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fixedline and broadband services

Original Copy for Recipient - Tax Invoice

Ms. Jasmine
H No. 1160, sector 42-B user id 012439461813_dsl
Chandigarh telephone number 01244823150
relationship no : 7033060832
bill no : 297898419
bill date : 09--Nov-019
billing period : 08-Oct-2019 to 07-Dec-2019
pay by date immediate
7033060832 297898419
Ship To State Code: 06

registered alt no: 9530672315

registered email id: Singlajasmine7213@gmail.com
to get your monthly bills on your email id SMS STARTEBILLFL <email id> <stdcode+fixedline no> on 121 from your registered airtel mobile or 9650096500 from non airtel no.
your account summary
previous balance payments adjustments this month's charges amount due on or amount due after
before immediate immediate
1,418.53 - 520.00 - 118.00 + 942.82 = 1,723.35 1,841.35

this month's charges

monthly charges 899.00

call and vas charges 0.60
dsl usage charges 0.00
other charges 0.00
late fee 100.00
gross charges 999.60
less total discounts -200.60
net charges 799.00
taxes 143.82

this month's charges 942.82

In words : Nine Hundred Forty Two rupees Eighty Two Paisa.
e. & o.e.

As per the Government directive, effective 1-July-17, existing service tax of 15%
has been replaced with 18% GST.

For Bharti Airtel Limited

Varun Saini, General Manager

please detach this slip and return with payment

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* Log onto www.airtel.in and click on 'pay my bills'

user id 012439461813_dsl bill no : 297898419 relationship no : 7033060832

amount due : 1,723.35

to make payments,kindly make crossed cheque/dd/pay order in favour of "airtel relationship no 7033060832"

cheque/dd/payorder no bank / branch amount ` pay by date

cash received airtel outlet signature & stamp

This is an electronically generated statement and does not require any signature.
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Page E & OE
Your Bill in Detail
User ID 012439461813_dsl
Your Bill Plan Airtel-UL-Flash 899 150GB (24Mbps/1024Kbps) COMBO Plan
DSL Usage Rates (Rs./Unit) Time Based Data Transfer Based
Peak Rate 0/MB
Off Peak Rate 0/MB
DSL Subscription Charges for the Bill period
Monthly HSN Usage Charges Other Charges Discount Total Service Tax Total Charges Payable
899.00 9984 0.00 0.00 -200.00 699.00 125.82 824.82
DSL Monthly Rentals
Type HSN Period AMOUNT(Rs)
From To
Scheme Charges - DSL 9984 08-Oct-2018 07-Nov-2018 899.00
Rental (Total Rs.) 899.00

DSL Benefits
Retention - Rs. 200 Discount -200.00
Benefits (Total Rs.) -200.00

DSL Taxes
Type HSN Taxable Value Rate AMOUNT(Rs)
SGST 9984 699.00 9% 62.91
CGST 9984 699.00 9% 62.91
Total 125.82

Usage Charges Rs.824.82

-------------------------- Please detach this slip and return with payment ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Reach Us View Charges

1.) For query, call 121 1. Log a complaint: visit 1. Itemised Bill (local calls): Rs50/Bill
2.) For complaints, call 198 www.airtel.in/airtelpresence, 2. Duplicate Bill: Rs50/Bill (Free for last 2 months)
3.) email at 121@in.airtel.com select service & enquiry type and fill the required 3. Cheque/ECS/SI decline: Rs200
4.) Website at www.airtel.in/airtelpresence. You can details. 4. Late fee (Bill > Rs300): Rs100 or 2% of whichever is higher
also dial 011-44444198/011-44444121 from non airtel 2. Status of complaint: visit
number. If dissatisfied with the response received www.airtel.in/airtelpresence
at any of the above channels, please contact our or click the "Need Help" tab on home page of
appellate authority (Mon to Fri, 9:30am to 6:30pm) www.airtel.in
at 011 41614690,

email id - appellate.haryana@in.airtel.com.

NDNC(Avoid unwanted telemarketing SMS) Quick help (SMS to 121) Other information
1. Call 1909. 1. For update email: UPDATEEMAILFL <EMAIL ID> Tariff Plan:Increase in any tariff line item not permitted (except ISD) till 6 months
2. Turn around time for activation is 7 days 2. Need ebill:STARTEBILLFL <EMAIL ID> from plan enrolment date. airtel reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions
3. Need paper bill: STOPEBILLFL applicable to tariff plans from any. For details,visit www.airtel.in
Disconnection:In case of permanent disconnection, security deposit will be refunded
within 60 days of disconnection, failing which you shall be
paid an interest @10% p.a. Pulses will be rounded off to the nearest pulse. e.g. if the
billing plan is on a 30 sec/pulse, then 31 seconds call duration shall be billed in 2
Billing:Any disagreement in the statement should be informed within 60 days of its
receipt, failing which all charges will be considered as valid.Address Change:Carry
your Identity & Address proof to nearest outlet Outstation cheque(s) are not
For DSL usage formula, please refer toXXXXXXX

registered office address: aravali crescent, 1, nelson mandela road, vasant kunj, new delhi- 110070, India
Corporate identity number:L74899DL1995PLC070609 Bharti Airtel Ltd. State Office: Plot No- 16, Airtel Center, Udyog Vihar, Phase -IV, Gurgaon, Haryana -122015
PAN No.: AAACB2894G GST registration no. :06AAACB2894G1ZR under Category TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICE State Code: 06
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Your Bill in Detail
Telephone Number 01244823150
Your Bill Plan Airtel-UL-Flash 899 150GB (24Mbps/1024Kbps) COMBO Plan
Voice Call Rates Airtel Fixed Line Other Fixed Line Airtel Mobile Other Mobile Airtel CUG WLL
Outgoing - Local (Rs. /Sec) 0.6/60 0.6/60 0.6/60 0.6/60 0.6/60 0.6/60
Outgoing - STD (Intra Circle) (Rs. /Sec) 0.75/60 0.75/60 0.75/60 0.75/60
Outgoing - STD (Outside Circle) (Rs. /Sec) 0.75/60 0.75/60 0.75/60 0.75/60 0.75/60 0.75/60
Outgoing - ISD (Rs. /Sec) for country specific tariff,visit www.airtel.in
[For country specific tariff, visit www.airtel.in/call 121]
Call to Non Airtel Mobile (Local) 9984 1 Minute 0.60
Total Call & VAS Charges (A) 0.60

100% Discount on Local/Intra/Inter Calls -0.60
Total Benefits(B) -0.60

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