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Monday | February 3, 2020


Yue Stella Yu/Dispatch Staff

Tamami Sugo, 49, poses for a picture at the Coffee House on 5th Thursday afternoon. Sugo followed her husband, Shunji Sugo, to the Columbus Air
Force Base in 2018 for his two-year military service as a pilot.

Japanese native realizes dream

of living abroad in Columbus
Sugo talks language, making
friends in her ‘American hometown’

y the time she was 20, Tamami Sugo had never
been on the back of a motorcycle.
Growing up under a strict and protective
father, she recalled, she was never allowed to ride.
So when she learned that her younger sister’s
friend, 18-year-old Shunji, had a bike, she didn’t
hesitate to ask for a ride along.
“We went to the beach, we went to the mountain,”
Shunji recalled. “(We enjoyed) the beautiful view
from the top.”
The young man who took Sugo on her first
Yue Stella Yu/Dispatch Staff
motorcycle ride 30 years ago would later become
Shunji and Tamami Sugo laugh together as they communicate with each
her husband, take her last name and raise two kids other in their native language, Japanese. The couple have known each other
with her. She would follow him for his assignments since she was 20 and he was 18. “She was so beautiful,” Shunji recalled of
See SUGO, 6A when he first saw her. “I liked her.”


Analysis: Chairman says prisons should not be warehouses

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Republican Gov. Tate Reeves was
‘My focus is to make sure that what we do today is not inaugurated Jan. 14 after serving eight
JACKSON — The new chairman
of the Mississippi Senate Corrections
just good for today, but for decades to come.’ years as lieutenant governor. As lieu-
tenant governor, Reeves presided over
Democratic Sen. Juan Barnett of Heidelberg
Committee inherited a challenging job the Senate and had great influence over
— sharing oversight of a prison system state budgets, including decisions not
rocked by violence and burdened by de- ing inmates so they will be ready to term in the Senate. to fund multiple requests made by lead-
crepit and underfunded facilities. work and earn their own living after At least 14 inmates died in Mississip- ers of the Mississippi Department of
Democratic Sen. Juan Barnett of they are released. pi prisons from late December through Corrections for money to increase pris-
Heidelberg said in an interview Thurs- “My focus is to make sure that what late January. Most of the deaths hap- on guards’ low salaries and to repair
day that prisons need to be more than we do today is not just good for today, pened at the Mississippi State Peniten- Parchman’s notorious Unit 29.
warehouses. He also said Mississippi but for decades to come,” said Barnett, tiary at Parchman, and many of them State health inspections showed
needs to do a better job of rehabilitat- a former mayor who is in his second happened amid violent confrontations. See CAPITOL DOME, 6A


1 What award-winning TV series about the Bluth Thursday, Feb. 6 MEETINGS
family was canceled in 2006 but revived by Feb. 4: Columbus
■ Tree giveaway: The
Netflix with new episodes in 2013? City Council, 5 p.m.,
Lowndes County Soil and Water
2 Which Labour Party politician became prime Municipal Complex
minister of the United Kingdom in 2007, after Conservation District will give
Feb. 10: Columbus
Tony Blair resigned from the post? away free trees between 8:30
a.m.-4 p.m. (while supplies last) Municipal School
3 What designer, who created a line of affordable
clothes for Kohl’s in 2007, is known for her high- at 2282 MLK Jr. Drive, Colum- District Board of Trust-
Mckinley Johnston ees, 6 p.m., Brandon
end wedding dresses? bus. One bundle per person. For
Second grade, Heritage Central Services
4 What do goldfish lose if kept in dimly lit water— more information, call 662-328-

69 Low 58
eyesight, color or memory? 5921, ext. 3. Feb. 14: Lowndes
High 5 In 2012, which baseball slugger won the first ■ Opening reception: The County School District
Showers late
Triple Crown since 1967, leading the league in Board, 12:30 p.m.,
Columbus Arts Council hosts
batting average, homers and RBIs? Central Office
Full forecast on a free reception from 5:30-7
page 3A. Answers, 6B p.m. at the Rosenzweig Arts Feb. 18: Columbus
Center, 501 Main St., opening City Council, 5 p.m.,
an exhibit of paintings by Frank Municipal Complex
McGuigan in the gallery, and Feb. 24: Columbus-
INSIDE by Joy Phillips in Artist Alley. Lowndes Convention
Classifieds 5B Dear Abby 4B For more information, visit and Visitors Bureau
Comics 4B Obituaries 5A columbus-arts.org or call 662- Board regular meeting,
140th Year, No. 278 Crossword 6B Opinions 4A 328-2787. Brandy Bryant enjoys cooking. 4 p.m., CVB office


2A MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com


Lopez, Shakira in joyful,

exuberant halftime show
n SUPER BOWL: Former MSU standout
jones, Chiefs win super bowl. See page 1B. The best and worst of Super Bowl ads
NEW YORK — During advertising’s biggest night, Super Bowl Sun-
NEW YORK — Seizing their op- day, marketers battled it out to bolster their brands and promote new
portunity to make a cultural state- products. Advertisers paid up to $5.6 million for 30 seconds, and almost
ment, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira 100 million people tune into the big game.
infused the Super Bowl halftime This year, Hyundai and Jeep scored with whimsical humor by poking
show with an exuberance and joy fun at Boston accents and reuniting the “Groundhog Day” cast, Punx-
that celebrated their Latina heri- sutawney Phil included. Google struck heartstrings with a quiet mes-
tage. sage about aging and remembrance. Cheetos and Doritos both played
Their breathless athleticism off exaggerated dancing to good effect.
matched that of the football players But Pop Tarts and a Hard Rock action-movie commercial failed to
waiting in the locker room. connect with viewers.
Shakira opened with, yes, a
hip-shaking performance of “She
Wolf” and a fast-moving medley BEST PLANTERS
Planters teased its Super Bowl ad nearly
that included bits of “She Wolf,” HYUNDAI
The automaker released its ad early, but it two weeks before the game, releasing a
“Whenever, Wherever” and a snip- teaser that showed its Mr. Peanut mascot
pet of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir.” still drew fans during the game. Boston-af-
filiated celebrities including actor Chris seemingly being killed. The “death” of Mr.
She managed a belly dance, some Peanut went viral on Twitter. But when
Evans, John Krasinski, Saturday Night Live
rope dancing and even backed alum Rachel Dratch and former Boston Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter
into a crowd surf. Shakira ended Red Sox player David Ortiz discussed a crash, the marketing stunt suddenly
her with her signature song, “Hips Hyundai feature that lets car owners park seemed insensitive, so Planters paused
Don’t Lie.” remotely with exaggerated accents that its pre-game advertising. The actual Super
Bowl ad was relatively inoffensive, with a
Lopez, in a black leather outfit make “Smart Park” sound like “smaht
baby Mr. Peanut appearing at the funeral.
that her dancers matched, started pahk.”
“Baby Nut” comparisons to “Baby Yoda”
with a nostalgic snippet of “Jenny JEEP
Super Bowl Sunday was on Groundhog and “Baby Groot” sprung up online.
From the Block.” She exhibited
Day, so someone had to do it. Fiat Chrys-
some startling pole-dancing moves,
a reference to her much-celebrated
ler painstakingly recreated the 1993 mov-
ie “Groundhog Day,” including the town
turn in the movie “Hustlers.” At one AVOCADOS FROM MEXICO
square and other locales, with original Avocados from Mexico have carved out
point she bent into a deep squat actors Bill Murray, Brian Doyle Murray and a niche with humorous ads featuring
while standing on the shoulders of a Stephen Tobolowsky. The twist: instead avocados, but they may have veered a
dancer that likely had muscles ach- of a Chevrolet truck, Murray uses a Jeep little too far into “random” territory with
ing across the country in sympathy. Gladiator truck. FCA Group marketing this effort featuring a home shopping net-
She tore through “Love Don’t chief Olivier Francois said the ad worked work with fake products such as a baby
Cost a Thing,” “Get Right, “On the to demonstrate the versatility of the Jeep carrier-like device for avocados. “I thought
truck since Murray does something differ-
Floor” and “Que Calor,” finding the Avocados from Mexico spot felt like a
ent every day.
time to slip away from the black GOOGLE
random and gratuitous use of celebrity,”
leather in to sparkling silver outfit said Steve Merino, chief creative officer
Google’s 90-second ad stood out by not of Aloysius, Butler & Clark in Wilmington,
that left little to the imagination. using humor or celebrities. It features a Delaware. “Not only did it not make sense
Having, essentially, an opening man reminiscing about his wife, using the to have Molly Ringwald as your spokesper-
act for a concert that stretches not Google Assistant feature to pull up old son, it was also a bit of a distraction.”
much longer than a dozen minutes photos of her and past vacations. The ad POP TARTS
was a risky move. At times the is set to an instrumental version of “Say Kellogg’s went for quirky but ended up
performance seemed rushed, as if Something” by Great Big World. “It’s so with a bland spot that isn’t likely to be
hard to write earnestly and not make it
they were trying to say too much remembered. In a pseudo infomercial,
cheesy,” said Julia Neumann, executive Jonathan Van Ness of “Queer Eye” de-
in too short of time. The guest acts, creative director at ad agency TBWA(back-
J. Balvin and Bad Bunny, were su- scribes the new Pop Tarts pretzel snack.
slash)Chiat(backslash)Day in New York. The idea is that Pop Tarts adds pizazz to
perfluous and only served to better “This was really, really well done.” pretzels, but the ad itself failed to have
emphasize the talents of the head- CHEETOS much spark.
liners. Cheetos used nostalgia effectively, appro- SQUARESPACE
The first halftime show to cele- priating the 30 year old MC Hammer clas- Winona Ryder went back to Winona, Min-
brate Latino artists could rightly sic “U Can’t Touch This” — still an earworm nesota — which she is named after — to
after all these years. The snack-food ad
be declared a success, and it also create a website for the town. But nothing
features a man with bright orange Chee-
bodes well for the management of tos dust on his hands who uses it as an
much happened in the ad, which shows
Jay-Z, who packaged the program Ryder in a snowdrift on her laptop being
excuse not to move furniture and perform confronted by a “Fargo”-like cop. There’s
for the first time on a new deal with office tasks. Hammer himself — “Hammer a more involved marketing campaign
the NFL. pants” and all — also kept popping up to with Ryder, but the Super Bowl ad didn’t
Memorably, Lopez’s daughter, utter his iconic catchphrase. communicate much.
Emme, joined her mother for a verse DORITOS HARD ROCK INTERNATIONAL
of “Let’s Get Loud,” where the 11- The brand added a silly danceoff to “Old Hard Rock International went all in on its
year girl sang the chorus of Bruce Town Road,” the smash hit of the summer first Super Bowl ad, maybe too much so.
by Lil Nas X. In the Western-themed ad,
Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.” It enlisted Michael Bay for a frenetic com-
Lil Nas faced off with grizzled character
Her mother then held out her arms actor Sam Elliott with silly, sometimes
mercial showing a frenzied heist caper
and showed off a red, white and blue involving Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez,
CGI-enhanced dances moves at the “Cool DJ Khaled, Pitbull, and Steven Van Zandt
cape to the crowd that was a repre- Ranch.” Billy Cyrus, who features in the — but some found it hard to follow.
sentation of the Puerto Rican flag in song’s remix, also made a cameo.
its inner lining, with the stars and
stripes on the outside. in favor of inclusion. 2010 World Cup.
It was a reminder to a television The two women came together at “Muchas gracias,” Shakira said
audience that approached 100 mil- the end to sing “Waka Waka (This as the camera pulled away.

The Dispatch
lion that a different part of America Time for Africa),” the song Shakira “Thank you so much,” Lopez
was making a powerful statement composed that was the theme of the said.

