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Key Learnings

MKT624: Retail Management

Team Members

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AU1814005 Ashlesha Joglekar
AU1814007 Abhimanyu Bhati
AU1814016 Ruchen Vanand
AU1814022 Zil Patel
AU1814057 Kajal Golpani

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AU/AMSOM/MBA/Sem_4/MKT624/Key Learnings Reliance Market
Reliance Retail opened its first Reliance Market on 7th September 2011 as a Cash & Carry outlet.
It covers an area of around 118000 sq. ft. in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad. This chain grew rapidly with
over 52 stores now serving over 4 million member partners trying to modernize the distribution
system. This store works on the principle of Less is more“; i.e. “Buy for Less” - “Operate for Less” -
“Sell for Less” relying on higher efficiency of asset utilization which is then passed on to their

This store enjoys strong backing by its registered partners by offering them a wide range of
groceries, home and personal care products, consumables, apparel, footwear and general
merchandising. Thus by sharing the benefits of strong sourcing capabilities and relationships with a
large network of vendors, Reliance Market offers regional, national and international brands to help
them prosper.

The store is now undergoing a transformation from being a Cash and Carry outlet to Reliance Mall.
At inception, it used to serve only to the Kirana stores hence conducting only B2B transactions. With
the time and dynamics of the environment, this store now emerged with serving both business and
customers. By employing a Ladder pricing strategy it encourages its customers to buy more by
providing high discount son bulk orders. With the idea of transforming Reliance Market to Reliance
Mall, they are trying to provide a diverse range of products under the same roof with the same existing
target market thereby creating a win-win situation for themselves.

The key learning for Reliance Mall are classified and explained as follows:

Reliance Market

 The store is known for its concept of providing “Everything under one roof”. Because it has
grocery, vegetables & fruits section, lifestyle and home appliances section, digital section,
bakery and fashion, footwear, jewels are soon to be opening over there.
 Unlike D-Mart, reliance market has taken care of the space for movement while shopping as
people today visit the store not just for their purchases but for an experience.
 Keeping at center Sensory Marketing techniques, they have displayed products like chocolates
and food packets which also provides them with an opportunity to generate some revenues
out of it.
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AU/AMSOM/MBA/Sem_4/MKT624/Key Learnings Reliance Market
 The planogram has taken care of displaying what that racks and SKU consists of. Thus
enhancing the consumer experience by making it convenient to locate what they want.
 It has been observed that the majority of purchases occur in the initial days off the month for
which stores offer large discounts but in order to attract customers in the later days of the
month, they are also provided with the discounts.
 When the land was purchased it was not decided what would be built but the concept of market
worked out due to its geographical and catchment area.
 It has been observed that, for their convenience purpose the storage of the stock is done above
their respective stock keeping unit’s shelf so the process of replenishment moves at ease.

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AU/AMSOM/MBA/Sem_4/MKT624/Key Learnings Reliance Market