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Pineda Judith Arlie E.

August 20,
BSN 128 Prof. Michael Ian

Reaction Paper

Strengthening its legacy as one of the finest educational institution in

the country, the 82 year-old Far Eastern University (FEU) serve as a reminder
of a prosperous time in the 1920s, when technology was king and the future
was boundless.
Designed by National Artist for Architecture Pablo Antonio, the five
structures are the Nicanor Reyes Hall, FEU East Asia College of Engineering
and Computer Studies, the Law and Nursing Building,
Auditorium/Administration Building and the Science Building. Other historical
buildings on the campus include the 1950s FEU Chapel, FEU Hospital, and
the Arts and Sciences Building, which also represent the International Style.
The buildings, bearing the distinctive Art Deco architecture of the 1920s, still
stand proudly on the Far Eastern University (FEU) campus in Manila. The old
style was patterned after Greek and Roman temples characterized by huge
pillars and ornate designs. But I’ve observed that the Art Deco style, in
contrast, was characterized by rounded corners, clean and basic geometric
forms, grooves and elements from Egyptian art. It essentially depicted the
advent of progressive modernization and technology. The new style also
reflected the designs of big ships -- including railings and portholes details.
The “steamship” style is evident in the Nicanor Reyes Hall, FEU’s flagship

Other structures on the FEU campus bearing the “International Style”

of the 1950s include the FEU Chapel, the FEU Hospital, and the Arts and
Sciences Building. Apart from its prized buildings, the university also takes
pride in its landscape architecture, which focuses on the Nicanor Reyes
Memorial Square and its collection of bronze sculptures by National Artist
Vicente Manansala. The university has been able to preserve its buildings
because as a private institution, it places a sense of importance in the
structures as part of the Filipino people’s heritage.

Indeed, I believe that we, the green and gold society could prevail over
other institutions because of its beautiful architectural buildings. That’s why
we are called a “Tamaraw”-one of the most intelligent, pugnacious and
aggressive animal species. And we are like them. We ought to be proud of
our mentor-FEU. The factory that would make every Tamaraw a high quality,
competitive and service oriented product that could make a greater
contribution in our society. And finally, we will be a product, which could
establish difference through Fortitude, Excellence, and Uprightness and in
addition, leadership. That is the Far Eastern University-Power Factory of

Once again, in its 82 years of existence, FEU name has already been
established. With its technological advancement, academic achievements,
continuous facility development and athleticism, each of us can already be
proud of our second home, the land in the Far East!

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