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1. Which of the following statement is wrong: DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 9 to 12) Study
A. During a solstice there are unequal the following information carefully to answer
days and nights these questions
B. A gulf is a large area of sea partly Seven candidates Hema, Seema, Neeraj, Sheela,
surrounded by land Neelam, Pawan and Sunita are to be interviewed
C. A harbour is that portion of sea where for selection as trainee officers by different
ships can dock panels I to VII for different companies T, U, V W,
D. Neap tide is caused by gravitational X, Y and Z, not necessarily in the same order.
pull of the moon and the sun together
in the same direction Neeraj is interviewed by panel IV for company
‘T’. Seema is interviewed by panel III but not for
2. Instrument for measuring the amount of
company ‘V’ or ‘W’. Hema is interviewed for
oxygen in the air or for analyzing gases:
company ‘U’ but not by panel I or II. Neelam is
A. Audiometer B. Eudiometer
interviewed by panel VI for company ‘X’. Panel
C. Glycometer D. Fathometer
VII conducts the interview for company ‘Y’.
3. Kayakalp Award scheme has been launched Sheela is interviewed by panel I but not for
by: company ‘V’. Panel II does not interview Pawan.
A. The Ministry of Agriculture
B. The Ministry of Industry 9. Sheela is interviewed for which company?
C. The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare A. T B. W
D. Namami Gange Programme C. Z D. Y
4. World tallest hybrid wind generator turbine 10. Panel II conducts interview for which
was recently put into operation in the state company?
of: A. Z B. V
A. Tamilnadu B. Kerala C. Y D. U
C. Gujarat D. Karnataka 11. Who is interviewed for company Z?
5. A metal sheet 27 cm long, 8 cm broad and A. Pawan B. Neelam
1 cm thick is melted into a cube. The
C. Seema D. Sheela
difference between the surface area of the
two solids, is: 12. Which candidate is interviewed by panel V?
A. 280 cm2 B. 272 cm2 A. Pawan B. Sheela
C. 286 cm 2 D. 290 cm2 C. Hema D. Sunita
6. How many four digit numbers can be 13. Sunita and Sumedha start travelling in the
formed using the digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 if same direction at 8 km/hr and 13 km/hr
repetition of digits is allowed? respectively. After 4 hours, Sunita doubled
A. 1296 B. 1080 her speed and Sumedha reduced her speed
C. 1800 D. 1190 by 1 km/hr and reached the destination
7. Exercise Ajeya Warrior-2015 is joint together. How long did the entire journey
exercise between the Armies of: last?
A. India & France A. 10 hours B. 13 hours
B. India & Nepal C. 11 hours D. 9 hours
C. India & UK 14. 20 men can finish a work in 30 days. On
D. India & Sri Lanka completion of 10 days, 10 men leave work.
8. It is simulated/extended RAM. When you Remaining men work for next 10 days. At
have used up your entire RAM, your the end of 20 days it is decided to
computer will shift data to an empty space complete the work in remaining 10 days.
on the hard drive: How many extra men are required:
A. ROM A. 20 B. 25
B. Memory C. 15 D. 10
C. Virtual Memory
D. Volatile Memory


DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 15 to 20) These DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 21 to 25)

questions are based on the information given in
the following graph.

21. In which of the following state/states did

15. What is the ratio between number of the production of wheat increase every
students studying agriculture in years 2004 year?
& 2005 respectively:
A. Punjab B. UP
A. 11:12 B. 12:11
C. Haryana D. Punjab & Haryana
C. 4:3 D. None of these
22. What is the percentage rise in wheat
16. In how many disciplines the number of
production in Gujarat in 2013 over the
students decreased in the year 2005 as
previous year?
compared to 2004:
A. 25% B. 20%
A. 2 B. 4
C. 3 D. None of these C. 0% D. None of these
17. What is the percentage increase/decrease 23. What is the difference between the average
(rounded off to nearest two integers) in production of wheat in the states of
number of students studying science from Gujarat and Haryana over the entire
the year 2004 to 2005: period:
A. 27% increase B. 27% decrease A. 3,00,000 Tonnes
C. 21% increase D. 21% decrease B. 5,00,000 Tonnes
18. Approx 34% increase of students in the C. 45,000 Tonnes
year 2005 denotes which discipline: D. None of these
A. Commerce B. Arts 24. The production of wheat in Gujarat in 2013
C. Management D. Engineering is what percent less than the production of
19. The number of students in 2005 in wheat in Uttar Pradesh in 2011:
disciplines agriculture, medicine and A. 16.66% B. 0%
management together is what percent of
C. 40% D. None of these
commerce discipline of 2005:
25. For which of the following years is the
A. 33.33% B. 66.67%
production closest to average yearly
C. 50% D. 10%
production for the entire period?
20. In which discipline the number of students
A. 2010 B. 2011
increased in the year 2005 as compared
to the year 2004 despite the fact that C. 2012 D. 2013
the percentage of candidates decreased in 26. Which one of the following writs can be
the year 2005 as compared to the year issued only against judicial and quasi
2004: judicial authorities?
A. Agriculture B. Medicine A. Mandamus B. Habeas Corpus
C. Engineering D. Management C. Certiorari D. Quo Warranto


