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aT ahs 4) CL aT ae if i. a 3 EI ct OF an} Still the perfect answer for all of your varnishing needs, UTTAR UE LAD POU RUC USS Gy eC LC EL ETH ES) Tet www.alclad2.com Chie Ealtor “Javier Loper de Anca Original deo and Art clrector Mig Jimenez Ector Management Carlos Cuesta Estria coordination loki Cantalapied over ‘Antonio Alonso Layout Kommad Publicidad Si. J. David Hernénde3 Article Assictant Jain Hamilton Alatsivar Photographer dose lan Sting & Community Manage Elizabeth Wiese ‘tying Assistant | Mila Gomez Alasira Barbara A. Collaborators Hong Hwan Jong Jaime Pastor Transaton César Oliva Marta Ramirez Gomez The Weathering alert by ‘SHEDU ON DUTY, SL ‘heweaainsicalom ISSN 2340-289% November 2015 Anew beginning, anew dream ‘When analyzing the publisiing world, we might get the feeling that everything has already been done. But, at the same time we can't help but thinking of what we'd lke to seein print, or something different ‘we can offer to our readership. It's in these moments that we think thought creating a new publication, not only considering what i being done now, but what more there Is to. It was for this reason it was necessary to combine Acci6f Press” long experience with the new fresh approach provided by AMMO of Mig; to combine the best of both worlds and offer a novel view of aircraft modeling, ‘The aircraft modeler has been demanding a specialized magazine for along time, wishing or a move away from the general modeling publication whose contents combine aircraft, military vehicles, figures and diorama subjects. We want fo fulfil those wishes, but with an open mind and a broad range of subjects ‘everything from the early aviation pioneers in thelr wood & fabric ‘winged bicycles’ to the latest Sc-F spaceships. And, in this increasingly globalized world with many influences, we won't lit ourselves to Just one specific modeling schoolcr a handful nationalities, but rather this magazine wll be ashowcase of ‘modelers from all around the world. In this vein, we have selected contributors fom fve different counties for this frst issue, ech one of them with thelr own personal style ‘At this point you might be asking yourself: What am | supposed to get from The Weathering Aircraft? Many books and magazines have focused on assembly, or onto a single modaling style, and for this reason |we want - vathout dismissing these important aspects (Relax guys and gis!) - bring you into a world of painting and weathering opportunites, ‘The subject of this initial isue & Panel Lines. Within the following pages we will feature a solection of step-by-step artices as presented by well-known modelers - each example aimed at showing you haw to et good results. We'll explain how to scribe pane! lines, access doors and hatches using different tools and templates. Wel also deal with rivets: how to achieve straight ines and techniques to represent raised rivets, And this is only the Beginning of the journey, as we'll complete the process by showing how to highlight these details with diferent weathering techniques and products - so as 1o make the most out of the painting and achieve the most realistic effects \We have emberked on this undertaking with great hopes. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do, Por Javier Lopez de Anca = INDEX = MiG-29 Fulcrum ‘The Mig-29, the iconic symbol of the modern Russian Air Force; let's see how Hwan Jang employs different process on this aircraft's surface pa- hele depending upon the base color. p20.6 Hellcat Mk.It ‘A Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Hellcat, operating in the Pacific Thester, is the focus of an article by Jamie Pastor who expertly ex- plains how to create the distinctive Weathering and fading effects. pag. 14 2 Buckeye Julio Fuentes ventures into a mod requiring alot of work, achieving an txcellent result in the end. This or- ticle shows how to enhance panel i= nesand other surface details by way of weathering and painting effects. ag. 24 Fw190 AS Philippe Roger addresses the pro- bblem of how to make rivets and pa- rol lines stand out on dark colors, fand how to blend them into mare kings and insignia. of aggressor eircraft is their someti- mes very colorful camouflage sche- mes. In this article, Jamie Haggo shew how to emphasize the panel lines of s well-maintained Japanese F-15) ever an attractive, mult-toned camouflage, X-Wing The Rebel Alliance's X-Wing fighters have faced the most extreme clima- tic conditions in their everlasting battle with the Empire. Yang Yu Pel je" takes the most of a very simple kit, taking weathering possibilities to the limitin panels. doors, access hat- ches and other surface details of this mythical starfighter. 