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Bernie Ebbers, ex-CEO convicted in WorldCom scandal, dies business, he invested zon, and relocated to Ash- facility in September of an early release. Assis-
Ebbers, 78, died just over a month in a small long-distance burn, Virginia. 2017, only to have the pris- tant U.S. Attorney Jason
after his early release from prison company, LDDS, in 1983.
He eventually took over
U.S. District Judge Val-
erie E. Caproni said late
oner go to Ebbers’ open
cell later in the day and
Cowley told the judge that
such a move would send
the day-to-day operations last year that it fell within physically attack him. “a terrible message to
charges and received a 25- and bought up competi- her discretion to order the The papers said the at- the rule of law” because
The former chief of year sentence. A federal tors, transforming LDDS early release of Ebbers af- tack fractured the bones it would cut Ebbers’ sen-
WorldCom, convicted in appeals court judge who — which was later re- ter a lawyer cited severe around Ebbers’ eyes and tence in half.
one of the largest corpo- upheld Ebbers’ conviction named WorldCom, based medical problems and caused blunt head trauma The family statement
rate accounting scandals in 2006 wrote that World- in Clinton, Mississippi said that Ebbers had ex- and other injuries. They acknowledged resistance
in U.S. history, died just Com’s fraudulent account- — into the fourth-largest perienced severe weight also said Ebbers was put to Ebbers’ early release
over a month after his ing practices were “specif- long-distance company by loss. At over 6 feet tall, into solitary confinement from victims of World-
early release from prison. ically intended to create a 1996. he had dropped in weight because his “severely lim- Com’s collapse, but said
Bernard Ebbers was 78. false picture of profitabil- He was considered to from above 200 pounds to ited eyesight” made him that many victims also ex-
The Canadian-born for- ity even for professional be a “no-nonsense” man 147 pounds. Attorney Gra- unable to identify the at- pressed their support.
mer telecommunications analysts that, in Ebbers’ with a brash attitude ham Carner told the judge tacker. “Many stockholders
executive died Sunday in case, was motivated by his who preferred jeans to it was possible his client In July 2019, one of and employees lost their
Brookhaven, Mississippi, personal financial circum- a suit. One analyst cited might not live another 18 Ebbers’ daughters sub- investments in the fall of
surrounded by his fami- stances.” in an early profile in the months. mitted a request that her WorldCom. Many of our
ly, according to a family Before establishing late nineties said Bernie Among other ailments, father receive compas- friends — and many in
statement. himself in telecommu- Ebbers was “the tele- Ebbers had heart disease, sionate release from a our family — did too,” the
WorldCom Inc. col- nications, Ebbers had a phone equivalent of Bill Carner said. Ebbers was federal prison medical statement read. “Thank-
lapsed and went into diverse career that start- Gates.” not in court when Caproni facility in Fort Worth, fully, Judge Caproni
bankruptcy in 2002, fol- ed in sports. He received By the time of its col- announced her ruling on Texas. Court papers say agreed with us — keeping
lowing revelations of an a basketball scholarship lapse over its accounting Dec. 18; his lawyers said a Bureau of Prisons offi- Dad in prison, especially
$11 billion accounting at Mississippi College, fraud scandal in 2002, he was hospitalized. cial denied that request in in his unexplained and
fraud that included pres- where he majored in phys- WorldCom was the na- “While Mr. Ebbers August. The family state- undiagnosed deteriorated
sure by top executives ical education. After grad- tion’s second-largest is physically alive ... his ment said that the Bureau condition, would not bring
on subordinates to in- uating, he coached high long-distance business. quality of life is gone,” of Prisons “had no diag- back anyone’s invest-
flate numbers to make school teams for a year Ebbers left that year and Carner said in December. nosis or treatment plan in ments.”
the company seem more before investing in a hotel; following his conviction, “If he was released today, place” and Ebbers experi- The family said they
profitable. The collapse he eventually amassed a was imprisoned from Sep- Mr. Ebbers is not going to enced a “rapid decline” in would pray for the victims.
caused losses to stock- chain of Best Westerns in tember 2006 until Dec. be playing tennis or run- October, followed by mul- The statement, which re-
holders, including those Mississippi and Texas, as 21, when he was released ning a business.” tiple hospitalizations in peatedly praised Caproni,
who had invested through well as a car dealership in from the custody of the In court papers in Sep- November and December. said family members plan
retirement plans. Columbia, Mississippi. Bureau of Prisons. tember, his lawyers said While prosecutors to eventually advocate for
Ebbers was convicted Following the advice In the meantime, Ebbers unintentionally agreed that Ebbers’ others “who are deserv-
in New York in 2005 on of friends and knowing WorldCom reemerged as bumped into another pris- health had deteriorated ing of compassionate re-
securities fraud and other little about the phone MCI, taken over by Veri- oner while walking in the in prison, they opposed lease to their families.”


Mississippi investigates hepati- posed more than 14 days earlier, so and was diagnosed with hepatitis
the department advises people who A. They have not been back to work
tis case at restaurant ate there on Jan. 17 or 18 to keep an since then.”
VICKSBURG — The Mississippi eye out for symptoms and see a doc-
Department of Health says a restau-
rant worker in Vicksburg has been
tor if symptoms develop. Police: 4 shot in parking lot
Symptoms can include fever,
diagnosed with hepatitis A.
fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea,
in Mississippi
A news release people who ate PHILADELPHIA — Police in
vomiting, joint pain and jaundice, Mississippi said officers were work-
at The Gumbo Pot on Halls Ferry
according to the federal Centers ing to identify possible suspects
Road on Jan. 17, 18 and 22, may have
for Disease Control and Prevention. after a shooting in a parking lot
been exposed to the infectious liver
Symptoms usually appear two to six wounded four people.
disease, news agencies report.
“The risk of transmission of weeks after exposure — but people Shots were fired Sunday night at
hepatitis A in this situation is likely can spread hepatitis A without ever a family fun center in Philadelphia,
very low,” but people who ate at the showing any symptoms. The Neshoba Democrat reported.
Gumbo Pot on Jan. 22 should con- The state health department The people who were wounded
sider getting vaccinated as a pre- says 149 people in Mississippi have were between 18 and 45 years old.
caution if they haven’t already had come down with the disease since All four were taken by personal ve-
the shots, said Dr. Paul Byers, the April 1, 2019, and 70 of them have hicle to hospitals. Then, three of
state epidemiologist. been hospitalized. None has died. the four were airlifted to a hospital
Free vaccinations are available Health inspectors gave the Gum- in Jackson for further treatment,
from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday and bo Pot an A rating Friday, owner the newspaper reported.
Tuesday at the Warren County Perry Boyd told the Vicksburg Post. Their conditions weren’t imme-
Health Department on Monroe Boyd said the worker had no diately released.
Street in Vicksburg. The Centers symptoms Jan. 17 or 18. “When the Philadelphia, Mississippi, is
for Disease Control and Protection employee came back to work on about 80 miles (129 kilometers)
says the vaccination is made up of Jan. 22, she was sick and we sent northeast of Jackson.
two shots, six months apart. them home,” he said. “It was then
They won’t protect people ex- they went to the emergency room SOURCE: The Associated Press


Today is Monday, Feb. by a U-boat off Britain af- nized Funt thought the since 1984. A U.S. Marine
3, the 34th day of 2020. ter the crew was allowed whole thing was a stunt plane sliced through the
There are 332 days left in to board lifeboats. for his TV show.) cable of a ski gondola in
the year. In 1930, the chief jus- In 1988, the U.S. Italy, causing the car to
Today’s Highlight in tice of the United States, House of Representatives plunge hundreds of feet, Visit us
William Howard Taft, handed President Ronald
History: resigned for health rea- Reagan a major defeat,
killing all 20 people in- on the web at
On Feb. 3, 1943,
sons. (He died just over a rejecting his request for
side. cdispatch.com
during World War II, the SOURCE:
U.S. transport ship SS month later.) $36.2 million in new aid to
In 1959, rock-and-roll the Nicaraguan Contras The Associated Press
Dorchester, which was
carrying troops to Green- stars Buddy Holly, Ritchie by a vote of 219-211.
land, sank after being Valens and J.P. “The Big In 1991, the rate for a
hit by a German torpedo Bopper” Richardson died first-class postage stamp
in the Labrador Sea; of in a small plane crash rose to 29 cents.
the more than 900 men near Clear Lake, Iowa. In 1994, the space
aboard, only some 230 In 1966, the Soviet shuttle Discovery lifted
survived. (Four Army probe Luna 9 became the off, carrying Sergei Kri-
chaplains on board gave first manmade object to kalev (SUR’-gay KREE’-
away their life jackets make a soft landing on the kuh-lev), the first Russian
to save others and went moon. cosmonaut to fly aboard a
down with the ship.) In 1969, “Candid U.S. spacecraft.
Camera” creator Allen In 1998, Texas exe-
Funt and his family were cuted Karla Faye Tucker,
On this date: aboard an Eastern Air- 38, for the pickax killings
In 1690, the first pa-
lines flight that was hi- of two people in 1983; she
per money in America
jacked to Cuba. (Fellow was the first woman exe-
was issued by the Mas-
passengers who recog- cuted in the United States
sachusetts Bay Colony to
finance a military expedi-
tion to Canada.
In 1877, the song
“Chopsticks,” written by
16-year-old Euphemia Al-
len under the pseudonym
Arthur de Lulli, was de-
posited at the British Mu-
seum under the title “The
Celebrated Chop Waltz.”
In 1913, the 16th
Amendment to the U.S. SOLUNAR TABLE
Constitution, providing
The solunar period indicates
peak-feeding times for fish and game.
Mon. Tues.
for a federal income tax, Major 7:19p 8:35p
was ratified. Minor
7:45a 9:01a
In 1917, the United Minor 3:05a 4:15a
Courtesy of Mississippi Department
States broke off diplo- of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks

matic relations with Ger-

many, the same day an
American cargo ship, the
SS Housatonic, was sunk
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Change is inevitable
“Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same shops. An electric motor has 20 parts remarkably in less than three years.
weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.” compared to a gas/diesel motor of Uber and Airbnb. Uber is now the
— Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor and philosopher (121-181 A.D.) 20,000 individual parts. If the electric largest taxi company, and they don’t
motor fails it can be replaced in a few own any cars. Airbnb is the biggest
minutes from a drive-through. hotel company, and they don’t own any

ost of the time I find alone. As a result, much of Taxis will be self-driven. Cars will property.
technology a little the country was taken with become computers on wheels. There Medical diagnosis will be available
scary. I reviewed the possibility of air travel. will be fewer accidents and loss of online and through apps with greater
George Orwell’s 1964 Airlines like Pan Ameri- lives — no drunk or inattentive driv- accuracy than humans. A device is in
futuristic book “1984” for can and Transcontinental ers. There will be less of a need for car the works enabling a retina scan, blood
its possibilities. Electronic were becoming the means insurance, thus changing the insur- test and breath analysis. Legal advice
screens were located in pub- of future travel. Nowadays ance industry. Fewer cars mean fewer will be at your fingertips.
lic places — I imagine like air travel is as common as parking areas and more green space, It’s not hard to believe the future
restaurants, waiting rooms, owning a car, or a washing cleaner air, less noise pollution. possibilities when you can scan your
dentists’ chairs, airports and machine, a refrigerator, a Think of camera companies Kodak own items at the grocery store or order
along highways. Govern- big screen TV, a cell phone, and Polaroid and the effects of cell milk and Cheerios online.
ment screens were required a laptop computer, a nanny phones on camera sales. The business Email reaches Shannon Bardwell of
in residential homes, strate- Shannon Bardwell cam, a phone on your wrist. model of both companies changed Columbus at msdeltachild@msn.com.
gically placed where occu- Maxwell Smart from the
pants could be monitored. I TV show “Get Smart” had a
looked over at our big screen television shoe phone (1965). It seemed absurd.
and thought about all the public places A friend from California sent an
with electronic screens. Who’s really email containing possibilities and
watching who? I closed the book and probabilities for our technological
put it away. future. Though I was unable to confirm
In every decade major changes take the original source of the information,
place. Some folks find changes unnerv- just imagine how our lives, the lives of
ing while others embrace change with our children and grandchildren, are
enthusiasm. “Anne Morrow Lindbergh: changing.
A Gift for Life,” by Dorothy Herrmann, Cars will be electric with recharging
narrates the story of the Lindberghs. stations on street corners. (Think the
On May 20, 1927, Charles Lindbergh Tennessee Williams Home on Colum-
Jr., age 25, flew the “Spirit of St. Louis” bus’ Main Street.) There will be no
from New York to Paris, all 3,500 miles, gasoline, gas stations or auto repair


Voice of the people
Reflections on water
There is exactly the same amount
of fresh water in the world today as
there was at the time of the building
of the Great Pyramid some 4500 years
ago. The difference is that there were
roughly 9 million people in the world
then, and now there are 45 cities with
that many people. 7.8 billion people,
and counting.
U.S. cities are spending millions,
sometimes billions of dollars, to
provide water to growing populations.
Since the amount of water is fixed, and
its availability is declining as we empty
our aquifers, cities have turned to con-
servation of water. Plumbing that uses
less water is mandated in some cities.
One of the great triumphs of the
20th century was the prohibition
against dumping sewage and industrial
waste into our lakes and rivers, and the
development of wastewater treatment.
Wastewater reclamation is now a
mature technology, converting sewage
into potable water. When the Cuyahoga
River caught on fire in 1969 (sending
flames up to 5 stories high), the em-
barrassment lit a fire (pun intended)
and in 1972, we had the Clean Water
Act. Today, the Cuyahoga is a clear
stream—with fish!! The hard-fought
battle against lake and river pollution
has raged since the Civil War. Today
in the U.S., cholera and typhoid are
practically unheard of; most rivers and
streams are clean enough to supply
municipal water systems; and river and
riparian fauna are returning.
Last month, President Trump issued
an executive order removing restric-
tions on the use of pesticides and
chemical fertilizers that run off into
There’s no such thing
streams and wetlands. The regulations any people, in- “Witch!” you hollered. no one is accusing him of something
were “a burden to farmers and indus- cluding our whop- The other villagers, that doesn’t exist.
tries.” ping mistake of weak-minded from hunger He did not bring a murrain upon
Addressing a campaign rally, he a president, characterize and homebrewed beer, the crops, though he’s put numerous
complained about low-water-use plumb- the investigation and the agreed with you, and farmers out of business. He did not
ing. Since the toilets he complained impeachment of Donald J. then there was a trial cause your infant child to die, not un-
of have long since been replaced by Trump as a “witch hunt.” before some red-capped, less you are an illegal immigrant and
efficient and effective toilets (15 years They refer to history, or louse-infested ecclesiastic your kid died in a dog kennel down in
ago, the city of San Antonio had a toilet rather what they think is who let you burn the semi- Texas. He most certainly did not use
made of clear plexiglass to show that it history. old lady to death. the black arts to construct a magical
could flush a full-size Idaho russet po- Originally, a witch hunt Having found one wall along the Mexican border.
tato with 1.3 gallons of water), I wonder was just what it sounds witch, you figured there See, the guy is completely clean of
where he has been. The Hilton Hotel like. Marc Dion were more. After all, who committing crimes that do not exist,
asked their guests for their ratings of Your infant daughter ever had just one rat in his or at least they don’t exist as the
their “shower experience” using aerat- died and, even though hut? result of witchery.
ed shower heads and got very good to most of your children died in infancy, You hunted witches, and you found There is such a thing as treason.
excellent ratings. Where has President back there in the year 1240, you were them everywhere. Weird old John There is such a thing as obstruction
Trump been showering? crazy with grief, and you began to be who talked to his grapevine. That of justice. There is such a thing as
His complaints serve to under- suspicious of the mumbling, unpleas- nutcase Geofric who couldn’t get a inviting a foreign government to help
mine the effectiveness of programs ant, toothless hag next door. Those wife and babbled incessantly about you fix an American election. Those
to conserve water — urgently needed were hard years. She was 45, by the the Devil. things are as real as a convenience
programs. way. Well, actually, she was 45, but You burned them all. It made the store owner’s identification of the
The water table under the Delta has she looked 80. Or at least you thought village smell pretty bad, but you were man who robbed his cash register
been falling more than a foot per year she looked 80, because no one in your a zero-tolerance zone where witches at gunpoint. Of course, if the conve-
since the invention of high-volume well village ever lived to be 80. were concerned. nience store owner isn’t allowed to
pumps—generations. The State of Mis- And the old lady had a cat. A black And this, they say, is what the lib- testify, his identification isn’t gonna
sissippi is suing Memphis for pumping cat. She wandered all day through erals did to President Donald Trump. count for much.
water from a Mississippi aquifer. We the village, talking to herself, mak- Trouble is, there never were any So don’t call Trump’s legal trou-
get 57 inches of rain every year and our ing evil faces. She was, of course, witches in your village. Witches don’t bles a “witch hunt.” His crimes can
ground water is disappearing. just sliding into a kind of dementia exist. “There’s no such thing,” as my be seen and touched. They exist.
That our President can say and do brought on by bad food, bad water parents used to tell 5-year-old me Marc Dion, a nationally syndicated
as he has in the face of a water crisis and losing nine of the 14 children about ghosts and goblins. There are columnist, is a reporter and columnist
implies that either he does not know or she’d birthed. The evil faces were the no witches, no witchcraft, no wizards for The Herald News, the daily news-
does not care. result of the pain caused by rotting and no sorcerers. paper of his hometown, Fall River,
Bill Gillmore teeth. The problem with calling Trump’s Massachusetts. For more on Dion, go
Columbus No matter. legal troubles a “witch hunt” is that to go to www.creators.com.
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2020 5A


