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Evening MBA Application Tips - The Application Essays

in the application process my favorite aspect of the application is the essays this is the first time
that the emissions committee is getting X chance to learn who you are in your personality if you
read through our ​university essay​ prompts you're going to see that we're asking you to do a lot
of self-reflection if you find that the essays are tough for you to answer it probably means that
you need to take a step back and do some more research understanding why you want to get
an MBA is probably the most important aspect of applying to a program and in our applications
we have two essays that are dedicated towards your career goals and the other one towards
your working professional experience my advice for any person is really to speak from the heart
and to make sure that you're coming across that's why I think three different people should be
reading your essays the first one is a person who knows spelling and grammar better than
anybody else that can make sure you're using that semicolon correctly the second person
should be your spouse or your best friend somebody that knows your personality that really can
say yes you are coming through in these essays or no it doesn't sound like you and the third
person should be a mentor somebody that knows you for a long time that knows your potential
that really can make sure that you are selling yourself correctly in the application you