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LPG Gas Detector and Fire Suppression Control Panel Operation:

The Automatic Fire Suppression Control Panel monitors the condition of the LPG Gas Leak
Detector Panel and the Fire Alarm Device and then process their signals. When there is gas leak detected
or the fire alarm warning device has been activated, the fire suppression control panel process these
signals and then automatically starts the fire pump engine, simultaneously shuts down the LPG Motor
Control Center (MCC) and turns on the warning device Siren/Beacon light.

1. Start with both Gas Detector Panel and Automatic Fire Suppression Control Panel power
switches at “OFF” position.
2. Then, switch on the power switch of Gas Detector Panel. The “Receiver” gas density level will
display “SET”, wait until it displays “000” level.
3. Press the “Reset” button of the Tank Farm Receiver and Refilling Hall Receiver.
4. After the above procedure has been done, proceed to Automatic Fire Suppression Control
panel and switch-on all the toggle switches on the left-hand side starting from Power switch,
Fire Pump, Motor Control Center (M.C.C.), Gas Leak Alarm and Fire Alarm Monitor switch.
5. The green light power indicator including the other green lights adjacent to the toggle switches
are all lighted, indicating that the Automatic Fire Suppression Control System is in operation.
6. Any time when the Gas Leak Detector Head located at the Filling Tank Farm or Refilling Hall has
detected an LPG Gas Leak, the Gas Detector Panel displays the gas density level in percentage
of LEL. When the level reaches 14% the gas detector alarm will be activated.
7. At this instance, the automatic fire suppression control panel circuits will be triggered and the
circuits starts to work by simultaneously shutting down power of MCC, the Gas Leak Alarm
starts Flashing LIGHT and emits a warning sound, and at the same time starts the operation of
the fire pump engine thereby pumping water to the water sprinkler system.
8. If Sounder/Beacon circuit needed to be turned off, switch it off by pressing the “Gas Leak
Alarm” toggle switch down. Other circuits can also be switched off individually if needed. (In
normal operation all the toggle switches in the left-hand side should be in the “On position”).
9. When everything else has been checked and faults are rectified, and the plant is ready to
resume operation, reset the Automatic Fire Suppression Control Panel by switching the power
off. Then perform procedure numbers 1-5 so that, the Gas Detector Panel and the Automatic
Fire Suppression Panel is ready for operation.
Notes: 1. Both Gas Detector panel and Interface System Panel has built-in batteries for
continuous operation even during brown out.
2. Fire Alarm Monitor switch is toggled to “ON” position. This circuit monitors the
status of the Fire Alarm System if it has been activated. (e.g. in case of fire). When the
circuit has been triggered, it will start the fire pump engine and turns off the power of
MCC regardless if the switch position of the Fire Pump & MCC toggle are On or Off.
3. The automatic fire suppression control panel can be reset by switching the
power switch to “Off then on “. The system will reset provided that the LPG Gas Detector
system has been reset and the gas leak indicator has returned to “000”. (Individual circuits
can also be reset by switching it “Off then on”).

GGM 10.2019