China opens virus hospital, market plunges as toll grows

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS of prevention of the epidemic.” ical equipment and ventilation systems. ment and Reform Commission, at a
He told the Politburo standing Leading Chinese epidemiologist news conference in Beijing.
BEIJING — China sent medical committee that the country must race Zhong Nanshan said additional hospi- Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, an-
workers and equipment to a new hos- against time to curb the spread of the tal space was crucial to stopping the nounced Monday that the semi-autono-
pital built in 10 days, infused cash into epidemic and that those who neglect spread of new infections. mous territory will shut almost all land
tumbling financial markets and further their duties will be punished. His “The lack of hospital rooms forced and sea border control points to the
restricted people’s movement in sweep- speech was read by an anchor on the sick people to return home, which is ex- mainland from midnight to stem the
ing new steps Monday to contain a rap- major evening news program of state tremely dangerous. So having addition- spread of the virus. She said only two
idly spreading virus and its escalating broadcaster CCTV. al (beds) available is a great improve- border checkpoints — at Shenzhen Bay
impact. Reopening of schools was also de- ment,” Zhong told state broadcaster and the bridge to Macau and Zhuhai —
Health authorities released updated layed to keep the virus from spreading CCTV. will remain open.
figures of 361 deaths and 17,205 con- further in Hubei, where the 1,000-bed Zhong played a major role in over- More than 2,000 hospital workers
firmed cases, an increase of 2,829 over hospital in the provincial capital Wuhan coming China’s 2002-2003 outbreak had gone on strike earlier in the day,
a 24-hour period, as other countries was completed in just 10 days. A second of SARS, a coronavirus from the same demanding a complete closure of the
continued evacuating citizens from hospital with 1,500 beds will open with- family as the current pathogen. border, and their union has threatened
hardest-hit Hubei province and restrict- in days. Restrictions were tightened In a sign of the economic toll of the a bigger walkout Tuesday.
ed the entry of Chinese or people who still further in one city by allowing only outbreak, China’s Shanghai Composite Hong Kong has recorded 15 cases of
recently traveled in the country. The one family member to venture out to index plunged nearly 8% on the first day the virus and has cut flights and train
World Health Organization said the buy supplies every other day. of trading after the Lunar New Year and bus connections to the mainland,
number of cases will keep growing be- Medical teams from the People’s Lib- holiday. That despite a central bank an- but a push is growing for it to close the
cause tests are pending on thousands eration Army were arriving in Wuhan nouncement Sunday that it was putting border completely. Strike organizers
of suspected cases. to relieve overwhelmed health workers 1.2 trillion yuan ($173 billion) into the say about 6,000 medical staff were pre-
Chinese President Xi Jinping, presid- and to work at the new hospital, located markets. pared to participate. Hong Kong was
ing over a special meeting of the coun- in the countryside far from the city cen- “We are fully confident in and capa- severely impacted by the SARS out-
try’s top Communist Party body for the ter. Its prefabricated wards, where pa- ble of minimizing the epidemic’s im- break, which many believe was inten-
second time since the crisis started, tients began arriving by late morning, pact on economy,” said Lian Weiliang, sified by official Chinese secrecy and
said “we have launched a people’s war are equipped with state-of-the-art med- deputy chief of the National Develop- obfuscation.

COMMERCIAL DISPATCH OBITUARY POLICY Chapel of Columbus. Lowndes Funeral Fairview Baptist Church of Columbus.
Obituaries with basic information including visitation Home of Columbus is in charge of ar- Burial will follow at Friendship Ceme-
and service times, are provided free of charge. Extend-
ed obituaries with a photograph, detailed biographical
rangements. tery. Visitation is from 6-8 p.m. today,
information and other details families may wish to Mr. Ponds was preceded in death by at Lowndes Funeral Home. Lowndes
include, are available for a fee. Obituaries must be sub- his wife, Mary Ann Frame Ponds; and Funeral Home of Columbus is in charge
mitted through funeral homes unless the deceased’s his parents, John Donehue and Nettie of arrangements.
body has been donated to science. If the deceased’s Simpson Ponds.
body was donated to science, the family must provide
official proof of death. Please submit all obituaries on
He is survived by his children, Karen Maggie Mangum
Naquin, Wesley “Buster Ponds and Don- COLUMBUS — Maggie Mangum, 85,
the form provided by The Commercial Dispatch. Free no-
nie Ponds; nine grandchildren; and seven died Feb. 2, 2020, at Baptist Memorial
tices must be submitted to the newspaper no later than
great-grandchildren. Durell Homan
3 p.m. the day prior for publication Tuesday through Hospital-Golden Triangle. Incomplete
Friday; no later than 4 p.m. Saturday for the Sunday Arrangements are incomplete and 2nd. Ave. North Location
edition; and no later than 7:30 a.m. for the Monday
edition. Incomplete notices must be received no later
Durell Homan will be announced by Lee Sykes Funeral
ETHELSVILLE, Ala. — Durell Ho- Services of Columbus.
than 7:30 a.m. for the Monday through Friday editions.
Paid notices must be finalized by 3 p.m. for inclusion
man, 98, died Feb. 2, 2020, at Vineyard
the next day Monday through Thursday; and on Friday Court Nursing Center of Columbus. Vester Heritage
by 3 p.m. for Sunday and Monday publication. For more Arrangements are incomplete and ETHELSVILLE, Ala. — Vester Mae
information, call 662-328-2471. will be announced by Memorial Gunter Burgess Heritage, 87, died Feb, 2, 2020,
Peel Funeral Home and Crematory 716 at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden
Wesley Ponds Sr. Second Avenue North location. Triangle.
COLUMBUS — Wesley Gordon Ponds Services will be at 11 a.m. Tuesday, at
Sr., 78, died Feb. 1, 2020, at Baptist Me- Peggy Kellum Mineral Springs Baptist Church. Buri- memorialgunterpeel.com
morial Hospital-Golden Triangle. COLUMBUS — Peggy Kellum, 75, al will follow at the church cemetery.
A memorial service will be at 10 a.m. died Feb. 1, 2020, at her residence. Visitation will be immediately following
Tuesday, at Lowndes Funeral Home Services will be at 11 a.m. Tuesday, at services.

Have you checked the

REal EStatE
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Deanna Robinson/Dispatch Staff

Everleigh Massey, 2, rides with her doll at her home in New Hope Tuesday afternoon. She is the daughter of Riley and
Kayla Massey.

Continued from Page 1A
all across Japan before abroad finally presented she said, which made her was a) big mission.”
he brought her on a itself in 2018 when Shunji feel at ease. Being a part of
grander adventure — one was to be stationed in “I don’t have to Pilgrimage, standing in
that’s far away from her Columbus for two years. hesitate to speak with old houses and walking
hometown in Yokosuka, When Sugo arrived them, because all the tourists through a brief
Japan, and all the way to in October of that year, people who came from segment of history, made
Mississippi for his two- Columbus struck her as a other countries were very Sugo’s life in Columbus
year military service as Southern historical town. friendly to me,” Sugo more enjoyable. After
a pilot at Columbus Air From time to time, she said. more than a year living
Force Base. said, she would experi- One of those friends,
in the city, Sugo said she
For Sugo, this ence culture shock. Olga Almazan, said Sugo
has adopted the lifestyle
cross-continental trip “When I stopped at the wants to know about
here to some extent.
to the United States is a Walmart ... I could see a everyone else’s culture.
dream realized 30 years gun section,” Sugo said. The two exchange But sometimes, she
late. “I was very surprised at details about Japan and still misses the hot
Yokosuka, home to first, because I have nev- Almazan’s native Mexico, springs, the food and
400,000 people, is the er seen (that) in Japan. including weather, fash- culture in Japan.
location of a U.S. Navy We have very strict rules. ion and family traditions. “When I went to Hous-
Base. As a teenager born They are illegal. But they “She always tries to ton, I went to a Japanese
into the era of famous sell it at the supermarket speak with our students supermarket,” Sugo
American pop musicians (in America), and there and tries to learn more said. “The atmosphere
such as Madonna and are a lot of kids.” about them,” Almazan reminds me of Japan, my
Michael Jackson, Sugo Sugo’s English was said. hometown, a lot.
became interested in still poor at the time, Sugo was eager to “But when I go out-
English and American she remembered, and learn about Columbus side, it’s America,” she
culture. She wanted to people’s thick Southern as well. To prepare for said.
study abroad and expe- accents did not help. Or- last year’s Pilgrimage as Sometimes, she said,
rience a different part dering at drive-throughs a member of the CAFB she just wants to quit
of the world. Her father sometimes became a International Spouses studying English and go
never allowed her to live challenge. Group, she had to learn back to Japan “tomor-
abroad, but she still got “I could not get what how to sew the dress she row.”
a job on the Navy base to they mean,” Sugo said. would wear.
Other times, she feels
practice her English. “Sometimes I give up. ... Patricia Wilson, who
torn at the thought of
“I realized the world I (would leave) the car led the efforts to create
was very big,” Sugo said. and go to the shop and I the group in 2003, taught leaving Columbus in
“I wanted to know and pointed at the picture (on her how, Sugo said. October.
communicate with for- the menu).” Since Sugo did not have a By the time she leaves,
eign people. They were Soon, Sugo met a sewing machine at home, she said, Columbus may
born with another face group of international she worked on the dress even become her “Ameri-
and they have different friends, with whom she at Wilson’s house for a can hometown.”
cultures, languages, takes English classes month. “This is a once-in-a-
ways of thinking. ... It’s several times a week in “I have never sewn a lifetime chance,” Sugo
interesting.” Starkville. They all come dress, I just made kids’ said. “I should cherish
The opportunity to live from different cultures, clothes,” Sugo said. “(It the time (I spend here).”

Capitol dome
Continued from Page 1A
lingering problems at husband is incarcerated tions system is house in- first step in the imme-
Parchman, including in Parchman, and he and dividuals,” Barnett said. diate prison crisis is to
broken toilets and sinks, others had to defecate in He said state policy- secure Parchman. The
holes in cell walls, birds’ plastic bags when toilets makers need to expand second step is to move
nests in windows and were broken. the conversation beyond prisoners to other facili-
widespread mold and Dozens of Mississippi just housing prisoners ties. The third step is to
mildew in showers. sheriffs were at the state as a way to keep county make sure inmates re-
Reeves said during his Capitol the middle of last jails, regional jails or pri- ceive education and job-
State of the State speech week, and Barnett said vate prisons open. skills training and that
Jan. 27 that the state will many of them wanted to “What we need to they have a valid driver’s
take steps to shut down talk about the possibil- be talking about is the license before they are
Unit 29, which consists ity of the state moving things ... that they are
free — a necessary step
of multiple buildings. some inmates to coun- willing to do to make
because public transit is
The interim commission- ty or regional jails. The sure that they’re not just
scarce in Mississippi.
er of corrections, Tommy state would pay sheriffs’ only housing these peo-
Taylor, told reporters departments to house in- ple, but to make sure that Hosemann said the
moments later that crews mates. there’s rehabilitation go- fourth step is to have
had already started re- “Everyone is talking ing on, as well, so that we former inmates back out
pairing sinks and toilets about the cost,” Barnett don’t have this problem in the community with
and had restored heat to said. “You know, ‘I’ll going forward,” Barnett the goal that they will be
Unit 29. keep your people at this said. productive and that they
Some inmates went cost.’” Hosemann appointed won’t commit an offense
days without showers Barnett said housing Barnett as the Correc- that sends them back to
when prisons were locked is an issue, but it’s not the tions Committee chair- prison.
down after the violence. only consideration. man, and the two men “Clearly, Mississippi
A woman who spoke at “For so long, all we express similar goals. is better than Unit 29,”
a rally Jan. 24 said her have done in our correc- Hosemann said the Hosemann said.

