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The Odyssey

Directions: Read each question and choose the best answer. Shade in the appropriate bubble.
1. Telemachus and his father are protected by which God?
a. Antinous c. Athena
b. Agamemnon d. Poseidon

2. What mission does Telemachus set out to complete?

a. To find the men who killed his father c. To bring his father home
b. To gather information about his father’s whereabouts d. To kill his father

3. Which god is most angry with Odysseus?

a. Athena c. Poseidon
b. Apollo d. Zeus

4. After his ship is destroyed, where does Odysseus wash up?

a. Troy c. Ithica
b. Hades d. Phaeacians

5. In which sport does Odysseus partake to demonstrate his strength to the Phaecians
a. He throws a discus. c. He completes the long jump.
b. He throws a javelin. d. s

6. How did the Greeks sneak into the city of Troy?

a. They wore dark clothing and snuck c.
b. anser d.

7. Who is Luigi Vampa?

a. He is a French chess player. c. He is a Corsican musician.
b. He is an English weapon maker. d. He is an Italian bandit.

8. Mercedes marries which character?

a. Fernand c. Danglars
b. The Count of Monte Cristo d. Luigi Vampa

9. What is the name of M. Morrel’s ship?

a. Xerxes c. Pharaon
b. S.S. Minow d. Maidenhead

10. What is the name of the Count of Monte Cristo’s loyal servent?
a. Fencewood c. Bertuccio
b. Byzantine d. Fitzgerald

11. Whom is Albert de Morcerf to marry?

a. Mercedes Catalan c. Valentine Noirtier
b. Auteuil Villefort d. Eugenie Danglars

12. How does M. Noirtier communicate?

a. By blinking c. By using sign language
b. By writing on a piece of paper d. By holding up colored cards
13. What dark secret do Villefort and Madame Danglars have?
a. They murdered a nosy palace guard. c. They had Edmond Dantes executed.
b. They had an affair and a love child. d. They have stolen money from the King.

14. Whom does Valentine love?

a. Franz d’Epinay c. Maximilian Morrel
b. The Count of Monte Cristo d. Edmond Dantes

15. Caderousse dies while attempting to do what?

a. Fight Luigi Vampa c. Poison the Duchess Cortania
b. Ride a horse d. Rob the Count of Monte Cristo’s house

16. How is Fernand ruined?

a. His relationship with the queen is exposed. c. He is caught poisoning the Noirtiers.
b. His war crimes are exposed. d. He is caught stealing from the church.

17. Where is the Count of Monte Cristo located when Albert de Morcerf challenges him to a duel?
a. The court c. The museum
b. The town square d. The opera

18. Why do the Count of Monte Cristo and Albert not kill one another?
a. Mercedes c. The King
b. Villefort d. Valentine

19. How does Fernand de Morcerf die?

a. The Count of Monte Cristo kills him. c. He kills himself.
b. Albert kills him. d. Villefort kills him.

20. Who poisons the Villeforts?

a. Madame de Villefort c. Gerard de Villefort
b. M. Noirtier d. The Count of Monte Cristo

21. How many francs does the Count of Monte Cristo borrow from Baron Danglars?
a. 590,000 c. 5,900,000
b. 100,000 d. 1,000,000

22. What job does Albert take after being dishonored?

a. He joins the army. c. He becomes a cook.
b. He becomes a sailor. d. He joins the bank to become a lender.

23. Which character is not played by Edmond Dantes?

a. Sinbad the Sailor c. The Priest, Abbe Busoni
b. The Count of Monte Cristo d. Maximilian Morrel

24. How is Danglars tricked out of all of his money?

a. He is captured and deprived of food. c. He loses a card game against the Count.
b. He is given bad investment advice. d. He buries his money and it disappears.

25. Who is Edmond Dantes having a relationship with at the end of the book?
a. Mercedes c. Valentine
b. Haydee d. Madam Villefort