27. Match the following in the given sequence A. 7 B. 6

in context of memory: C. 5 D. None of these
A. Very High Speed 1. DVD 34. Which is an example of input device?
B. Non-Volatile & high 2. ROM A. Mouse B. Modem
storage C. Monitor D. CPU
C. External & cheaper 3. Cache 35. Out of a total of 85 children playing
D. Read only 4. Hard Disk Badminton or Table Tennis or both. Total
A. A1, B2, C2, D4 number of girls in the group is 70% of the
B. A1, B3, C4, D2 total number of boys in the group. The
C. A3, B4, C2, D1 number of boys playing only Badminton is
D. A3, B4, C1, D2 50% of the number of boys and total
number of boys playing Badminton is 60%
28. Within how much time from receipt of
of the total number of boys. Number of
request for information concerning life or
children only playing Table Tennis is 40%
liberty of a person the same should be
of the total number of children and a total
provided under RTI ACT?
of 12 children play Badminton and Table
A. 30 days B. 72 hours
Tennis both. What is the number of girls
C. 48 hours D. 24 hours
playing only Badminton?
29. ‘Bluetooth’ which is common in mobile A. 16 B. 14
phones gets its name from:
C. 17 D. None of these
A. Danish 10th Century King
B. U.K. Software Company DIRECTIONS: The following question is followed
C. Greek Goddess by two statements. Select the choice as follows.
D. Google A. If I alone is enough to answer the
30. Which of the following is the correct
expansion of (x + y + z)2: B. If II alone is enough to answer the
A. xy2 + yz2 + zx2 + 2xy + 2yz + 2zx
C. If I & II are both required to answer
B. xyz2 + x2 + y2 + x2 + 2xy + 2yz + 2zx
the question
C. x2 + y2 + z2 + 2xy + 2yz + 2zx
D. If both I & II are insufficient to answer
D. None of these
the question and more data is required.
31. One card is drawn at random from a well-
shuffled pack of 52 cards. What is the 36. At the garage, the car owner was told
probability that, the card is either a red that adjustments has been done and it will
card or a king: now give better kilometerage. Did it
1 7 improve if:
A. B. Conclusion:
13 13
I. Before repairs it travelled 120 km. in
C. D. None of these 10 litres of fuel.
II. After repairs it ran 240 km. on full tank
32. How many squares can be formed by
A. A B. B
joining the center of the circles by
C. C D. D
horizontal and vertical lines:
37. During the recent Prime Minister’s visit to
China, the agreement for establishing
sister – city relation were signed between
India and China. Three given below are
such agreements while one is not. Identify
A. 6 B. 8 the one which is not such agreement:
C. 10 D. None of these A. Chennai and Chongqing
33. In the following series how many B. Hyderabad and Qingdao
consonants come before 3 C. Aurangabad and Dunhuang
3A3F4T7U3 S3TT3JJ3453DX D. Bangluru and Chengdu


