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Pirating music is any method used to obtain Pirating of music has many negative effects It is a very common misconception that
music that doesn¶t involve paying the artist. on everyone involved. It is first very only the people taking a massive part in
This can take the form of peer-to-peer harmful to your computer. Piracy can lead piracy can be caught. This simply is not the
networks (Limewire, Kazaa, Frostwire, to viruses and unwanted breaches into your case. In September 2003, a 12 year-old girl
etc.) or using torrent programs (BitTorrent, system by spyware, which is virtually from New York was convicted of illegally
uTorrent, etc.) Another common way of downloading from the popular peer-to-peer
impossible to remove. Pirating also has a
pirating music takes place when someone
profound effect on everyone in the music network Kazaa. After lengthy trials she was
purchases a cd and then shares the content
industry. Artists depend on sales in order to charged a $30,000 fine. Another case
through burning a copy or sharing a digital
copy. have a paycheck. With the decrease in sales occurred in Minnesota in late June of 2009.
that accompanies piracy, there has to A 34 year-old woman was fined $1.9
   eventually be an increase in the selling million for illegally downloading 24 songs
Pirating music is a very common practice price of the cd. According to analysis done from a site she thought was legitimate. The
not only in the United States, but by the Recording Industry Association of court case is still pending, but all signs
worldwide. In 2009, a report published by America, the music industry has lost a point to the fine holding up.
the International Federation of the combined $12.5 billion in sales this year.
Phonographic Industry found that 95% of  KK
all music downloads for that year were c    
illegal. The report also found that 6.5 KKK
The penalties for illegally downloading
million people take part in piracy every
music can become quite expensive. US  KK
copyright laws call for a minimum fee of KKK
$750 - $30,000 regardless of the
downloader¶s intentions. Repeat offenders KK

can serve up to six years in jail and face K

fines up to $150,000 per download. If Music Piracy Cases The Last 5 Years
someone is making copies of cds and
reselling them for a profit, they can incur The number of music piracy cases being
even higher fines and possibly jail time taken to court has been on a steady rise
ranging from 2 ± 30 years. since 2005.

Where People¶s Music Really Comes From

Tyler Schwantes   
English 320 The simple way to avoid piracy is to get
music legally. This can be done through
 downloading from legal sites (iTunes,
emusic, rhapsody, etc.) Another way is to
 go out to the store and buy the album. This

is a great way to support your favorite
artists as well as to avoid further legal
trouble later.