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The story of Christ’s birth is a story of

promise, hope and a revolutionary love.

So, what happened?
What was once a time to celebrate the birth of a Savior has somehow
turned into a season of stress, traffic jams and shopping lists. Is this
really what we want out of Christmas? What if Christmas became a
world-changing event again? Jesus brought the gifts of freedom,
restoration and joy.

Join the Advent Conspiracy and enter the story of Christmas with the
Christ Fellowship family.

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, a special

Christmas tradition for our church family is to give back to Christ
with the Christ’s Birthday Offering. This offering will make a
significant impact for the hurting and homeless in our community
and around the world. Every dollar goes toward helping those
in need with food, housing, schooling, medical needs for
thousands of orphans, and sharing the message of Christ.

This year we ask that everyone participates in the

Christ’s Birthday Offering to help make a difference
in someone’s life in 2011.

Together we will have a greater impact.

The Mullins Family
Urban Youth Impact
Grandma Pat’s story of blessing

Grandma Pat’s grandson, Travar, started attending

Urban Youth Impact (UYI) at age 9 and gave his life
to Christ. His grandmother saw the change in
his life and decided to make the same choice.
She got involved with the UYI Parent Program
and has been serving as the part-time Parent
We want kids to know they are loved and adults to Program Coordinator for the last six years.
know there is hope and help in our community by At this time last year, Grandma Pat found herself
extending a loving hand to our neighbors. the caretaker of her three grandchildren who
lost their mother. They lived in a small, run down
apartment and all three kids shared a room.
Chris and Colleen Tress saw the perfect home
Look for this star for Grandma Pat. The house cost $19,000 and it
to see how YOU needed $16,000 to renovate. They believed that God wanted to give this house to
can enter the story! Grandma Pat through the body of Christ. The community came together to make
this happen and surprised Grandma Pat on New Year’s Day 2010.

Because of your generosity, Christ Fellowship supports

Bring unwrapped toys and drop
We are partnering with homeless
Urban Youth Impact to help restore families like Grandma
Pat’s and bring the hope of Christ to the inner-city. Want to
be a part of impacting the inner-city for Christ? Give toward
off at the church by December 19. shelters to provide basic hygiene the Christ’s Birthday Offering today.
We will be distributing toys in items to those in need in our
West Palm Beach and Belle Glade. community. Fill a shoebox with
the following items and drop off
Gift Ideas: at the church by December 19.
• dolls
• matchbox cars
• stuffed animals
• puzzles He Bent Down and
• playing cards SHOEBOX IT
EM LIST Washed His Feet
• coloring book and crayons Belle Glade
o Comb or
• water color paints brush
o Small sham JC and Tony noticed there was a boy in
• sidewalk chalk poo the community without shoes. They got
• travel games o Bar of deo shoes for him, washed his feet and told him:
dorant soap
• puzzles o Deodoran “there was a man named Jesus who washed
• play jewelry t
o Body lotio the feet of those He loved most. He set an
• slinky n example, and we want to wash your feet to
• frisbee o Handi-wip
es show you how much we care about you.
• yo-yos o Toothbru
o Mouthwas te  With our Christ’s Birthday Offering we will be reaching even further into this broken
o Disposab community with the hope of Christ. Pray for the people of Belle Glade.
Come help distribute toys in le razor pack
Belle Glade or downtown West Palm o Nail clipp
Beach. For more outreach event details o Small shav
visit us online at CFoutreach.com. o Sewing ki
ing cream Throughout the year our
(These are sugges
t Christ’s Birthday Offering helps by…
ted items. Please Providing hot meals. Assisting families in crisis. Serving homeless
purchase with ap
propriate quantit veterans. Mentoring at-risk youth. Providing loving homes to
that will fill your ies
shoebox.) orphans in Palm Beach County.
A Haitian boy isolated
in a silent world
Christopher is a hearing impaired child in Haiti who communicates
by grunting and yelling. Since there are no schools for the hearing
impaired in his village, he is isolated in a silent world. Theda is an
ASL Interpreter who traveled to Haiti to help Christopher communicate.
She was able to show him sign language and work with flash cards
to help him connect with others.

