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Che Eotor Javier Lopez de Anca Crigina idea and At crector Mig Jimenes Editorial Management Carles Cucsta’ Eitorl coordination loki Contalapiedra Cover Antonie Alonso Layout Kommad Publicidad S.L Article Assistant Iain Hemilton Akatsiyar Photographer José Irn Sting & Community Manager Elizabeth Wiese Sling Assitant Mila Gomez Abatsia Barbara A. Collaborators Seok Joo Lee Phillipe Rodger Andy Brown Messina Busolni Yang Yu Pei Jamie Hogge Alex Hemindex Transation Cesar Oliva Marta Ramirez Gomez eee Printed in Navarra (pa The Weathering Aircraft by Printed in Spain \wmathewestheringareatcom ISSN 2445-1185 Decamber 2016 For many of us the first base color we worked with was grey; or red, or blue... thats, whatever the color Cf the plastic the kt was made of, We hadino problems applying the decals directly onto the styrene right «after gluing the main subassemblies. This wes not without advantages: the paint couldn't lift off and the ‘color was uniform. As tme passed we started to complicate things, fist wth paint ‘any type) and a brush. From this moment on we could get any hase color we wanted and an almost perfect application ‘Getting 2 nice finsh in an aircraft model depends to a large extent on choosing the right base colors and how they ate applied. Although the base coat is the mast defining step in the final color of our model, it. ‘an be changed toa certain degree later. n our opinion we shouldn't get too obsessed about exact shades, Itis preferable to work on a “good enough” base with all the necessary treatments It willbe the comii- nation of techniques curing the entre process that will give us @ good representation of the rea aircraft \We should not mix up or confuse the primer ayer with the base coat. The base is one or several colors on ‘top of which we will apply the different painting andl weathering eect, of which the possiblities are end less infinite. We can find grey, green, red, black... even wood base colors. Although some techniques are ‘common to all of them, in this issue we are going to see how to approach each one, with ther distinctive features, attnbutes, and aifticutes. By Javier Lopez de Anca w UE BZA AEREA afcemy ‘STARFIGHTER W-1 pag. 60 ‘Most likely, the very fist doubt we have when we start plan: ning our next project is how to paint it. Choosing the right colors can give us a headache as we have to consider several factors, most importantly the scale. We may know the exact color needed, but if we use it on cur model it will invariably look darkor than it doos on the real aircraft. We must also take into account the finish we intend to apply to our build, be- ‘cause if you go for a heavily weathered appearance, the pro- ducts and techniques used for this will change the base color 6 / THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS considerably. Another important consideration are techniques where we'll need to apply alayer of color before the base coat, such as the salt chipping technique and use of chipping fluids. The first stop to laying down a nico and proper baso coat is ‘obviously a good foundation. As a cart driver, we have to put the horse before the cart and not the other way round, which applied to scale modeling means preparing the surfaces we are going to work on fitst. It is essential to scribe all the details and sand and polish any possible imperfection on the surface caused during the building process. This step is often overlooked by mo: dolers, in most cases because they are too eager to start painting. It is 2 real shame seeing good paint jobs marred by a noticesble joint line bet: wean fuselage halves or other cons: picuous surface imperfections from the assombly stage. Next we must ensure a flawless and. durable base coat, as we will be wor- king with many different pal weathering products like oils, was: hhes, varnishes and decal solutions which can be quite aggressive on the base coat. There won't be problems if we have applied a primer layer and the base coat correctly, But if for example not enough thinner is used In the paint mix, we could obscure details or end up with the dreaded “orange pect” textured finish. If we add too much thinner, it won't cover well and the resulting tone will be different than what we had in mind. Another key factor 1s the drying time. We must observe and adhere to suggested dry times to avoid ad- hesion problems or changes in tone. HEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS / 7 : i, | 8 / THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS 10 | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS The F-117 Nighthawk, developed by Lockheed Skunk Works, was the first operational aircraft designed around stealth technology. Its unique configuration is a consequence of the multifaceted flat surfaces arranged to scatter the radar emissions hitting the airraft. Although this s the archetypical “Black Jet”, some F-117s were exposed to extremely harsh conditions and aged with 2 