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The qualitative differences between genres in music by MINT Artists

Kevin Jeong, Sean Raphael Marcelo, Kern Faminialagao

Meridian International Business, Arts and Technology College

The qualitative differences between genres in music by MINT Artists 1





A category of artistic composition, as in music or literature,

characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.

Genre Theory is a collective term used to describe theoretical approaches that are

concerned with how similar situations generate typified responses called genres, which serve as a

platform for both creating an understanding based on shared expectations. It is important for the

audience because they want to describe what their interests are. The origins of the word comes

from the french word ‘kind’ or ‘class’, It helps them gather similar content easily as well. Peter

van der Merwe, treats the term genre and style as the same, saying that genre should be defined as

pieces of music that share a certain style or "basic musical language."

Douglass M. Green states that genres are different from form. In his book Form in Tonal

Music, He lists madrigal, motet, canzona and ricercar as examples of genres from the Renaissance

period. To further clarify the meaning of genre, Green writes, "Beethoven's Op. 61 and

Mendelssohn's Op. 64 are identical in genre—both are violin concertos—but different in form.

However, Mozart's Rondo for Piano, K. 511, and the Agnus Dei from his Mass, K. 317, are quite

different in genre but happen to be similar in form.

Background Of The Study

The qualitative differences between genres in music by MINT Artists 2

Musical genres have been started to gain more attention every since different genres of

rock evolved, and when electronic dance music was popularized and started to grow more

subgenres (in the 1990s and 2010s circa), Most brands were more interested in which genre a

song could be whenever they hear something new concept or unique composition. Most experts

may know when that particular song is part of a genre by familiarity. But by the end of the day,

it’s still decided by ear for most people. And a solid structure isn’t very well known to people.

The reason that Genre theory is not very well known because it doesn’t have to be for most

people, Although seldom artists need them and can possibly ruin an experience for the audience,

It still plays a major role in the music industry.

Statement of The Problem

The Research Paper aims to reach the following question:

The qualitative differences between genres in music by MINT Artists 3

● To assess themes of music of MINT Artists and possible influences

● To summarize the music and common theme of MINT Artists

Objective of The Study

The researcher aims to solve the following:

● What Are The Prevailing Theme Of Music Written By MINT Artists?

● How has the mint creative community influenced how and what

MINT Artists write about?

● What themes have become more successful?

● How diverse or limited is the community?

Significance of The Study

The researcher aims to benefit the following:

● Labels who struggle to sort the music of MINT Artists

● MINT Artists who struggle to sort their music and want to try something new.

● Artists managers, fans & critiques who are interested in the topic of which music theme is

the most successful according to music from MINT Artists..


The study will be preceded by Qualitative research & Content analysis.

The qualitative differences between genres in music by MINT Artists 4

Data Gathering Process

The data for the study will be gathered by

● Interviewing MINT artists who are considered legitimate in the industry (Qualitative)

● Analyzing the music theme and it’s lyrics (Content Analysis)

Scopes and Limitations

The research has limited its test subjects to:

● MINT Artists (That are immersed into the community and culture)

● Bands which the main writer is a MINT Artist

● MINT Artists which has been a student of MINT for 2 years or more

● Music released by MINT Artists (2017 - 2019)

● Current MINT Artists that are current students or graduates


The following artists have been interviewed and has been asked the given questions.

● Artist Name

● Genre of Creations

● Target Audience

● Number of Songs Released by Year

● Streams & Ranking

● Artist’s Perspective of Creation

● How Long The Artists Have Been Making Music

● Artist's Influences
The qualitative differences between genres in music by MINT Artists 5

● Artist’s Perspective of The MINT Music Industry


Artist Name: Sam Ayson

Genre: Pop

Target Audience: Teens to Yuppies

Number of Songs (Year): 1

Streams: 766k (Kahit Na)

Perspective on Self Music: "Hugot Sony"

Music Experience: 6 Years

Artist's Influences: No Mention

Perspective on MINT Music: "Very genius in terms of music"

Artist Name: Suspiria Pink

Genre: Punk Rock

Target Audience: Everyone

Number of Songs (Year): 12

Streams: No Mention

Perspective on Self Music: "Fun & Energetic"

The qualitative differences between genres in music by MINT Artists 6

Music Experience: 7 Years

Artist's Influences: Beatles & Fall Out Boy

Perspective on MINT Music: "Acoustic Pop Players"

Artist Name: izzy mariano

Genre: Pop

Target Audience: Everyone (Except Gen W & Older)

Number of Songs (Year): 3

Streams: No Mention

Ranking: Crush (1st), 24/7 (2nd), Anchor (3rd)

Perspective on Self Music: "heavily influenced by the internet, a product of daydreaming all the


Music Experience: 3 Years (Writing Since 12)

Artist's Influences: Kero Kero Bonito, Grimes, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Mitski

Perspective on MINT Music: "The music scene in MINT is running on positive reinforcement

and encouragement. In my opinion, there is a lack of criticism in our school’s music scene."