09.56 Un cert the only option for those we a, hing bl the i628 asthe feng fom Academy it that ft macht be desired in pr eee crates ay inex effort to biog Itup t an scape ie DB, Now GWHhas entered the fray witha very well detaled m2 2 14h sea. The pone Slat erent a eee and weaponry wel precanie, Howat eae eer eee ming that ll ned attention, Primary, the pene eae ete eee te ee in bling he mol ut sped orphan eee eee A the theme of this izeue. When It came to pain: ting and weathering there are of course ap- tions; if you look at some aircraft operating in j different countries you will see that their pla- nes are clean and show no dirt stains, Howe ver, I feel that an old, faded and dirty exterior looks more intriguing. THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT 1 PANELS / 7 Before painting the main color, | paint the areas of accent colors such asthe interior of the air makes and nese, To besin. | opply the bese color for the giay ateae sing GSI 308 and white mi sed 7030 rai The green ‘areas are painted using GSL 306, 303 and biue and ye+ low in 50:40535 rato. ©) Fading effets are given tothe ‘ray panel: by adding white ‘to the base color. The color 5 brushed onto the centers of ‘the panels in a tandem, coud | When epphing the fading eects “the pat srould be tinned cons erably and the air pressure should be st as law 2 posible 8 / THE WEATHER! Farts that share the same colors, such as the landing (5 The faded green colori painting using the base green color mixed wth white earcover and dcp tark shoulabobeworkeddurrg 89:20. thie stage n odor to maintain 3 nied appesrance. “7PFor panel shacing on the gray _tea used GS 306, with empha- sit on the panel ines, rather than = the panels. {2} On the green areas, again, a darker color us0d to shade tho panel ines; 105% G51 lack being |3ddec to tha baze green color parclines, Ths color used ofbo green ake [i) The G51 305 colors alo acpied on the bottom of the airra ar shading, Howe ver in this case the appFeation should leak mare random s0 28 not to over. power the mano-tone col. “lappy a goss varish over the finishes paintwork toen- sure smooth sirlace fr the decal and washes, This ‘photo shows the wash in progress (ver the gloss cot) Using AMMO enamel PLY cobs, 2 me The enamel panel wash scleaned from the surfacesina metion tem (E) The excess panel wash & removed using a cotton swab moistened ‘rant o back the same direction ofthe afin. wih thins important thatthe snab not be overly moist just ‘enough ae ‘the surfaces while leaving color in the surface re- 10 | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / PANELS [E) When painting the fuselage like to give erohasis on ‘each panel and pand no, This is accomplished by apalying light end dak shading, followed by gone ine washes I the aircraft is supposed tobe expose in hash weather conditions and thetefo- re tarmshed heal, these ligt and care shades gose to extreme ends to emphasis the elect ful i S15 Sine these aees ae not vile, ete sno ree Yeap Fating [> Alter the wash the cable ard abl tes ete be pind he” celos to the lrg ger bay. However te surface detaaeen- REIN ser nd the ee lak hanced using thinned blac enamel wash J a Poor decal wore an sey nn the overall f:) For panel nes covered by 3 decal, use 3) Fornbet rls wee Snes to recente ‘ppesrarce when t comes to peel ines lade to cu the deca oer the panne dots. Once finshed wih te ite and nee | ‘and ive mats. Since the daca supplied de work, reapply a wash local to unly wth the tae rather tick, is para the apnerance ofthe fh. lary important to take eave of this area ‘aftorthe cecal are applied. ji 12 | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / PANELS ae OT Ta ‘prime layer heps to detect any remaining preblems its impar tantto check that al panel and vet ne vl reman visi Freshcling a technique becoming les usec among atta mo: delers, but increasing in popuany in the AFV scene thanks tothe Bleck & White technique Aeron ard elevator its ace masked off with thin sti of tape In thi way the areas along the rb wllbe shaded, whereas the rb themselves remain ina ight colo. The goal isto erhance panel and rvet lines to allow the showing through the subsequent carouilage colors The guy coors then applied i thin coats, being careful to avoid completly covering the prachasing wore The upper surfaces ate painted hy the usual FAA colors - Agata tra Dat Sea Grey 87 and