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Your Ultimate Dua’ List

1. Use Allah's Beautiful Names.

Start your dua’ by saying: 'O Allah or Yaa Allah' , or use His other Beautiful Names when starting your dua'; choose a Name which relates to the
content of your supplication. (Use the line provided) Eg: Yaa Haadi, guide me to Your Pleasure in times of anger. Or: Yaa Rahmaan, have mercy
on me and my loved ones. Or: Yaa 'Aleem, increase our knowledge of Islam.
NOTE: When you say Yaa (insert a name of Allah) don't use 'Al', so not Yaa Al-Haadi, but only Yaa Haadi.
2. Send peace and blessings upon the Prophet.
Say: Allahumma salli wa sallim 'alaa Nabiyyinaa Muhammad – O Allah, prayers and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad- at the start of
making dua' and when you finish.
3. Mention your position.
Determine your position as a slave/worshipper at the start of your supplications. Eg say: O Allah, I am Your slave and You are my Lord. Or: O
Allah, I submit myself to you; I am your slave.
Supplications for Yourself and all Muslims
__________ O Allah, help us to learn and live by Your beautiful names and teach others to
__________ O Allah, Give all Muslims guidance & rahmah (mercy) and forgive me and all Muslims on the day the account is

__________ O Allah, Lead my family and cause them die as Muslims
__________ O Allah, May all of us die as Mu’min
__________ O Allah, Give the Prophet salalllahu alayhi wa sallam wasila and intercession for us
__________ O Allah, Help us do deeds that will take us to Jannatul Firdaws without reckoning
__________ O Allah, make us love You and the Prophet the most and only love people for Your sake and make those people
come on our path, and make us hate turning (back) to kufr as much as to hate being thrown in the Hellfire on Yawm al
__________ O Allah, Remove the love for this dunya (world) from our hearts
__________ O Allah, Let our heart never turn away from Islam and fill our hearts with desire for Islam
__________ O Allah, O Controller of the hearts, make my heart steadfast in Your religion
__________ O Allah, Never stop leading and guiding us
__________ O Allah, help us in establishing the prayer and make our prayers pleasing to You
__________ O Allah, forgive us for the shortcomings and neglect in our salah (prayer)
__________ O Allah, help us to remember You, to be grateful to You and worship You in the best manner
__________ O Allah, Increase our ‘ilm (knowledge), practise our ‘ilm and give da’wah (call others to Islam)
__________ O Allah, Protect us against knowledge that doesn’t benefit us
__________ O Allah, Support us in our ideas for initiatives for the Ummah
__________O Allah, Strengthen our Imaan, bring desire in our heart for the Qu’ran, and make the Qur’an our light, medicine
and a good proof for us on Yawm al Qiyamah
__________ O Allah, Help us memorise and live by the Qur’an
__________ O Allah Give those who strive on Your path yaqeen (steadfastness), the oppressed strength, purify those who are
ill and give the highest rank to the shuhadaa (martyrs)
__________ O Allah, relief the hungry, take care of the widows and orphans and reward them with Jannatul Firdaws
__________ O Allah, Make us part of Your Victory, live a praiseworthy life and die for Your cause
__________ O Allah, Destroy our enemies and protect us from their hands and from those who do not fear You
__________ O Allah, Lead us on the straight path and grant us shahaadah
__________ O Allah, Bring close to us what is good for us, our Deen in this life and our status in the Akhirah (Hereafter)
__________ O Allah, Support us by giving us strength, hikmah (wisdom) & sabr (patience) to bear the events of Qadr (the
decree) and to pass the test
__________ O Allah, Protect us against the evil of our tongues and lead us to the best character
__________ O Allah, Protect us from lying, arrogance and riyaa
__________ O Allah, Forgive us our sins and make us know when we have to do tawbah (repentance)
__________ O Allah, Help us be good spouses and good parents
__________ O Allah, help us in treating our parents according to Your pleasure
__________ O Allah, Protect our marriage against waswaas (whispers) and place rahmah (mercy) and love in between us
__________ O Allah, Help us obey our husband so we will earn Jannah
__________ O Allah, Give us a role in the Ummah that lead us to good deeds which will counts for us after our death
__________ O Allah, Help us play our role in supporting everyone in Allah’s path
__________ O Allah, Let us enjoy a good hearing, sight and body throughout our life span and use them for ‘ibadah
__________ O Allah, Help us increase our ‘ibadah and protect us from bidah (innovation)
__________ O Allah, make us of those who revive the sunnah and teach others to
__________ O Allah, Make us join the Prophet in Jannah, united with all the prophets and the martyrs
__________ O Allah, Make Your laws established and enable us to live in a place most pleasing to You
__________ O Allah, I ask for peace and blessings upon the Prophet, his Companions, his family and his followers
__________ O Allah, Make us belong to the saabireen (patient ones) , muhsineen (those with excellence) and muttaqeen
(with taqwa)