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subject: Business brief


Geoff Burke/USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Chris Jones (95) knocks down a pass from San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) during the fourth quarter in Super
Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium Sunday.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS reer. tory and deliver the fran- get it in the end.” and didn’t stop until they play, 83-yard drive with a
“It’s Magic Mahomes,” chise its first Super Bowl The 24-year-old Ma- stood in a confetti shower 1-yard touchdown toss to
MIAMI GARDENS, tight end Travis Kelce title in 50 years. homes was selected the while passing around the Kelce that made it 20-17
Fla. — Patrick Mahomes said with a huge grin. “It’s “We never lost faith,” game’s MVP after bounc- Lombardi Trophy. with 6:13 remaining.
was struggling, and the Showtime Mahomes. He’s Mahomes said. “That’s ing back from being in- And it was the late- There were already
Kansas City Chiefs were going to be himself no the biggest thing. Every- tercepted on two straight game performance of signs on that drive that
in huge trouble. matter what the scenar- body on this team, no possessions as the Chiefs’ Mahomes that got them
Mahomes was on the
Until the young quar- io. And, you know what? one had their head down. title hopes seemingly where Len Dawson last
terback coolly brushed verge of something spe-
I love him. He willed this And we believed in each slipped away. delivered the Chiefs in
aside three-plus quarters team back into the game.” other. And that’s what “I was making a lot of 1970. cial.
of frustration and came Mahomes threw touch- we preached all year long mistakes out there early,” “It’s not all Patrick, and “Anything is possible
through in the clutch, down passes on consecu- — and we had this guy Mahomes acknowledged. he’ll be the first to tell you with him,” fullback An-
that is. tive fourth-quarter drives (Reid) right here to get us But trailing 20-10, Ma- that,” Reid said, “but it’s a thony Sherman said.
As he has already done to lead Andy Reid’s Chiefs there. homes and the Chiefs good place to start.” On third-and-15 from
so often in his young ca- to a 31-20 comeback vic- “And we found a way to suddenly got going — Mahomes capped a 10- See SUPER BOWL, 3B

MSU heading into heart of conference play with date against Georgia
BY BEN PORTNOY done a tremendous job get out of there after the
bportnoy@cdispatch.com there. They are playing at first time,” Schaefer said.
a very high level.” “Obviously, I don’t think
STARKVILLE — Con- With the red and white we are playing as well as
ference play is heating up. clad Bulldogs riding a we were. We have to find
With a three game stretch of four straight a way to get I fixed. With
stretch against ranked ranked opponents, Tay- that being said, our kids
opponents just around the lor’s bunch picked up a got a day off. We will get
corner, the Mississippi much needed aforemen- back at it and get ready for
State women’s basketball tioned win over Arkansas a well-coached and really
team (19-3, 7-1 SEC) wel- Jan. 23 before dropping talented Georgia team.”
comes Georgia (12-9, 3-5 games to No. 1 South Car- For MSU, the Bulldogs
SEC) to town Monday for olina and suffering a one- enter the contest sitting in
a rematch of the Bulldogs’ point loss at Texas A&M sole possession of second
seven-point win in Athens Thursday. place in the SEC stand-
Jan. 5. Flashing a balanced ings behind South Car-
“We have to get ready offensive attack, Geor- olina. And while Schae-
for a really good Georgia gia boasts seven players fer’s bunch endured a
team,” MSU coach Vic scoring at least 4.4 points tight one-point loss to the
Schaefer said. “They had per game this season. Of Gamecocks in Columbia
a heart breaker last week those, guards Gabby Con- two weeks ago, the squad
at Texas A&M, losing by nally and Maya Caldwell has shown a recent pro-
one. They had a great lead the bunch at 12.7 and pensity to play down to its
victory at Arkansas on 10 points per game, re- competition since. Jim Lytle/Special to The Dispatch
the road two weeks ago. spectively. In wins over Vander- Mississippi State’s Jordan Danberry (24) shoots an open jump shot during the first
(Coach) Joni Taylor has “We were lucky to See WBB, 3B quarter of their NCAA college basketball game against Auburn Thursday in Starkville.
2B MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

BRIEFLY Kaepernick’s Super Bowl close call has lasting impact on NFL
College Basketball THE ASSOCIATED PRESS joined him in his show of Goodell, all of them to stop ter a year, and when the cur-
protest. running, stop running from rent coach, Kyle Shanahan,
Ole Miss women can’t eek out win against Alabama MIAMI — One play. Five It drew the ire of a cer- the truth, stop running from came on, he made it clear
The Ole Miss women’s basketball team (7-15, yards. A flag that wasn’t
0-9 SEC) put together a strong effort in a game that
tain cross-section of the the people,” Kaepernick said that the more traditional of-
featured 18 lead changes, but Alabama was able to
thrown. country, stoked in part by that day. “Around here, we’re fense he was going to run
edge out a 57-56 win thanks to a late fourth quarter run Seven years ago at the Su- President Donald Trump, ready to play, we’re ready to would not be a good fit for
at The Pavilion on Sunday afternoon. per Bowl, history was made who infamously wondered go anywhere.” an option-read style quarter-
The Crimson Tide (13-9, 3-6 SEC) started the when a 49ers receiver, un- out loud at a political rally But it went nowhere. back the likes of Kaepernick.
game 0-13 from beyond the arc, but they were able to able to break free from the
find their stride at just the right time, hitting three trifec-
about how nice it would be Before that, the NFL, well One twist in all this was that
prying hands of a harassing for an NFL owner to point aware of the need to address one of the few owners who
tas in a row to erase what had been the largest Ole Miss
lead of the game. The Rebels to that point had played cornerback, could not grab a at a kneeling player and say Kaepernick’s off-the-field supported the quarterback
a complete game, turning 16 Alabama turnovers into pass on fourth-and-goal that “Get that son of a bitch off concerns, began pumping publicly was Jed York of the
18 points and shooting 40.7 percent overall and 56.3 would have given San Fran- the field right now.” Not long money into his social-jus- Niners. But a team that was
percent from three on an SEC season-high nine treys. cisco the go-ahead score late after, Vice President Mike tice cause, to the tune of friendly to Kaepernick’s
However, the Tide were able to remain in the ballgame in the game against the Bal-
thanks to a significant 17-9 advantage on the offensive Pence walked out of a game $25 million so far with more cause suddenly had no use
glass that translated to 24 second-chance points, as
timore Ravens. involving the 49ers, several than $60 million additional for him.
well as a 14-of-17 clip from the charity stripe compared The Niners lost that game of whom supported Kaeper- promised. It teamed with an How would things be dif-
to a 3-of-3 line for the Rebels. 34-31 and were relegated to nick’s cause and kneeled activist-minded group com- ferent if he had been a Super
“Great game. Tough loss. Just incredibly proud the forgettable list of very during the anthem before a posed of a few dozen play- Bowl champion?
of my group,” said Ole Miss head coach Yolett good NFL teams who came
McPhee-McCuin in a news release. “After the loss that game against the Indianapo- ers who called themselves “Maybe he wouldn’t have
in second place. For the man lis Colts. The Players Coalition. That been as easily dismissed,”
we had last game (vs. No. 1 South Carolina), the whole
program, myself included, we were in a really down who threw that pass, Col- It forced the NFL into a group, however, did not in- Hunter offers.
place. Today I just talked to them about life. Adversity is in Kaepernick, things have series of uncomfortable de- clude Kaepernick, who went Dismissed how, though?
going to hit and you have to be able to respond.” never been the same. cisions, first in an attempt his own way after a series of As an athlete? As a voice for
The same could be said to simply tamp down the contentious meetings with even bigger issues?
Source: From Special Reports about the NFL. discord about kneeling, then the leaders who ended up “When you win the Super
The 49ers made it back later to try to get on board as the backbone of the Coa- Bowl as a quarterback in the
to the Super Bowl this year, with Kaepernick’s cause, al- lition. NFL, it gives you a certain
CALENDAR but Kaepernick had noth- beit with an unspoken hope The NFL named the pro- level of power,” Hunter says.
ing to do with this trip. His that the protests come to a gram “Inspire Change.” The “But the other side of that is,
Today name has barely been men- halt. league has been running if he’d won, maybe it takes
Prep Girls Basketball tioned. In most instances, “He clearly drew attention a commercial through the him in a whole different di-
Heritage Academy at district tourna- this would simply be anoth-
to a societal problem which playoffs, with another air- rection.”
ment, Lamar, TBA er example of the relentless
needs to be addressed and ing scheduled for the Super At the NFL Players’ Asso-
Hebron Christian at Hamilton, 6 p.m. churn of players through a
that we haven’t addressed,” Bowl, in which former wide ciation’s annual news confer-
Noxubee County at Kosciusko, 6 p.m. league that chews them up
said Alan Page, the Hall of receiver Anquan Boldin, ence earlier this week, the
Prep Boys Basketball and spits them out. But at
Fame defensive lineman who a founder of The Players subject of Kaepernick came
Heritage Academy at district tourna- 32, Kaepernick could, con-
went on to a career as a Min- Coalition, tells the story of up, ever so briefly.
ment, Lamar, TBA ceivably, be in his prime. In-
nesota Supreme Court jus- his cousin getting shot and The union has defended
Hebron Christian at Hamilton, 7:30 stead, he has been out of the
tice. “There’s value in that. killed by a plainclothes po- Kaepernick, fought for him
p.m. league for three years.
The problem is, we get side- lice officer in Florida. in the collusion case and, in
Noxubee County at Kosciusko, 7:30 And yet, if there’s a sin-
tracked, I think, in focusing The irony isn’t lost that theory, is behind what he’s
p.m. gle player who brought this
on things that aren’t really the NFL is getting credit for all about. The union also rep-
Women’s College Basketball league to a point of reckon-
relevant to the problem. We advancing a cause spurred resents players involved in
Georgia at Mississippi State, 6 p.m. ing — who exposed it for
get sidetracked on flags and by a player who cannot get a the Players Coalition, which
East Mississippi Community College at what it is, what it is not, and
what it could still be when all that.” job in its own league. is fighting for many of the
Holmes Community College, 5:30 p.m. Also sidetracked: Kaeper- “Doing the right thing for same things but is not on the
Men’s College Basketball it comes to shaping conver-
sations about the American nick’s career. whatever reason is always a same page with the quarter-
East Mississippi Community College at Though it’s hard to imag- plus,” Page said of the NFL. back.
Holmes Community College, 7:30 p.m. experience that cascade well
beyond the football field — ine that not one of 32 teams “I’ve gotten beyond trying NFLPA executive director
Tuesday it is that now-unemployed could find a place for a quar- to ascribe people’s motives. DeMaurice Smith danced
Prep Boys Soccer
quarterback out of Nevada terback with potential to What’s important is they do around the question of what
Heritage Academy at Magnolia Heights,
who came 5 yards from win- disrupt defenses with both the right thing.” he thought about Kaeper-
4 p.m.
ning the Super Bowl in 2013. his arm and his legs, a quar- What there is no defini- nick specifically, choosing
Lamar School at Starkville Academy,
“By losing that job, he terback who, to this day, has tive answer to, though, is ex- instead to generically laud
5 p.m.
gained a legacy, a career,” the sixth-best TD-to-inter- actly what the “right thing” “anybody who makes a de-
Men’s College Basketball
said Marcus Hunter, chair ception ratio in NFL histo- really is. cision to represent issues
Mississippi State at Kentucky, 8 p.m. ry, a quarterback not far re- As the 49ers prepared for that are greater than them-
of the department of Afri-
MUW at Lyon College, 7 p.m. moved from bringing a team their first trip to the Super selves.”
can-American Studies at
Prep Girls Basketball within five yards of winning Bowl since the Kaepernick After that flourish, the
UCLA. “Now, he has more
Germantown at Starkville, 6 p.m. the Super Bowl, there is no game, it was hard not to won- microphone moved to the
than a job. He’s an activ-
Noxubee County at Columbus, 6 p.m. spot for Kaepernick. der how both football and the next reporter. But before
ist-minded thought leader
West Point at Choctaw County, 6 p.m. He filed a grievance quarterback might be differ- the question came, Michael
about the state of race in
Ethel at West Lowndes, 6 p.m. against the league, claiming ent were it not for those five Thomas, a player’s rep from
America. A lot of young peo-
Heritage Academy at district tourna- the teams colluded to keep yards that were not gained the New York Giants who
ple, including a lot who I
ment, Lamar, TBA him out, and the parties and the touchdown that was sided with Kaepernick in the
teach, often find themselves
Prep Boys Basketball eventually reached an undis- not scored that day in the Su- contentious debate over The
sitting there waiting to see
Germantown at Starkville, 7:30 p.m. closed settlement. perdome. Players Coalition, stopped
what he is going to say.”
Noxubee County at Columbus, 7:30 In one of the more bizarre As it turned out, Kaeper- the momentum.
Instead of being forev-
p.m. 24-hour news cycles of the nick followed up with a pro- “As a player who did take
er known as a Super Bowl
West Point at Choctaw County, 7:30 past season, the NFL ar- ductive season that stopped a knee with him, he had a
champion, Kaepernick will
p.m. ranged a workout for Kaeper- one game short of the Super huge impact on a lot of play-
go down as the quarterback
Ethel at West Lowndes, 7:30 p.m. nick in Atlanta that all teams Bowl. He followed that by ers, that whole movement
who kneeled — first during
Heritage Academy at district tourna- were welcome to attend. But signing a six-year, $126 mil- did,” Thomas interjected. “It
the national anthem before a
ment, Lamar, TBA unhappy with caveats and lion contract that he would means a lot, taking a stand
preseason game — to spark
Wednesday one of the biggest controver- rules the league placed on never come close to playing for something that’s greater
Prep Girls Basketball sies in the NFL’s 100 -year the workout, Kaepernick out. He struggled through than us, knowing you’re go-
Heritage Academy at district tourna- history and, in turn, to bring abruptly pulled out of the 2014, then dealt with injuries ing to get punished. We’ve
ment, Lamar, TBA what looks like a premature NFL -sanctioned event and and an unsuccessful transi- seen how he’s been pun-
Prep Boys Basketball end to his own career. arranged a different work- tion to a new coaching staff, ished, and the impact was
Heritage Academy at district tourna- He explained his low-key out in another location. led by Jim Tomsula, who huge. And a lot of players
ment, Lamar, TBA decision not to stand in 2016 Only a handful of teams sent went 5-11 in 2015 and was still talk about it.”
Men’s College Basketball as a way of underscoring his scouts, and the day ended promptly fired. And with that, Thom-
South Carolina at Ole Miss, 6 p.m. disdain for social injustice in with everyone’s intentions in In 2016, Kaepernick was as may have best summed
America, a country where question. working with another new up the place to which both
blacks are targeted and ar- Did the NFL really want coach, Chip Kelly, but the Kaepernick and the NFL
rested by police at alarm- to help Kaepernick? quarterback was coming have been brought to today
ON THE AIR ingly higher rates than are Did Kaepernick really off injuries, had asked for a — still unsettled, still un-
COLLEGE BASKETBALL (MEN’S) whites. want to play again? trade and, eventually, had comfortable, but all of it still
6 p.m. — Lafayette College at Bucknell, The decision drew the “We’re waiting for the his contract reworked to bubbling, even if it’s a little
CBSSN support of fellow players, 32 owners, the 32 teams, much less lucrative terms. bit farther beneath the sur-
6 p.m. — North Carolina at Florida dozens of whom initially (NFL commissioner) Roger Kelly also was ousted af- face.
State, ESPN
6 p.m. — Norfolk State at North Caroli-
na Central, ESPNU
8 p.m. — Texas at Kansas, ESPN
8 p.m. — Baylor at Kansas State,
5 p.m. — Indiana at Purdue, BTN
No. 1 South Carolina defeats No. 22 Vols 69-48
6 p.m. — Oregon at Connecticut, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS South Carolina coach and rebounder came back it needs to match up with
ESPN2 Dawn Staley likes how her to the bench with her right the country’s best teams,
6 p.m. — Georgia at Mississippi State, COLUMBI A, S.C. — Zia knee heavily wrapped, and
SECN freshman class, rated No. 1 averaging only 48 points in
7 p.m. — Michigan State at Maryland, Cooke thinks communica- in the country, is develop- Staley patted the freshman losses to Stanford, South
BTN tion is the key to South Car- ing. on the head as the final pe- Carolina and UConn this
COLLEGE HOCKEY (MEN’S) olina’s tough defense. “They are just super riod began. season.
4 p.m. — Beanpot Tournament: North- All that talking worked competitive young ladies Boston, who joked and
eastern vs. Harvard, Boston, NHLN South Carolina: The
7 p.m. — Beanpot Tournament: Boston out quite well on Sunday. who don’t like to lose,” Sta- chatted with teammates in Gamecocks look every bit
College vs. Boston University, Boston, Cooke scored 20 points, ley said. the fourth, finished with the equal to the 2017 nation-
NHLN and the top-ranked Game- Tennessee (17-5, 7-2) had 10 points, five rebounds, al champions. There are
COLLEGE HOCKEY (WOMEN’S) cocks clamped down on No. a season-low 23 points in two blocks and two steals.
6:30 p.m. — Rivalry Series: U.S. vs. still tests ahead, including
Canada, Memorial Centre, Victoria B.C, 22 Tennessee for a 69 -48 the first half. The Lady Vols Staley said Boston would UConn at home on Feb. 10.
NHLN. victory. shot just 34.6% (18 of 52) for be fine and she would have
NBA BASKETBALL South Carolina (21-1, 9 -0 the game and finished with gone back in if the Game-
6:30 p.m. — Philadelphia at Miami, Southeastern Conference) 21 turnovers. cocks were playing a cham- Happy birthday
earned its 15th straight pionship game. Staley made sure to bring
9:30 p.m. — San Antonio at LA Clip- Rennia Davis had 18
win. Cooke posted her The Lady Vols cut a up that reserve Destanni
pers, NBATV points and 10 rebounds for
fourth game with at least 20 15 -point halftime lead to 38 - Henderson had 12 points on
NHL HOCKEY Tennessee, which lost its
6:30 p.m. — Philadelphia at Detroit, points, and fellow freshmen 29 in the third quarter. But her birthday.
eighth straight to a No. 1
NBCSN Aliyah Boston and Brea Boston had a basket and “We win all the games
SOCCER (WOMEN’S) opponent since defeating
Beal also helped with the L SU in 2005. four foul shots to re-estab- on birthdays,” Staley said.
4:50 p.m. — CONCACAF Olympic Quali-
fying: Panama vs. Haiti, Houston, FS2 Gamecocks’ impressive de- “They play with great lish South Carolina’s lead. “We’re into that.”
7:30 p.m. — CONCACAF Olympic Qual- fensive performance. poise,” Tennessee coach
ifying: U.S. vs. Costa Rica, Houston,
“I think communication Kellie Harper said. “”Yet Big picture Up next
SPEEDSKATING is something that’s helping they’re very aggressive.” Tennessee: The Lady Tennessee returns home
10 p.m. — ISU: Four Continents Cham- us out a lot,” Cooke said. South Carolina got a Vols seem to be on the right to face No. 9 Mississippi
pionships, Milwaukee (taped), NBCSN “At practice we go hard temporary scare in the track under former star State on Thursday night.
TENNIS and whenever we go hard third quarter when Boston guard and first-year coach South Carolina goes to
12:30 p.m. — ATP: The Córdoba Open,
Early Rounds, Córdoba, Argentina, at practice it helps us out in hobbled off the court. The Harper. But Tennessee is No. 25 Arkansas on Thurs-
TENNIS the game as well.” Gamecocks’ leading scorer still searching for the depth day night.
4 a.m. (Tuesday) — ATP/USTA: Mont-
pellier-ATP, Córdoba-ATP, Pune-ATP,
USTA Pro Circuit Dallas & Midland Early
Rounds, TENNIS
5 a.m. (Tuesday) — ATP/USTA: Mont- After-school fun:
pellier-ATP, Córdoba-ATP, Pune-ATP,
USTA Pro Circuit Dallas & Midland Early
Boys and Girls Club
Rounds, TENNIS 244-7090
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2020 3B

