angel.In this case,
founders and entrepreneurs can get in touch with an
Angel Network. Connecting with an Angel Investor
Network gives them the opportunity to pitch to new
investors, who are looking for attractive investment
deals. On locating the Investors' Network, you can
browse through the members to identify prospective
investors. Hence, even if your preferred Angel is not
investing actively, you may be redirected to another
one who does! Plus, if your business idea appeals to
them, they may even use their connections to rope in
other investors to pool in a larger fund and
investment a more significant sum in your business.
That's clearly a win-win!
Mumbai Angels

Nandini Mansinghka Mumbai

Mumbai Angels is an Indian angel investment network that has been active
since 2006. The group works towards bridging the gap between
entrepreneurs with investors and help their respective sectors flourish. From
capital infusion to experience sharing platforms - Mumbai Angels facilitate
everything that a startup needs to grow.

It also acts as a nurturing platform for members to exchange ideas,

knowledge, and networks. A number of early-stage startups can benefit by
interacting and connecting with established companies. The network has a
strong preference for investing in companies operating in IT products and
services, BPOs, KPOs, retail, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, internet, media
and entertainment, telecommunication, and consumer products.

Notable Investments:
Myntra, Betaout, Exclusively, FortunePay, BookmyCab, Karmic Lifesciences,
NowFloats, AllizHealth, Threadsol, ZipDial, MassBlurb, Plustxt, Qubecell, etc.

18 NA 123
Indian Angel Network

Saurabh Srivastava New Delhi

With its establishment dating back to April of 2006, the Indian Angel Network
acts as a platform to connect established founders and entrepreneurs with
new businesses and startups and posing them as investment opportunities. In
addition to the capital, IAN is also capable of facilitating mentorship that helps
new companies gain exposure. Further, due to the presence of a diverse set
of experts, any risk associated with a startup could be avoided at the early

The Indian Angel Network is an early and seed-stage investor with interest in
companies working in the themes of eCommerce, agriculture, software,
healthcare, education, social impact, SaaS, IT, internet, social media, travel,
and food and beverage.

Notable Investments:
Thinkerbell Labs, Coolberg, PlusPin Healthcare, Wizikey, PublicVibe, Propelld,
AGATSA, Sattuz, Nocca Robotics, Box8, ClooTrack, PregBuddy, 6Degree, etc.

4 USD 148 104

Artha India Ventures

Anirudh Damani Mumbai

Artha India Ventures is an investment arm of the Artha Group of Companies.

It is a result of the combined efforts of the various stakeholders such as Angel
Investors, Startup Consultants, and Mentors who invest in early or seed-stage
companies. The network has successfully infused capital in nearly 55 startups,
which adds to their diversified portfolio, considering that they are sector

However, eCommerce, Information Technology, software, internet, food and

beverage, mobility, agriculture, analytics, big data, and fashion are a few
themes that feature prominently in their investments. The network aims at
increasing its scope of assistance to offer aid to at least 100 companies in the
3 to 5 years to come.

Notable Investments:
Supr Daily, BookmyCab, Siftr Labs, Kratikal, Everest Fleet, LenDen Club, Jadooz,
Aibono, The Bohri Kitchen, Inc42, Arcatron Mobility, Coolberg, Haazri, etc.

6 USD 19.75 78
Lead Angels Network

Sushanto Mitra Mumbai

Lead Angels Network is India's first angel network that is focused on business
ventures founded by IIT alumni. Founded by a team of three members from
IIT Bombay, this network has been actively investing in early-stage fundings
since its inception in 2014. The group evaluates the health and performance
of a company before identifying the nature of assistance that aims to extend
to the investees.

The network is sector agnostic and has been growing at a rapid pace and has
launched chapters in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and New Delhi as
well. It shows a strong preference to businesses in eCommerce, food and
beverage, software, taxi services, internet, food delivery, travel, and rental

Notable Investments:
Supr Daily, AHA Taxis, Belita, Timemytask, Hoopy, HelloVerify, Conzumex
Industries, DRIVEU, Kaarva, BookEventz, Zestl, PlayX, PurpleDocs, CarveNiche. etc.

4 NA 26
Hyderabad Angels

G. Ram Chaitanya Reddy Hyderabad

Founded in 2012, Hyderbad Angels work towards providing a growing

platform to promising businesses and startups that will disrupt the Indian
markets. They successfully run mentorship programs to entrepreneurs and
facilitate professional and personal networking opportunities. It also acts as a
venture capital firm and grants financial aid for those in need.

In addition to working with Indian startups, the network also seeks out
investment opportunities in the USA, UK, AUE, and Singapore for the investor
members. Due to the expansive composition of the network, the portfolio of
Hyderabad Angels is also quite diverse. A big chunk of its investments has
been made in the field of education and internet technology.

Notable Investments:
NowFloats, Betaout, Toch, Skillenza, VideoKen, ZineOne, IndianMoney, RealBox
Data Analytics, Online Prasad, Thrillophilia, Explara, Twigly, etc.

2 NA 26
Calcutta Angels

Pradyumna Dalmia Kolkata

Calcutta Angels is a platform for Entrepreneurs and Investors to meet each

other. It was one of the first platforms in east India to help veteran angel
investors and venture capital firms connect with entrepreneurs. They allow
new businesses and startups to gain access to capital, connections, and
expertise that is required for the growth of the organization. On the other
hand, it offers guidance and transparency to investors who are looking for
ripe opportunities to grow their wealth.

The network collaborates with other angel networks, incubators, accelerators

to give a much-needed boost to promising businesses. CAN runs a "Startup
East" program that works towards promoting, instilling, and fostering the
entrepreneurial spirit in those living in East India.

Notable Investments:
Catapooolt, Purple Style Labs, Seenit, Vehico, Zeroinfy, Purple Style Labs,
CoHo.in, Roder, CarveNiche, Logic Roots, Klip.in, Ketto, iKure Techsoft, etc.

2 NA 18
ah! Ventures

Harshad Lahoti Mumbai

Started in 2009, ah! Ventures is a startup-focused growth catalyst that acts as

a perfect wealth creation platform for businesses and investors. The company
blends together its customized services that are aimed at meeting the
requirements of investors and entrepreneurs, both. Investors can gain by
identifying potential investment opportunities while entrepreneurs can
capitalize on industry exposure and financial assistance to emerge as new

The network works towards bridging ideas with opportunities. It has been
active in industry sectors like education, internet, and online portals, travel
and tourism, and gaming. It prides on being able to identify and help
flourishing business even at the times where market conditions are adverse.

