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"We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience" by John Dewey.

quotation struck and gives a sum up in my takeaway and my experience in the fishbowl activity.
I learned that curriculum has a diverse definition, as it defined by experts and/or curricularist in a
prescriptive and descriptive manner, thus still into the teacher, the learners and the school as an
institution for education. Moreover, as the curriculum is defined diversely in respect with the
presented definitions in the slides gives me a lot of words to be emphasize in terms of curriculum, in
such a way that curriculum is into the continues reconstruction of the learner interms of their range of
experiences,in which experience is one of the building blocks in molding a successful learner. In
addition, the learners new experiences are not just experiences but its a reflected experience which
learning do exist. Where curriculum are crafted carefully interms of it's flexibility in a changing a world
and effectiveness which I learned that it is based on the experiences of the learners and also the
I also learned that the curriculum which serves as the guide, directed and planned learning outcomes
really helps the teachers in reconnecting the prior knowledge and experiences of the learners where it
will enhance their schema, as the reflection of the learners experiences are existing in this situation,
which it constitutes to a true meaning of learning just like what John Dewey's quotation pertaining
into between experiences and learning.
In addition, it helps also the teachers more likely in unleashing the capabilities interms of the mastery,
abilities and competency of the learners where it becomes a win-win situation and a guide in choosing
a suitable pedagogies which is appropriate for the learners that is present in the classroom for
effective learning and achieving the goals set.
Furthermore, in regards with my experiences in the fishbowl activity I can say that it was one of the
best way interms of reconstruction of knowledge as it connects the prior knowledge to the new one
before starting the lesson in a certain topic in the manner of play and it gives me an idea that I can also
use the fishbowl activity in the assessment of my future students. In addition, It is also a one way of
sharing of ideas of the learners to formulate the initial idea or definition of the class where it serves as
the introduction about a certain topic.
The fishbowl activity also gives an emphasis that learning is not just the only concerned of the teacher.
As a learner we are also concerned with our learning process. We must also do our responsibility as a
student to self-study as the style of teaching today is not a type of spoon-feeding where we must go to
class prepared in accordance with the topic to be presented. Moreover, to know the virtue of time
management in which we must spend our time appropriately and use it in accomplishing significant
things as we're in the pre-service training.