Dark Slate Grey B8- Ling Blu ack a¢ rmesking mater th.s obtaining an anes hard edge The finshed camouflage scheme. The prevousl acpled presha {est rows though the coors “Another method to enhance and make the panel and ristlnesstand cut medium gray color applied wth a ‘ine tipped brush in a random {sto add sll chips and scratches elong them. pattern, Although it can scem 2 litle hash now, these effects wil be softened and blended in by the next steps. The undersides inthe FAA weve painted Agar BS Sky Type Sf the | pre-shading isl too notceabe, you can abrush 2 ght misting of the base color, sinilr fone’ te reduce [A loss coat protects the base colors are also of reat help during decal pplication, Another second! coat of amish applied aver top ‘of the decals seals and protects them from damage during the fo lowing weather steps il paints can be safely applied over the gloss acrylic surface to make subtle paint effects on the panels; slishtty darkening some aaze, bln- and ne to the wing roots as theee areas the most walkedion ae By ding ofthe chips of creating some spatter ond stain fect, both pots and ground crev \ These ol effects shouldbe stressed on the ore exposed upper surace THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT. 1 PANELE Yelow tones were Used over the green comouilage color end earth to 1 fhe wo use blade ol fs over the gray. This ad 10 the overall prefer to use a medium ory. G5 Te centtl bly aren received most The panel ine wash is more conttasted and fu stains eff the lighter uncersdes surtace esrble eect, as these areas tend to date lots of it and grime. Hor, Ive aeady applied black wash over the pane! ines thet go the decal, and acd sore scratch marks to further blend hem inc the covert finn, Frere oats can be used to engrave panel ines, both commercial and Sailemade ones with a sewing needle. The mecharical penc is also == ultw mork the lines and the ena thin glue is used 10 smooth oMt any rough ede, TOOLS tis quite normal to find that the kt lacks some panel, door or acess hath, To scribe them well use these metal templates SCRIBING PA Semmes 20 | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / PANELS Fre key port wen choosing a riveting tals the sale were working tir the bigpe the sale, the larger the separation among the teeth needs tobe “These tapas can be really useful when cing @ stright ne. Th SPE cial feature cond in thatthe can be adepted perfecto the sface Ainhout moving, Besides ths, being that they on the sf sce they help sto avoid accdental sips bres puty can b 4b ut refine the feo oo tered in acoh cific to reach aa ‘ong, staight and senple panel line on the underside Now, lean the resulting burr wath 1000 ot Tama sandpa example of how 2 missing ine, | stat by holding the it, the lin i smoothed with a ight aoelcation of Tamive Extra | centinue with a ight pas of the serbing too ‘ “hin cement he a Plastic shaving forming, STHERING AIRCRAFT / PANELS / 21 5 Dymo tape is great for guiding the tool an Oncepostionsd, we proceed 2s explained in | Hee im using finer scribes and PE tem curved surfaces. the previous stops. plate held place with Tamiya masking tape ‘sen alternative to abe making tae, A dificult ate, lke the radome cone «an be worked out with a cured tem= pate Heteitisquite tough to hold the straight fedoe trom waning 0 the metal tere @ plate tld in pace with tape. Care use of the scibing too) is needed 10 avaid sipping nto an undesired rea, We can use an ul In some areas @ curved blade wl be of great help, ARer reengavng the panel Ine, a quick as with ultrathin ‘ge ovens the su face and smoothes any training tough ese, teafine razor saw to repar the lines lot when joining the ‘wo fuslage haves The RB Productions tol has a serated outer edge thats perfect for An oll tocthbnush i seful 1a clean the dust resus produced by restoring pane! ines around tight cures, tne sanding The sanding sponge helps us to tidy up, but be careful not to sand and finally Tamiya Extra Th used a3 finaly uo tao much athenvize the lines became too faint agen 22 | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT PANELS SCRIBING RIVET LINES oh Now, I sow two cferent ways to make new rivet Ines fist @ With the first methed, once the template ished in place wth tape, template with epacing, and then 2 pounce veel or pattem tracer We teed 10 use It as a guide to Indiv. erbass every ret © tof Fvating tot wth the point of need, — Be by For the second option Iiluse the rting tool al the fat en of he ass tho whoel onto the desrad areas to get ane ret ine, AS ts template os 9 guide, necessary to epply some pressure, its actualy preferable to do the fiveting before amembling the wings and main fuselage pars 7 . 