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Making A Poster : Glogster Poster

Teacher Name: Mr. Minnitte

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Use of Class Used time well during Used time well Used some of the Did not use class time
Time each class period. during each class time well during each to focus on the project
Focused on getting period. Usually class period. There OR often distracted
the project done. focused on getting was some focus on others.
Never distracted the project done and getting the project
others. never distracted done but
others. occasionally
distracted others.
Content - At least 7 accurate 5-6 accurate facts 3-4 accurate facts Less than 3 accurate
Accuracy facts are displayed are displayed on the are displayed on the facts are displayed on
on the poster. poster. poster. the poster.

Attractiveness The poster is The poster is The poster is The poster is

exceptionally attractive in terms of acceptably attractive distractingly messy or
attractive in terms of design, layout and though it may be a bit very poorly designed.
design, layout, and neatness. messy. It is not attractive.

Graphics - Several of the One or two of the The graphics are No graphics made by
Originality graphics used on the graphics used on the made by the student, the student are
poster reflect a poster reflect student but are based on the included.
exceptional degree of creativity in their designs or ideas of
student creativity in creation and/or others.
their creation and/or display.
Required The poster includes All required All but 1 of the Several required
Elements all required elements elements are required elements elements were
as well as additional included on the are included on the missing.
information. poster. poster.