__________ O Allah, Help us having tawakkul and rely on You in all times
__________ O Allah, make all our rizq (provisions) halal and guide us in our earnings and work
__________ O Allah, Protect our religion, all our matters are in Your Hands
__________ O Allah, Make my Deen the leader of all my matters
__________ O Allah, Set straight my faith & worldly affairs wherein is my living and set straight my Aakhirah (Hereafer)
__________ O Allah, Make my life as source of abundance of all good
__________ O Allah, Make my death a source of protection, protect me from all the evil of the Creation
__________ O Allah, Make the best part of my life, the end of it, and the last of my deeds, the best, and the best of my days,
the day that I meet You
__________ O Allah, I ask you for the best in my life, I ask you for a good death and not a shameful return
__________ O Allah, make our graves wide and spacious and not pressing and narrow
__________ O Allah, I ask you for the best matters, the best supplications, the best success, the best knowledge, the best
deeds, the best belongings, the best life and the best death
__________ O Allah, Save us from the punishment of the Qabr (grave) and of the horror of the Day of Judgement
__________ O Allah, Make us cross the siraat (bridge to Paradise) easily and safely
__________ O Allah, Give us yaqeen (steadfastness)
__________ O Allah, Make our scales heavy, confirm my faith and raise my status in al Aakhirah
__________ O Allah, protect us from jealousy (hasad) and the evil (eye) of others and protect others from our evil (eye)
__________ O Allah, Protect us from the shayateen, save us from the wrongdoing of people and protect others from our
__________ O Allah, Forgive us our sins and pardon us, give us Your rahmah (mercy )so we can enter Paradise
__________ O Allah, Give us peace for each sin we repent for and the treasures of every reward
__________ O Allah, Give us the highest paradise without reckoning and protect us from the Fire
__________ O Allah, Make the result of all our matters good, save us from the humiliation of this world and the torture of the
__________ O Allah, lead us to the obedience which is needed to be permitted to Paradise and the firm belief necessary to
get through the tests and fitan (trials) of this world
__________ O Allah, Allow us to enjoy our sight, hearing and power as long as we life
and make this enjoyment our inheritance, so that people can pray for us
__________ O Allah, place Your revenge on those that harmed us, give us victory over our enemies and do not give power to
those whom would oppress us
__________ O Allah, do not test us in our belief, and do not make this world our concern
__________ O Allah, make us all keep asking for forgiveness and lead our hearts to the sunnah
__________ O Allah, do not let any of our sins not forgiven, and no burden unrelieved, and no debt unpaid, and not difficulty
in this life or the Hereafter without support
__________ O Allah, Protect us from poverty and debts and from impermissible loans and contracts
__________ O Allah, Protect us against forgetting beneficial things and let us know about that which we became ignorant of
__________ O Allah, Make us recite Qur’an day and night, Have mercy with us in the name of the Holy Qur’an
__________ O Allah, give guidance to our youth, our scholars and our leaders
__________ Oh Allah, I ask You for guidance, piety, chastity and independence
__________ Oh Allah, Turner of Hearts, turn our hearts toward Your obedience, Oh Controller of the hearts, make my heart
firm in Your religion
__________ Oh Allah, I seek your protection from inability, laziness, cowardice and miserliness; I seek your protection from
the punishment of the grave; and I seek Your protection from the mischief of life and death
__________ Oh Allah, I beg of You of Your love and the love of those who love You and I ask of You such deeds which will
bring me Your love.
__________ O Allah, Bring us together with the prophets and the martyrs in the highest chambers of Paradise
__________ O Allah, Bring us close to the Prophet (salallahu 'alayhi wa sallam)
__________ O Allah, Lead us to deeds which will take us to the eternal life in the highest ranks of Al-Jannah
__________ O Allah, Give us the good of this world and the Hereafter and protect us from the Fire
__________Oh Allah, send peace and blessings to Muhammad sallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his Companions, his
Family and all those who follow his footsteps until The Day of Judgement , ameen.