38. As per recent approval of Reserve Bank of 43. MS Office is an example of:
India, ING Vysya Bank has been merged A. An operating system
with: B. A telecommunication software
A. ICICI Bank C. A programming language
D. HDFC Bank D. A productivity software
C. Kotak Mahindra Bank 44. The Ufa declaration supported which nation
D. State Bank of India to host the eight BRICS summit in 2016?
39. Who will become the first city to host both A. India B. China
Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics? C. Brazil D. South Africa
A. Sochi B. Pyeongehang 45. What does ‘DLL’ files stands for?
C. Beijing D. Almaty A. Dynamic Link Library
40. The headquarter of International Olympic B. Data Link Layer
Committee is situated at:
C. Dual Link Library
A. Lausanne, Switzerland
D. Delete Link Layer
B. Geneva, Switzerland
46. To prepare presentation/slide show, which
C. Zurich, Switzerland application is commonly used:
D. None of the above A. Photoshop B. Power Point
41. Details of foreign investments in different C. Outlook Express D. Internet Explorer
47. A computer can-not “boot” if it does not
Bank Investment in Million USD have the:
A 0.75 A. Complier
B 1.25 B. Loader
C 1.80 C. Operating system
D 0.90 D. Assembler
E 1.30 48. The diameter of the wheel of a car is 77
F 2.10 cm. How many revolutions will it make to
G 1.90 travel 121 km?
What is the ratio between total investment A. 24200
in bank A and C together to the total B. 30000
investments in Bank E and G together C. 50000
D. 42500
A. 51:64 B. 64:51
49. CANEUS Organization on space
C. 71:64 D. 67:71 technologies is headquartered at:
42. For celebration of his birthday Ram goes to A. Canada
purchase sweets. He needs to buy a
B. Europe
minimum of 300 pieces of rasgulla and 150
pieces of cream roll. Only pre-packed C. USA
packets are available in the shop for these D. Asia
two items. These are economy pack & 50. Identify the wrong match:
premium pack. Economy pack has 4 A. Winner of Monaco Grand Prix 2015 –
rasgulla and 1 cream roll costing ` 25/- per Nico Rosberg
pack and premium pack had 10 rasgulla B. 27th Cope Del Rey title won by –
and 7 cream roll costing ` 75/- per packet. Barcelona
If he has to meet his requirement with the
C. The first country to legalise same sex
premium and economy packs, what is the
marriage – Newzeland
minimum expenditure he has to incur?
D. Country who was declared Ebola free in
A. ` 1575 B. ` 2100
May, 2015 by WHO – Liberia
C. ` 2425 D. ` 2975


DIRECTIONS: The following are the statistics of C. Hill forts of Rajasthan & Jantar Mantar
some matches of a cricket team bowlers and the (Jaipur)
wickets taken. D. Western Ghats & Rock Shelters of
57. In a college, fifteen students of a class are
the members of JKG Tennis Academy and
twelve students are members of St. Teresa
Tennis Academy. If out of these students a
total of 13 belong to only one of the two
academy then how many students belong
to both the academy:
51. If the number of wickets taken by fast A. 2 B. 6
bowlers is 24, the ratio between wickets
C. 7 D. 12
taken by fast bowlers to other bowlers is:
58. Which one of the following minerals is
A. 4:5 B. 2:3
contained in the Monazite sand of Kerala?
C. 2:1 D. None of these
A. Uranium B. Thorium
52. From the following diagram find out correct
answer for the given question. C. Copper D. Petroleum
59. What causes beri beri?
A. Lack of vitamin D
B. Lack of vitamin A
C. Lack of vitamin B1
D. Lack of calcium
60. Name the committee on restructuring of
Indians who are actors but not singers: FCI:
A. b B. c A. M.B. Shah Committee
C. f D. g B. Panagahria Committee
53. Which country launched the world’s first C. Kelkar Committee
electric passenger aircraft named BXIE D. Shanta Kumar Committee
recently? 61. Choose the missing last three letters from
A. Germany B. China the alternatives which are common of all
C. India D. USA the six letters.
54. Count the number of rectangles in the
following figure:

A. 8 B. 17 62. Match List I with List II :
C. 18 D. None of these Books ( List I) Authors ( List II)
55. All of the other hardware in a computer A. Kadambari 1. R. K. Narain
system connect to_________: B. Kamayani 2. Munshi Prem Chand
A. Mother Board B. Mouse C. The Guide 3. Bana Bhatt
C. Modem D. Hard-disk D. Godan 4. Jai Shankar Prasad
56. Which two Indian sites were granted World A. A4, B3, C1, D2
Heritage sites in the year 2014? B. A1, B3, C4, D2
A. The Great Indian National Park & Rani- C. A3, B4, C1, D2
D. A2, B4, C1, D3
B. Western Ghats & Rani-Ki-Vav