1 ‘though using the riveting tool & much To vescrbe doors and inspction hatches | Once the rivet work is done they nes a ‘quicker than engraving each and evary hol the template firmly in pice and thon ight sanding, asthe too! foees the plas rivet indvdualy, leaves a square rather the lines are mares with a cider pavers around the edge ofthe rivet mark ‘than round mark, £01 go over them wth creating small riges in the surfac, The ‘the emossing tol enyray. sanding generates mare dst that reeds to be cleanest a at brush or blowing ar THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / PANELS { 23 Julio Fuente Diaz STEER ET AS STS Td Ra TG ‘Tho North American 7-2 Buckeye was the first trainer jet in the US Navy, and was in service since 1959 until its retirement in 2004. It served to get a first grounding in jt flight for new pilots before it also became a combat aircraft. 231 units wore produced, and wore named after the Buckeye tree, the state tree and also a nickname for the residents of the state of Ohio where the aircraft was designed and built. After serving for almost 50 years they were sold to Venezuela and the Greek Air Force. Many planes are new in private hands. | took inspiration to paint my madel from a several photos of two well-worn US aircraft, where patched and ‘completely repainted areas, scratches, tidemark stains and other weathering effects can be appreciated. THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT { PANELS / 25 | star by afrushing tho azo cont. Forth Ive used Tamya XF-18, ‘although instruction call for Gunze H315 and there another ater naive fom the Agama pain ange. For the thre camouilage color used XF-18 with 38% XE-19 moe in The wing walk areas ave pated Tanya NATO Black, then the center is hahighted vt ory, and then some cra chips ae epoied with the a pece of foam. The resulting chipping effect too harsh, 50 | reduce contact by arbruhing a hgh cat ofthe hgh thinned bsce coker over. | continue appliing the next camoutlage color (Gurze H317 mixes wth 20% ofthe base color), Tis is careful aircushed freehand without neading to mask the borers Te reproduce the patches showin in the fst reerance photo | aap several ancom splotches of Mr. Hobby liquid Masking, 5 The pone! nd rivets nes are shaded with diluted Tamiya Back; the mainlines are masked with tape and receive several passes, wheres the reat Nght esinted trachana, without mack The panel shading is frshed. Ive ako shaded the borders ef the 13} Thesame effecson the undersides streaks re avorshed along some paint patches made with quid mask joints with highly luted back pain. ay | apoly 2 Tamya gloss cost aver the surfaces before adding the de- [|The iqud mask is moved withthe hlpof a sharp hobby kf, 26 cals ofthe chosen version. They are very thin and conform ricely to dis extremely thin andi’ diffu to remove otherwise the suace, bu be cart if hey fle over on tharssves tel be next to moossible to straighten them out Various point touch-ups, ao seenin the reference phos, are appied 0) to amuste enother type of stan sean inthe references, | cut out with the ase color 19. 2 Festi rote along the sey stipin a wavy pattern, using it as @ ‘mask a arash highly utes Dlack pant around the edge. FE} An AMMO five Fite for German Panzer Grey © poled with alt brush over the entre model [frien by panting the landing geae and wheel baye ons vite. Ao notice the dt effects aibrushes ‘onto the bol with Tamiya Earth and lack Panel endrivet ines receive a ark wash: LW Be Black(MIG-1617), forthe blush gry, PLY Dep Brown (A.MIG-1818) forthe medium ‘ray and Deep Grey (A MIG-1502) or he ight ray camoufiage coer [5 Fist, the enamel wash applied with a fine pointed brash over panel res nd rivets (nen that this products mich mae ela ‘vera goss turtae). The ony dourside to thoro wares the tence: ‘yf the gigrnents to sft in the bottom ofthe bot rather quick, 50 oop siting she jar constant The ca incr eve compared with the converience of having a ready to use wach wth no preparation. FF) Now after 5-10 minutos of drying te, | start removing the excess wash using a infree doth msistened with cen enamel thine: IS ‘eczentil to vat until the nach dry t the touch, GE} The fished wash over the surface deta b aa | Di ire ae pan he flag, nisin epi onthe wing) The seat are blend wth a at ruth moistened snare hin root arzs wih Sesking Grime (ANIG1203) The preducis appied ners area downward motion, straight fom