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White Wine

Aga White Hatten - Bali 450k

Alexandria Hatten - Bali 450k

Two Island Chardonnay - Australia 600k

Two Island Riesling- Australia 600k

Two Island Sauvignon Blanc - Australia 600k

Rose Wine

Hatten - Bali 450k

Red Wine

Hatten Aga red - Bali 450k

Two Island Cabernet Merlot - Australia 600k

Two Island Shiraz - Australia 600k

Wine by Glass


White Wine 95k

Red Wine 95k


White Wine 80k

Red Wine 80k

Rose Wine 80k

Sparkling Wine

Hatten Jepun Sparkling Rose 600k

Hatten Tunjung Sparkling 600k

Prices are in thousands Rupiah & subject to 21% service charge & gov.tax
Cocktails & Long Drinks

Black Russian 100k

mysterious drink by mixing vodka with Kahlúa was appropriate for the time.

Bloody Marry 100k

a cocktail containing vodka, tomato juice, and combinations of other spices and flavorings,
it is usually consumed in the morning or early afternoon, and is popular as a hangover cure

Daiquiri 100k
The classic Daiquiri, made from nothing more than rum, lime juice and sugar
shaken with cracked ice and strained

Caipirosca 100k
a cocktail drink containing vodka, lime juice, sugar, and crushed ice, based on the Caipirinha cocktail
but with vodka replacing the Brazilian rum-like spirit Cachaça

Long Island Ice Tea 125k

a potent cocktail consisting of equal parts of, typically, five different distilled alcoholic liquors
vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and triple sec, with a small amount of cola

Pinacolada 125k
This drink is a delicious mix of all the things that speak to the Caribbean and tropical locales,
with the pineapple juice mixed together with a rich coconut cream,
spiked up with just a bit of white rum into the mix

Tequila Sunrise 125k

If you love tequila,you’re going to love tequila sunrise, a cocktail made of orange juice and tequila.
t gets its name from the grenadine dropping to the bottom of the glass which resembles the sunrise in a glass

Singapore Sling 125k

The Singapore Sling is a classic cocktail that is fruity, herbaceous and tastes like paradise

Blue lagoon 125k

Try our refreshing take on the classic blue lagoon with vodka, blue curacao, lemonade and fresh citrus juice.
This boozy retro classic cocktail is perfect for parties

Prices are in thousands Rupiah & subject to 21% service charge & gov.tax
Sweet and Refreshing Cocktail

Lychee Martini 75k

A refreshing combination of balimoon Vodka, balimoon lychee liquer,lychee juice and squeeze of lime.

Nut job 75k

A lip smacking drink that mixed balimoon hazelnut and banana liquers, shaken with whipping cream.

Lime Crush 75k

A simple but strong mix of Vodka 9 and pineapple liqueur over muddled rum.

Cosmic Colada 75k

The best selling cocktail that mixed vodka balimoon coconut, pineapple liqueur, pineapple juice
Sweet & sour and coconut milk

Mint Cooler 75k

A cool and refreshing drink that combines vodka, peppermint liqueur lychee juice and squeeze of lime.

Spirits house brand

Scotch Red Label 80k

Jim Beam 80k

Bacardi 80k

Dry Gin 80k

Vodka 80k

Myers Rum 80k

Tequila 80k

Spirits Premium brand

Scotch Black Label 100k

Chivas Regal 100k

Jack Daniel 100k


Smoothie, Milkshake, Squashes. 60k

Sparkling & Mineral water

Equil - sparkling water 50k

Equil - mineral water 35k

Aqua - mineral water 15k

Fresh juices

Orange 40k

Banana 40k

Carrot 40k

Honeydew melon 40k

Lime 40k

Papaya 40k

Pineapple 40k
Watermelon 40k

Prices are in thousands Rupiah & subject to 21% service charge & gov. tax
Iced coffee or tea

Ice coffee 35k

Ice lemon tea 35k

Ice coffee late 35k

Ice chocolate 35k

Ice cappuccino 35k

Prices are in thousands Rupiah & subject to 21% service charge & gov. tax