wide range of weathering effects caused by the environment, fuel and other fluids stains, te Ifall these effects are correctly depicted on the model, a black camouflage that otherwise could be quite boring becomes truly interesting. Besides this, we also chose the colorful decoration of the Nighthawks of the 37th TFW deployed at the Eglin Airbase in late 1988 with the distinctive shark mouth, HE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS / 11 a As Tamiya’s kit is molded in black styrene it somewhat dificult to see our progress whe using such dare co- los. For ths reason we have applied a coat of Me Sut cer 1000 before staring the painting process We apely the fist paint layer with Gunze Neutral Grey (C13) and mask the RAM Radarbsorbent Materia) before applying the main base clo | Next, we airbrush a transparent layer of Gunze Fat Back (C33) that allows the previous ore ‘color to show through in reg. fr 5085 and influence the Flat Black 12 | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS We contiwe adding verety to the base cole by atbrushing light grey (Gurze C317)in the shape of dots and vertical ines. The same coors ised to apply the ‘nal highligh to our bace color. At tis Point the mottled appearance looks too harsh, but i il be tones cowin during the fllowing steps, The bate cob of the lower surfaces ws been worked in the sare manne We start covering the entie surface with a highly dlsted black layer It extremely im portant todo this slur, stop ing every so efton to asses our progres, because if we overdo It we wil completely romove the previous steps You must remember that the surface should not be covered oven ts important 10 create 1 varied surface with many d erent tone tom black 1 the lihtest oer The same process is repeated con the upper surfaces. Due to ‘the angular shape of the pa re we must keep the highest highlights along the edges, rot covering them too much with the black yer It the base color has boon co: rect applied, we vil be able rouse masks topaintthe white strives around the RAM panes without fear of damaging the print. After remewing the masking we must blend the white and rey areas into the main base color, We spray highly diluted black one more time for the In ths picture we previous work done on the Fight side of the model, com: poted to the let side yet to be blended togesher HE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLO! 141 THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT BASE COLORS / 15 ofr it must rope application of a durable weathering processes tobe used lat Ater a second varnish coat. we apply Dark Grey Fite for White from Another reason AMMO by MIG Jiménez (A.MG-15C2) with a lat brush over the entie withstand at ‘ol to enhance the bace color and panel ins. Being the base port of the dy Fler with a th es shown here + isblack, we are force to use a lighter shade for the fter We continue aiding variety and nuances tothe notorauay dificult black base color, creating om te inthe tection of the Once frshed, we apply a mat varish coat tothe entre model, around the refuetng probe. fn this een Tamiya Buff 6-57), Smoke (X19) an Fa 1G | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS \ | BASE COLORS / 17 Phillipe Rodger ‘According to several authors, the F-4 variant of the Bf 109, known 2 “Friedich*, is the simplest and most produced version of this at- craft. More than 1,800 units were built between 1941 and 1943 and it was employed by all of the Luftwaffe's units. Although its main role was as an interceptor, in the Eastern Front they were less rele- vant due to the arrival of the more effective FW 190A. The theater In which this variant obtained remarkable results was North Africa, Where the famous ace Hans-Joachim Marseille stood out on his ‘own. Despite the arrival of the next version, the BF 109F continued to rule the Mediterranean Theater of Operations (MTO)... at least until the introduction of the Spitfire Mk. V. Nevertheless, it was in the Eastern Front where the Fils were more successful. The model in this article represent Otto Schulz's mount; he was 8 pilot of the IL/1G27 in North Africa during Autumn 1941. 1 would like to thank my friend Stéphane for obtaining the decals needed for this particular version Hasegawa 1/48 TBE WEATHERING ARCRART EGHPING / 19, 20 | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS After the modelisbuit and before apelying the bese colt, we ean the surfacewth sot flat rush and stan temoving producto gett of any sal res «due sles panel ines and rvet deal ‘We start airbrushing the base calor af the lower ‘areas wth Gurze HATS (RLV) cited with Thin ner 110 ofthe same brand. Kis quite easy todo, 23 ‘Gunze makes the enact shade we noe. ‘Te application of the hase color to lower surfaces, ‘finshed by painting the winatips white. The same colt i used onthe engine cowling (wich wil be painted yellow RLMO iter) Besides applying yellow over the wie, we row sirorash e slightly different bese color onto the a lerons and elevators