Chiefs defense comes through in Super Bowl triumph

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS from the ground up after called it — made four con- people,” Mathieu said. out giving Mahomes and end-arounds that caused
its AFC championship secutive plays when they “Those people have been the NFL’s best offense an them fits the entire first
MIAMI GARDENS, game collapse a year ago, needed it most. supporting us all year opportunity with the ball. half, playing the kind of
Fla. — The Kansas City and that had struggled all Jimmy Garoppolo long. It’s kind of cool to The famously loy- defense down the stretch
Chiefs were staring at a night to pick up the fiz- threw three straight in- end as a champion.” al Reid decided to fire that Kansas City has
double-digit deficit for the zling Kansas City offense. completions, then the The Chiefs’ defense then-coordinator Bob sought for years.
third time in three post- The defense forced 49ers quarterback was has been the bane of the Sutton and bring in Steve When the final sec-
season games. the 49ers into a pair of sacked by Frank Clark, organization for years Spagnuolo, whose switch onds finally ticked off the
This time with less punts in the fourth quar- the $105.5 million offsea- — especially in the post- to a 4-3 scheme required clock, Clark ripped off his
than 15 minutes left ter, giving Patrick Ma- son acquisition. That gave season. There was their new personnel across the helmet and ran the length
against the San Fran- homes a chance to rally the Chiefs the ball back, memorable 38-31 divi- board. The Chiefs trad- of the field, falling to his
cisco 49ers in the Super the Chiefs to their first Williams got loose for a sional loss to the Colts ed for Clark and signed knees and staring into
Bowl, when defensive end title in 50 years, and the long touchdown run and after the 2003 season in him to a big deal, added the sky. Mathieu pranced
Frank Clark sauntered young quarterback came Kendall Fuller picked off which nobody punted in Mathieu in free agency, around in celebration, his
onto the field in Hard through with touchdown a desperation heave to put the game, and the 45-44 then added a supporting own roller-coaster jour-
Rock Stadium and began passes to Travis Kelce an exclamation point on collapse in Indianapolis cast that gave Reid con- ney reaching its climax.
to talk some trash. and Damien Williams to the comeback. in the wild-card round fidence they could hang The defensive line that
He had that much con- give his team the lead. “There were great ex- after the 2013 season with just about anyone. consistently put pressure
fidence in his team. He “I knew we weren’t pectations coming into when the Chiefs blew a The first eight games on Garoppolo down the
had that much confidence in the ideal situation,” this season,” Mathieu 31-10 halftime lead and were a struggle. The fi- stretch looked like giddy
in his defense. Mahomes said, “but I be- said, “but we knew we the pressure and ridicule nal eight games were a schoolchildren as they
“I went out there and lieved in my defense to had the pieces in place. It mounted on coach Andy lesson in dominance. And hugged amid the flying
told them, ‘You guys are get stops and they did.” was a great challenge de- Reid that he would never that rebuilt defense that confetti, the celebration
going to go home like fensively going into this win the big one. couldn’t get the Patriots five decades in the mak-
everybody else,’” Clark The 49ers still had a game. I’m proud that we The most heartbreak- off the field last postsea- ing finally playing out on
recalled. “I told George chance after Williams kind of shut them down.” ing loss, though, was son? It got the 49ers off a field in Miami.
Kittle he was going home. reached over the pylon Back in Kansas City, the one that spurred the the field when it mattered “I told Coach Reid
I told Joe Staley he was with 2:44 left, and a video a fanbase that hadn’t cel- Chiefs to make wholesale Sunday night. we’re not leaving without
going home. I told all of review upheld the touch- ebrated a title since the changes last offseason. The Chiefs held Garop- a ring. We’re not going to
those guys, they were go- down call that gave Kan- Nixon administration was They took the New En- polo to 219 yards passing get on that bus without a
ing home.” sas City the lead. finally able to exhale. gland Patriots to overtime with a touchdown and two ring,” Chiefs defensive
The Chiefs indeed sent But after allowing a “I think those people before losing the coin interceptions. It held one tackle Chris Jones said.
them home with a stun- first down, a defense that are so happy, and obvi- toss, and their defense of the NFL’s best ground “If the defense makes
ning 31-20 defeat. carried a newfound sense ously, we’re so grateful failed to get Tom Brady attacks to 141 yards rush- stops, Pat will make some-
Leading the way? A of purpose — “swagger,” we were the group to kind and his bunch off the ing. And it finally quit thing happen. We made a
defense that was rebuilt safety Tyrann Mathieu of bring it back to those field. The Chiefs lost with- biting on trick plays and stop and they sailed.”

Column: Reid wasn’t going to let this Super Bowl slip away
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ida. He let Mahomes 20 -10 and facing a third- take all that much wis- gland, he at least has “We’ve got a great
be Mahomes, and that and-15 with a little more dom to hand Mahomes some new ones to take leader in Pat (Ma-
MIAMI GARDENS, was enough to rally the than seven minutes left the ball and tell him to their place. homes) and then you put
Fla. — Andy Reid Chiefs with three touch- when Mahomes found find someone to catch it. “He’s one of the great- the mastermind Andy
hugged Patrick Ma- downs in the last 6:13 for Tyreek Hill open for a “Pat Mahomes and all est coaches of all time,” Reid behind that, it’s ab-
homes early, and every- a 31-20 win. 44-yard gain that turned his boys on defense tak- Mahomes said. “I don’t solutely unbelievable,”
one else moments later. The coach who had the game around. ing care of business, the think he needs the Lom- Chiefs tackle Eric Fish-
Good practice, because won more games than Mahomes had strug- coaches, man, a great bardi Trophy to prove er said. “So much hard
all of Kansas City wants any other without win- gled before then, throw- job of keeping things that, but I think it takes
to hug him now. work paid off.”
ning a Super Bowl now ing two interceptions. right at the right time,” all doubt away.” The hardest work-
Reid wasn’t about to has one on his resume. But if the Chiefs were Reid said. “And it was a It was the first Super
let this Super Bowl slip er of all was Reid, the
A city that hadn’t held going down, they were beautiful thing.” Bowl for Mahomes, who coach who comes in
away. Not with the bril-
the Super Bowl trophy going to go down throw- It was Reid and his could have been over- hours before everyone
liant Mahomes under
aloft in half a century ing. staff who saw the po- whelmed over getting else and leaves hours af-
center, and not after 21
can now proudly do it “Coach Reid told me tential in Mahomes, the opportunity of his ter. Reid has done it his
years of working late ev-
once again. after both (intercep- trading up to make him lifetime. At times on
ery night to get it right. entire career, even when
All thanks to a coach tions) to keep firing,” the 10th pick in the 2017 Sunday he seemed just
The big guy finally one of his sons died of a
got his biggest win. And who kept plugging away Mahomes said. “Keep draft despite having a that, misfiring early and
drug overdose just as
a city that has waited 50 and plugging away, cer- believing in your eyes, perfectly capable quar- throwing a pair of inter-
he was taking over the
years to celebrate can’t tain he would one day keep throwing it. He terback in Alex Smith. ceptions — his first in
have a winner no matter gives me the confidence After letting Mahomes five postseason games Chiefs seven years ago.
wait to welcome him His players see it and
home. what anyone said. to go out there no mat- sit and learn for a year, — that could have prov-
“This is what it’s all ter what I do, and we Reid linked his for- en costly. want to work harder
“Nobody deserves themselves.
this trophy more than about,” Reid said. “What worked out well in the tunes to the talents of But Reid’s greatest
a great team, great end.” his young charge. His strength — besides his “He’s there at 3 in the
Andy Reid,” Chiefs
coaches. Appreciate ev- Up against a wunder- faith was rewarded with incredible work ethic — morning and there to
owner Clark Hunt said
ery bit of it.” kind in San Francisco’s three touchdowns in the might be his ability to 11 at night,” Mahomes
as Mahomes and his
teammates celebrated For a time in the Kyle Shanahan, Reid final minutes. let his players be them- said. “I don’t think he
around him. fourth quarter it seemed used the wisdom gained And a Lombardi Tro- selves. That’s true not sleeps. He works hard-
Criticized for losing like history was repeat- in 21 years of coach- phy. only with Mahomes, but er than anyone I’ve ever
the big game once be- ing itself for a coach ing in Philadelphia and If he didn’t totally seemingly every other known.”
fore with conservative who kept winning Kansas City for a fourth erase the memories player on a team that The hard work finally
play calling, Reid went games — but couldn’t quarter that will live about what happened came agonizingly close paid off.
the other way on this win the biggest game. long in Chiefs lore. 15 years ago when the to the Super Bowl a year And now he’s a Super
magical night in Flor- The Chiefs were down Then again, it doesn’t Eagles lost to New En- earlier. Bowl champion.