the More treating done inthe same fashion E\The completed result ater acing dol tang on the fuselage, Inst a lie mate on the wings’ mo- ving sections The fishes sain applied. ae"? = 34 | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / PANELS ‘The second half of World War il saw the Focke- ‘Wulf FW190 impose herself in the Luftwaffe as ‘the best of what was then available in terms of fighters. She was a powerful aircraft, hea- vily armed, which despite some setbacks in the ‘early days of her development “did the job” on all Fronts where Germany was engaged. Cons- ‘tantly improved and appreciated by her pilots, she did not win the fame of her competitor Messerschmitt Bf-109, but her contribution to ‘the German Air Force during the second half of. ‘the conflict was undeniable. ‘The aircraft presented in this article Is the one of, ‘the German Ace at 256 victories, Walter Nowot- ny, plot to the 1,/1G54 on the Eastern Front du- ring the summer of 1943. Philippe Roger °F tne consvucedarait is orepared fo painting by dereasng te sfa- Theloring geo wel ere fest ented RLMO2 (Gunes 70) A Black iter es usingr a Ot took beOSh SOakERTN cleaner {s then applied to emphasize the deepest recesses, The scratches are made ‘wih a brush and apece of foam and PA. 986. Warm Groy color used 25 an oveal color wih the wheel ves, end fray European Fath pigment app inco the wheel housings applic inthe whee housing, in thin layers in rder order thet the preshe {ng ofthe rivet nes temas visible. The ye= low facings are RLIVOA (Gunze 413) sprayed onto a white undercoat prevousl poi. ally the relels of dati parts are mas. ked with Aizu Micon Masking Tope before ‘The underside is panied RLM76 (Gunze HA17) | receiving a the coat of Tamiya 618 The conte of panel i highighted wth 3 mo: ‘re ofthe base colour and white, The same a 'S done on the yelow with Gunze H34. The ss E> =) decals re hen ced and te fed thea seitng Daco Stang, 36 | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / PANEL i Kd “The vet ines ofthe Balkenceuz ate ernchaszed wih ight Dust cokred The structure Enes receive a Blue Dark Grey (PA. 054) acrylic wash that's Pioment. The excess pament is biown from the surface; a damp brush depositee through capilry action with a brush, «an be used to clean ary unwanted traces The junctions between moving parts and fi ved areas ate accentuated with a Black ace ‘The engraung of facings cecaved 2 Brown Rayal Navy PA. 985) acyl wash, wh le the hatch edges recened a Warm Grey wash ing os, Fall, the shadows of areasin rele are metked with an al pent Bren Van Dick To blend the previous wor, a vel of base co tours miced with Deck Tan (Tamiya X°5S) i sprayed by concenaceg on the leading edges (ang anc tal assemb) and the ip ofthe en sine coving, Then, marks of dust ae repre sented in the avs of the wheels and around their housing, THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / PANELS { 37 The area ofthe exhaust steak's Fest produces using Desert Yalow (Tama XF59), and chen the cenieris darkened using Red Broun (Ti+ yaX"64) Fal, the afea nearest the cowlng ‘and exhaust pipes is darkened by adting & black to the mists Asphalt ol pat used ‘to makas light oll ane grease stars on the conta 49 AN The upper su ck (PA 21) nah offused in the panel ines, whe the and Derk Green (Gunze H330), (placing the RMI that was out of Black and PA, 985 are kept for junctions cf moving parts and for the sock) In the end this color substitution srt cial as all ofthe colors Yelon facings. The Balkenerauz and te “A” baing nat avalable on the ‘ate faded anyway using Sandy Yelow (Gunze 179) cecal shect are made from stencils, The rivets ate rubbed wth Light ust pigment is painted in woshades of aren, RLM70 (Gunze HES) A Green The shadows (mixture of Green HG, Red H13 and Blick H12) are de- We lichten the uacer part f the fuselage with 9 mi re of HA22 and posted on the wing and stabilize files. Some stuciue nes are ao HES, fr RLNI7O, and pure H422 forthe second Green. Thasame thing's accentuated with hismasture. Te plot's pesonalemblem “Fammbock” cone forthe wing, concentrating on the leading edges andl onthe boss isdrawn by hand on blank decal cof cannon hatches 38 | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / PANELS “The scratches, made with a macure of PA. 881 and RA. 893, ae addad _Foloming the same proces: 3¢ done on the uncesid, subtle exhaurt ‘on the upper hatch of fuselage and around the cock. stain ae painted onto the fueage sides. A few runs of cilon the engh re cow complete va weathorng o, Fray dis added to the walking