by mixing afew dons of blue paint ito the base colt. We have enhanced the shadows slang moving Parts with Tamiya XF-18, whio the center of these ‘areas is highlighted th Gunze White H314. THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT 1. BASE COLORS / 21 22 | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS Tha yllow areas are workad inthe same ‘manner as befoce, but the highlights are aed wih pure white Sandy yellow Dark Yellow H79 fom Gunzo) 1 now atbrushed to shahely change the tone ofthe base color and Prepare some areas where more Inte: Se dust and dirt accumulations wil be applied later. To represent paint chips wwe have to propare the base color n advance. For this, we have aibrushed a coat of Te mia Bare Metal Silver (S12), and then another layer of Scratches Efects chip ing fluid from ANIMO by MIG Jiménez (Ata 2010) | coat of RLM79 (Gunze HE) and Deck Tan (Tamiya XF-55) is now applied over ‘he previous ayer onthe wing oct. Nex, Mr. Hobby Masking Sol Neo liquid mask Is dabbed co the surface with apiece of foam, THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT 1 BASE COLORS / 23 24 1 THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT BASE COLORS © % Fally, the base colori avbreshed and lett 10 cy thoroughly. Then the paints removed with cotton budtist and tien witha damp brush and a toothsick to reach the metalic aye, akdng more variety othe chipping pattem (One ofthe ai callergesof this camouage isto paint the davde between the two base coos. Fist, we paint a svaight Ine freehand tocdemarcate the area tobe covered with each color and then the remaining are file, \We must be careful to avoid the decal soi tions altering the base cles, sit is very rm portant to use the misimum rrount posse Use only onthe areas where decals ae going tobe applied, not aver she entre made We accent the detain the upper surtaces in the same way as has been done on the lower surfaces. This time we will be sing Red Brown (AMIG-1605) for pane! lines and Deep Broun (AMIG-1618) in doors andinspecton hatches, We can use the blusforange mi agan 10 slighty change the tone in some arses and acd new and interesting weateting eects We can play with efterent smal variations cf the base color. hn this case we have added some random highlights with XF55 over the AMPS and H318 over the FLM79, Paimting the crosses can be considered the application of yet another Bare WEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS We begin the process by aibrshing a mic of Tamia XF-76 ond XF-2 along panel nes. These paints cont require a primer coat Then, X12 is addes 1 the previous mix and the entre model eso Yyed with this base color Newt we apply a ighly tinned mised overall lojer with XF-75,slohty altering the tone of the base cot The same process to change the base color 1s now repeated on the ewer surfaces, but ths 1 wWe'foree the con: test abit more because ‘there areas are move he- arly weothered. Some panels aro mas ed] to get even. more contrast, Although takes time, the result S ‘well worth t [As you can see in the Picture, despite having empiyed the same base colo forthe ene ‘mode, the transparent layers that have been apnled create tonal ve rity and richer colors ing the panel line washes | goss the base wth If wwe have aibrushed the base cost thinly enough, there won't be problems accentng ho eels and panel ines, even when they ae very faint Stone Gray (AMIG-1615) nes sed for this The PLW products can 0 be ured to change he bese tone in certain areas n this exam pl, we have used AMMO by MIG Kimé Deep Brown (ANIG-1618) on come pane toad a more 3 appearance 42 ewan scons lag Itisextremaly important to follow athe ne essary steps to protect the base color when apolying some really aggressive weathering techniques. Ths ensures the base paint nt damaged, 8y sighty altering the base color, we can ‘tan many diferent tones and: effect. The possibites for a dynamic base are al- most encase by simply using stansparent layers anda fen weathenng products. THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT | BASE COLORS / 43 HOR Zoukei-Mura 1/48 Itis difficult to put the Horten 229 in the context of WWII, given its advanced design and the materials it was made of ‘0 shield the aircraft from detection by the radars of the era. American troops found the nearly complated V3 proto- ‘type in April 1945 in the Gotha factory (currently being restored in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum) Today's stealth bomber B-2 Spirit fellows the same bacic “flying wing” configuration used for the 1945 Horten. Before beginning the article, | want to make a brief comment to clarify the finish of the model. We basically tried to show how to represent wooden surfaces in three different ways. That isthe reason we have used different techniques ‘on the same model, resulting ina finish that doesn’t ook all that much lke the pictures available from the Smithsonian Museum. This model is a technical exercise where | have given free rein to my