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JDBC Tuning in Weblogic for Connection and Session Timeout:


General Parameters

1.Login to Weblogic Server console.

2.Click on the domain name (ex: FCUBS) which is under
'Domain Structure'.
3. Go to Configuration->JTA, parameter and values is
JTA Time out seconds 18000 found on the right side panel of console.
1.Login to Weblogic Server console
2.Click on Deployments which is under 'Domain
3. Click on the deployed FCJ application from right side
4. Click on FCJNeoWeb from ‘Modules and components’
5. Go to Configuration General, the parameter values can
Session Timeout 7200 be found here.
Server->Configuration->Tuning-> Stuck Thread Max
Stuck Thread Max Time 18000 Time (Should be set for all managed servers)
Kindly maintain Timeout parameters for the following Data sources as shown below.

Host Datasource (Example: jdbc/fcjdevDS),

Branch Datasource (Example: jdbc/fcjdevDSBranch)
Scheduler Datasource (Example: jdbc/fcjSchedulerDS)
Connection Reserve time out 7200 Connection pool -> Advance
Test Frequency 60 Connection pool -> Advance
Inactive connection time out 7200 Connection pool -> Advance
Initial Capacity 15 Connection pool
Connection pool
Max capacity 100 (It is preferred to be 150% of total concurrent users)
Capacity Increment 5 Connection pool
Shrink Frequency 1800 Connection pool -> Advance
Test Connection on Reserve Checked Connection pool -> Advance

Fcubs.properties file (for the Application):


Note :
The values recommended in the document are not static.
It varies from site to site and depends on the volume of the bank / Environment of the bank.

After the above changes, please clear the weblogic cache and then restart the Application server.
Login Session Time out at SMTB_MENU (for the Function Id level/Screen):

Please verify SESSION_INTERVAL field value in SMTB_MENU.

value can be1800 sec (i.e.,30 min) or 3600 sec (i.e., 1 hr) or 7200 sec (i.e., 2 hrs) as per bank

Function Id level takes precedence over fcubs.properties (LOGIN_SESSION_INTERVAL) , When

Functions are launched.

Login Session Time out at User Level:

Screensaver Interval (in seconds)