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Chapter 3


Description of the Products and Services

This proposed business engaged in laundry services composed of Wash-

Dry-Fold, Wash-Dry-Press at an affordable price that will satisfy its target


Comparison of the Product with its Competitors

The proposed laundry business and other existing competitors in the

identified area both offering similar laundry services. The edge of this proposed

laundry service is quality service, professionalism towards customer, convenient

facility and guaranteed customer satisfaction.


This project is located at Sobrecarey Street corner Sison Subdivision,

Magugpo South, Tagum City. The proponents chose this location because it is

very accessible and visible to customers. Figure 1 shows the vicinity map of the

proposed business.









Figure 1

Vicinity Map
Market Area

Based on the information gathered by the proponents, Sobrecarey Street,

corner Sison Subdivision, Magugpo South, Tagum City which is the area of

operation of the proposed business has a large number of customers who are in

need of laundry services. During the visit of the proponents of the said location,

we have observed that there is a great demand for laundry services in several


Main Customers

Our main customers are the households within the scope of the area of

our business in Brgy. Magugpo South, Tagum City, especially in Sison

Subdivision where considered as the major target customers of the proposed

Historical Demand

The source of the proponents in getting the historical demand was based

on the data gathered from the urban development office of Tagum City. On 2016

the number of households were 2,409, on 2017 the number were 2,781 and

3,294 in 2018. For the laundry services, we conducted a survey from the

households within Magugpo South area and out of 100 respondents surveyed,

29 of them which is equivalent to 29% assert that they go to laundry shop with at

least 9 kilos per week while only 4% go for Do-It-Yourself therefore the

proponents only consider the traditional way of laundry business.

Table 1

Historical Demand

Number of Average Average No. of Total

Year Households percent of No. of weeks in Historical
in Magugpo respondents kilos per a year demand
South (29%) customer (in kilos)
per week

2016 2, 709 786 9 52 367,848

2017 2,981 864 9 52 404,352

2018 3,294 955 9 52 446,940

Projected Demand

Table 2 shows the projected demand in our Laundry Shop business for

the next three years. The proponents used the moving average method, the

projected demand increased by 14.79% on the succeeding year.

Table 2

Projected Demand

Year Based Year Average percent Projected Demand

(NO. Kilos)

1 446,940 10.2% 492,528

2 492,528 10.2% 542,766

3 542,766 10.2% 598,128

Historical Supply

Table 3 shows the historical supply of the competitors for the last 3 years.

The data were gathered from the limited and could be inaccurate information

given by them at the proposed area in Magugpo South, Sobrecary Street, corner

Sison Street, Tagum City. The reason that competitors provide not really the

exact data is that they only have limited information, because they don’t have

current or up to date records. The proponents considered only the estimated

figures given to us for computing the project.

Table 3

Historical Supply

Competitors 2016 2017 2018

Kilos per yr. Kilos per yr. Kilos per yr.

Laundry World 16,425 20,075 22,725

Laundry House 11,250 12,055 13,220

Wishy Washy 9,125 11,498 13,052

Total 36,800 43,628 48,997

As shown in Table 3, year 2016 has a total historical supply of 36,800,

2017 has 43,628; and 2018 has 48,997 based on the given estimated value of

revenue per day by our competitors.

Projected Supply
Table 4 shows the projected supply of the proposed laundry shop
business within 3 years. Using the moving average method, the proponents
come up with the average of 15.43% per year.

Table 4

Projected Supply

Year Based year Average% Projected Supply

1 48,997 15.43% 56,557

2 56,557 15.43% 65,284

3 65,284 15.43% 75,357

Demand and Supply Analysis

Table 5 shows the gap of the demand and the supply from the past three

years and the gap for the projected years.

Table 5

Demand and Supply Analysis

Year Demand Supply Unsatisfied

Historical A B Demand
C= A-B

2016 367,848 36,800 331, 048

2017 404,352 43,628 360,724

2018 446,940 48,997 397,943

Demand Supply
Projected year
1 492,528 56,557 435,971

2 542,766 65,284 477,482

3 598,128 75,357 522,771

Projected Service Capacity

The following tables showed the total projected service capacity of the

proposed business (552kgx52wks), and the unsatisfied demand of the

consumers. It also shows the demand gap between demand and supply that

enables us to get our market share.

Table 6

Projected Service Capacity

Service Working Est. cycle Allowed Est. Load Total

hrs. per time per load per capacity capacity capacity
day load (hrs.) day per per day per week
a/b=c load(x4) cxd(4)=e X6days
machines (ex6day)
a b c d e f
Machine 8 1.30 6
8kg 192kg 1,152kg
Total 1,152kg

Market Share

As illustrated in Table 7, market share is referred to the entity’s service


Table 7

Projected Market Share

Year Unsatisfied Service capacity Market share

demand per year (in kilos)

1 435,971 59,904 13.74%

2 477,482 12.55%

3 522,771 11.46%
Selling Price

Table 8 shows the projected selling price of the proposed business for the

next three years. The proponents assume that after the next two years there is

an increase of 10% in the price.

Table 8

Projected Rate per Kilo

Particular Year1 Year 2 Year 3

Wash dry & fold 25.00 28.00 31.00

Wash dry & press 28.00 31.00 34.00

Comforter 60 66 73
Projected revenue
Table 9 shows the projected revenue within three years. With an

assumption of a 3 peso increase in service price every year. To get the total

revenue (service price x capacity).

Table 9

Projected Revenue for Wash Dry & Fold (50%)

Est. service
Year Rate per kl. rendered(kilo) Total Amount

1 25.00 29,952 748,800.00

2 28.00 29,952 838,656.00

3 31.00 29,952 928,512.00

Note: the table shows the total projected service revenue of wash dry fold for the

next 3 years, with an estimate of 50% of the total service.


Projected revenue for Wash Dry Press (20%)

Est. service
Year Rate per kl. rendered(kilo) Total Amount

1 28.00 11,981 335,468.00

2 31.00 11,981 371,411.00

3 34.00 11,981 407,354.00

Note: the table shows the total projected service revenue of wash dry press for

the next 3 years, with an estimate of 20% of the total service.


Projected revenue for Comforter (30%)

Est. service
Year Rate per kl. rendered(kilo) Total Amount

1 60.00 17,971 .00

2 66.00 17,971 .00

3 73.00 17,971 .00

Note: the table shows the total projected service revenue of comforter for the

next 3 years, with an estimate of 30% of the total service.

Table 12

Summary of Projected Revenue

Service Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

Wash dry fold 748,800.00 838,656.00 928,512.00

Wash dry press 335,468.00 371,411.00 407,354.00


Total : .00 .00 .00

Marketing Strategy

To promote the product marketing strategy should be considered. Such as

the service must meet the customer’s satisfaction. There should always be

quality service and organized and clean environment in the establishment, to

achieve a high market. Also the promotional advertisements will be considered to

enhance customer’s awareness by putting visible signage that describe and

promote the business with a proposed budget of 5,000.00 pesos.

Table 13
Proposed Marketing Budget

Year Amount

1 5,000.00
2 1,000.00
3 1,000.00

Service Rendering Strategy

The proponents’ service strategy is free pick-up and delivery and direct

contact with the customer who will personally come to the establishment or over-

the-counter type strategy.