DIRECTIONS: There are four diagrams shown 67. Output at Break Even point is that output
below representing relationships between at which producer is able to:
groups. In the question that follow, select the A. Recover only operating cost
diagram that best represents the relationship for
B. Earn a normal profit
the question.
C. Wipe out earlier losses
D. Recover total costs
A. B. 68. This area is termed as territorial water
and resources therein belonging to the
C. D. A. Oceanic area upto 12 nautical miles
63. Organisation, managers, forests: from the coast
A. A B. B
B. Oceanic area upto 19.2 nautical miles
C. C D. D from the coast
64. If any question arises as to whether a
C. Oceanic area upto 15 nautical miles
member of Parliament has become subject
from the coast
to any disqualifications mentioned in clause
(1) of article 102, the question shall be D. Oceanic area upto 20 nautical miles
referred for decision to the ......... and from the coast
decision of the ......... shall be final; 69. An insect flies from the corner A to corner
A. Speaker of the house B of a cubic room in 4 seconds where A & B
B. Supreme Court of India are diagonally opposite corners. The side of
C. President of India the room is 4 m. The speed of the insect
D. Election Commission of India is:
65. Bootstrap Loader is always stored in: A. √3 m/sec B. 2√3 m/sec
A. ROM B. RAM C. √2 m/sec D. 2√2 m/sec
C. Disk D. Cache 70. Chronologically arrange the visits of
DIRECTIONS: In the following question, each following pilgrims/ historical personalities
question is followed by two statements labeled I to India:
and II in which certain data is given. You have to A. Thomas Roe
decide whether the data given in the statements
B. Fa Hien
are sufficient to answer the question. Using the
data given together with your everyday C. Huen Tsang
knowledge, choose. A. B C A B. B A C
A. If statements I alone is sufficient but C. C A B D. A B C
statement II alone is not sufficient to
71. The difference between the length and
answer the question.
breadth of a rectangle is 23 m. If its
B. If statement II alone is sufficient but
perimeter is 206 m, then its area is:
statement I alone is not sufficient to
answer the question. A. 2520 m2 B. 2480 m2
C. If both statement I and II together are C. 2420 m2 D. None of these
sufficient to answer but neither
( Two) (Six ) = 9 ,
2 2
statement alone is sufficient to answer 9
72. If = , then
(Five) 16 (Seven)2 25
the question.
D. If I & II together are not sufficient to
answer the question and additional =:
information is required?
66. What is Z?
I. 3x + 45 + 5z = 120 25 16
A. B.
II. 4x + 72 + 3y = 130 9 9
A. A B. B 9 9
C. C D. D C. D.
49 36


73. “The State shall endeavor to provide early 79. The Chilka lake region is situated between
childhood care and education of all children the deltas of:
until they complete the age of six years”. A. Krishna and Kaveri
This is a provision under: B. Godavari and Krishna
A. Article 21A of the constitution of India C. Ganga and Mahanadi
relating to fundamental right D. Mahanadi and Godavari
enumerated in part III. 80. Shah Jahan fought the battle of Kartapur
B. Article 51A relating to Fundamental against–
duties enumerated in Part IV A of The A. Guru Hargovind singh
Constitution of India
B. Guru Har Kishan
C. Article 45 relating to directive
C. Guru Har Rai
principles of state policy enumerated in
D. Guru Teg Bahadur
part IV of the constitution of India
D. Article 38 of the directive principles DIRECTIONS: Complete the Series in the
of State policy to secure a social order following figures.
for the promotion of welfare of the
81. Question figure
74. In a row of 36 pupils, the first boy is
followed by one girl, the second boy is
followed by 2 girls, the third by 3 girls and
so on like this. What is the number of girls
Answer figure
in the second half of the row?
A. 16 B. 14
C. 15 D. 18
75. SMTP stands for:
A. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
B. Structured mail Transfer Protocol
DIRECTIONS: Select the suitable alternative to
C. Simple Message Transmission Protocol
satisfy the relationship in the following question.
D. Simple Message truncated Protocol
76. A sum of Rs. 8000 generates Rs. 1261 as 82. Question figure
compound interest in 3 years, interest
being compounded annually. The rate of
compound interest is:
A. 20% B. 2.5% Answer figure
C. 10% D. 5%
77. 12 men and 18 boys working 217 hours a
day can do a work in 60 days. If one man
works equal to 2 boys, then the number of
boys required to help 21 men to do twice
the work in 50 days working 9 hours a day DIRECTIONS: Complete the series in the figures
will be: given below.
A. 42 B. 44 83. Question figure
C. 46 D. None of these
78. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Collapsed only 5
minutes into his lecture at IIM, Shillong.
Name this lecture.
Answer figure
A. Creating a livable planet earth
B. Ignited minds
C. Forge your future
D. Transforming dreams into actions