Notable Investments:
Catapooolt, Ketto, DriversKart, iTraveller, Inc42, Ask.Careers, Smart Insitute,
Corefactors, MiStay, Ocky Pocky, Shirsa Labs, News Bytes, Unocoin, etc.

3 NA 44
The Chennai Angels

Chandan Krishnan Chennai

Formerly known as the Chennai Entrepreneurship Trust Fund, the Chennai

Angels network was founded in November 2007. It was floated with the aim of
fostering entrepreneurial spirit while nurturing and mentoring the new
generation entrepreneurs. The investment group is spearheaded by leaders,
who have successfully built, operated, and exited enterprises from a range of
business domains.

The Chennai Angels networking group is particularly useful for newbies who
are just starting their entrepreneurial journey. This is because the investors
are ready to dedicate an ample amount of time to guide the new business
along the life cycle.

Notable Investments:
Betaout, CloudCherry, SwitchON, NanoClean, Get My Parking, GoBumpr, Chai
Kings, Qyk, Nojoto, Brag, Zoment, Vimania, Ketto, POPxo, Velvetcase, etc.

2 NA 44
SucSEED Venture Partners

Vikrant Varshney Hyderabad

SucSEED Venture Partners are driven with the motive to set up an enabling
environment that will help new startups and innovators flourish in the Indian
market. It ties up with various mentors, accelerators, venture partners, talent-
hungry management team, and angels from various sectors to help promising
businesses. The network members raise, facilitate, promote, provide, and
support capital infusion at seed funding stages to ensure that the startup
takes off.

It has been active since 2016 and has invested in education, information
technology, internet, robotics, advertising, iOS, financial services, data
analytics, real estate, and freelance services.

Notable Investments:
Sportido, Eunimart, TapChief, i2ifunding, Letz Connect, Xplorabox, Leadstart,
PayMatrix, OckyPocky, srJna, sumHR, Insense, Multiply my leads, Stockal, etc.

- NA 17
Chandigarh Angels Network

Ajay Tewari Chandigarh

Operating out of Chandigarh, the Chandigarh Angels Network creates a

community for new and promising startups to connect with successful
entrepreneurs. It also enables the established founders and industry experts
to transition into angel investors in other business ventures. The network is
mainly focused on startups that are in the seed and growth stage, while also
validating their business model.

Chandigarh Angels Network has not only roped in seasoned entrepreneurs

with strong operational experience but has also collaborated with ecosystem
partners like JITO, WeExcel, Startup Weekend, etc. to incubate and accelerate
the startups coming under their wing.

Notable Investments:
Kivi Health, Paymart India, Leegality, sumHR, Kobster, INC42, Tpot, Healers at
Home, LetsEndorse, Biryani by Kilo, Yolo Health ATM, T JumboBasket, etc.

1 NA 17
Snow Leopard Technology Ventures

Chris Kolenaty Pune

Despite the "technology" in its name, Snow Leopard Technology Ventures is a

sector-agnostic angel group that helps with seed-stage investments in
budding startups. Snow Leopard Technology Ventures offers networking
opportunities to uniquely positioned startups to connect with partners that
can add value and sustainability to the enterprise.

A close look at its portfolio indicates its preference for apps, fintech, food and
beverage, blockchain technologies, consumer and consumer goods,
eCommerce, mobile payments, and banking sectors.In addition to raising
investments, Snow Leopard Technology Ventures contributes to professional
training and acts as an advisory for startups.

Notable Investments:
LivQuik, Good Chain, Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, Stashfin, Jugnoo, Voylla, etc.

1 NA 9
The Phoenix Fund

NA New Delhi

The Phoenix Fund is an angel group that is backed by the cumulative decades
of experience gathered by way of its esteemed group members. It is focused
on investments and asset management services and solutions, which they
assume to be the only constant in the dynamic and ever-changing area of
Indian entrepreneurship.

The network monitors the technological changes, intrinsic value changes, and
other transformations and leverages this information to empower startups
and founders in their ventures. The Phoenix Fund has an understanding of
the multiple asset classes, which appeals to its investor audience. The capital
generated through these fundraising initiatives is put to use as Angel and VC
capital to sponsor the growth of startups working on disruptive technologies.

Notable Investments:
FindYahan, Aarav Unmanned Systems, etc.

1 NA 2
Z Nation Lab

Neha Jain Mumbai

Z Nation Lab is a network of young and driven entrepreneurs and market

experts that can help give direction to new business ventures. It offers
guidance and assistance to startups that are experiencing market strategy
confusion, depleting cash burn, fundraising issues, talent scarcity, policy and
regulation issues, and fickle market dynamics.

The network enjoys a strong industry connect and presence not only in India
but also in the Silicon Valley of the US. Based on the venture's stage, sector,
and founder, the network makes the decision on which businesses fall in line
with their ideologies and their scalable potential. It has a leaning towards
startups working in the software, internet, information technology, apps, and
eCommerce domains.

Notable Investments:
Hotify, Cloosiv, Lokal, Khabri, Keynua, Officepulse, sumHR, XploraBox, Savvy,
ZiffyHomes, Ubits, Spacifii, Voicery, Mirror Emoji Keyboard, etc.

- USD 100k 13
Capier Investments

Rohit M.A. & Gautham Kalro Bengaluru

Founded in 2005, Capier Investments intervene in the debt, venture, seed,

and early-stage of startups. The angel network formed as a result of the
startup boom in the Indian market and has grown and expanded accordingly.
Over the past few years, Capier has closely monitored successful and
unsuccessful enterprises and knows what can make the cut.

Capier offers financial advisory, wealth management, and structured debt

services to companies active in the themes of healthcare and wellness, food
and beverage, internet and technology, nutrition, social networking, and
marketplace. It is also associated with the Indian Angel Network Fund, Stellaris
Venture Partners, and IIFL Investment Managers.

Notable Investments:
Ambee, Cloudnine Hospitals, AgShift, &ME, Doxper, Parentlane, Saahas,
OfBusiness, mFine, etc.

