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Product information

Our top end 4-stroke turbocharging power pack
Power up your performance
75 % of a diesel engine’s power relies on one
vital component – the turbocharger.

While higher power and efficiency are the ultimate aims of A compact, modular design with minimized number of parts
turbocharged engine development, there is increasing empha- makes the TPL-C easy to install and service. Customers
sis today on a new requirement – lower engine emissions. benefit from low lifecycle costs and longer times between
TPL turbochargers make a vital contribution in all three of these overhauls.
areas. The TPL-C series was developed for advanced medium-
speed, 4-stroke diesel and gas engines in the power range
of 3,000 kW to 12,000 kW per turbocharger.

High turbocharger efficiency and compressor pressure ratios

reduce fuel consumption and increase engine power output
while helping customers satisfy the new environmental require-
ments coming into force.

Performance you can rely on
The TPL-C is rugged, reliable and compact, for peak
performance over a long operational lifetime.

TPL-C turbochargers combine the proven TPL design with Tried and tested
new features that cater to the needs of advanced 4-stroke, ABB performs a comprehensive series of qualification tests
medium-speed diesel and gas engines. Rugged and highly to ensure the total reliability of its turbochargers. Overall
reliable, the TPL-C is designed for a long operational life. It reliability of the TPL-C is also improved by the special design
meets customers’ as well as end users’ need for a simpler of the bearing assembly, which features a free-floating thrust
construction with fewer parts, greater efficiency at higher disk.
pressures, and reduced engine emissions.

A sturdy foot and newly designed filter silencer ensure good

mechanical behavior and reliability for the TPL-C. Vibration is

Benefits that add value
The TPL-C has features designed to improve
performance while keeping your running costs down.

TPL 67-C / TPL 71-C

TPL 76-C
TPL 79-C available only with suction branch

Features Benefits
Two dedicated turbine designs Optimized matching for all applications
Internal plain bearings, lubricated by engine lube oil Long bearing lifetime
Large-diameter radial compressor featuring stabilizer technology Wide compressor maps and high maximum volume flow rates
Free-floating axial bearing disk; radial bearing bushes High availability and reliability; increased TBO
with squeeze oil damper
Oil inlet and outlet at bottom Easy to service; work in a confined space possible
No water cooling on turbine side No water connections; no corrosion problems
Turbine and compressor cleaning nozzles integrated Improved washing efficiency
Compressor cooling option Higher pressure ratios with aluminum compressors

Design features
Turbine and compressor.

TPL 67
TPL 71

TPL 76

␲ c [-] TPL 79 C32

without compressor cooling option C33
Compressor pressure ratio

4.5 C36


at MCR

5 10 15 20 V [m3/s]
Volume flow

Turbine Example of compressor map for TPL 67-C

The TPL-C turbocharger takes account of the demands of
the future 4-stroke market with two different turbines: ␲c [-]
The turbine of the two smaller sizes (TPL 67-C and TPL 71-C),
with lacing wire and in the case of the TPL 67-C also with 5.5
shroud, is designed for quasi-constant pressure as well as
pulse charging systems; the turbine of the larger TPL 76-C 5.0
and TPL 79-C is designed for quasi-constant pressure sys-
tems and features ABB’s wide chord blading. 4.5
Compressor pressure ratio

Compressor 4.0
The high volume flows achieved with the TPL-C compressors
allow optimized matching to different engine applications. 3.5
High efficiencies and wide compressor maps are ensured by
single piece, splitter-bladed aluminum alloy wheels with back- 3.0
swept blades.
Market requirements are covered by a range of different
compressor stages. Optional compressor cooling extends 2.0
the field of application for aluminum alloy wheels. TPL-C
compressors also feature air recirculation for a better surge 1.5
margin and enlarged map widths.
2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 V [m3/s]
Volume flow

Design features
Bearings and casings.

Bearing lifetime Optimized casing design

Benefiting from experience gained with over 50,000 ABB TPL-C casings are optimized for applications on 4-stroke
turbochargers with plain bearings in service worldwide, engines. Excellent flow dynamics and minimized thermal
TPL bearings are designed to run for 36,000 hours before stress are ensured. Features include integrated connections
being changed. for the waste gate and for temperature and pressure mea-
surement. Casings are insulated to keep surface temperatures
ABB developed the new bearing assembly for direct lubrication and noise levels as low as possible.
by the engine lube oil system. The main axial bearing consists
of a free-floating thrust disk with profiles on both sides, rotat-
ing at about half the rotor speed. This ensures thick oil films,
offering extra-high resistance to wear caused by contaminated
oil. Disk wear is also reduced by the application of an extremely
hard coating. The radial bearing bushes are fixed with screws
and centered in a squeeze oil film damper.

TPL 67-C / TPL 71-C TPL 76-C / TPL 79-C

Type A B C D E F Weight kg
TPL 67-C 1120 889 650 778 621 636 1194 1
TPL 71-C 1321 1031 764 892 733 815 1957 1
TPL 76-C 1296 1359 1310 1293 884 902 3575 1
TPL 79-C 1523 1577 1540 1521 1026 1080 5400 2
1 includes filter silencer
2 without filter silencer and suction branch

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