84. All A’s are B’s and all Bs are C’s is best A. 59:99:69 B. 56:99:69
represented by which diagram: C. 56:96:69 D. None of these
90. In a certain code STREAMLINE is written as
in that code?
A. K B. L 91. A man starts walk from the point and
C. M D. N walked 12 kms towards North. He turned
85. Select the suitable alternative to satisfy the 90° left and walked a distance and
relationship. stopped. If the distance between initial
Arctic : Antarctic : : Cancer: point and final position is 13 kms, how
A. Disease B. Capricorn much distance he travelled after turning
C. Population D. Equator from North?
86. When the office of the Chief Justice of India A. 3 kms B. 4 kms
is vacant or when the chief justice is by C. 5 kms D. 6 kms
reason of absence or otherwise unable to 92. In which one of the following Union
perform the duties of his office, Who shall Territories, do the people of the onge tribe
have the authority to appoint acting chief live?
justice as per Article 126 the constitution
A. Andaman and Nicobar Island
of India?
B. Daman and Diu
A. The Registrar General of supreme
Court C. Dadar and Nagar Haveli
B. The President of India D. Lakshadweep
C. Automatic appointment of the Senior 93. Who is credited with the discovery of
most Judge of the supreme Court as Electron?
acting chief Justice A. E. Goldstein
D. The Attorney General of India B. J. J. Thompson
DIRECTIONS: In the following question a C. James Chadwick
number series is given. After the series a number D. Rutherford
is given followed by (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e). You
94. In a database table, the category of
have to complete the series starting with the
information is called:
number given following the sequence of the
given series and answer the question given A. Tuple B. Field
below the series. C. Record D. Attribute
95. The circuit used to store one bit of data is
87. 3 10 26 83 336 1683
known as:
7 (a) (b) (c) (d) (e)
A. Register B. Encoder
What will come in place of (b)
C. Decoder D. Flip flop
A. 32 B. 30
C. 34 D. None of these GENERAL ENGLISH
88. Pick the odd one out.
96. What is the opposite of “Worthy”?
A. 16:40 B. 20:50
C. 22:55 D. 12:28 A. Ugly B. Undeserving
89. The income of Anil, Firoz and Ketan are in C. Valuable D. Dishonourable
the ratio 7:9:12 and their spending are in 97. What is the opposite of “Hapless”?
the ratio 8:9:15. If Anil saves 1/4 of his A. Kind B. Significant
income, then the saving of Anil, Firoz and
C. Lucky D. Distinct
Ketan are in the ratio:


DIRECTIONS: In the following question arrange DIRECTIONS: (Question No. 105 to 108)
the given sentences/phrases in a coherent Read the following passage and give the answers
sequence and select the corresponding choice of the following questions.
(1), (2), (3), (4).
The refusal of British to be a part of European
98. Jumbled sentences/phrases
Union (EU) with greater political unification is
M Defence personnel was cancelled
unfortunate. It does not mean that one European
N To see the
community with free movement of goods, people
O Many people did not go
and ideas is redundant. Notwithstanding its
P Republic day parade as
economic vows there is no denying that the
Q The march past by
fundamental post–national ideal of EU has held
Europe in good stead leading to an era of
unprecedented peace and cooperation. There is a
99. Mark the appropriate words to fill in the
need to learn from the downturn is that currency
union without fiscal union is flawed. The solution
It is raining heavily, take ………… umbrella.
is greater integration and alignment of financial,
A. The B. An
political and legal structures of member states.
C. A D. Some
The argument that Europe with its diverse
100. In the following question, four options have
language and cultures cannot survive as a union,
been given. Identify the option which has
doesn’t cut ice either. Just like the diversity in
correct usage of preposition:
India, there is no reason why the EU cannot fuse
A. I prefer milk than tea
into a political union. Having congruence in
B. He needs a pen to write with
foreign policy, a ‘United States of Europe’ is the
C. He is ill from fever
next logical step for the common economic bloc;
D. He ordered for two cups of tea
and if Britain does not join, it stands to be
DIRECTIONS: Given below are the four
spellings of the same word. Choose the correct
105. What is the message the author wants to
give in this passage?
A. Integration will help member states to
A. Anoynymous B. Anonemous
consolidate their power and supremacy
C. Anonymous D. Annonymous
B. Fiscal integration is must for Member
102. She said, “oh dear! I have just missed the
C. Unity within diversity for member
A. She regretted that she just missed the
D. Britain should go for fiscal, political and
B. She said with regret that she had just
economic integration
missed the bus.
106. What does it mean to convey– the
C. She exclaimed that she has just missed
fundamental post national ideal of EU?
the bus.
A. Self-contained autonomy of nation
D. She narrated that she just missed the
B. Cultural, demographic and economic
103. Identify which is not adverb from among
integration of member states
following underlined words in the given
C. Transnational flow of capital,
communication and people across
She sings pretty well. I do my work
carefully. He is wise enough to understand
D. Economic growth and development all
the trick. The flower smells sweet:
member states
A. Pretty B. Carefully
107. What do you mean by the term ‘does not
C. Enough D. Sweet
cut ice either’ in this passage?
104. Pick the correct spelt word.
A. To penetrate with a sharp edge
A. Stretchar B. Stretcher
B. To have a frozen surface of a body
C. Stratcher D. Strecher
C. To make no inroads
D. To have no influence or making no