- - 10

Abhishek Agarwal Ghaziabad

Operator VC is an active angel group that follows the philosophy of 'By the
Entrepreneurs, for the Entrepreneurs.' Composed of former entrepreneurs,
the group understands the complications of starting a business. The network
offers its operational experience to support enterprises and business
ventures that are working in the field of healthcare, fintech, video editing,
wearables, food and beverage, cosmetics, legal tech, food delivery, beauty,
and financial exchanges.

The network understands that while starting a company is easy, building it

and sustaining its growth can be a taxing task. Hence, it makes use of its
expertise in offering innovative solutions to problems experienced while
expanding the business.

Notable Investments:
Bulbul Apps, Purple Style Labs, Cashkumar, InVideo, Akiva Superfoods, Syona,
Wealthy, MyAdvo, Remitware Payments, etc.

- - 9
Alfa Ventures

Dhianu Das New Delhi

Alfa Ventures has an in-depth understanding of the startup landscape of

India. The network is led by an Angel Investor, Dhianu Das, who has extensive
experience in building startups from scratch. The network has seed-funded
numerous schemes that were founded by passionate individuals, who were
fuelled with the zeal to introduce disruptive businesses.

The group nurtures their business idea by sharing valuable inputs in the form
of mentorship programs and business strategies, which have helped the
capitalization of opportunities. In addition to financial support, Alfa Ventures
acts as a management consultant to make strategic business decisions. The
group is keenly interested in the automotive, eCommerce, nutrition,
cleantech, and retail sectors.

Notable Investments:
CleanseCar, Power Gummies, Skilancer Solar, Luxury Ride, GoMechanic, etc.

- - 6
Navam Capital

Rajiv Mantri Kolkata

Navam Capital is an India-centric venture capital firm, micro VC, and angel
group that is focused on making seed and early-stage investments. The group
believes in investing in transformational, innovation-driven ventures that are
making their way from concept to product. Through the early partnership,
Navam aims at establishing a nurturing ecosystem that adds substantial value
through the formative stages of the venture.

It seeks out technology companies that are making its place via breakthrough
innovation. It prefers taking on the responsibility of being a lead investor and
intervenes early in the developmental stage of the startup. It is focused on
investments in the energy, technology, and healthcare industries.

Notable Investments:
Invictus Oncology, Vyome Biosciences, EnNatura Technology Ventures,
Akamara Therapeutics, etc.

- - 6
Intellecap Impact Investment Network

NA Mumbai

Intellecap Impact Investment Network, also known as I2N or I-cube-N, is

India's first and leading angel investment network. The group is heavily
focused on funding early-stage impact enterprises that are active in the
energy, eCommerce, healthcare, software, and lifestyle industries.

Being a sub-organization of Intellecap, a social sector advisory firm serving

various markets, entrepreneurs and startups can gain significantly through its
association irrespective of the nature of the business that it conducts. I3N
helps in establishing a unique platform that will reward risk-taking behavior
and entrepreneurial spirit by offering cutting-edge solutions to the issues
present at the bottom of their social pyramid.

Notable Investments:
Lal10, ZunRoof, The Better India, iKure Techsoft, Surya Power Magic, etc.

- - 5
Swan Angel Network

Abhishek Sanghvi Indore

The Swan Angel Network (SAN) is the one-stop solution for all matters related
to finances. The angel group works along the verticals of corporate financing,
management consultancy, wealth management, tax consultancy, mortgages
and retail loan, and angel investment network.

SAN acts as an organized platform that helps channelize funds into promising
and emerging business ventures. It is the product of the inputs of successful
entrepreneurs, investment bankers, angel investors, marketing and
management experts, lawyers, and accountants who identify the potential of
the Indian startup environment. The angel network has given wings to a
number of startups working in diversified sectors like education, eCommerce,
internet, consumer goods, healthcare, and marketing.

Notable Investments:
Xplorabox, ZiPi, MaalGaadi, ONSPON, etc.

- - 4
Eagle10 Ventures

Pramod D'Souza Bengaluru

Eagle10 Ventures is an early-stage tech startup focused investment platform

and group. It aims at bridging the gap between startups and veteran
corporate leaders. The network helps raise the first external round of funding
and works towards developing it to its final stage.

As a first stage investor and advisor, Eagle10 understands the critical role that
it plays in molding and steering the startup. Thus, it helps startups and
entrepreneurs connect with industry experts and serial entrepreneurs to help
build a business mandate that is sustainable in the long run. Eagle10 runs
mentorship programs that give direction and assistance to entrepreneurs,
who have the idea but need help realizing it.

Notable Investments:
Awign Enterprises, Pi Bean, Zestl, Mate Labs, TravelSpice, Net Analytiks, etc.

- - 6
Clarion Venture Partners

Ankur Agarwal Pune

Clarion Venture Partners is an angel investor network and seed fund that
offers startups innovative and practical solutions as they grow and develop
into large enterprises. It focuses primarily on technology service companies as
it has a keen understanding of the role it plays in the Indian market. Clarion
Venture Partners form tie-ups with Indian technical entrepreneurs and
startups and offer them funds to get their business off the ground.

However, the network understands that financial backing is not enough, and
hence, it also establishes a learning ecosystem by offering mentoring and
coaching programs from industry experts and leaders who have scaled the
same journey. The state-of-the-art infrastructural support allows founders to
focus on their core businesses.

Notable Investments:
Tesific, Sacumen, Saviant, Eka Infratech, etc.

- - 4
GEMS Partner

Aditya Gupta New Delhi

GEMS Partners is a micro VC fund and an angel group that is driven by the
vision to support and scale innovative startups that leverage technology to
introduce disruptive businesses in the Indian market through its products and
services. The network focuses on companies that are operating in the B2B
and B2B2C environment and are deploying technology to scale up to the
industry requirements.

Founded in 2016, the angel group has contributed to promising startups

active along with the themes of healthcare, IoT, SaaS, travel and logistics,
music, and online marketplace. The network has a local presence across
various geographies of India and is a long-term investor.

Notable Investments:
Log 9 Materials, Chariot Tech, Bikxie, Babydestination, etc.

- - 4

Abhishek Rungta Kolkata

Seeders offer seed funding to technology-based startups based in India. It

acts as an angel network and incubator and helps with crowdfunding
activities. The group believes in early-stage involvement so that it can help
startups lose their initial inhibition and convert ideas into reality.

