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I want you to look at your watches (or maybe time in their phones).

Clocks and watches are able

to tell us what time it is, but they don’t tell us what time is. WHAT IS TIME? You tell me each
and everyone has their own time tables in life well in fact that’s true. Theoretically we all
experience our own point in time. To put this in a larger perspective imagine you’re standing in
a canyon then a train passes by (sfx 1). As the train passes there were two lightning bolts apart
from each other, we can see it simultaneously hit the ground (sfx 2). Now put yourself in the
train(sfx 1), would the two lightning bolts be simultaneous to you (sfx 2)? Of course not because
you were moving towards one and away from the other. How can two of you experience the
same event differently? And there goes Einstein proving Sir Isaac Newton that for 200 years is
right..wrong about how we see time as an absolute thing. He proved that there’s no such thing as
a Universal “TIK TOK”. This was one of Einstein’s thought experiments —the train thought
experiment that led to the discovery of relativity as one of the fundamentals of modern physics.

When we talk about time we need to link it to space since how do we know if an object is there
resting or moving if there is there are no relative things to compare it to. In fact (sfx 3) with the
discovery of the unexpected link between space and time Einstein no longer thought that these
two are separate things and so called it space-time -- a 4 dimensional fabric consisting of both
space and time. And this led Einstein to the most mind-bending realization that the distinction
between the past, present and future is but a stubborn illusion. If that’s the case every moment--
from the expanding of the big bang 14 billion years ago (sfx 4), to the creation of the first stars
and galaxies, to the creation of earth 4 and a half billion years ago, to the existence of dinosaurs
(sfx 5) , and from now where you’re all sitting there trying to understand the thing that I’m
saying. We would see every event that has ever happened or will happened. To simply put this in
perspective let’s see what’s happening now and try to put all of them in a single point in time.
Ma’am Ethel thinking about how she would grade me, you guys experiencing the non-dual state,
me here pretending to be a nerd. Now in common sense you would think that these events are
happening simultaneously. But for Einstein if we take motion into consideration it’s a total
different story. To see what I mean think of space-time as a loaf of bread. Einstein realized that
just are there different ways to cut a loaf of bread into individual slices, there are different ways
to cut space-time into different now slices. Here in Earth we can tell that our difference in
speeds is so little that determining the effect of motion in time is very difficult. But still Hafele-
Keating Experiment was done in 1971 to test Einstein’s view about how motion affects time
itself. Here they took two atomic clocks (sfx 6) agreeing to each other at first, then the other flew
in an airplane jet up in the sky and the other left on the ground. They saw that they no longer
agree, there has been difference for about 100 billionth of a second (sfx 6). To picture this much
more interesting (rememeber the loaf) if we look on a vast scale let’s say here is you sitting on
your comfy chair, and an alien resting at a coffee shop 10 billion light years from earth. We can
say that both of you are resting, clocks tick off time at the same rate (sfx 6) meaning your both in
the same now slice when suddenly the alien starts to ride his skateboard away from you. Since
motion slows the passage of time, your clocks will no longer be at the same rate (sfx 6). If there
clocks don’t agree their now slices will no longer agree either. The alien’s now slice cuts to the
loaf differently it’s angled toward the past. Since the alien is skating at a slow pace his slice’s
angled to the past by only a minor amount but because of the vast distance that tiny slice results
in a huge difference in time. What the alien considers happening now doesn’t include you
anymore nor the time you were born his now slice stretch all the way back when Beethoven
finishes his 5th symphony (sfx 7). Now what happens if you take direction into account. Now the
alien skates towards you from a vast distance. His new now slice is angled towards the future, to
events that doesn’t even occur for our simple minds.

Now we know (sfx 3) that your now can be what I consider the past or the future and your now is
every bit as valid as my now then we learn that the past must be real, the future isn’t non-
existent they could be your now. That means past, present and future all equally real. They all
exist in that loaf of bread. Just as we think as all of space as being out there, we should think that
THAT ALL EXISTS. As Einstein once said that the distinction between past, present and future
is only an illusion but persistent… TIME IS BUT A STUBBORN ILLUSION BUT PEOPLE ARE