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Dr. T.

Sreenivasa Bharath
Mobile : (+91) 9703931755, 8328136674

E-mail : drbharathts@gmail.com

Skype ID : drbharathts


Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

 Institution – D. A. Pandu Memorial R. V. Dental College & Hospital,
Bangalore, Karnataka.
 University - Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka.

Master of Dental Surgery (MDS)

 Speciality - Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology & Microbiology
 Institution - Vishnu Dental College, Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh.
 University – Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, Andhra Pradesh.
 One of the top rankers of university.

Pursuing Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Hospital

Administration and Healthcare Management in Amity University through


 Executive Committee Member of Indian Association of Oral & Maxillofacial

Pathologists IAOMP for the period 2016-17.
 Bagged Elite + Gold certificate for successfully completing course on
“Educational Leadership” conduted by Indian Institute of Technology,
Kharagpur through NPTEL
 Successfully completed the certificate course on Health Research Fundamentals
conducted by ICMR's National Institute of Epidemiology, Chennai and IIT

Dr. T. Sreenivasa Bharath

Madras under National Program of Technology Enhanced Learning and

successfully cleared the certification exam with Elite status.
 Successfully completed the certificate course on Outcome Based Pedagogig
Principles for Effective Teaching, IIT Kharagpur under National Program of
Technology Enhanced Learning and successfully cleared the certification exam
with Elite status.


Faculty Institution From To Experience in

Position years & months

Senior Lecturer Vishnu Dental 06.06.2012 05.06.2016 4 years

Reader Vishnu Dental 06.06.2012 Till Date* 3 Year 5 Month 5
College days
Total Experience 7 Years 5
Months 5 days
* On November 11th 2019


 Paper Presentation on topic, “A cytological study on palatal mucosa of reverse

smokers” at XVIII National conference of IAOMP New Delhi on 27th – 29th
September, 2009- AWARDED BEST PAPER

 Poster presentation on topic, “Clinical study of palatal mucosa on reverse

smokers” at Indian CDE Program, Diagnostic challenges in oral pathology-
Vishnu dental college, Bhimavaram on 12th December, 2009- AWARDED

Dr. T. Sreenivasa Bharath
 Poster presentation on topic, “Synergism of PAP & Masson Fontana in oral
cytology” at XIX International conference, Chennai on 9th and 10th December,

 Paper presentation on topic, “Molecular detection and co-relation of

Helicobacter pylori in dental plaque and gastric biopsies of dyspeptic patients”
at 20th National IAOMP conference 18th to 20th December 2011-


1. Cytological changes and pattern of keratinization in palatal mucosa of

reverse smokers-A pilot study. J Orofac Sci 2010; 2(2):7-11.

2. Sex determination by Discriminant Function Analysis of palatal rugae

from a population of Coastal Andhra. Journal of Forensic Dental
Sciences 2011;3(2):58-62.

3. Current trends in forensic genetics. Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences


4. Concentrated pull smear technique a comparision with oral scrape “A

liquid based cytology”. Clinical Dentistry 2012; 14(5):46-49.

5. Characteristics of palatal rugae patterns in West Godavari population of

India. Journal of clinical and diagnostic research 2013;7(10):2356-9.

6. Neurofibroma of the palate. Case reports in dentistry 2014.

Dr. T. Sreenivasa Bharath
7. Molecular detection and correlation of helicobacter pylori in dental plaque
and gastric biopsies of dyspeptic patients. Journal of oral and maxillofacial
pathology 2014.Jan-Apr, Vol-18(1):19-24.

8. Palatal changes of reverse smokers in a rural coastal Andhra population

with review of literature. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology

9. Epidemiological study of odontogenic tumours: An institutional

experience. Infect Public Health. 2016 Jul 14. pii: S1876-0341(16)30071-

10. Evaluation of teaching by students of a professional institution. Letter to

editor JCDR 2014; 8(3): 305-06.

11. Histomorphometric image analysis of leukoplakia with different grades of

dysplasia and oral submucous fibrosis in parabasal and spinous layers of
oral epithelium. International Journal of Current Advanced Research Mar

12. Fibroosseous lesions of jaw-An institutional study of 69 cases in Coastal

Andhra Pradesh. Indian Journal of Medical Research and Pharmaceutical
Sciences, Aug 2017;4(8):13-22.

13. In vitro evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy of 2% chlorhexidine loaded

electrospun nanofibers. Journal of Pierre Fauchard Academy (India
Section), 31(2-4), 105–108.

Dr. T. Sreenivasa Bharath

14. Comparison of glycogen positive cells in Oral smears with random blood
sugar levels of type II diabetes patients. Annals of medical and health
science research; Vol 8; Jan 2018;1-5.

15. Isolation and quantification of DNA from epithelial cells obtained from
acrylic removable partial denture for sex identification. Egyptian Journal
of Forensic Sciences 2019;Vol 9:19

16. Root Canal Obturation- An important tool for forensic identification.

International Journal of Current Research, April, 2019; 11(4):3417-20

Citation indices* All Since 2012

Citations 149 140
h-index 5 5
i10-index 5 5


 Presented a guest lecture at Zonal CDE program, Visakapatnam, Andhra

 Presented a guest lecture at Zonal CDE program, Rajamundry, Andhra
 Presented a guest lecture at Zonal CDE program, Bhimavaram, Andhra
 Presented a guest lecture on Scientific Educational Practices, VEDIC,
 Presented a guest lecture on Innovative Dental and Pharmacy educational

Dr. T. Sreenivasa Bharath


Date of Birth : 09/11/1985

Languages Known : English, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil

Permanent Address : S/O Dr. T. V. Ramesh Babu,

Flat No. 102, B-12,

Shanthi Park Apartments,

Jayanagar 9th Block, Bangalore

Spouse Name : Dr. Anala Vaishali

Spouse Faculty in : Restorative & Endodontics Department

(Root Canal Specialist)

Son’s Name & Age : T. Venkata Naren, 4 Years

Date: 11-11-2019