It offers assistance in the form of money, contacts, infrastructure, mentorship,

and strategy at every stage of startup development. The group primarily
invests in software, games, SaaS, and mobile applications that operate on
internet services. Seeders help build self-sufficient teams that can manage
and maintain the business on their own merit.

Notable Investments:
Evabot, Zepo, Aureus, WishBerry, Azoi, Plivo, Eduora, CropEx, CarSingh.com,
Capricorn Gifting, iDubba, iimjobs.com, SECPanel, LetsVenture, Betaout, etc.

- - 3
Ixora Ventures

Nikhil Mulchandani New Delhi

Ixora Ventures is a Micro VC, Venture Capital, and Angel Group that was
founded in 2012 and specializes in seed, angel stage, early-stage, and pre-
Series A investments. Further, it seeks to fund an array of transactions, from
angel to venture funding to structured real estate derivative transactions.

The group invests in companies working towards making breakthroughs in

the Indian and ASEAN region. Ixora has a preference for companies active in
healthcare, mobile, education, aerospace, and technology sectors. While it
does not follow an investment horizon, the historical timeline indicates that
the group exits when the startup touches milestones like acquisition
opportunities, promoter buy-back agreements, and institutional stage

Notable Investments:
Irras, Alma Connect, Learnpedia Edutech, etc.

- - 3

Piyush Agrawal Vadodara

Gujarat Angel Investor Network, or GAIN, is an angel network where

entrepreneurship is considered no less than a religion. GAIN members
possess strong operational experience and have a successful background in
establishing and supporting new and successful business ventures. In
addition to capital, the investors will gain through the network access and
mentorship programs operated by GAIN.

The angel network plays a vital role in setting up businesses and scaling it up
to its true potential.GAIN practices being sector agnostic and follows a
systematic approach while evaluating portfolio companies. So far, it has
invested in companies that work in the food and beverage, eCommerce, and
travel sectors.

Notable Investments:

- - 1
TurningIdeas Ventures

Ashish Mittal Noida

Founded in August 2012, TurningIdeas Ventures is an angel group that is

helping disruptive ideas bootstrap. It is a startup-focused accelerator and
innovation lab that is co-building smart companies. The members of the
network have learned through failure and now have the knowledge to build
growing enterprises.

TurningIdeas Ventures is open to even student entrepreneurs who may not

have the resources but has a solid business plan that can help float a
successful business. It allows next-generation founders and entrepreneurs to
connect with seasoned and successful entrepreneurs. It has partnered with
big names like Nokia, Google, and IBM to aid its partners.

Notable Investments:
Focus Digit

- - 1

Pradyumna Nag Bengaluru

Prequate is an angel group and a venture capital that was founded by a team
of professionals from consulting, accounting, advisory, investment banking,
and entrepreneurship backgrounds. It was founded in 2010 and has worked
with over 300 businesses across 20 countries.

Given its experience, Prequate is in a position to help out startups that are
looking for consultancy and advisory services along with capital funding
support. Prequate looks for small and medium businesses and startups that
are transforming the Indian markets. Through its strategic financial advice
and series A funding, Prequate boosts the growth of startups operating on
various business models.

Notable Investments:

- - -
QuantsEdge Advisory

Manish Dutta Gurgaon

QuantsEdge Advisory is an angel network that is building businesses and

empowering entrepreneurs. Started in 2008, the QuantsEdge Advisory angel
group was focused on establishing economic strategies, investment
ideologies, and financial knowledge for startups, regardless of their size,
stage, and sector.

It helps with the scaling of startups and offers answers and solutions to
questions like "what next" and "what if." The advisory services provided by
this group helps in building businesses from scratch. It helps founders and
entrepreneurs connect with banking institutions and NBFCs to meet their
financial requirements. Its diverse portfolio seeks out companies in fintech,
robotics, logistics, education, sports, and medical devices sectors.

Notable Investments:

- - -
Neos Angels Network LLP

Anupam Roongta Jaipur

Neos Angels Network LLP is an angel investor's network, a business

consultancy, and an investment company. Founded in 2015, the group acts as
a platform for angel investors to partner and collaborate with startups. The
group of experienced entrepreneurs, financial advisors, and strategists enable
mentorship programs to young startups.

Neos Angels Network supports business ventures to turn their ideas into
reality by offering a working business model, financial forecasting, go-to-
market strategy, and marketing plan development. Startups looking to invest
can also benefit by becoming a part of Neos Angels Network as it facilitates
deal discussions, deal tracking, deals reviewing, and deal sharing activities.

Notable Investments:

- - -
Start-Up Hyderabad

Ravi Korukonda Hyderabad

Start-Up Hyderabad is an angel network that works towards creating a buzz

around the upcoming and promising startups in Hyderabad. Launched in
2014, this volunteer-driven group is passionate about providing a thriving
platform for all resources and valuable information related to startups and
startup ecosystems.

It helps business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs connect with the suitable

means that can help their venture grow. It plays diversified roles as
accelerators, angel groups, co-working spaces, incubators, mentors, and
entrepreneurship program founder. Start-Up Hyderabad acts as a reliable
platform to raise seed-stage investment for multi-sectoral startups.

Notable Investments:

- - -
A business incubator is an organization that is aimed
at speeding up the growth and success of a startup. It
acts as a trusted channel for startups to access capital
from angel investors, governmental bodies, and other
investors.Incubators have varied strategies depending
on the business niche and size. Some incubators enjoy
a physical setup and help foster entrepreneurial
networks while others operate through virtual media.
They provide startups with shared operation spaces,
networking opportunities, and mentoring resources.
Universities and Business Schools operate a big chunk
of incubators, and hence they may run as nonprofits.
Accordingly, they generally do not seek equity in the
company in return for accessing the funds and
resources.Unlike accelerators, incubators are more
adept at fostering slow growth as they do not impose
deadlines and timestamps on their portfolio startups.
Venture Catalysts

Apoorv Ranjan Sharma Mumbai

Venture Catalysts offers investments ranging from USD 500k to USD 1 million
per startup, along with incubation support for one year. Hailed as the largest
integrated incubator, Venture Catalysts has been highly active since 2016 to
fund, mentor, and network in the field of deep tech. It offers a dedicated
investor-entrepreneur community to offer hands-on support, mentorship,
connections, capital, and curriculum.

