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Sonasoft Upgrade & Migration for

Microsoft Exchange

SonaExchange Migration patent pending approach to migration empowers organiza-

tions to upgrade their company’s Microsoft Exchange environment easily from 2000, 2003, 2007
Key Features to 2010, without the requirements of having similar hardware, or taking down their Microsoft
Exchange environment. Migration takes place at the mailbox level, thus eliminating the additional
hardware cost and integration complexities that you face with other solutions. No matter what
Fully integrated server Microsoft Exchange environment you are moving from or to, Sonasoft’s SonaExchange Migration
agnostic solution simplifies this tedious process by enabling you to migrate a single mailbox, groups at a time, or
entire organizations. You have complete control. Even if you purchase or merge with another
Unique patent pending company you can efficiently absorb / migrate them in to your Microsoft Exchange environment.

Single Mailbox Migration Migrate In Minutes

SonaExchange Migration can have you migrated and operational on your new version Microsoft
No Microsoft Exchange Exchange in literally minutes. The beauty of the Sonasoft SonaExchange Migration solution is you
version limitations do not even have to take down your current Microsoft Exchange environment during the migration
process. You can simply migrate individuals, groups at a time, or your entire company at any time
No limitation for distance you desire.

Simple management of
Migration Process No Migration Headache
Eliminates “After Affects” and With the Sonasoft solution, you no longer have to worry about “after affects” that are encountered
propagation of viruses and when utilizing migration solutions from other companies. Unlike the SonaExchange Migration
corruption application, with other solutions, you end up spending even more time, more of your valuable
resources, and more money fixing the various issues that you encounter after migrating. You can
avoid the headaches, additional down time and grief that you will encounter by using Sonasoft.

SonaExchange Migrator

New Migrated
Exchange Server Exchange Server
(2000,2003 or 2007 ) (2000 ,2003,2007 or
2010 )
One Click to migrate mailboxes to
the new migrated Exchange Server

Administrator Sona means GOLD


Sonasoft Business Continuity for the

Microsoft Exchange Enviroment

SonaExchange Backup
Key Benefits SonaExchange Backup makes it easy to establish an automated backup and recovery plan for your
Microsoft Exchange environment with easy-to-use wizards and task scheduling. With SonaEx-
change Backup, you get full backup/restore capabilities that include Active Directory, ensuring total
Migration provides unprec- protection.
edented ease in migrating
from one exchange environ-
ment to another SonaExchange Replication
Scalability to grow with your SonaExchange Replication provides a surprising unique blend of extremely powerful Microsoft
company Exchange Replication capability with patent pending functionality. No longer do you need to hold
your breath and hope that your replicated / standby server is actually going to work. SonaExchange
Substantially simplifies Replication’s Active Failover / Failback technology enables single mailbox failover and failback
Migration process testing; which provides you with security in knowing that your replicated /standby server is going
to be working in a matter of minutes when you need it. By having an Active Replicated / Standby
Fully Active online server, it provides simplicity and unprecedented reliability in satisfying even the most demanding
replicated/standby server business continuity requirements by ensuring that that there is no chance of propagating corrup-
tion to the replicated / standby server.
Better control of the migra-
tion process Making Things Easy SonaExchange SonaExchange
Replication Backup
Easier to coordinate migra- Sonasoft is the only company offering
tion plans within the a fully integrated suite of business
company continuity applications that provide
SonaVault SonaExchange
unique capabilities that no other Email Archiving Disaster Recovery
No need to take down the company can deliver.
production environment SonaPack
during the migration process The SonaPack consists of featured SonaExchange SonaExchange
rich, stand-alone applications that can Recovery Migration
become a fully integrated solution for
your Microsoft Exchange environ-
ment. The SonaPack suite provides
Fully Integrated Solution
Archiving, Replication, Backup, Migration, and Disaster Recovery. By combining the various compo-
nents of the individual applications, you gain a tremendous advantage by leveraging the integrated
architecture of the Sonasoft solution to receive unique capabilities along with unmatched function-
ality and scalability. SonaPack can be implemented in phases as your company needs and require-
ments grow, or it can be deployed all at one time. SonaPack simplifies the installation and integra-
tion process by installing once, then unlocking features and functionality through license keys. This
completely eliminates the issues of trying to implement solutions from three to four different
sources, and more importantly stops the finger pointing when you are in desperate need of
Authorized Partner support.

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