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Class, do you know the game four pics Yes ma’am!
one word?
Lets have a game are you ready? Yes ma’am!
I will show you a picture then tell me
what is the answer.

Drinking is the answer ma’am

Very goo! How about this one

Mecarsos: ma’am the answer is HOLE.

Very good!

Class, I have her a picture, what can

you say about this picture?

The man is running

Very good! How about this picture?

The girl is dancing

Very good! How about this


He is writing.

Very good! This picture?

The child eating Spaghetti.


Class, what do you think is our topic for Our topic is Gerund

Very good!

Presentation of Objectives
Class, will you read our objective for At the end of the lesson, the learners must be able
today? a.identify gerund
b.supply the correct form of gerund
c.construct sentence with the use of gerund

Gerund is a Noun.
class, what is your idea about
Gerund is a noun ending with -ing
Very good. You have a point.

Any other answer?

Very good!
Gerund is a noun formed from a verb which refers
to an action, process, or state. In English, gerunds
Ok, class let us define what is
end in '-ing.
gerund. Every body read.
A gerund is a noun formed from a
verb which refers to an action, process, or
state. In English, gerunds end in '-ing.
For example:In the sentence
"Everyone enjoyed Tyler’s singing," the
word "singing" is a gerund.
Another example:
I run every day. / I like running.
In the first sentence, “run” is used
as a verb. I am “doing” the action “to
run.” In the second sentence, “running” is
used as a gerund (noun) and “like” is the

again, class what is gerund?
A gerund is a noun formed from a verb which
Very good!
refers to an action, process, or state.Gerund is end
in '-ing.
Now , who can give me an example of
gerund in sentence?
Sarah enjoys singing.
Very good! Who can give another
The gerund their is singing.
I like watching KPOP movie.
The gerund their is watching.
Very good!

This time you are going to have a

group activity. You will be
divided into four groups. Each
group will have 3 minutes to
perform your task. You have to
choose your leader, and a reporter.
Group activity
Group 1. Gallery walk
There are variety of words posted
on the wall and you going to pick
gerund only. And from those
words you picked. You are going
to paste it on the board and use it
into sentences.
Group 2.Community picture
From this picture, you are going to
make many sentences as you can.
Group 3. Jumble words
Base on this jumble words. You
are going to arrange the words to
form a gerund. Paste it on the
Group 4. Card making
I have her a plane piece of paper.
Fold the paper at the center. Each
side of the paper you will going to
draw example of gerund. And you
will going to describe using
gerund form. Write it above of
your drawing.

Did you understand the Yes , ma’am

So let us start. Count 1 to 4. Student may variety of answer.

Proceed to your group. And start, I

will only give you 3 minutes to do
your task.

D. Evaluation

Complete the sentences with the gerund form of the verbs in parentheses.
1.(cook) _____ is one of her hobbies.

2.(cycle) ______is fun.

3.(Get) ______a good job is not easy

4.(Find) ______a parking space is quite difficult in this area.

5.(drive) ______ becomes more and more expensive.

6.No (smoke) ______ in this area.

7.(work) __________ overtime is quite common in this company.

8.(eat) __________ fruits and vegetables is good for your health.

9.(make) _________ fun of other people is not nice.

10.(learn) _________ about other cultures makes people more tolerant.


Instruction: Construct a sentences in the given gerund.

1. Acting





Student Teacher: Nameah M. Magomnang Date: January 8, 2020

Cooperating School: St. Peter’s College Time: 7:30-8:30

Cooperating Teacher: Lucille Z. Namoc LPT Room: Grade 9

At the end of the lesson, the students must be able to;
a. Identify Gerund.
b. Supply the correct gerund form.
c. Construct sentence with the use form of gerund.
a. Subject Matter: Identifying gerund
b. Instructional Materials: Tarpapel, power point presentation

Teacher’s Activity Learner’s Activity

A. Preparatory Activity Preparatory Activities
1. Prayer: May I request volunteer to lead the (Students stand for the prayer)
Muslim and Christian Prayer

Good Morning Grade 9! Good Morning ma’am Nameah

Before you takeyour seat, kindly pick up

the pieces of paper under your chair, and
arrange it proprly.
You may now take your seats.

How are you today? We are all good

2.Checking Attendance

Who is absent? None, we are all present.

Very good.

What was the lesson yesterday? The lesson yesterday is about verb.

What is verb? Verbs are action words that describe

what the subject is doing.

Very good!
Very good.