Super Bowl
Continued from Page 1B

the Chiefs 35, Mahomes Williams, who reached for a 31-20 lead with 1:12 not going to have suc- poise. They just kept ated Press NFL MVP
found a wide-open over the goal line — and left. cess.” rolling.” and win a Super Bowl in
Tyreek Hill 44 yards it stood after a video re- It was reminiscent Mahomes was inter- Mahomes finished 26 his career. He’s also the
downfield for a first view — to put Kansas of the divisional round cepted by Fred Warner of 42 for 286 yards and youngest quarterback
down that set up the City up 24-20 with 2:44 when Kansas City fell in the third quarter, and the two scores, and also to be selected the Super
score — the key play in remaining. behind early against was picked off by Tarvar- had a 1-yard touchdown Bowl MVP.
the comeback. Mahomes flexed both Houston before Ma- ius Moore to short-cir- run against the 49ers. It was exactly this
“We were in a bad sit- arms in front of him and homes led the Chiefs cuit Kansas City’s next “You know, Pat Ma- type of moment the
uation,” Mahomes said. shouted in celebration, back from a 24-point drive. It marked the first homes, like I’ve been Chiefs envisioned when
“Tyreek made a really letting loose three quar- deficit to pull off the time Mahomes threw saying all year, man: I’ll they drafted Mahomes
great play and that got ters of frustration, sens- greatest comeback in multiple interceptions in take that quarterback with the 10th overall
us going there.” ing a Super Bowl title. franchise history. a game since Week 11 of over any quarterback,”
pick in 2017.
On Kansas City’s next “We have heart,” Ma- They weren’t in near- the 2018 season against defensive end Frank
The confetti. The
drive, Mahomes zipped homes said. “That’s just ly as big a hole in this the Los Angeles Rams, Clark said. “There’s
Lombardi. The joyful
the ball around — for from Day One. Coach one, but the 49ers were when he tossed three in none like him.”
13 yards to Kelce and pushes us to be the best making it tough all night a 54-51 loss. On Feb. 6, 2013, a tears.
3 to Hill, before toss- people that we can be, for Mahomes to get in a But Mahomes led 17-year-old Mahomes All with Mahomes
ing a perfectly placed and we never give up.” rhythm. Kansas City to its third tweeted: “I bet it feels leading the way.
rainbow pass to Sammy After Kansas City “They’re one of the straight comeback from amazing to be the quar- “This fan base has
Watkins down the right stopped Jimmy Garop- best defenses that I’ve a double-digit deficit in terback who says ‘I’m accepted me since Day
sideline for 38 yards to polo and the 49ers on been up against in my this year’s postseason. going to Disney World’ One and they’ve sup-
get the ball to the 49ers fourth down, Williams career so far,” he said. “He kept firing, that’s after winning the Super ported me to the maxi-
10. ran up the middle for 4 “We weren’t executing what he did,” Reid said. Bowl.” mum,” Mahomes said.
Three plays lat- yards. Then he sealed at a high enough level “And the guys around Well, Mahomes is “To get that trophy back
er, Mahomes threw a the win by zipping 38 and when you play a de- him just believed in him. the youngest player to to Kansas City is amaz-
5-yard pass to Damien yards into the end zone fense like that, you’re ... Nobody lost their be named The Associ- ing.”

Continued from Page 1B

bilt, Ole Miss and Au- play from sophomore Wiggins has also seen go-Young said last week. portant as games against what we’ve seen is how
burn, the Bulldogs aver- forward Xaria Wiggins a recent uptick in min- “You can’t have a down- No. 22 Tennessee, No. well they can play and
aged 14.3 turnovers per and freshmen guards utes — averaging 21 per fall when you come off 13 Kentucky and No. 15 we’ve also seen the flip
game compared to their Aliyah Matharu and game over the past three the bench, so I’m happy Texas A&M loom over side of it — how they’ve
season mark of 13.3 per JaMya Mingo-Young of contests compared to for Aliyah — that kid, the next two weeks. And struggled at times. My
night. Similarly, it took a late. her season average of she’s so tough — but as the Bulldogs learned job is to get that consis-
22-2 fourth quarter run While Matharu and 13.9. In a more prolific we’ve just got to embrace in Athens, anything tency from them every
to down the Commo- Ming-Young were sty- role, the Virginia Beach, the role and whatever short of a complete game day in practice and ev-
dores and a 27-13 third mied in the win over Au- Virginia native has de- coach needs us to do could leave them out eryday in a game when
quarter to find breathing burn, both scored dou- livered — notching 26 we’ve got to go out there of the mix for a third- the lights come one and
room against the Tigers ble-digits against South points on 9 of 18 shoot- and do it.” straight regular season that’s the challenge. But
in games that profiled Carolina. A 10-point ing over her past four Sitting precariously conference champion- I think the one thing we
as potential blowouts on outburst three nights games. behind South Carolina ship. are and we’re going be
paper. later from Matharu also “I think we have to for a shot at the SEC reg- “Look I learn some- tomorrow is we’re talent-
Despite the recent helped the Bulldogs sur- bring a lot of energy ular season title, MSU’s thing new about them ed, we’re skilled. We’ve
downturn, Schaefer has vive a trip to Nashville coming off the bench game against Georgia every day,” Schaefer said got to continue to think
received encouraging and defeat Vanderbilt. — that’s out job,” Min- becomes all the more im- Friday. “And so I think the game a little bit.”
4B MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

Shanahan must answer for another Super Bowl collapse

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS a 20-10 advantage and lost him two championships. But then the coach “The turning point two-minute warning
31-20 to the Kansas City Shanahan has now had known as perhaps one of is we got a turnover and before two straight in-
MIAMI GARDENS, Chiefs on Sunday night. seven drives as a play-call- the league’s most innova- didn’t execute on of- completions. Emmanuel
Fla. — Kyle Shanahan “Those guys are hurt- er in the fourth quarter tive play-callers couldn’t fense,” Kittle said. “We Sanders then broke open
will now have another Su- ing in there, just like I of Super Bowls and his dial up the right plays to gave the ball right back.” deep on third down but
per Bowl collapse to an- am,” Shanahan said. “We teams have four punts, help the 49ers seal the The Niners still had Garoppolo just overthrew
swer questions about. all are (hurting) right two turnovers, one failed win. a chance to seal it with him.
After being peppered now. It’s tough when you fourth down and only six Jimmy Garoppolo com- a productive drive on of- “We missed some
all week by reporters lose a Super Bowl, but I’m first downs. pleted a 12-yard pass to fense but a first down run shots downfield, some
seeking to rehash that so unbelievably proud of “We just didn’t get it George Kittle to give the followed by two incom- plays we usually make,”
blown 28-3 lead to New those guys, what they’ve done when we got the Niners a first down with pletions, including one Garoppolo said. “We just
England three years ago done all year. I’ve been ball,” Shanahan said. less than 11 minutes to batted at the line by Chris didn’t make some of the
when Shanahan was of- coaching a while and it’s “Came up short on a just play. But Raheem Mo- Jones gave the Chiefs the plays we normally make.”
fensive coordinator in as special a group as I’ve couple plays. ... We had stert was stopped for 1 ball back again. A fourth-down sack
Atlanta, Shanahan’s first ever been around. It’s our chance a little bit yard, Garoppolo threw an Mahomes led anoth- ended the chance for
trip to the Super Bowl as tough that it had to end to- there at the end, and they incompletion on second er TD drive to give the Shanahan to join his fa-
a head coach ended in day in the way it did.” made some good plays, down and then was forced Chiefs a 24-20 edge, set- ther, Mike, as the only
another late-game melt- In two trips to the Su- and we just missed them.” into a short scramble on ting the stage for Garop- father-son Super Bowl
down. per Bowl, Shanahan’s The 49ers appeared to third down following a polo to lead a late-game champion coaches.
The 49ers became teams have been out- be firmly in control when false start on Joe Staley. comeback in the final The Chiefs added a
the third team in Super scored 46-0 in the fourth they intercepted Patrick That forced a punt and 2:39. late TD and then Garop-
Bowl history to give up a quarter and overtime and Mahomes for a second Mahomes led an 83-yard The Niners managed polo’s desperation inter-
10-point lead in the sec- he can only think about time with 11:57 to play drive that got the Chiefs to move the ball across ception ended any come-
ond half when they blew what went wrong to cost and a 10-point lead. right back into the game. midfield following the back chance for the 49ers.

Comics & Puzzles

Dear Abby
EAR ABBY: — family, our a business deal, you may lose
Our 24-year- friends, his leverage. But I do think you
old grand- friends — be- should set a deadline for your
son “Raffy,” a cause we live gainfully employed (but diffi-
college grad from close to the cult) grandson to leave. With
a respected tech- beach in Florida. the money he has been sock-
nical institution, Space gets to ing away on rent, he should be
couldn’t find a job be a big issue, able to accumulate enough to
for a year after and he refuses afford a place of his own.
graduation. He to allow visiting DEAR ABBY: As kids, we
has been living cousins to sleep were taught not to kiss on
with us for more in his room, even the mouth (unless a spouse
ZITS than six months though there are or romantic partner). We
without paying two double beds. never kissed our children on
rent because we I welcome your the mouth and felt disgusted
wanted to help input, Abby. — when we witnessed it.
him get on his OUT OF CON- We see it happen all the
feet. Currently, Dear Abby TROL IN FLORIDA time now, especially on TV. It
his only respon- DEAR OUT never happened in the ‘50s
sibility is helping somewhat OF CONTROL: You seem to and ‘60s. Is my family wrong?
after dinner. He now has a have forgotten that the condo — HOLDING BACK IN HAMIL-
good job. Raffy lives in belongs to you. TON, OHIO
I should mention that Raffy Because it is your home, and DEAR HOLDING BACK: It’s
tends to be narcissistic. He he has been living rent-free, a matter of personal prefer-
frequently wears his baseball you should be making the ence and upbringing. Giving a
hat to meals, even though I rules. It’s time to sit him down family member a peck on the
have asked him not to. He can and tell him together that if he lips is neither right nor wrong,
GARFIELD also be difficult to deal with,
attacking me when there’s a
wants to continue living there,
he will:
and I have certainly never
considered a parent or sibling
difference of opinion or if he’s 1. Keep his room neat at showing affection in this way
angry about something. all times. to be shocking or disgusting.
We live in a three-bed- 2. Remove his hat during Readers, what do you think?
room condo. What rules are the meals he shares with you. Dear Abby is written by Ab-
legitimate for me to require? 3. Allow the visiting cousins igail Van Buren, also known
Can I ask him to keep his room to use the extra bed in “his” as Jeanne Phillips, and was
straight and take his hat off room — which is really your founded by her mother,
at meals or when going out for guest room. Pauline Phillips. Contact
dinner? How much room and 4. I hesitate to suggest you Dear Abby at www.DearAbby.
board should we ask for? ask him for money because if com or P.O. Box 69440, Los
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TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Feb. You thought you knew what hug yourself. Also, tell yourself
3). This solar return will be a you wanted out of life, and that you’re doing mighty fine, be-
self-esteem booster, a spiritual framework was right for then. cause you are.
uplift and a real-world advocate. Things are different now. Ask LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). To
The fates favor you, and you pay yourself some questions today prioritize current wants in such
it forward. Because of the ad- aimed at figuring out what is a way that they infringe on
venture that is friendship, you’ll going to serve you best in the tomorrow’s happiness — that’s
wind up where you never imag- next 10 weeks. the stuff of child’s play. Maturity
ined you’d be. In spring, your GEMINI (May 21-June 21). offers the sort of well-rounded
professionalism and passion go “My job is keeping faces clean, focus that keeps you from steal-
hand in hand toward promotion. and nobody knows de stubble ing from future you for a little
Scorpio and Cancer adore you. I’ve seen.” — Burma-Shave pleasure now.
Your lucky numbers are: 8, 30, advertisement, circa 1950. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).
2, 33 and 1. Relatedly, your job will revolve The look of things matters to
BABY BLUES ARIES (March 21-April 19). around keeping faces clean, you. This isn’t shallowness; in
Though you may do your best or saving them, and you’ll be fact, it couldn’t be further from
work under the pressure of peo- mighty good at it. it. The visual is a communica-
ple watching, it is important to CANCER (June 22-July tion, and you care enough to
work alone, too. Solo repetition 22). Emotions drive thoughts make sure it’s communicating
is how your muscles (including as much as thoughts drive the right thing.
emotional and intellectual mus- emotions. You can chip away at LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). It
cles) get their memory. Practice! this from both sides. Decide to feels like you don’t have time to
TAURUS (April 20-May 20). feel better, smile, sing a little, do the regiment you want to do,
but the bottom line is exercise
gives you more energy than it
takes. It’s a keystone habit that
holds you in good stead. Move
and be happy.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.
BEETLE BAILEY 21). Ideally, you believe in your
ability to permanently solve the
problem, even if it’s a deeply
engrained habit. If you don’t
believe, that’s fine. Just act as
though you do believe and one
day you will.
21). What allows you to be
your best self? A fair amount of
structure and a solid routine.
Being in control of one sector
of life gives you the confidence
to learn, grow and take risks in
other sectors.
19). You get to choose what
to believe. Some thoughts are
trash drifting in with the tide.
Some thoughts have been delib-
erately assembled and secured
to form lighthouses of the mind.
Some thoughts are destiny.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
18). The funny part about a rev-
olution is that sometimes you
don’t know you’re in one. It’s
like standing in a wave current
and feeling that first tug: gentle
enough, and yet, it’s already
PISCES (Feb. 19-March
20). Movements are not always
progress. As it is in dance,
movements can just as easily
take the body back to an earlier
position. In fact, a good dance
will do this, as patterns are a
key element in organization.

