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THE LOGIC OF SENSE Gilles Deleuze TRANSLATED Ry Mark Lester WITH Chats Sake EDITED BY Constantin V, Boundas a bi BET ET ene 9005474 Contents stoic distinction Beton limited igs atl becoming. saa rite Meey— Al Stoic datinton between bates or tates of ala and ico fleets or evente—Clemage ofthe causal rclaton — Bringing to the Surface Dacovery ofthe surface inthe work of Lewis Catal Deetation, manitation, sigiation: thee ects and circularity — Doe th: propeston havea fourth dineson?— See, expression aml crent—Double nature of were: de “expr” ‘onal the atirat of the ste of als sen, aml ext eng 3 the propos oun Sums oF DUALS 23 foxelanguage, to eto yak —T kinds of work —Two dimen lon af the proposition: deoration sd express, consumption at Infinite proliferation — Str splte ag —Nevtrity o the dil state ofthe esetce— Abid and impose bjs Serta form an heterogeneous serea— TR constutnt—The po cf convergence of the seris—Laca’s pardon’ the strange ement {mpty place or occupant shout plas) ~—The beeps shop Synthese of contraction om ane srs (canectan)—Spthess of co ‘nla ft src Conjunction Sythe of junction ofthe "rmiiaton of were the problem of portmanteau words ution os srutare—The role fing Les Ste pa lets event —Recrtine mater Singulrtis and events— Problem teae—Alctory pont and single pols inary game—The two range (Charteris ofthe paradoxcsloment —What omens thet Figures of nnserne—The tof ahsird (thot sgudcation) which are derive ran cor presence ‘fem ad nonacne—Seme “ft The nature of gol seme andthe paradox —The nature of common seme al the poraox—Namsems ema, ad the argon of the scaled secon langge Antonin Anaad and Lewis Carell To cat speak and schizophrenic Ianguage—Schvophrnia and alure of the surace—The werd pa son and its exploded Hal vals, the word-acton an is nat tonic raler—Datincton between the nonsense of depth ad the renee of the outs, the par order, andthe secondary orpnk tation af lngunge Incorporealeveteeficts, their came am quiscime—Impabity and genes Hue theory-—The conto of eal ges ran erent fd without the ora center of indcston scicamness—Inperonal and preindcidal singubitie Tansee ‘kal eld and sufsce—Discoane ofthe ink, dacoune of the penn, dco withont gro ether a fourth became? Sucre seats OF rue stare OMOLOOHCAL OEMESIE 108 Genesis ofthe sv Ledbe—Cono of th “compost” Uf wot or ofthe comengence of sre cominity)— Transom