The firm has partnered with big names like IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft to
guide the companies to success. It also conducts regular events like Pitch Day,
Prototype Day, Office Hours, and Review Day to keep the startups motivated
towards success. Startups can gain immensely from the monthly events and
workspaces offered by Venture Catalysts.

Incubated Startups:
Supr Daily, Innov8 Coworking, Fynd, Siftr Labs, Ambee, Adurcup, appSAY, Assure
Clinic, Beardo, Chai Break, Clear Dekho, Kalpnik, Keeros, LenDen Club, etc.

6 USD 42.44 103

Smile Group

Harish Bahl & Manish Vij Gurgaon

Since 1999, Smile Group has offered a favorable platform for investors,
investment partners, and entrepreneurs. The primary focus of this incubator
is internet-based businesses that are spread across the digital marketplace,
media, social commerce, eCommerce, mobile products, and more. The firm
intervenes at the early stages of the business located in Asia while also being
open to late-stage investment for global firms with a remarkable track record.

The Smile ecosystem relies on six pillars, namely, Management, Capital, Cross-
domain Talent, Infrastructure, Central Resource, and Media Influence. It offers
assistance in all the six spheres of business development and management to
ensure that they live up to their true potential.

Incubated Startups:
BiryaniByKilo, Gaming Monk, Bira91, airbnb, Katalyzers, Pay Mango, Rapido,
ScoopWhoop, TrulyMadly, YumLane, The Man Company, Fashion and You, etc.

9 NA 38
Auto Nebula Capital Advisers

Sanjay Puri Pune

Auto Nebula is an integrated venture capital and incubator that revolves

around mobility. It aims to offer holistic development of the startup, right
from imparting industry skills and knowledge to empaneling them. The
organization claims to have a unique US-India strategy where they focus on
transport startups that are located in either of the companies and seek to
expand in the other.

Autonebula Incubation Services is one of the first Automotive and Connected

Transport Incubator that operates in India. In terms of technology, the firm
looks for the integration of AI, connected cars, vehicle security, electric
vehicles, and diagnostics and logistics.

Incubated Startups:
MilesMate, NxtGizmo, Instafera, YoRide, Autogrid Mobility, Drivmo, Humotronix,
RakshaSafeDrive, Streak Helmet, Freight Bazaar, Enmovil, AutoSoul, Sae Fuel, etc.

- NA 26
Mahindra Partners

Anand Mahindra Mumbai

Founded in 2010, Mahindra Partners is the private equity firm, venture capital,
and startup incubating arm of the Mahindra Group. In addition to looking for
long-term investment opportunities, it is also sector agnostic and has a
diverse portfolio containing startups from various industrial backgrounds.

Further, this portfolio is placed across India and Silicon Valley in the US.Based
on their investment pattern, it can be deduced that the company has a
preference for startups operating in the field of sustainability, healthcare,
logistics, enterprise software, and mobile technologies. Recently, the company
has announced its diversion from the traditional method of incubation to
make it more relevant to the current business environment.

Incubated Startups:
Mahindra Healthcare, Avaamo, FirstCry, CERO, TEQO, Accelo,  Aquasail, Mahindra
Tsubaki, Mahindra Odyssea, Mahindra Logistics, London, Scoot, etc.

1 NA 6
IIM Calcutta Innovation Park

Archan Deb & Bharat Salhotra Kolkata

IIM Calcutta Innovation Park, or IIMCIP, is a not-for-profit company set up

under the aegis of IIM Calcutta in order to nurture innovation and
entrepreneurship. IIMCIP operates under two verticals - Innovation Lab and
Business Incubation Unit (BIU).

The BIU acts as an incubation unit for various innovations and solutions for
business and social challenges. The seven broad areas in which the BIU
operates include induction (iDream), ideation (iSpark), inculcation (iPromote),
incubation (iHatch), investment (iSeed), improvement (iLeap), and innovation
(iSpring). Using these techniques, IIMCIP offers both physical and virtual
incubation of promising startups.

Incubated Startups:
Krishworks Technology and Research Labs, 5C Network, Brickcells Technologies,
Medi360, Aquamen Fisheries, Kitbag Tech, Satadru Technologies, etc.

- NA 45
AdvantEdge Founders

Kunal Khattar Noida

AdvantEdge is a Venture Capital and an Incubator that seeks out founders and
startups that offer solutions to big customer problems. It provides early-stage
support to companies that display a strong growth potential.

It is an early-stage investment fund that focuses heavily on mobility solutions.

In fact, it is India's first ever mobility-first transformation fund. Its fund thesis
targets rapid urbanization, automotive supply chain, mobility transformation,
and consumer behavior-centered solutions. It follows a two-pronged strategy
of offering investment and mentor-building services to help the startup grow.

Incubated Startups:
Rapido, Shuttl, Chalo, Sheru, ScoopWhoop, IndiaLends, Smartivity, Tripoto,
Wigzo, White Owl Brewery, CoHo, FrontPage, Gaming Monk, Mass Blurb, etc.

3 USD 0.5 to 3 22

D.S. Prashant Margao

Forum for Innovation Incubation Research and Entrepreneurship or FiiRE is a

technology business incubator that helps various startup processes to move
from the garage to the lab. It was founded in 2018 as a result of the efforts
put in by the Department of Science and Technology under the National
Initiative to Develop and Harness Innovation scheme.

FiiRE aspires to become to go-to tech-centric business incubator by achieving

a goal of incubating 100 startups by 2023. It follows a structured approach in
transforming a raw startup into an investable by leveraging the strengths of
the startup ecosystem. As a result, business ventures will scale up faster in the
Indian market.

Incubated Startups:
RekiSe, LegaWise, Innovantix, CodeWell Computers, Tridel, Genora Infotech,
Synchronicity Platform, IshaSYS, Internship Station, J and R Media, etc.

- USD 1.43 1

Rakesh Naik Hyderabad

Rak San is an integrated incubator aiding globally scalable SaaS platforms and
startups. The organization works towards discovering, ideating, engineering,
and incubating scalable SaaS platforms in-house. It follows an Ideate - Build -
Capitalize business model to offer an integrated and experiential approach in

Infinity Labs, the crucible for Rak San of innovation and idea-proving, is
working on perfecting an assembly-line business model of a factory of
startups that are centered around Rak San's experiential style of combining
popular domain expertise with the latest technology. Infinity Labs is
bifurcated into: digital startup ecosystem, field service/staff management,
human capital management, and mobile device management.