Without a doubt
LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- Court by Palmer Home for Chil- John Does, 1-10; In the United

SIPPI JOSHUA W. EGLER AND COM- dren seeking Modification of State District Court for the
MONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY Custody and Other relief. A de- Northern District of Missis-
fendant other than you in this
action is Michael David
sippi, Aberdeen Division, Civil
Action No.: 1:18-cv-00003-
GHD-DAS (hereinafter “the per-


You are summoned to appear
and defend the complaint or
sonal injury action”). The es-
tate and the beneficiaries have
an interest in this unliquidated
JOSHUA W. EGLER AND COM- SUMMONS CEASED petition filed against you in this claim for damages. Shirley Ann
To place ads starting at only $12,
action at 9:00 O'clock a.m. on Barrett’s death was due to
the 6th day of March, 2020, at causes unrelated to the
COUNTY OF LOWNDES RIX call 662-328-2424 or visit ads.cdispatch.com
the Oktibbeha County Court-
house, located in Starkville,
pending lawsuit.

TO: JOSHUA W. EGLER, whose CAUSE NO.: 2018-260-PDE Mississippi, and in case of 4. The names and/or identit-
CAUSE NO:2019-0007-S whereabouts are unknown your failure to appear and de-
fend a judgment will n MONDAY,ies
be entered
of the unknown heirs at law
ofFEBRUARY 3, 2020de-n 5B
Shirley Ann Barrett,
SUMMONS NOTICE TO DEFENDANT against you for the money or ceased, are unknown to the Pe-
THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI other things demanded in the titioner.
COUNTY OF LOWNDES TACHED TO THIS SUMMONS IS TO: All Unknown Heirs-at-Law of 5. Stanley Barrett, the surviv-
Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices AND YOU MUST
IMPORTANT Legal Notices
Floyd Wells, deceased, and Any Legalare
You Notices
not required to file an Legal
ing Notices of Shirley Ann Bar-

TO: JOSHUA W. EGLER, whose TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION TO Unknown Parties In Interest answer of other pleading but rett, and Christopher Barrett,
whereabouts are unknown IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS. you may do so if you desire. the only surviving adult child of
LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- You have been made a defend- Shirley Ann Barrett, are upon
NOTICE TO DEFENDANT SIPPI Your are summoned to appear ant in the Petition for Adjudica- Issued under my hand and the information and belief, the only
tion of Heirs-at-Law [Doc. No.
and defend against the Peti-
tion to Terminate Parental 16] filed by the Administratrix,
seal of said Court, this the
27th day of January, 2020.
heirs at law of Shirley Ann Bar-
rett and the only persons en-
TACHED TO THIS SUMMONS IS AND JONATHAN SANDLIN PETI- Rights at 9:00 o’clock a.m., on Raina Wells, on January 13, titled to share in her estate un-
Legal Notices IMPORTANT AND YOU MUST TIONERS Monday, the 2nd day of March, 2020, seeking to determine Cindy E. Goode, Chancery Clerk der the laws of Descent and
TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION TO 2020, in the Lowndes County the heirs-at-law of Floyd Wells, Clerk of Lowndes County, Mis- Distribution in the State of Mis-
IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS. VERSUS Chancery Court, at the Oktib- deceased. Other than you, the sissippi sissippi, pursuant to Missis-
LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- beha County Courthouse, only other interested parties in (SEAL) sippi Code Annotated §91-1-1,
SIPPI Your are summoned to appear JOSHUA W. EGLER AND COM- Starkville, Mississippi, and in this action are Raina Wells and By: Tina Fisher, D.C. et seq. (1972).
and defend against the Peti- MONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY case of your failure to appear Crystal Wells. Deputy Clerk
KIMBERLY DAVIS SANDLIN tion for Adoption at 9:00 CABINET FOR HEALTH AND and defend, a judgment will be WHEREFORE, Petitioner prays
AND JONATHAN SANDLIN PETI- o’clock a.m., on Monday, the FAMILY SERVICES RESPOND- entered against you for the You are summoned to appear Publish: 2/3, 2/10, & this Court enter an Order de-
TIONERS 2nd day of March, 2020, in the ENTS money or other things deman- and represent your interests 2/17/2020 claring and recognizing Stanley
Lowndes County Chancery ded in said Petition. against said Petition before the Barrett and Christopher Barrett
VERSUS Court, at the Oktibbeha County CAUSE NO:2019-0258-S Honorable Paula Drungole-Ellis, IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF as the sole heirs at law and be-
Courthouse, Starkville, Missis- You are not required to file and Chancellor of the 14th Chan- LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- neficiaries of Shirley Ann Bar-
JOSHUA W. EGLER AND COM- sippi, and in case of your fail- SUMMONS Answer or other Pleading, but cery District at 9:30 a.m. on SIPPI rett, deceased.
MONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY ure to appear and defend, a you may do so if you desire. the 12th day of March 2020,
CABINET FOR HEALTH AND judgment will be entered THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI at the Oktibbeha County Court- IN THE MATTER OF THE ES- Petitioner further prays for such
FAMILY SERVICES RESPOND- against you for the money or COUNTY OF LOWNDES Issued under my hand and seal house in Starkville, Missis- TATE OF SHIRLEY ANN BAR- further and general relief to
ENTS other things demanded in said of said Court, this 28th day of sippi, and in case of your fail- RETT, DECEASED which he may be entitled in the
Petition. TO: JOSHUA W. EGLER, whose January, 2020. ure to appear your interest in premises.
CAUSE NO:2019-0006-S whereabouts are unknown this matter will not be con- STANLEY BARRETT, PETITION-
You are not required to file and Chancery Court Clerk of sidered. ER Respectfully submitted,
SUMMONS Answer or other Pleading, but NOTICE TO DEFENDANT Lowndes County, Mississippi
you may do so if you desire. Cindy E. Goode You are not required to file an NO. 44CH1:19-pr-00145-JNS /s/ Stanley Barrett
THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI THE DOCUMENT THAT IS AT- By: Shantrell W. Granderson answer or other pleading, but STANLEY BARRETT
COUNTY OF LOWNDES Issued under my hand and seal TACHED TO THIS SUMMONS IS you may do so if you desire. PETITION TO ESTABLISH HEIRS
of said Court, this 28th day of IMPORTANT AND YOU MUST PUBLISH: 2/3, 2/10, & AT LAW STATE OF MISSISSIPPI
TO: JOSHUA W. EGLER, whose January, 2020. TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION TO 2/17/2020 Issued under my hand and the COUNTY OF LEE
whereabouts are unknown PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS. seal of said Court, this the Comes now Stanley Ann Bar-
Chancery Court Clerk of IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF 16th day of January 2020. rett, Administrator of the Es- Personally came and appeared
NOTICE TO DEFENDANT Lowndes County, Mississippi Your are summoned to appear LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- tate of Shirley Ann Barrett, de- before me, the undersigned au-
Cindy E. Goode and defend against the Peti- SIPPI CINDY GOODE, CHANCERY ceased, and files this his Peti- thority in and for the jurisdic-
THE DOCUMENT THAT IS AT- By: Shantrell W. Granderson tion to Terminate Parental CLERK tion to declare Stanley Barrett tion aforesaid, the within
TACHED TO THIS SUMMONS IS Rights at 9:00 o’clock a.m., on IN THE MATTER OF THE ES- LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- and Christopher Barrett, sole named, STANLEY BARRETT,
IMPORTANT AND YOU MUST PUBLISH: 2/3, 2/10, & Monday, the 2nd day of March, TATE OF M D MORGAN, DE- SIPPI heirs at law of Shirley Ann Bar- who having been by me first
TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION TO 2/17/2020 2020, in the Lowndes County CEASED rett, deceased, pursuant to duly sworn, and stated on their
PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS. Chancery Court, at the Oktib- (SEAL) Mississippi Code Annotated oath that the matters con-
IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF beha County Courthouse, CAUSE NO.2019-0667-F BY: /s/ Shantrell W. Grander- §91-1-27 (1972) and as tained and set forth in the
Your are summoned to appear LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- Starkville, Mississippi, and in son, D.C. amended, and in support there- above and foregoing Petition
and defend against the Peti- SIPPI case of your failure to appear NOTICE TO CREDITORS of would show the following: are true and correct as therein
tion for Adoption at 9:00 and defend, a judgment will be PUBLISH: 1/20, 1/27, & stated.
o’clock a.m., on Monday, the IN THE MATTER OF THE ES- entered against you for the STATE OF MISSISSIPPI 2/3/2020 1. Petitioner is adult resident
2nd day of March, 2020, in the TATE OF JOSEPHINE H. JONES, money or other things deman- COUNTY OF LOWNDES citizen of Lowndes County, /s/ Stanley Barrett
Lowndes County Chancery DECEASED ded in said Petition. IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF whose address is 50002 Birch- STANLEY BARRETT
Court, at the Oktibbeha County Letters Testamentary have LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- wood Drive, Caledonia, Missis-
Courthouse, Starkville, Missis- CAUSE NO. 2020-0006 You are not required to file and been granted and issued to the SIPPI sippi. SWORN TO AND SUBSCRIBED
sippi, and in case of your fail- Answer or other Pleading, but undersigned upon the Estate of before me this the 2nd day of
ure to appear and defend, a NOTICE TO CREDITORS you may do so if you desire. M D Morgan, Deceased, by the PALMER HOME FOR CHILDREN 2. The deceased, Shirley Ann December, 2019.
judgment will be entered Chancery Court of Lowndes PLAINTIFF Barrett died on April 26, 2019.
against you for the money or Letters Testamentary having Issued under my hand and seal County, Mississippi, on the At the time of her death, the /s/ Bobby Seaney
other things demanded in said been issued to the under- of said Court, this 28th day of 10th day of January, 2020. vs said Shirley Ann Barrett was an NOTARY PUBLIC
Petition. signed by the Chancery Court January, 2020. This is to give notice to all per- adult resident of and had a My Commission Expires: April
of Lowndes County, Missis- sons having claims against MICHAEL DAVID SIMPSON AND fixed place of residence in 2, 2021
You are not required to file and sippi on the 9th day of January, Chancery Court Clerk of said estate to probate and re- CRYSTAL GAIL PUTNEY DE- Lowndes County, Mississippi. (SEAL)
Answer or other Pleading, but 2020 as Executrix of the Es- Lowndes County, Mississippi gister same with the Chancery FENDANTS
you may do so if you desire. tate of Josephine H. Jones, de- Cindy E. Goode Clerk of Lowndes County, Mis- 3. Shirley Ann Barrett died in- /s/ Roger K. Doolittle
ceased. By: Shantrell W. Granderson sissippi, within ninety (90) days CAUSE NO CV2014-0427 testate and possessed no real Roger K. Doolittle, Esq.
Issued under my hand and seal from the first publication date property and very little person- Attorney at Law
of said Court, this 28th day of NOTICE is hereby given to all PUBLISH: 2/3, 2/10, & of this Notice to Creditors. A SUMMONS al property located in Lowndes 460 Briarwood Drive
January, 2020. persons having claims against 2/17/2020 failure to so probate and re- (Service by Publicatlon) County, Mississippi. At the Suite 500
said estate to have the same gister said claim will forever time of her death Shirley Ann Jackson, MS 39206
Chancery Court Clerk of probated, registered, and al- IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF bar the same. THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI Barrett was a party plaintiff in Ph: (601) 957-9777
Lowndes County, Mississippi lowed by the Clerk of the Court LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- an action to recover personal Fax: (601) 957-9779
Cindy E. Goode within ninety (90) days from the SIPPI This the 29th day of January, TO: CRYSTAL GAIL PUTNEY, injury damages pending in the Email: rogerkdoolittle@aol.com
By: Shantrell W. Granderson date of first publication of this 2020. whose address, PO Box and United States District Court for ATTORNEY FOR PETITIONER
notice, and failure to do so, will KIMBERLY DAVIS SANDLIN whereabouts. is unknown after the Northern District of Missis-
PUBLISH: 2/3, 2/10, & forever bar said claim or AND JONATHAN SANDLIN PETI- /s/ Marilyn Michelle Butler diligent search and inquiry sippi – Aberdeen Division, PUBLISH: 1/20, 1/27, &
2/17/2020 claims. TIONERS MARILYN MICHELLE BUTLER, styled as Shirley Barrett and 2/3/2020
Executrix You have been made a Defend- Stanley Barrett vs. Pamela
IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF This the 9th day of January, VERSUS ant in the suit filed in this Shaw, New Prime, Inc., and
LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- 2020. PUBLISH: 2/3, 2/10, & Court by Palmer Home for Chil- John Does, 1-10; In the United
SIPPI JOSHUA W. EGLER AND COM- 2/17/2020 dren seeking Modification of State District Court for the
ANN H. VANLYDEGRAF, EXEC- MONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY Custody and Other relief. A de- Northern District of Missis-
TIONERS CEASED ENTS SIPPI Simpson. GHD-DAS (hereinafter “the per-
sonal injury action”). The es-
J. KIZER JONES You are summoned to appear tate and the beneficiaries have
TATE OF FLOYD WELLS, DE- and defend the complaint or an interest in this unliquidated All notices must
POST OFFICE BOX 117 petition filed against you in this claim for damages. Shirley Ann
action at 9:00 O'clock a.m. on Barrett’s death was due to be emailed to
38635 THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI the 6th day of March, 2020, at causes unrelated to the
RIX the Oktibbeha County Court- pending lawsuit. classifieds@
house, located in Starkville,
PUBLISH: 1/20, 1/27, & TO: JOSHUA W. EGLER, whose CAUSE NO.: 2018-260-PDE Mississippi, and in case of 4. The names and/or identit- cdispatch.com.
CAUSE NO:2019-0007-S 2/3/2020 whereabouts are unknown your failure to appear and de- ies of the unknown heirs at law
SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION fend a judgment will be entered of Shirley Ann Barrett, de-
SUMMONS NOTICE TO DEFENDANT against you for the money or ceased, are unknown to the Pe-
Sell idle items THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI other things demanded in the titioner.
complaint or petition.
with a quick action THE DOCUMENT THAT IS AT-
TACHED TO THIS SUMMONS IS TO: All Unknown Heirs-at-Law of 5. Stanley Barrett, the surviv-
classified ad. IMPORTANT AND YOU MUST Floyd Wells, deceased, and Any You are not required to file an
answer of other pleading but
ing spouse of Shirley Ann Bar-
rett, and Christopher Barrett,
TO: JOSHUA W. EGLER, whose TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION TO Unknown Parties In Interest
whereabouts are unknown PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS. you may do so if you desire. the only surviving adult child of

