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Curriculam Vitae

Karadkhedkar Aniket Anantrao

Email : aniketkaradkhedkar31@gmail.com
Contact No. : 9422996188
Address : Galinde Niwas Audumbar Colony A Karve Nagar, pune-411052.

Career objective:

To join an organization where I get the opportunity to learn and grow, by using the
strengths & skills I possess, thereby contributing towards the success of the organization, the
society and myself as whole.

Educational Qualification:

University/ Percent Grade/

Degree Institution
Board age Class
MBA Finance Pes modern college of Pune university (
62 I
(2016-2017) engineering&
management pune
Pes modern college of
MBA Marketing engineering& Pune university 55 II
(2012-2014) management pune
Yashwant College,
B.COM S.R.T.M.U. Nanded. 62.00 I

Pratibha niketan
HSC(2009) Latur Board 62.00 I

Mahatma Phule High

SSC(2007 Latur Board 53.00 II
School Nanded.

Two years of experience in ICICI bank under I process – credit card process.
1. Good listener.
2. Self Motivated.
3. Team worker.

Computer Knowledge:

1. MS-CIT Certified.

2. Well versed with MS Office.

3. Knowledge of MS EXCEL

Personal Information:

Name : Karadkhedkar Aniket Anantrao

Date of birth : 08 dec 1990

Nationality : Indian.

Languages known : Marathi, Hindi & English

Adderss : Ambika nagar, Nanded – 431605



I declare that the above information details are true to the best of my knowledge and

Place: Pune Signature

Date: Karadkhedkar Aniket