imagination. ‘4d | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS ‘The Zouke-Mura kit comes, ‘ath the exterior pars mel ded in clear styrene, which =a complicates the bull. We 2s Ihave started by masking the whee bays and the coset For the wood base cor we have used ‘Wo sand tones from Gunze simply t0 find out if the cterence is perceotble In the finshed modal the darker tone HBS is applied tothe right wing and 1313 to theleft wing We are gaing ta ty diferent shading {and highlighting approaches on each wing. The right sie i shaded free hand wath bik and th highlights 09 the panes ere applied with the bese color lightened with wht, The le wing is masked wth tope, then the front is highlighted ard the wear sha ea, There ate many possibilities to work ‘ary siven base coor Here you can See ‘wo diferent techniquos that produce asin efect. PAINTING THE WOOD BASE COLOR WITH PHOTO-ETCHED STENCILS : 5 On the top res we are gong to wse photoretched stencs by RB Productions. We work one pane! ata time. Fist itis rmecked, then the stenlis aid on, and finally Gunze His applied in some areas while a min of fat browns i sed for ‘others - each are srrushed perpencicusly to te surface, {The process ester thant may sem. The eects on the left wing were barely ncticeable, 50 we applied black shadows along the line to match the other sido Any smal imperfacons or damages in the wood grain ate retouched using watercolor pencil The pare ins are enhanced using 2 mechanical perc with the tp sharpened cver sandpaper though its just the base colo, ts comenent | tohighight the panel ins 2s a quide tobe used during the folowing steps 5) Before alvng the cis, we need to dempen the surface wth enamel thinners and a lrge fat brush, A wood base regies more steps then other color. THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT {BASE COLORS / 47 (Ol dot of eitferent shades browns are, yellows and white re applic to the surface wth the tp of «round brush owritsjust amatterof blending them together to create various tonal changes in our base coir, thus adding variety and interest tothe finish ‘Compare the central and lft areas where we have applied oi to the righ side with jst he aonush work ‘48 | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS PAINTING THE WOOD BASE COLOR WITH DECALS rt ‘Another option for a wood base coir is Using deca, Obvious, Using decas as a bas0 means they have they shoud be worked in clifferent way In this examle we ate {going to use Uschi Van der Rosten deca to be perfectly adhered to withstand al the subsequent weathering producs and techniques. ‘A good option used t apply the decals isto cuta stencl wath the shape ofthe panels out of masking tape. Weve wed Mico dec sltons or this 1 The snc shen wed to tater theca shape of ech panel ad to the daca shoot R We alo apoly several coats of glass varnish over the wend decal, Wie hove lett dry for afew days between eoch layer. Tis isan es sential step to seal and protec the decas and thus be able to work cn them as iit was a painted base colon THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT I SASE COLORS / 49 Satin varish maed with litle dsiled water is airbrushed on the upper ‘surfaces Ths prepares the wood hase color for ary painting and weathering proces. PAINTING THE WOOD BASE COLOR WITH OILS 50 | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS c Last. the wood in the ‘contal ae is going t0 be painted with ols. We apply thick ayer of bur nt senne olf paint over the sanckcolored primer The excess oll & remo voc wth Varo Tp rake brush, hing ossses in the some diecion. We ty to vary the shape and rection of the wood grain in each panel. The final shape of the ‘ran achieved by de ‘ging a piece of foam across the sirtace the done with the brush Finally we protect the ol from seratches with 2 varnish topcoat. Here we ‘an se the results ofthe thes technique wsed 10 ‘obtain wood base colors Fach technique has cea. ted a unique and interes- ting effec, each anpio- rate for 3 wide varey of plications. THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS / 51 ‘The Lockheed P-38 Lightning is a true aviation icon. It has 8 good combat record, and despite its large size it proved easy to handle and able to face more maneuverable and aller single-engine aircraft. These qualities soon beca- ime evident for enemy pilots who nicknamed it “The fork: tiled devil” We have two main camouflage options with the P-38; the standard early and mid-war grey and olive drab scheme or the bare metal finish sported towards the end of the conflict. We have chosen the classic olive drab coat for this article, with the distinctive Invasion stripes applied for D- ay and yellows propeller hubs. ‘The high-quality of this Academy kit is evident in the ex: cellent panel line detail and perfect parts fit, which is par- ticularly important for the complex features of the P-38. Academy 1/72 52 | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS blest BINA JAMIE HAGGO a THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS / 53 pale sT BIN It is extemely important to scribe ony rising or incorect detail balore we star ‘apphing the base coat In thes case, and although the rode! has some good! surfa: 8 detating, we decided to improve st by ‘adding rivet details using RB Productions iat voting too A black wash is applied over the ei a frame to be sure all the engraved detais have tured out comect. ‘Another aspect wich should be planced and executed before the aplication ofthe tose coat is any damage fects we may nt to reproduce on the fuselage and wns. Here we have crest bate damage by thing out theinsdeof the kt prt and ‘then poking hols with the tp of ake The next logical step befor the appicaton of the base coat i masking the dear pars For thisP-28, we have used Eduard pre-cut masts specially designed for Acaderry’s et. tis much exter than doing it yours Yes. know, maybe lam abit ay | dow’ usually use primer, but on tis 0 ‘aso | aint want to take any chances Prming in black is also # good foundation for green camoutages 54 | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS AG Romomber that in some specal circumstances we will have to apply other cok layers before ‘the bate coat. The the case wrth the invaton stripes. Me Paint whites very opaque and covers periecty even when agpled drecy ver blac We start applying the bare coat on the lower areas of the fuselage with GSI Aqueous Neu- tel Grey and then proceed to aitrsh some highights to lighten the base color. Yeu can ap precate the difference between the Ifside ith ‘ighights and th ight side whore they have not been applied yet We can appreciste how the highlights have sahty altered the bave color. The etfect © quite subule because the wer areas are ot exposed to ukravolet ration from the sun a¢ much a5 the tis, THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT SASE COLORS / 55 56 | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COIL It time to apsly the pica upper camcu: fage color of Vial American planes: clive rab, The Mt Paint range from Slovakia hes very accurate colors and cover extremely ‘well, and thus we only need to apply one coat toget ance base cat (On, no! forget to apply a Duralunen color Lndercct to create chipping effects onthe cod sices. You have to carefully thik about the effects tht you ae going to eppiy before airbrushing the base color ‘he metac paints 2 base coat in self ano should be apied using the same methods 28 the lle drab, Once diy, we apply. Mi [Masking Neo with a piece foam to create what wl be pint chips should be thin anough not to obscute sua ‘ce deta ie pone ines and rivets. Me Pein’s RLM 1 sight darker than theelve cab anaes sed toad depth 10 the base coat. The application thebase cor rot my o- leting the model i should have subs. al veto just ke the eal scraft Now we add highights with Mi le Stone trom Mt Paint. tisdone in the shaoe of small ran. dom moties in cee tain eas. This i fa y more realistic than following a regula patern THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT BASE COLORS / 57 SB / THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS Sometime we have to werdon two base clos at the same time. this case they are ofve drab and ali rum for the paint cis. We finish the invasion stripes with the appl Catton of Tamiya Rubber Black: we ever use pure blak: its reserved only to acd the deepest shadows If the masking had been applied ropety, it would now be removed without fearof the paint coming of ‘the surtace arene mnsking| We can use ali ‘minum foll to protect the aksady opted colors whie adding new colors, Her, Was Use to arch the nase goss black We have spayed metalic pant over the ols back primer. Ths was. 2 tiie employed in the real aircraft ‘oméead the enemy into balewng the plane was a bomber of rec ‘aksance acraft and not 2 fight 2 a ) We airbrush a léss coat once all the base colors ate alwady fy place, This soak the finish forthe fllowing weathering proces ‘25, and it abo proves a nice surface fox decal apptcatin, 1) Ang now we apoty some pana shading in the usual manne, as explained in the fst isue of TWA, Hove we havo Used Alclad Hogwash Dirt and Gree, ‘A tough and correctly applied base coat, together with a varnish layer make it poss bleto easly work wth any weatharingpro- duct, removing the excess and correcting imstakes wth a cotton bu, THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT {BASE COLORS / 59 Al&x Heinandez * 60 | THEWEATHERING AIRCRAPT / BASE COLORS ‘The -1starfighter demonstrated the best design features of the Naboo, being aesthetically pleasing and showing the love of this people for curved surfaces and streamlined shapes. ‘Although a war machine, the Naboo engincers followed their usual construction guidelines that combine sleok lines with function, The result was a well-armed craft that could easily pass for a small private ship or a luxury speeder. Its main distinctive characteristic was the chrome plating, which offered a great deal of protection to the