Supplications for Those in the Path of Allah & The Oppressed

__________ O Allah Revealer of the Book, Recompenser of the Final account, Destroyer of the confederates.
__________ O Most Powerful, O Most Magnificent! O Allah, verily we ask you to disperse their (the enemy's) gunfire (upon
our warriors) and to shake the ground from beneath their feet and strike terror into their hearts.
__________ O Allah, cripple their support and blind their vision and send upon them decay and disease. O Allah, divide them
against one another and disperse their unity and strike heavy discord amongst their ranks, and make them flee to their
destruction, and show us from amongst your wonders and strength that you mete out to them, and make an example of
them for those who are heedless.
__________ O Allah quicken their defeat and make their wealth war booty for the Muslims.
__________ O Allah grant aid and victory to our brothers, the mujahedeen (all over the world in general, and specifically in
Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, from amongst the people of the land and the Helpers), and unite their ranks and
bring them together upon the word of truth.
__________ O Allah, direct their aim and strengthen their support, and make them steadfast and send upon them your
tranquillity and heal their hearts and guide them to all that is good, and cause us (who sit at home) to join their ranks,
__________ O Allah, give them authority and rule, and aid them with your Army of the Heavens and the Earth, O Lord of the
Worlds And peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Messenger and his family and all the companions.
__________ O Allah, grant their wives, children and families strength, hikmah, sabr, peace and blessings and Jannatul
__________ O Allah, Free all the brothers and sisters in prison and give them yaqeen, sabr and Jannatul Firdaws
__________ O Allah, Free all the brothers and sisters in prison in Guantanamo Bay, Egypt, Algeria, Syria, Saudi, Morocco, Iraq,
Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine, Europe, America and all others
__________ O Allah, Give all the sisters whom are being attacked, tortured and oppressed yaqeen, sabr and Jannatul Firdaws

Supplications for non-Muslim/non-practising family

__________ O Allah, let my mother/father practise Islam, pray together with her/him in this life and make her/him die as a
__________ O Allah, open my father’s/mother's heart for Islam together with my mother/father and make them die as
__________ O Allah, guide my brothers and sisters and their spouses and children to Islam and make them die as Muslim
__________ O Allah, help me doing da’wah with them
__________ O Allah, show them the Truth and guide them to accept it, lead them and protect them against the Fire

Supplications for Muslim family

__________ O Allah, guide my spouse to the best character and give him/her the highest Paradise without Reckoning
__________ O Allah, Guide my siblings and all relatives on the straight path, fill their hearts with desire for Islam
__________ O Allah, Lead them to pious spouses and adorn their marriages with taqwa and bless them with a pious and
healthy offspring
__________ O Allah, Help me in doing da’wah with them
__________ O Allah, make them of Ahlul (people of the) Quran, guide them to the sunnah and protect them from bi'dah
__________ O Allah, forgive and pardon them and lead them to deeds that will take them to Jannatul Firaws