Incubated Startups:

- USD 2 -
Aarin Capital

Mohandas Pai Bengaluru

Aarin Capital is a venture fund and an incubator that invests mainly in

technology-driven startups. The company aims to create long-term value by
forming partnerships with entrepreneurs and founder teams.

In addition to ensuring business stability and profitability through capital

infusion, the firm also offers incubator services through its labs and
infrastructural assistance.

Incubated Startups:

1 - 35
Srijan Capital

Ravi Trivedi Bengaluru

Srijan Capital is an Indian business incubator that provides seed-stage

investments to technology-based startups. Founded in 2012, it offers its
incubation services to SaaS, mobile, social, eCommerce, and consumer
internet startups. It also runs mentorship programs and seminars aimed at
educating businesses about product development and digital marketing.

In addition to incubating startups, Srijan Capital builds, maintains, scales it up

to its full potential. Rather than accepting multiple startups in one-go, the
incubator functions on the one-at-a-time philosophy to ensure greater
success in the venture.

Incubated Startups:
MediaSpan, BuildLinks, Allconnect, AceBot.ai, CouponBelanja, CouponRani,
PushEngage, Skillenza, Explara, Tookitaki, AllConnect, Aurality.

1 - 11
Khosla Labs

Vinod Khosla Bengaluru

Khosla Labs is a startup incubator and innovation lab that is focused on

solving large-scale problems, and these out-of-the-box solutions are driven by
technology and entrepreneurial zeal. It hosts several entrepreneurs and
allows them to experiment and test out their ideas.

The ideas are then subjected to prototyping, in-house designing, and testing
to gain feedback and market validation. Based on the project traction and
business plan, startups that reflect a positive growth outcome are funded by
the Khosla Ventures seed fund. The incubator's current areas of focus involve
mobile payments and banking, Aadhaar applications, machine learning and
data analytics, and retail efficiency.

Incubated Startups:
Veri5 Digital

- - 1

Kunal Upadhyay Ahmedabad

Centre for Innovation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship was founded in 2007

under the aegis of IIM Ahmedabad. It acts as a micro VC, Venture Capital, and
Incubator for startups. CIIE energizes cities across the country with impactful
incubation with next-generation infrastructure, meaningful and value-added
training, and resourceful networks.

The incubators are currently present in Ahmedabad and Jaipur. The

incubation facility also is a hotspot for building connections within the startup
community. In Jaipur, the incubation centre is hosted by Startup Oasis. It
contains 300 workstations and is currently home to more than 30 startups
across various sectors. CIIE has also created INNOcity, an on-demand startup
support platform.

Incubated Startups:
Lal10, CynLr, Bridge2Capital, RupeeCircle, Kyepot, ChitMonks, Riskcovry,
payAgri, NAVANA, Mimo, TrillBit, Strata Enviro, Heelium, iNICU, etc.

- - 26

Paul Basil Chennai

Villgro is India's oldest social enterprise incubator that supports innovators

and social entrepreneurs during their early-stage growth. The incubator has
successfully incubated over 120 enterprises since its inception in 2001. The
various startups incubated by Villgro have generated around 4000 jobs.

The incubator is driven by the zeal for creating an equitable world where the
poor and marginalized communities can live a dignified life. Villgro
successfully combines social changes with entrepreneurship to bring about a
transformation in the social structure. Villgro focuses on high-growth sectors
like Health, Education, Agriculture, and Energy. However, it is open to
entrepreneurs and startups that bring fresh and disruptive ideas that can
positively impact the lives of the poor.

Incubated Startups:
Battighar, Bharat Rohan, RAAV Tech Labs, Oorja Solutions, Bombay Bijlee,
Doorastha, Garv Toilets, New Leaf Dynamic, Delectrik, Multibhashi, etc.

- - 18

Manish Gupta Gurgaon

UDGAM, a sub-organization of NUMA, that has been running an on-site

accelerator program since 2015. It is an initiative for pan-India entrepreneurs
to gain access to resources that will help establish their business and boost it
further. UDGAM incubates startups and empowers them through exposure.
As a result, it meets its mission to contribute to the Indian economy and the
Indian startup culture.

It has successfully incubated several business ventures across varied verticals

such as automotive technology, human technology, education technology,
real estate, and youth-centric TV series. UDGAM offers financial support,
technical assistance, legal and accounting solutions, infrastructural support,
and mentorship to founders and startups.

Incubated Startups:

- - -

Rishi Khiani Mumbai

AntFarm was founded in 2012 with the vision to identify business

opportunities that have the potential to disrupt the market. It leverages years
of expertise, resources, and experience to give rise to successful ventures
through knowledge sharing and collaboration. The organizational structure of
AntFarm is such that it is built to accelerate early-stage startups.

Backed by an experienced team that possesses the in-depth skill of how to

build leading consumer verticals, AntFarm employs a hands-on approach to
support its portfolio organizations. AntFarm employees help incubate a
business through its empowerment and exposure drives paired with access to
resources. Hence, AntFarm acts as a nurturing platform for startups and
entrepreneurs to realize their end goal.

Incubated Startups:

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A Business Accelerator is an organization that offers a
range of support services and funding opportunities
for partner startups to prevent its premature death.
They operate by enrolling startups for programs that
last a few months. During the Accelerator Program,
the organization offers mentorship, supply chain
resources, and office space for the startup. Most
importantly, Business Accelerators provide for capital
and investment opportunities. Accelerator Programs
are run by experts who have prior experience in
helping out nascent businesses overcome their initial
hurdles. In return for these resources, capital, and
mentorship programs, the Accelerator accepts startup
equity.These boot camp-style accelerator projects are
time-sensitive and intense. Upon completion of the
program duration, the startups are considered to have
'graduated' from the program.
GenNext Ventures

Mukesh A Mumbai

GenNext Ventures, now known as Jio GenNext, is a startup accelerator that is

supported by the Reliance Innovation Council wing of the Reliance Industries.
They offer advisory and mentorship services to founders that wish to launch
their startup in the Jio ecosystem.