pilot. This ‘material was really expensive and demanded difficult and almost continuous maintenance. But as the number of ships was quite small, they always were in perfect condition and full operational capability. Tae eer ea eT e0 C0 ae as 62 'A primer coat of Alclad micro file is applied after asserting the modal and we have filed and sanded a fer gaps. As some pats vl receive a crores fish, tis primer coat serves the adstionl purpose of filing in small surtace imperfections. We spray @ couple thin layers wi 18 pair pressure, We can posh the surface beoween coats with an 8000 grit abrasive or a foam bulfing pad, THs haps ‘achieve a smocthet frish After wating 12 hous to let the primer dy prope, we apply Alda’ Aguae Gloss acre glos varnish. Theis an excellent product which, among other things, prepares the surface forthe high-glos metalic paints weave going to app, (once again we lt ample tee fr the varnish toy and ‘weit 12 hours before apping the metalic irish nth Chrome color frm Alclad Its abrushed in thin layers, covering bot by bitwith each succassne Remember sot 10 ty getting an opaque coat in a single pass. The key to corecty applying metalic paints Wi Pigment a fine as Alla asints have, to apolitith the arbruh close to the surface of the mode! and 3t no mote then 18 psi air preasure THEWEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS Alter no hours, we use a micofber cloth to polish the metalic paint Normal, microscopic particles ftom the cverstay remain in suspension as a dust doud, and then settle onthe suriace duling the fnsh. Buta highly east chromed finish achiev by pok= hing the metal surfaces with a oth 4 ths pom, we encourage handling the mode! with vinyl er latex ‘loves to acid leaving fingerprints onthe metal surfaces. As you ‘on see, ater the polishing the appearances extremely convincing. ‘ven on the smalls pas. ‘We put the model ase for 12 hours and then we seal all the re- ious work with another coat of Aldlad AquaGloss cost varh. This varnish, if iis applied in thin coats, doesn't dul the metalic effect and i most certany the best option ‘or these fishes. Bas- des ths, itisalso aryl, which prepares the surtace forthe weathe- ‘ing with os and wnaras ‘Aitr masking the metalic surfaces. the nest step consists in creatng preshading, A mx of Ammo by Mig Jina’ Yalow (A.MGG-48) and Red (A.MIG-49) resuttng in bright orange tone used for this; neat it aibnushed in thin layers whorever we wart tocentance the shadows, We ty to insist moce withthe crange shadows inthe areas we want to datken, by way of soft color gradations and avciding harsh or stark rarsitions nner = y p- THE WEATHERING AIRCRAFT / BASE COLORS / 63 JF Theoner areas ofthe fuselage are shaded and the upper areas rg highighted, The sab gps log pane res ardin he lone Fa of rated. Tis ws show trugh tefl ase ont tobe apa in the next ts . Sh ‘Anse yiton mic cbsiredadsing 20% edt acveve 3 sight-orangeh bate tone We apple Rinahn ight oat not to completely cover te previous pre-shacina work, ng Every ziefe hilghs ar adc on sho rop siriaces wath pure yelow hight) luted with Arm thinner thas «8 ‘ be sprayed perpedicilar tothe suface and gracialy seperating.the airbrush froth the sfacess we moved ‘toward the ler areas in ordrtoet'a nice colt gralaton 15 nce we ve ished vith the bas oot the ula towed the enines tet 8 os taped wth Ada fe. Ts ges er hy sh 95 en oe ‘models the big zeren. GFR Oesene te excelent th eroded by he Pees tach te bore ess, ows ul the metalic fish nd protec the tie cot ra the saben panel Be a he hes co warts he as cly can i been yt ya ery subte In tert steps ‘the efiect wil be weinforced with panel line washes, 1 ret apd base cot shows to “a the necenany weaerng tecniqes an proaice , 1B) As can be seen inthis pct, if we have fox llomed the steps explained above we will be able to apply masks without Fear of damaging ‘the base cat yi ‘ ‘ Biers sania THE WEATHERING ARCRAFL' BASE COLORS / 65.” IN THE NEXT ISSUE... By Javier Lopez de Anca METALLICS The tre hae come rightrare: metals, Most modbles have postponed rdeintely) 3t east one model that eau is type of pant finch, There are more than a few dangers the modeler must face when stating sucha project, -Murchy’s Law states that “Ho matter how mach you have sand and polshed the mode, certeinly a surface imperfection alvays Shes up". Netto mention pains wich pal of, are not very resent, and that don’ react al that well with other products and mts And, what about masking, the greet enemy of metalic pants which cn deste all our hard workin 3 mo The Weathering Aictatt to the rezcuel Some of the worl’: best modelers wil show us how to soe thete probleme using a variety different techniques and approaches. The next issue wll make us forget our fears and encourage you to start that model you never red to take on e.) BOOKWORLD steel Be Ey ENE ——wholesale—— wy Tel:01299 623390 Fax:01299 829970 De net or ead ‘SUNS UF THERESENT vue TM. RE? ‘untae sis. 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