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(Pang araw-araw na Tala ng Guro DATE July 13, 2018 QUARTER FIRST
sa Pagtuturo) TIME:
12:40-1:40 3:00-4:00 5:00-6:00
1:40-2:40 4:00-5:00 6:00-7:00

EPS/PSDS Principal’s Department

Signature: Signature: Head’s/Coordinator’s Signature:
Carlos Gemma C. Caviles
Alexander S.

A. Content Standards Demonstrates understanding of work using constant force, power,
(Pamantayang gravitational potential energy, kinetic energy, and elastic potential
Pangnilalaman) energy.
B. Performance Standards
(Pamantayan sa Pagkatuto)
C. Learning Differentiate potential and kinetic energy. S8FE – Ic – 22
Competencies and Code
(Mga Kasanayan sa Specific Objectives:
Pagkatuto) A. Cognitive: Solve problems related to kinetic energy.
B. Affective: Relate importance of kinetic energy in daily
C. Psychomotor: Apply knowledge about kinetic energy in daily

II. CONTENT (Nilalaman) A. Topic: Energy

B. Concepts:

1) Kinetic energy of any object is affected by its mass and

2) To calculate the kinetic energy of an object, use the
formula: KE = 1/2 MV2


a) KE = kinetic energy (J)

b) M = mass (kg)

c) V = velocity (m/s)
(Kagamitang Panturo)
A. References (Sanggunian)
1. Teacher’s Guide
Pages (Mga Pahina sa
Gabay ng Guro)
2. Learner’s Material pp. 28-31
Pages (Mga Pahina sa
Kagamitang Pang Mag-
3. Textbook Pages (Mga
Pahina sa Teksbuk)
4. Additional Material
from LR (Karagdagang
Kagamitan mula sa
Portal na
Learning Resources)
B. Other Learning Manila paper, Cartolina
Resources (Iba Pang
Kagamitang Panturo)
IV. PROCEDURES (Pamamaraan) Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity
A. Review/Presenting New ELICIT
Lesson (Balik-aral sa “Someone from the class answer Students will accomplish the task.
nakaraang aralin at/o the following questions.”
Pagsisimula ng Bagong “What is potential energy?” “Energy of an object due to its
Aralin) “Very good.” position.”
“How about the formula of how “In order for us to solve for
to solve for potential energy?” potential energy we need the
following formula PE = mgh.”
“M stands for mass, g stands for
gravity with a constant value of
“Good job everyone.” 9.8 m/s2 and h stands for height.”
B. Establishing a purpose ENGAGE
Of Lesson (Pagbabahagi ng “Please observe the following The students will accomplish the
Layunin ng Aralin) demonstration.” task.

“Throw and catch the ball.”

“After you see the “After throwing the ball, the ball
demonstration, describe the speed up and before it stops the
amount of energy with regards to ball slows down.”
the different position of the ball.”

“Very good.”

C. Presenting instances of “Everyone the formula for kinetic The students will listen attentively.
the new lesson energy are as follows.”
(Pag-uugnay ng mga
Halimbawa sa Bagong KE = ½ mv2
Aralin) Where
KE = Kinetic Energy (J)
M = mass (kg)
V = Velocity (m/s)

D. Discussing new EXPLORE

concepts and “Class answer the following The students will accomplish the
practicing new skills #1 activity with complete solution to task.
(Pagtalakay sa Bagong the problem.”
Konsepto at Pagtalakay sa 1) What is the kinetic energy
Bagong Kasanayan #1) of a 800 kg automobile
which is moving at 55
2) A 0.10 kg stone is thrown
from the edge of an ocean
cliff with an initial speed
of 20 m/s. When it strikes
the water below, it is
travelling 45 m/s. What is
the change in kinetic
energy of the stone?
E. Discussing new concept
and practicing new
skills #2 (Pagtalakay sa
Bagong Konsepto at
Pagtalakay sa Bagong
Kasanayan #2)
F. Developing Mastery EXPLAIN
(Paglinang sa Kabisahan “I’ll call some students in front to The student will accomplish the
Tungo discuss their output.” task
sa Formative Assessment
“Based on your answers, what is
the most important factor that “The mass and the velocity of an
affects the kinetic energy of an object.”

“Good job everyone.”

G. Finding Practical ELABORATE.
application of “Class answer the following The student will accomplish the
concepts and skills in questions.” task.
daily living (Paglalapat sa 1) How will you conserve
Aralin sa Pang araw-araw energy when driving
na downhill?
Buhay) 2) When are the instances
when a freely falling body
has reached its maximum
kinetic energy?

“Very good everyone.”

H. Making Generalization “What is kinetic energy and how The students will accomplish the
(Paglalahat ng Aralin) it is used in solving problems task.
involving transfer and energy

I. Evaluation EVALUATION
(Pagtataya ng Aralin) The teacher will give a 5-item
paper and pen test.

Directions. The following

problems will be solved:
Enumerate the given and
requirement of the problem.
1) A jeepney is travelling at
the rate of 5 m/s in a
straight road. What is the
jeep’s kinetic energy if the
mass of the jeep is equal
to 3000 kg and the mass
of the people inside it is
500 kg?
2) Compute for the objects
velocity if it travels with a
kinetic energy at roughly
6,000,000 J and a mass of
150 kg.
3) What is the man’s mass if
a 2 m/s speed is recorded
in going to a certain store
with a kinetic energy of
240 J?

J. Additional activities for EXTEND

Remediation (Karagdagang
Gawain para sa Takdang
at Remediation)
V. REMARKS (Mga Tala)

VI. REFLECTIONS (Pagninilay)

A. No. of learners who earned 80% in

the Evaluation (Bilang ng mga Mag-aaral ________# of learners who earned 80% and above
na Nakakuha ng 80% na Pagtataya)
B. No. of learners who require
additional activities for remediation
who scored below 80% (Bilang ng ________# of learners who require additional activities for remediation
mga Mag-aaral na nangangailangan ng
C. Did the remedial lesson work? No.
learners who caught up the ________ Yes ________ No
lesson? ________# of learners who caught up the lesson
(Nakatulong ba ang remedial? Bilang ng mga
Mag-aaral na nakaunawa ng Aralin)
D. No. of learners who continue to
require remediation. (Bilang ng mga ________# of learners who continue to require remediation
Mag-aaral na magpapatuloy sa remediation)
E. Which of my teaching strategies
worked? Why did these work? (Alin ___Experiment ___Role Play ___Collaborative Learning
___Lecture ___Discovery Why?____________________Complete IMs
mga Estratihiya ang nakatulong ng lubos?
Paano ito nakatulong)
F. What difficulties did I encounter ___Bullying among pupils ___Pupils’ behavior/attitude
which my principal or supervisor ___Colorful/IMs ___Unavailable technology equipment (AVR/LCD)
help me solve? (Anong suliranin ang
aking naranasan na nasulusyunan sa tulong ___Science/Computer/Internet lab
aking Punongguro at Superbisor?)
G. What innovation or localized
material did I use which I wish to ___Localized videos ___Making big books from views of the locality
share with other teachers? (Anong ___Recycling of plastics for contemporary arts
Gamiting Panturo ang aking ginamit na nais ___Local music composition
kong ibahagi sa mga kapwa ko guro?)