BaseCamp Programme, initiated by JioGenNext, aims at accelerating the

growth of startups that are addressing the requirements of MSMEs and
growing enterprises to help them shape the Indian markets. The Programme
is currently underway and will see a culmination of successful entrepreneurs,
venture capital, and top executives from their respective fields participating as
mentors and investors.

Notable Investments:
Dattus, Creditseva.com, Buzzo.ai, Binge, Apiria, BharatRides, CloudNBFC, Fingage,
Minkspay, PayEasy, Payments 2.0, Rapidor, Swipez, WearBerry, PayZello, etc.

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Axilor Ventures

Ganapathy Venugopal Bengaluru

Axilor Ventures is an early-stage seed fund and startup accelerator that was
founded in 2014 by Infosys co-founders Kris Gopalakrishnan and SD Shibulal.
Axilor runs a 100-day accelerator program that offers startup founders a
head-start in the Indian markets and assists them in getting their startup on a
growth trajectory that is not only promising but also sustainable.

The Axilor Accelerator Program is the fastest way to build a high-growth

business and get it funded. Additionally, founders also get access to upfront
funding that facilitates growth experiments such as prototyping, testing, and
market validation. As a result, startups gain access to growth, access, and
capital - which a startup finds essential in its early stages.

Notable Investments:
Sellerworx, Events High, Easy Commute, Docturnal, Clappia, AirPix, Alice AI,
Appiyo, LegalDocs, Khidki, MiStay, MeTripping, PipeCandy, Pocket Aces, etc.

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Abhishek Gupta Noida

TLabs is an early-stage seed fund and accelerator program founded in 2011. It

offers a thriving platform for startups and entrepreneurs active in the fields of
internet and mobile technologies to accelerate their business. It relies on the
principle of Innovation, Incubation, and Investment to give startups a boost
and help them gain traction.

The firm collaborates with a number of partners to offer consulting services,

technology and infrastructure support, and networking opportunities to
connect with investors and customers. It runs a highly intensive and
structured 4-month mentorship program to assist startups. The accelerator
program is currently operational from its Bangalore branch.

Notable Investments:
Niche.AI, Peersome, HopOn, GetMyUNI, MintM, HomeTriangle, Meet University,
ePaathsala, Customer Labs, Hangoutt, Prokure, Spoyl, Frrole, Founch, etc.

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Rajesh Sawhney Gurgaon

GSF is an accelerator program that was conceptualized to boost innovation

and entrepreneurship. In addition to offering networks for angel and seed
investing, it also provides mentorship programs to Indian startups. The firm
has classified its activities in three horizons - GSF Forum, GSF Accelerator, and
GSF Superangels.

GSF Forum provides a networking platform for entrepreneurs and founders

to interact with investors and established entrepreneurs. GSF Accelerator
works towards accelerating the startup through mentorship programs,
infrastructural development, and capital infusion. GSF SuperAngels allows
angel investors to connect with startup founders.

Notable Investments:
DailyRounds, Little Eye Labs, Chizel, Khabri, Slintel, Vaultedge, Quizizz, ORO
Wealth, Silersparro Technologies, HeyMojo, Whatfix, DailyRounds, etc.

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Target Accelerator

Gene Han Bengaluru

The Target Accelerator Program was launched in 2014 by the US-based

retailer - Target. This India-centric program was initiated to encourage growth
and innovation in the startup environment. It is a 16-week program that seeks
out technology-driven and transformative ideas in order to create out-of-the-
box solutions in the retail sector.

This program relies on FAME principles - Funding, Acceleration, Mentorship,

and Enterprise connect. After the completion of the 16-week program,
startups and founders will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas on Demo
Day. It is a culmination of the training and experience gained through the
accelerator program that allows startups to gain traction in the market, which
lays the foundation for the growth of the business venture.

Notable Investments:
Konotor, Dressmate, Point 105-AR, StylDod, Jumper.ai, Kenome, Ederlabs,
Moodboard Analytics, Uncanny Vision, StoryXpress, LawBot.ai, MintM, etc.

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Zone Startups In

Ajay Ramasubramaniam Mumbai

Founded in 2014, Zone Startups India is a result of the collective efforts of the
Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, and Ryerson
University, Ryerson Futures Inc., BSE Institutes, and Simon Fraser University. It
is India's first international accelerator that bridges the gaps between Indian
and North American startups.

Zone Startups India aims at becoming a technological hub for digital media
innovation, collaboration, and commercialization. It allows startups to connect
with mentors and fast track their growth. Zone Startups India's main core
beliefs and mission include market validation and customer acquisition help,
mentorship and networking platforms, business counseling, technological
tools and support, access to global markets, and access to co-working spaces.

Incubated Startups:
AasaanPay, Actofit, AdSparx, Advenio, Algaari, Areysun, BabyChakra, Blynk,
Blee, BindasJobs, Citrus, Clari5, Dexlabs, DAZL, Donatekart, Fitphilia, etc.

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Ravi Kiran Mumbai

Venture Nursery is India's first angel-backed startup accelerator that was

established in 2012. The foundation of the accelerator is based on the belief
that the angel ecosystem should shift its focus towards maximizing the
success potential of business ventures.

Accordingly, Venture Nursery imparts intensive and immersing coaching

paired with mentorship. Venture Nursery's accelerator program runs a
parallel mentoring program. The founders of startups are invited to Mumbai
and get to experience a 13-week boot camp that gives access to their Angels-
in-Residence for support and guidance. On completion of the acceleration
program, the founders shall then prepare for Pitch Day.

Incubated Startups:
Catapooolt, Yipeedo, Talview Inc., Book truck, Arya.ai, Fixy, The Home Salon,
Klip.in, FindURClass, Interview Master, Smart Sample, OYO, Shopveg, etc.

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Shalini Gandham Pune

EDUGILD is India's first EdTech Startup Accelerator Programme of the

Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT). The accelerator program offers
seed funding up to Rs. 15,00,000 for its in-residence program in place of a
small stake in the company. So far, the accelerator has conducted four
batches of accelerator programs that operate for 4 to 6 months.

In addition to mentoring, EDUGILD offers the founders access to co-working

spaces, product lifecycle management support, UI/UX maturity, organization
development inputs, and PR strategy. Further, the accelerator also offers
global scale-up opportunities for a select few startups that prove their mettle
during the program. Upon successful completion of the accelerator program,
the startups gain an in on the industry networks.