108. What is the logic of UK for not joining the DIRECTIONS: Each of the question consists of a
EU? sentence with four underlined parts, one of which
A. Maintaining its sovereignty and is incorrect as per standard use of English
autonomy language. Identify the incorrect part.
B. It will have adverse impact on fiscal
Had I realized your house was
growth of Britain 114. / /
(A) (B)
C. Its money will be devalued
D. It will lose its cultural identity such a long way off I would take a taxi
(C) (D)
DIRECTIONS: The question consists of an idiom
followed by four alternative words or phrases A. A B. B
giving the possible meaning of idiom. Select the C. C D. D
alternative which gives closest meaning of the DIRECTIONS: Each of the question consists of a
idiom. sentence with four underlined parts, one of which
109. Feathering one’s nest is incorrect as per standard use of English
A. Enriching oneself at the expense of language. Identify the incorrect part.
public choose only such friends That you
B. Buying insurance in time 115. / / /
(A) (B) (C )
C. Taking adequate precaution against
danger can trust
D. Making a new home (D)
A. A B. B
DIRECTIONS: Fill the sentence with appropriate
preposition. C. C D. D

110. Ram died .................. overwork and DIRECTIONS: Against each key word are given
exhaustion: four suggested meanings. Choose the word or
phrase which is nearest in meaning to given
A. Of B. From
C. With D. In
116. Propitious:
DIRECTIONS: Fill the sentence with appropriate
A. Favorable B. Similar
C. Humble D. Versatile
111. White ants eat .............. wood:
DIRECTIONS: Against each key word are given
A. Of B. To
four suggested meanings. Choose the word or
C. Into D. In
phrase which is nearest in meaning to given
DIRECTIONS: Fill the sentence with appropriate word.
117. Affront:
112. You can surely count .............. me: A. Exile B. Contour
A. In B. Upon C. Eruption D. Indignity
C. By D. On
DIRECTIONS: The sentence have been given in
DIRECTIONS: The question consists of an idiom active voice. From the given alternatives, choose
followed by four alternative words or phrases the one which best expresses the given sentence
giving the possible meaning of idiom. Select the in passive voice and mark your answer in the
alternative which gives closest meaning of the answer sheet.
118. A lion does not eat grass, however, hungry
113. In apple pie order: he may be:
A. Last in the sequence A. Grass is not eaten by a lion, however
B. By government order hungry he may be
C. Everything in its place B. Grass is not being eaten by a lion,
D. Neatly demolished however hungry he may be


C. Grass is eaten not by a lion, however the words are arranged properly, they make a
hungry he may be readable sentence. Pick a choice which gives
D. Grass is being not eaten by a lion the correct sequence of words.
despite being hungry
120. Burnt, fire, a, child, dreads, the:
119. Pick the correct spelt word.
1 2 3 4 5 6
A. Cannebalism
A. 314562
B. Cannebelism
B. 314265
C. Cannebilism
C. 624135
D. Cannibalism
D. 246531
DIRECTIONS: The words of proverbs and
sentences are given in a jumbled manner. If