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Established 1879 | Columbus, Mississippi

Wednesday | February 5, 2020

Rudy Johnson replaced on EMCC board

Supes appoint former SPD chief despite day, and Super-
visors Orlando
wanted to remain on the board.
Johnson, who lives in District
having two more months to take applications Trainer (Dis-
trict 2) and Joe
3, ran unsuccessfully in last
year’s Republican primary for
BY TESS VRBIN Monday to appoint former Williams (Dis- supervisor. Had he won the pri-
tvrbin@cdispatch.com Starkville police chief Frank trict 5) voted mary, he would have faced How-
Nichols to the board. He will with him. ard, a Democrat, in November’s
Two months before Rudy Board Pres-
replace Johnson after his term general election.
Johnson’s term on the East Mis- ident John
sissippi Community College expires in April. “I think that’s because I ran
Montgomery of Johnson Nichols Howard
Board of Trustees is due to ex- Johnson had expressed in- District 1 and against Marvell for supervisor,
pire, Oktibbeha County supervi- terest to serve another term as Bricklee Miller of District 4 op- especially since the board had but that’s the way politics goes,”
sors have already appointed his one of Oktibbeha County’s two posed Nichols’ appointment and just received a new applicant’s Johnson told The Dispatch in
replacement at the urging of a EMCC trustees. But District said the board should have taken information that morning. reference to his not being reap-
former political rival. 3 Supervisor Marvell Howard the time to consider other candi- Montgomery said he wanted pointed to EMCC’s board.
Supervisors voted 3-2 on recommended Nichols on Mon- dates before making a decision, to talk to Johnson about why he See EMCC, 3A

Aldermen issue
Area school districts emphasize WorkKeys bonds for park
projects on
4-3 vote
Another split vote
permits third Pride
parade with no

A 4-3 vote Tuesday

moved forward a reso-
lution for Starkville al-
dermen to issue up to
$25 million in general
obligation bonds for
park improvements,
including building
a tournament ready Sistrunk
sports complex at
Cornerstone Park off
Highway 25.
While issuing the
bonds themselves
Courtesy photo
seemed a housekeep-
From left, Columbus High School students Maliyah Ashford, Mya Burgin, John Radney, Marlon Dooley and Corvi- ing issue, as city vot-
on Hairston review practice questions for the WorkKeys exam, a workforce readiness test produced by the same ers last year approved
company that writes the ACT. Columbus Municipal School District has set a goal to have 100 students score a a 1-percent tourism Beatty
Silver of higher on the exam, and is one of several area districts that are increasingly emphasizing the importance tax increase to back
of WorkKeys and workforce readiness among students. them, debate swirled
around how to — and
CMSD implements Power of 100 club to encourage degree as college readiness, Chap-
man said.
what firm would —
underwrite them. Ul-
student interest in workforce readiness CMSD implemented the Pow-
er of 100, a club for students who
timately, the narrowly
approved resolution
BY ISABELLE ALTMAN Keys exam, a workforce readiness make Silver of higher on the Work- named the Raymond
ialtman@cdispatch.com test similar in format to the more Keys, with a goal of having at least James firm as under- Carver
academic-oriented ACT, and was 100 students in the club by the end writer without requiring a bid pro-
Columbus High School Principal now excited to meet representa- of this school year. cess for those services.
Craig Chapman tells a story about tives from area industries planning “(We’re) using the Power of 100 The bond resolution calls for a
a particular student who swung by to visit the schools. to name a group of students who repayment term of up to 30 years,
his office to ask, “When are the in- It’s just one example of students’ have done well in something,” Chap- something both Ward 2 Alderman
dustries visiting?” excitement around CHS’s push over man said. “Now we have so many Sandra Sistrunk and city financial
The student, one of the school’s the last two years to emphasize students who are eager to be a part consultant Nick Schorr said was
202 seniors, had taken the Work- workforce readiness to the same See WORKKEYS, 8A rare for municipal bonds. Most com-
mercial banks shy away from such
long-term bonds, they said, mean-

Columbus council fires officer accused of tasering cuffed man

Howard had been disciplined for multiple offenses ciplined
for several
Both Howard and her at-
torney, Rod Ray of Colum-
ing with Howard whether
to appeal.
BY ISABELLE ALTMAN day to fire police officer ard deployed a taser on a breaches of bus, appeared before the CPD Chief Fred Shel-
AND YUE STELLA YU Toni Howard. handcuffed suspect. CPD policy council during its regular ton declined to comment,
ialtman@cdispatch.com; syu@ City officials did not Howard was hired in and at least meeting Tuesday, but the citing a department poli-
cdispatch.com comment on the record 2015, according to re- on suspen- appearance took place in cy not to comment on per-
the reason for Howard’s cords in the city’s human sion in her executive session. sonnel matters.
COLUMBUS — The firing, but multiple sourc- resources department. four years Howard Ray told The Dispatch Howard was suspend-
Columbus City Council es with direct knowledge She was a patrol officer. at Colum- he respects the council’s ed for 14 working days in
voted unanimously Tues- of the situation said How- Howard had been dis- bus Police Department. decision and is discuss- See HOWARD, 8A


1 Which athlete, who retired in 2005, had the Friday and Saturday MEETINGS
nicknames “Prime Time” and “Neon Deion”? ■ Rotary Classic Rodeo:
Feb. 14:
2 At which university did funnyman and movie Starkville Board
This Starkville Rotary Club
start Chris Pratt pick up the Hasty Pudding of Aldermen
Man of the Year award in 2015? fundraiser features rodeo
3 In what 2012 time-travel thriller, starring action at 7 p.m. nightly at work session,
Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt, are mob targets the Mississippi Horse Park in 11 a.m., City
Audrey Abrams disposed of 30 years in the past? Starkville. On Friday, kids 12 Hall
4 Which city’s U.S. Mint, which makes more and under get in free. On Sat-
Third grade, Annunciation Feb. 17:
coins than any other mint in the world, fea- urday from 5-6:30 p.m., kids

