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Closed for Christmas

Both Tamworth and Quirindi offices will be closed at 5:00

pm Friday 21 December and will reopen at 9:00 am on
Monday 7 January. For all those that we do not see
between now and Christmas, enjoy the holidays and we will
see you in 2008.
Issue 7 October 2007
Tamworth Community College
Community College News
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Tamworth NSW 2340 Quirindi—Phone: 6746 4150
www.tamworthcc.nsw.edu.au admin@tamworthcc.nsw.edu.au

ACE Connections CGEA 2007 Learnscope Project

Judi Gowing organised and facilitated a very successful NSW
Learnscope Project this year on behalf of the College.
The project:

 explore the issues around online and blended learning for LLN
 explore a range of online freeware such as Wikispaces, blogs, e-
portfolios and e-journaling;
 access online learning activities and create assessment tools for
the implementation of the new CGEA;
 create a network of LLN practitioners;
 trial online learning activities and validated assessment tasks
with a target group of learners.

One of the last events organised for the project was a Regional
Learnscope day with visitors from QUT, TAFE and NSW Learn-
scope. We even had a couple of visiting lecturers on line from the
Vivian Evans and Judi Gowing set the online sceen as the conference started and the
first guest speaker was Anna Moulder from Regional ABC discussing the changes to the
ABC WEB site and how it will become an interactive site for all listeners. We learnt on
the day how to use Wiki spaces, MySpace and WEB 3 programs. What a wonderful
way to learn and stay in touch with students, tutors and peers.

College Art Show

On Friday, November 9th at 6:00 pm the
students of the Tamworth Community
College will again exhibit their works of art at
the annual art show. We are hoping to have
a larger venue this year but are still waiting
for confirmation of a location so at this stage
the exhibition will be at the college. For
those wishing to exhibit art or other items
they will need to be at the college by 10am
on Thursday morning.
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Toni Gagie has worked for the college during the last 4 years and
as a reward (that’s what we tell her) she is starting full time
employment for the college in November. Congratulations Toni,
your hard work and dedication to the college has paid off.

2008 Pay Rates

At the last management committee meeting the committee passed new pay rates for the tutors
and coordinators beginning on 1 January 2008. Below is a list of new pay rates. Thankyou all
for a wonderful year in 2007 and trust you will all be back to offer classes in 2008.

Tamworth Community College Rates of Pay

Commencing 1 Januarry 2008
Pay Scale 1-Jun-06 1-Jan-08
Course Co-ordinator $ 22 $ 32
Tutor Level 5 $ 40 $ 46
Tutor Level 4 Negotiated
Tutor Level 3 $ 32 $ 35
Tutor Level 2 $ 31 $ 34
Tutor Level 1 $ 30 $ 33
Tutor fee for service (non accredited) $ 35
Tutor fee for Service (accredited) $ 35 $ 46

Recycle used Cartridges and Mobile Phones

Adding to the recycling of spent printer and photocopier
cartridges we send to Planet Ark, we have also introduced the
“The principal recycling of mobile phones. If you have used cartridges or
goal of education mobile phones (proceeds to the Spastic Centre) to dispose of
drop them into the Tamworth office.
is to create men
who are capable Home and Leisure Fair.
of doing new At the TREC on Saturday and
things, not simply Sunday 20/21 October the
repeating what College will be showing off
many of the wonderful things
other generations
that we do at Tamworth
have done”.
Community College. Linking Mature Aged People to
As a tutor, you are the best
Jean Piaget (1896 person to promote what your Training
-1980) Swiss course covers so if you have an
Are you over 40 and want to:
cognitive hour or two available could you
Change career paths? Return to the workforce?
psychologist. let Toni know and she will Get a promotion? Seeking work (after redun-
arrange for you to be on the dancy)?
College stand sometime over Contact the College for
the weekend. FREE assistance and training.