Notable Investments:
Simulanis, AmbitionUp, Classboat, Ahhaa, YoScholar, ProctorEdu, Edvantics,
Know Hassles, Musein, Vidya Robotics, Tris Labs, etc.

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Cisco LaunchPad

Ravi Chandrasekaran Bengaluru

Cisco LaunchPad is a sub-organization of Cisco. It operates a 24-week

accelerator program to nurture the startup ecosystem by creating business-
related end-to-end digital solutions for startups and founders. It offers
business and technology mentorship that prepares the company to build
sustainable ventures that can stand the test of Indian markets.

The accelerator program opens registration twice a year, with a batch of 7 to 8

startups per cohort.During the accelerator program, Cisco LaunchPad offers
mentorship, grants, investor connects, tech support and platforms, customer
or partner access, and co-working spaces. After successful completion of the
program, businesses that catch Cisco's interest may end up gaining their
clienthood or even get acquired by them!

Notable Investments:
CloudPhysician Healthcare, CRON Systems, DeepFence, Tagvance, Enmovil,
Acylic Labs, Yellow Messenger, UTORA, MinionLabs, Schrocken, TrillBit, etc.

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Brigade REAP

Nirupa Shankar Bengaluru

Brigade Real Estate Accelerator Program, or Brigade REAP, is India's first-ever

real estate-focused accelerator program. It was founded in 2016 by Brigade
Enterprises Limited. It runs a 16-week accelerator program where various
startups from the real estate sector are trained in the usage of technologies
like the Internet of Things (IoT), Nano Technology, Renewables, CleanTech,
and Visual Computer (like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality), and logistics
to leverage their businesses.

Brigade REAP has formed strategic partnerships with major companies like
Intel, Cisco, JLL, and Microsoft, which offer more extensive exposure to the
selected startups. So far, Brigade REAP has conducted six successful cohorts
and has mentored 25 startups.

Notable Investments:
Dextra Square, Clairco, Bluesinq, Exprs, Smarter Dharma, R2 Promise,
Renewate, PropsAMC, Snaptrude, ECOSTP, etc.

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Espark-Viridian Accelerator

Rishabh Bhalla New Delhi

Espark-Viridian Accelerator operates a 4-month-long accelerator program that

is designed to suit the needs of individual businesses depending on their
challenges and stage. The Accelerator Program is divided into two modules
with the first directed at idea-stage startup and the second for growth-seeking
startups. The Espark-Viridian Accelerator program offers assistance in
marketing, accounting, legal & compliance issues, HR Management, etc.

In addition to the mentorship and enablement program, the accelerator

program allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect with industry
experts, trainers, service providers, and potential investors. As a result, the
startup gains access to a holistic ecosystem that promotes startup

Notable Investments:
Yuboot, 1Special Place, Aanvik, Alive Home, CabMe, Career Desk, Clean It Up,
Dark Horse, Evra Gems, Genesis, GaramBox, Frame Raid, etc.

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Amitava Neogi Mumbai

Amplifi aims at acting as a guiding light for growing startups. It is India's first-
of-its-kind mentorship accelerator program that is perfect for early-stage B2B
SaaS startups. The venture accelerator offers a holistic ecosystem for
enterprise tech startups across Asia. It is open to startups operating in India,
Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Israel.

Amplifi Asia's accelerator program seeks out early-stage startups that have a
minimum of two founders having a beta product and at least three pilot
customers. As for sectors, the program looks for startups working in the
technological fields of artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, augmented reality,
and virtual reality. Presently, Amplifi has conducted two successful cohorts.

Notable Investments:
Anvaya Analytics, Rate Connect, OwNRG, R-Guardian, FansWiFi, SuperWise,
Bestosys, Cumulus, VirtSpaces Pvt. Ltd., Dave.ai, HealthnMe, etc.

- - -
AIM Smart City

Ankit Gupta New Delhi

AIM Smart City is a one-of-a-kind accelerator program that is designed to

identify, invest in, and support startups that are improving cities. It is a result
of the collaborative efforts of premier institutes like Centre for
Entrepreneurship at Ashoka University, IIM Ahmedabad, Indian School of
Business. Holistik Group powers the accelerator program.

The AIM Smart City Accelerator is a Microsoft Ventures Partner Accelerator

comprising of various in-house experts and mentors who have extensive
experience in their relevant fields. The accelerator program imparts technical
and managerial skills amongst the participants. The focus areas of the AIM
Smart City Accelerator Program are health, sanitation, and waste

Notable Investments:
Gudgudee, Exchange4Solar, Khetify, PumpCharge, Kontext, Sukriti Social
Foundation, Fedo, UtopiaTech, Docturnal, YSpot, BasicShit, Wowlet, etc.

- - 36
Aarambh Ventures

Ravneet Singh Gurgaon

Aarambh Ventures is a mentorship-drive startup accelerator that aimed at

helping entrepreneurs drive sustainable economic growth and innovation in
the Indian markets. With its foundation in 2015, the Aarambh Ventures
accelerator program has offered mentorship to seed-stage companies.

It not only grooms the entrepreneurs and founding company but also draws
up a detailed and customized business plan that will help the startup make
effective use of its resources. The accelerator program consists of workshops,
coaching, mentoring, networking, co-working spaces, events, speakers, legal
and administrative support, and weekly evaluation. It ends with a demo day
where the companies can pitch to the industry experts.

Notable Investments:
Kalaage, Hungry Foal

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Kyron Global Accelerator

Varun Backliwal Bengaluru

Kyron Global is an international level accelerator program that is

headquartered at Bengaluru. It acts as a next-generation accelerator to early-
stage startups that are working in the field of technology. A distinguished
team of investors heads the accelerator program, serial entrepreneurs,
academic leaders, and industry captains from diverse industrial sectors like
mobile, cloud, healthcare, retail, media, and social.

These mentors have unparalleled expertise in technology, business strategy,

fundraising, customer relationship management, marketing, innovation, and
human capital management. Kyron sets up a nurturing ecosystem for the
startup to flourish and disrupt the global consumption ecosystem.

Notable Investments:
Preksh Innovations Private Limited, EYWAMEDIA

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