Artist Name: King Gonzales

Genre: Pop

Target Audience: Youth (& Working Class)

Number of Songs (Year): None

Music Experience: Writing Since 15

Artist's Influences: Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran

The qualitative differences between genres in music by MINT Artists 7

Perspective on MINT Music: "They're mostly quite indie and rap."

Artist Name: Meg Mangoba

Genre: Rock

Target Audience: Teens & Young Adults

Number of Songs (Year): 3

Streams: No Mentions

Ranking: Alam Mo Ba (1st), If I Were To Be Honest (2nd), Good Time (3rd)

Perspective on Self Music: "I'd describe them to be really raw and full of emotions. There is

honesty and vulnerability in my music. That's why my main genre is rock because it perfectly

captures the extremeness of my emotions."

Music Experience: 3 Years (Writing Since 11)

Artist's Influences: Taylor Swift, Paramore, and Avril Lavigne.

Perspective on MINT Music: "I appreciate the music scene in MINT because it's very diverse,

and most of the people in it are supportive and are very helpful and collaborative. Anyone who

makes music CAN make music and can put it out. However, I noticed that there is a lot of

favoritism and exclusivity with artists, especially during events. You will always see the same

people performing no matter how many events MINT has. I wish they would give other artists

the same opportunities because MINT has sooooo many great, talented artists with different

sounds. They deserve to be given the spotlight and to further shine in the spotlight to be seen and


Content Analysis
The qualitative differences between genres in music by MINT Artists 8

There are many themes of music, however there are a few common themes that we will use to

categorize these songs. Here are a few examples of music we collected so far.

● Society

○ TRYX & Zelijah - Good Morning (2017)

○ Clara Benin - Wrestle (2018)

○ Elm World - ILMB (2019)

○ Loosh - Hands Up (2019)

○ EJ De Perio - Balang Araw (2019)

● Friendship & Family

○ EJ De Pero - Home (2017)

○ Elle Sebastian - Huminahon (2018)

● Love

○ Fern. - Into You (2017)

○ Meg Mangoba - I’m Tired (2017)

○ EJ De Perio - Muni (2017)

○ Zelijah - Oh, Darling (2017)

○ Zelijah - Feeling (2017)

○ Fern. - Started (2018)

○ Fern. - Are you Mine (2018)

○ Fern. - Wanna Dance With You (2018)

The qualitative differences between genres in music by MINT Artists 9

○ Fern. - Only You (2018)

○ Fern. - Down For Me (2018)

○ Elle Sebastian - Panahon (2018)

○ Elm World - Candy (2018)

○ Elise Huang - Coffee (2018)

○ Izzy Mariano & Malli - 24/7 (2019)

○ Fern. - SWEET (2019)

● Heartbreak

○ Zelijah - Halika (2017)

○ Fern. - Take Control (2018)

○ Fern. - Lie 2 Me (2018)

○ Fern. - Lost (2018)

○ Jorik Katalbas - Say it In Time (2018)

○ Jorik Katalbas - As If You Were Mine (2018)

○ Elm World - Ghosted (2018)

○ Cid Palma - Beautiful Lies (2018)

○ Elise Huang - Nights (2018)

○ Elise Huang - Won’t Stop (2018)

○ Elise Huang - Not Gonna Try (2019)

○ Elise Huang - Current State (2019)

○ Fern. - Dance For Me (2019)

○ Meg Mangoba - If I Were To Be Honest (2019)

The qualitative differences between genres in music by MINT Artists 10

○ Meg Mangoba - Good Time (2019)

○ Meg Mangoba - Alam Mo Ba (2019)

○ Izzy Mariano - Crush (2019)

○ Izzy Mariano - Anchor (2019)

○ EJ De Perio - Tama Na (2019)





Genre Theory is a topic which the researcher wanted to tackle for some time, this research has

definitely been interesting for him and he’s thankful to his professor and his partners for the

opportunity. He is also thankful for his friends for emotional support, and family for helping ease

his sleep during a hard week of nonstop projects.

The qualitative differences between genres in music by MINT Artists 11












The qualitative differences between genres in music by MINT Artists 12

Qualitative Research - by Opinions of Producers, Managers & Fans

Quantitative Research - by Algorithm