Supplications for Children

__________ O Allah, help and guide us in praying for our children
__________ O Allah, protect their bodies, minds, and emotions from any kind of evil and harm
__________ O Allah, protect them from accidents, diseases, injuries, and any other physical, mental, or emotional afflictions
and abuse and keep them free of any addictions.
__________ O Allah, guide our children on the straight path and instill love for the Quran and Sunnah in them.
__________ O Allah, protect them from every ill and evil influence of their environment, whether we know of it or not
__________ O Allah, grant them the best of company and make them the best company for others
__________ O Allah, protect them from doubts in their religion
__________ O Allah, guide them away from any arrogance, selfishness, jealousy, hypocrisy and greed and any other
characteristic displeasing to You and make them uncomfortable with sins
__________ O Allah, adorn them with taqwa and make them taste the sweetness of worship
__________ O Allah, make apparent to them the truth in any situation and let them not be misled by falsehood
__________ O Allah, guide them in their decisions and lead them to choices that please You
__________ O Allah, give them wisdom and patience in times of anger and grief
__________ O Allah, protect them from the shayaateen and the evil of people
__________ O Allah, keep them steadfast in establishing prayer and help them study and live by the Qur'an
__________ O Allah, let their dress be a representation of their love for Your commands and guide them in it
__________ O Allah, make them obey and fear You in the open and in secret
__________ O Allah, guide our children in treating their parents in the way You commanded and make them the coolness of
our eyes
__________ O Allah, guide them in respecting and obeying You in their relationships (with family and non-family)
__________ O Allah, guide them to pious spouses and grant them a healthy and pious offspring
__________ O Allah, grant them pious teachers and role-models most pleasing to You
__________ O Allah, protect me from arrogance in my parenting and don't shame me through my children’s misdeeds
__________ O Allah, grant them beneficial professions and protect them from debt and unlawful income and expenditures
__________ O Allah, use them to serve the Muslim Ummah and strive on Your Path and involve in charity
O Allah, bless us with a close, loving and rewarding relationship with them and reunite us in the Highest Paradise without
Reckoning, ameen!

Supplications For myself

__________ O Allah, give me yaqeen and sincerity (ikhlaas) in everything I do
__________ O Allah, bless me with a good ending, grant me shahaadah and make me die as a believer
__________ O Allah, support me and draw me close to You when something happens to my spouse/loved ones
__________ O Allah, give me a role in the Ummah and deeds that will lead me to Jannatul Firdaws
__________ O Allah, Help me to pray on time, pray the sunnah and Qiyam ul-Layl and regular dhikr (Remembrance)
__________ O Allah, Help me to purify me in my ‘ibadah (worship) and niyaa (intention) in all I do
__________O Allah, make me a reviver of the Sunnah and use me to guide others to the Sunnah
__________O Allah, Help me to read correctly and memorise the Qur’an and practise its contents
__________O Allah, Support me in learning the Arabic language for Your Sake
__________O Allah, Grant me a healthy and pious offspring and give me wisdom and guidance in raising them according to
Your Pleasure
__________ O Allah, Allow me to be a God-fearing role model with all the communication and teaching skills that I may need
__________ O Allah, Lead me to the best character and protect me against the danger of my tongue
__________ O Allah, protect me from gheebah (gossip, forgive me and compensate those who I insulted on the Day of
__________ O Allah, Let me be a good spouse and parent
__________ O Allah, Protect me from the hands of those who don't fear You
__________ O Allah, give me good health and give me patience in times of trial in health
__________ O Allah, forgive me and pardon me for all my shortcomings and sins and replace them with good deeds
__________O Allah, cure the diseases of my heart and make me come to you with a sound heart (qalbun saleem)
__________ O Allah, lead me to the highest chambers of Paradise in the ranks of the prophets and martyrs
__________ O Allah, give me the Highest Paradise without Reckoning and protect me against the Fire!

Supplications for my Friends

__________ O Allah, never stop leading them, their spouses and children
__________ O Allah, help them with memorising and practising the Qur’an
__________ O Allah, lead them to pious spouses and protect their marriages and their religion
__________ O Allah, grant them health and yaqeen
__________ O Allah, help them play a beneficial role in the Ummah
__________ O Allah, protect them from the enemy
__________ O Allah, protect them from the horror of Yawm al Qiyama and grant them Jannatul Firdaws and protect them
from the Fire

Supplications by name
__________ O Allah, Give the best of this life and of the Hereafter and protect from the Fire:
(fill in the names of persons you know) Complied by SISTERS’ PROJECT