areas near the wingrots, Inssting Returning tothe uncer, te lansing gor rst and a missing FF analite more onthe left side antenna is scratch made and added. ‘he seri is made tom elastic teas inserted into prevously dried holes, fed in place vith a smal rop of roacnate glue THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / PANELS / 39 40 | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / PANELS "THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT 1. PANEL sit Si a ehistoric tools?... Master tools pate) 2) At} ©. robotines.com ‘The Japanese F-151 is a great modelling subject for tho- se wishing to model a modern jet. The Aggressor alrcra- tare highly colourful and whilst normally well maintai- ned, they do show some great weathering effects with se, a gift for us modellers although be prepared for A LOT of work as the camouflage schemes are very com- plicated. In this issue we are dealing with panel lines land as you can see from the photos of the finished mo- dal, this is a great subject for the theme, 45, HE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT /. PANELS Z The wheel wells have some nicely F mould eee, perfect fraath Its 2 share os ofthis won't be vale thug bbe caine using blue tack masks Now forthe ime consuming part, masking, ‘Mest ofthe upper panel ines were masked ff before the colourful aggressor caau= ‘lage war apolied nthe caz0 Tama tape and Mipression panzer Putty wes sed. It toc haut! 46 | THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT / PANELS [AMMO WIG 203 and 208 se used fer tho main camouflage, is best applied in ths 5 costs asthe kts panel nes are very fine. I sprayed mine fechand but a nice result wil AMMO AMIG-1614 PLN Neutral After around 10 minutes of dying Brown's agpled vath a firelons and time the encees wah is removed using 2 the paint a satin ih, calor, 4 fine brush and thinner leaving ths ‘action digs the wash along the deal recut he / it (3 The frst eclour goes down, “Tamiya Flesh 5. 7) with the flesh masked off the Tamya Nato Green XF-67 and GSI Hull Red 25 weve appl Yes, that ans alot more masking! With all he masking removed ths is the rel all all was very pleased sth al tha etfrt had pao THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT / PANELS / 47 Sf) AMMO FLW1601 Medium Grey was used over the grey The deeper home made pane! ins tock the wach realy well 27d let cally action do ofthe work Hsia to ceon the wash rm vets using sash 0 a wel worn sanging sponge Ir uEed, make Sue the Wash dy pro- pity thous or ourskrenoring the wash ene THE WORLD MORON NATIONAL AVIATION MUSEUM, ARGENTINE ‘A few mls from Buenos res, Aigentina, we can ist one ofthe county most Important museums collection of ara of dierent trough ther rapa and restoration facty located in a hangar outbuilding, rove exhibits ae 3, Ceranly a urique place quite orginal with many nique sijects tet can be oly Durng my vist had the parton the sinking of HMI Arent. Iteguy ad Claucio Manaquina for te Argentine in September 2015, 23 Wel fom him. | want to thane Carlos 2 Mag Jmenez G2 | THE WEATHERING AIRCRAEL 1 PANELS THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT IN THE NEXT ISSUE... By Javier Lopez de Anca CHIPPING ic SPAIN | EUROPE | 7,REST OE, T 34e 38 41e« World wide shipping cost included YEAR THE WEATHERING MAGAZINE _ 4 ISSUES Contact info@migiimenez.com web@euromodelismo.com Os, ‘MODEL.com ener ere) Venice tvs Ss payra ‘The Soa Harrier is a naval vercalshort takeott and landing (W/STOL) jot Righter, reconnaissance nd attack aircraft. The fst version entered service wih the Royal [Navy's Feat Alr Arm in pel 1980 as the Sa Hari FAS 3, and was informally Known fs tho Shar During the 1982 Falands/Mainas cont, the FRS:1 provided air defense support to the fleet and to the troops ashore. With the help of the last-minute uparade to fomploy the al-aopect AIN-OL Sdovrinder, the Harrier FAS. was able to achieve 21 Kile without any iti looses. One-piece slide moulding nozzle Airto-air missiles: AIM-120 AMRAAM, ‘Ailv.9 Sidewindor *Anti-ship missles: Sea Eagle MK 17 1000Ibe Some +BL785 CBU Marking: Sea Harrier FRS.1s of 800, 801, 809 and 899 NAS, Royal Navy - before, curing and iter Falklands/Malvinas Wer and Sea Harrier FRS.616 of 300 Indian Naval Air Squadron mmm | Length 256m ® a Wingspan 130m © | scrossoetra | Pata:z70+ ‘Huge Selections of Asian Models |Luckymodo.com i offing a vido rang ofthe tnast scalo modals and sccoscorice ‘woriowie. We are located in Hong Kong - the hub of Asta Pacific, where the fast ‘maces come frm. Get your mades direct rm the source,