This is only one story of the many lives impacted by the generosity
of the Christ Fellowship family. We are continuing the mission to
Haiti this year. Prayerfully consider what you will give toward the
Since the devastating earthquake, Haiti is on a journey Christ’s Birthday Offering for the ministry in 2011.
to rebuild and we are here to help. This year our Water
for Life project is focused on Haiti.

Give the gift of clean water by placing your change in

the water jugs or by making a donation to the Christ’s
Birthday Offering.

What is the Value of a Cup of Water?

In a rural village in central India, the Thevoor Life Center becomes the center of activity.
A new and clean community water well is another reason for people of the Hindu faith
to come to a Christian Life Center. Not only do these villages have clean water, they are
also hearing about the love of Jesus. Thanks to the generosity of the Christ Fellowship
family, the Water for Life project is impacting families. In 2010, we were able to drill
water wells in India and even purchase the rig for drilling.

In addition to Christopher’s story,
our missions teams built bunk beds and
provided shoes for the children of Haiti.

Throughout the year our

Christ’s Birthday Offering helps by…
Providing resources and support to our global mission partners in
Haiti, India and around the world.
Mission Base
The crisis in Haiti is ever-expanding and our response as
a church is ever-increasing. In addition to our continued
support of the orphanages in Port-au-Prince and
Saint Marks and our medical missionary work, we
Ministry Center will begin the foundations of a permanent mission
base within the country. This will be a center not only
Each year our impact in the Belle Glade Community has grown. In 2011, we will for missionaries from our church, but for others who
launch an expanded initiative to create a Ministry Center in Belle Glade, bringing want to minister to the people of Haiti. We believe we
the help and hope of Christ to a broken community. This center will become a can build a mission base that becomes a lighthouse to
place to provide both biblical and life skills training in this area. Our prayer is the nation and calls it back to God.
that people will experience the life-giving hope of Christ.

Germany, Sweden and Switzerland

God is still moving in Europe. In 2011, we want to increase
our support of the church there. We will continue to equip
and train pastors in the UK and Eastern Europe, and
Global Forum make financial investments into specific congregations
in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. We believe our
Last year CF stepped up and launched a ministry to partnership and resources can enhance and strengthen
abolish human trafficking here at home and around the work of God on that continent.
the world. In 2011, that ministry will take on a greater
challenge as we partner with ministries to host a Global
Forum in the Spring to train local government officials
and church leaders on the crisis here in South Florida.
Plans are underway to begin a Christian safe house for
trafficked women and children in our region.

Christian Outreach Centers in

New Orleans and Baton Rouge
Homelessness and Hunger Initiative In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf States, destroying lives,
CF stands committed to fulfill God’s call to take care of widows and communities and churches. Not only did we respond in those first days and
orphans. This commitment reaches from the inner-city of West weeks, but we have continued to pour into the spiritual rebuilding of that
Palm Beach to the remote migrant farming communities of Belle region. In 2010, CF helped plant a church in the Gulf States and has partnered
Glade and South Bay. CF represents the faith community’s heart with Christian organizations that are feeding the poor and needy. In 2011, we
of compassion in the development of the “Palm Beach County Ten will continue to invest in Christian Outreach Centers in New Orleans and Baton
Year Plan to End Homelessness”. Rouge and continue to rebuild churches to share the hope of Christ.

The issue of hunger is something that we have become immune to as

we hear or read about it in developing countries. However; when we Throughout the year our
understand that this plagues neighbors in our very own community, Christ’s Birthday Offering helps by…
we must rise up and take the lead to end hunger in our backyard.
Serving those in need and sharing the love of Christ both locally and internationally.
how God has uniquely
prepared you to intersect with the
needs of the world around you.

and ask God to show you

how He wants you to participate in
the Christ’s Birthday Offering.

the story by giving to Christ’s

Birthday Offering this Christmas.

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, a special tradition for our

church family each December has been to give back to Christ. Our Christ’s Use the envelope for your donation.
Birthday Offering will help continue to care for the hurting and homeless
in our community and around the world. Every dollar goes toward helping
You can mail it or place in the offering
those in need with food, housing, schooling, medical needs for thousands of basket during weekend services
orphans and sharing the message of Christ. or donate online at