Just a click away!

You have been made a defend- Shirley Ann Barrett, are upon
NOTICE TO DEFENDANT Your are summoned to appear ant in the Petition for Adjudica- Issued under my hand and the information and belief, the only
and defend against the Peti- tion of Heirs-at-Law [Doc. No. seal of said Court, this the heirs at law of Shirley Ann Bar-
THE DOCUMENT THAT IS AT- tion to Terminate Parental 16] filed by the Administratrix, 27th day of January, 2020. rett and the only persons en-
TACHED TO THIS SUMMONS IS Rights at 9:00 o’clock a.m., on Raina Wells, on January 13, titled to share in her estate un-
IMPORTANT AND YOU MUST Monday, the 2nd day of March, 2020, seeking to determine Cindy E. Goode, Chancery Clerk der the laws of Descent and
TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION TO 2020, in the Lowndes County the heirs-at-law of Floyd Wells, Clerk of Lowndes County, Mis- Distribution in the State of Mis-
PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS. Chancery Court, at the Oktib- deceased. Other than you, the sissippi sissippi, pursuant to Missis-
beha County Courthouse, only other interested parties in (SEAL) sippi Code Annotated §91-1-1,
Your are summoned to appear Starkville, Mississippi, and in this action are Raina Wells and By: Tina Fisher, D.C. et seq. (1972).
and defend against the Peti- case of your failure to appear Crystal Wells. Deputy Clerk
tion for Adoption at 9:00 and defend, a judgment will be WHEREFORE, Petitioner prays
o’clock a.m., on Monday, the entered against you for the You are summoned to appear Publish: 2/3, 2/10, & this Court enter an Order de-
2nd day of March, 2020, in the money or other things deman- and represent your interests 2/17/2020 claring and recognizing Stanley
Lowndes County Chancery ded in said Petition. against said Petition before the Barrett and Christopher Barrett
Court, at the Oktibbeha County as the sole heirs at law and be-

The best place for personalized

Honorable Paula Drungole-Ellis,
Courthouse, Starkville, Missis- You are not required to file and Chancellor of the 14th Chan- neficiaries of Shirley Ann Bar-
sippi, and in case of your fail- Answer or other Pleading, but cery District at 9:30 a.m. on rett, deceased.
ure to appear and defend, a you may do so if you desire. the 12th day of March 2020,
judgment will be entered at the Oktibbeha County Court- Petitioner further prays for such

advertising in your community.

against you for the money or Issued under my hand and seal house in Starkville, Missis- further and general relief to
other things demanded in said of said Court, this 28th day of sippi, and in case of your fail- which he may be entitled in the
Petition. January, 2020. ure to appear your interest in premises.
this matter will not be con-
You are not required to file and Chancery Court Clerk of sidered. Respectfully submitted,
Answer or other Pleading, but Lowndes County, Mississippi
you may do so if you desire. Cindy E. Goode You are not required to file an /s/ Stanley Barrett
By: Shantrell W. Granderson answer or other pleading, but STANLEY BARRETT
Issued under my hand and seal
of said Court, this 28th day of
January, 2020.
2/10, &
you may do so if you desire.

Issued under my hand and the

seal of said Court, this the

Chancery Court Clerk of 16th day of January 2020. Personally came and appeared
Lowndes County, Mississippi before me, the undersigned au-
Cindy E. Goode CINDY GOODE, CHANCERY thority in and for the jurisdic-
By: Shantrell W. Granderson CLERK tion aforesaid, the within
PUBLISH: 2/3, 2/10, & SIPPI who having been by me first


2/17/2020 duly sworn, and stated on their
(SEAL) oath that the matters con-
BY: /s/ Shantrell W. Grander- tained and set forth in the
son, D.C. above and foregoing Petition
are true and correct as therein

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no obligation quote to see how much you you approved! No money out of pocket! Happy Jack® LiquiVict 2x:
Week of February 02, 2020 recognized safe & effective
can save! Toll free: 1-855-400-8352 Call 601-203-3826
by U.S. CVM against hook
& round worms in dogs.
Apts For Rent: Other Houses For Rent: North Houses For Sale: Caledonia At Tractor Supply.

2 & 3 bedroom w/ 2−3 ACRES. 1600 sqft.

CALL US: 662-328-2424

bath townhouses. $625 to
$675. 662−549−9555.
Completely remodeled.
$178,000. 662−386− Need a new
Ask for Glenn or text. 7113.
Customer Service
Houses For Rent: East Lots & Acreage
ing Receptionist/Secretary. 4BR/2.5BA BRICK HOME WINTER SPECIAL. 1.75
Previous experience located on large lot w/ 2 acre lots. Good/bad credit.
10% down, as low as
helpful but not necessary. car garage. Fresh paint &
$299/mo. Eaton Land.
Computer skills a must. tile floors in kitchen &
Email resume to: bathrooms. Located at
job106@cdispatch.com 495 Emerald Dr. $1,100/
mo + $1,000 dep. Avail
Feb 1. 770−658−7726.
Mobile Homes for Rent
mo./$400 dep. In between
ADS STARTING AT $25 West Point & Columbus on Bargain Column

When looking
Hwy. 50. 662−275−0666.
Apts For Rent: South FREE TREE GIVEAWAY!
2/6/20, 8:30am−4:00pm
Lowndes Co SWCD,
for a new pet,
located at 121 5th St. S. RENTALS CHEAPER THAN A MOTEL! 2282 MLK Jr. Dr
TOWNHOUSES & APARTMENTS Utilities & cable included, 328−5921, ext.3
$700/mo. 662−328− from $145/wk − $535/ One Bundle Per Person.
adoption is
1 BEDROOM month. Columbus & County
School locations. 662−242 General Merchandise
2 BEDROOMS −7653 or 601−940−1397. ACROSS
always a
Apts For Rent: West
Office Spaces For Rent

LEASE, number
© The Dispatch

662−435−0641. 548 Hwy.

DEPOSIT 45 N. Frontage Rd. 10−till.
good option. 5 Satchel part
LEASE. 1112 Main St., By appt: 662−352−4460.
Furn, home decor, linens,
10 Ring of light
Ste. 5. 3700 sq. ft.
11 Longs for
Apartments & Houses CREDIT CHECK Plenty of private parking. Tonneau cover, comm kit
items, etc. No junk. 13 Baldwin of
1 Bedrooms 662-329-2323 Over 100 pairs of Name
“30 Rock”
14 Eye part
2 Bedroooms
Brand Women’s Shoes for
2411 HWY 45 N Sale Sale starts February 6 15 Cravat
3 Bedrooms COLUMBUS, MS
−8! I have over 100 pairs 17 Braying beast
of Name Brand Women’s
Furnished & Unfurnished ADS STARTING AT $25 Shoes for Sale starting as 18 Reveres
Commercial Property For Rent low as $9.99! Some are 19 “My country
1, 2, & 3 Baths new in the box! Location; — of thee”
Lease, Deposit FOR RENT LOCATED NEAR Houses For Sale: North Meeting Room, 303
Shoney Drive Columbus, 20 Puppy sound
& Credit Check DOWNTOWN. 3,000 sq. ft.
21 Another name
truck terminal, 9,500 sq. FSBO: 3BR/2BA, 3304 5th MS, 39705. $10.00 662−
for Jupiter Sunday’s answer
viceinvestments.com ft. shop & 3,200 sq. ft. St N. Fenced back yard w/ 889−8928

327-8555 22 “Iliad” author

office/shop. Buildings can sm shop. Great neighbor− 12 Talks back to
be rented together or hood. $110,000. 662−356 PROFORM TREADMILL
39 Genesis
separately. All w/ excellent −4764 or 901−848−0051. $300. Call 662−549− 25 Tender areas garden 16 Eye drop
access & Hwy. 82 visibility. 4560 or 662−240−1507. 26 Corrosive 40 Slender 21 Maneuvered
Apts For Rent: Other 662−327−9559. Houses For Sale: New Hope stuff 41 Shoulder 22 “Messiah”
27 Bird of myth muscle, for short composer
1−2 BR Apt: $350−395 Newly remodeled. 3BR/ PCs & Laptops. 28 Neither 23 Justice
1−2BR TwnHome: 3BR/2BA BRICK Home, 2BA home. Approx. 1,500 Hardware & Software. follower DOWN Sandra
$625−650 ch/a, stove, dw, & fridge
Lease, Dep, Credit Check. furn. Fenced backyard.
sq. ft. Has 25’x30’ wired
metal shop w/ roll−up front
Windows, MacOS, Linux.
Call Kevin @ 773−231−
29 Lab contain- 1 Classic 1953 24 Sainthood
Coleman Realty 1204 6th St. N. $785/mo & side door. $164,900. 7349 and leave voicemail. ers Western prerequisite
662−329−2323 + dep. 662−352−4776. 662−549−9298. Golden Triangle Area. 33 Some crime 2 Loses color 25 Shower need
evidence 3 Vote in 27 Cure

34 Put in danger 4 Half-baked 29 Waited
35 Make unread- 5 Be frugal 30 Wear away
able 6 Forest sights 31 Star in Orion
37 Exercise 7 Lab animal 32 Incline
choice 8 Pilot 36 Bullring cry
around thought
Carpet & Flooring General Services General Services Lawn Care / Landscaping
Five Questions:
removal. Free est.
Serving Columbus
since 1987. Senior Just for Ladies Mowing, cleanup,
landscaping, sodding,
& tree cutting. 1 Arrested
citizen disc. Call Alvin @
242−0324/241−4447 Mossy Oak Mall • West Point 662−356−6525
"We’ll go out on a limb for 662-492-4221 • Mon.-Sat. Painting & Papering

2 Gordon

UPHOLSTERY Licensed & Bonded. Interior and Exterior
CLEANING Carpentry, minor electrical, Painting. 662−435−6528
1 Room − $50 RKERS
minor plumbing, insulation, PA Tree Services
2 Rooms − $70

painting, demolition,

3+ Rooms − $30 EA gutters cleaned, pressure

3 Vera Wang
Rugs−Must Be Seen washing, landscaping, 100 Russell St. J&A TREE REMOVAL
Car Upholstery E Starkville, MS Work from a bucket truck.

cleanup work, moving help.

Cleaning Available 662−242−3608. 662-268-8058 Insured/bonded.
662−722−1758 Call Jimmy Prescott for free
estimate, 662−386−6286.
4 Color
$360 per load. $545 plus Filing Fee
Local delivery, 14 yd truck.
Read local. Backhoe & Dozer work.
662−497−1388 All Attorney Fees Through The Plan

cdispatch.com Jim Arnold, Attorney

5 Miguel
ads.cdispatch.com Got leaky pipes? Find a plumber
104 South Lafayette Street, Starkville fast in the classifieds.

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