71 Low 48
tures a “D” on each coin it produces? Oktibbeha
enjoy pony rides and a pet-
High 5 What woodwind instrument is sometimes ting zoo, free with admission County Board
Rain and thunderstorms
called a “licorice stick”? of Supervisors
Answers, 8B to the rodeo. Adult tickets are
Full forecast on $15 at the door, $12 in ad- meeting, 5:30
page 3A. vance. Saturday kids’ tickets p.m., Chancery
are $5 (3 and under attend Courthouse
INSIDE free). Get advance tickets
at Oktibbeha County Co-op,
Feb. 18:
Starkville Board
Classifieds 7B Food 5B RAM/Parker-McGill, Starkville
CVB and Tractor Supply in of Aldermen
Comics 4B Obituaries 4A
Crossword 8B Opinions 6A Starkville and Columbus. meeting, 5:30
Dear Abby 4B NATS 7A Visit mshorsepark.com. Kimberly Mallard loves traveling. p.m., City Hall


2A WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

Trump uses State of Union

speech to campaign; Pelosi rips it
‘We are moving forward
at a pace that was
Trump impeachment acquittal
unimaginable just a on track ahead of Senate vote
short time ago, and we
WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is on the verge of ac-
are never going back’ quittal by the Senate, an end to only the third presidential impeach-
President Donald Trump ment trial in American history but coming at the start of a tumultuous
campaign for the White House.
BY JONATHAN LEMIRE A majority of senators have now expressed unease with Trump’s
The Associated Press
pressure campaign on Ukraine that resulted in the two articles of im-
peachment. But there’s nowhere near the two-thirds support necessary
in Republican-held Senate for the Constitution’s bar of high crimes and
— Standing before a
misdemeanors to convict and remove the president from office.
Congress and a na- The outcome expected Wednesday caps nearly five months of re-
tion sharply divided markable impeachment proceedings launched in Speaker Nancy Pelo-
by impeachment, si’s House, ending in Mitch McConnell’s Senate and reflective of the
President Donald nation’s unrelenting partisan divide three years into the Trump presi-
Trump used his State dency.
of the Union address Trump
to extol a “Great
American Come- and we are never going back.” Trump appeared no more cor-
back” on his watch, Holding out the nation’s econom- dial. When he climbed to the House
ic success as the chief rationale rostrum, he did not take her out-
just three years after
for a second term, Trump’s speech stretched hand though it was not
he took office decry-
resembled a lower-volume version clear he had seen her gesture. Lat-
ing a land of “Amer-
of his campaign rallies, providing er, as Republicans often cheered,
ican carnage” under
something for every section of his she remained in her seat, at times
his predecessor.
political base. shaking her head at his remarks.
The partisan dis- Pelosi When Pelosi left, she told report-
But while he tweets daily as-
cord was on vivid dis- sailing his impeachment, Trump ers that tearing up the speech was
play Tuesday as the first president never mentioned the “i-word” in his “the courteous thing to do consid-
to campaign for reelection while 78-minute speech. That followed ering the alternative.” Republicans
facing impeachment made his case the lead of Bill Clinton, who did denounced her action as disrespect-
for another term: Republican legis- not reference his recent impeach- ful.
lators chanted “Four More Years.” ment when he delivered his State Trump, the former reality TV
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripped of the Union in 1999. Trump spoke star, added a showbiz flavor to the
up her copy of Trump’s speech as he from the House of Representatives, staid event: He had wife Melania
ended his address. on the opposite side of the Capitol present the Presidential Medal of
“America’s enemies are on the from where the Senate one day later Freedom, the nation’s highest ci-
run, America’s fortunes are on the was expected to acquit him largely vilian honor, to the divisive conser-
rise and America’s future is blazing along party lines. vative radio host Rush Limbaugh,
bright,” Trump declared. “In just Pelosi, a frequent thorn in who recently announced he has ad-
three short years, we have shattered Trump’s side, created a viral im- vanced lung cancer.
the mentality of American decline age with her seemingly sarcastic He stunned a young student in
and we have rejected the downsiz- applause of the president a year the gallery with a scholarship. And
ing of America’s destiny. We are ago. This time, she was even more he orchestrated the surprise tearful
moving forward at a pace that was explicit with her very text-ripping reunion of a solider from overseas
unimaginable just a short time ago, rebuke. with his family in the balcony.

Japan quarantines cruise ship as toll of new virus grows

Tokyo Olympics organizers are closed completely. And
on the mainland, patients
health workers, some in
protective white jump-
worried about the disruption the were being treated in suits, transferred 10 pa-

virus is causing ahead of the games,

newly built or converted
hospitals while some at
tients from the Diamond
Princess cruise ship to a
Is Estate or
which open in less than six months
overcrowded facilities sat
on the floor.
Japanese coast guard boat
next to it. The 10, covered
Long Term Care
BY FOSTER KLUG AND the day. The little-under-
Tokyo Olympics orga- in sheets to protect their Planning Necessary
nizers said they are in- identities from cameras,
The Associated Press
stood new coronavirus
has killed 490 people in
creasingly worried about were taken to a dock and to Protect Your
the disruption the virus put on ambulances bound
TOKYO — Large
mainland China, officials
said Wednesday. But it
is causing ahead of the for hospitals for treatment Family’s Future?
white sheets covering games, which open in less in isolation.
has also spread panic and • Do you have a Will, Power of Attorney, and Advanced Health Care
them head-to-knee, peo- than six months. Health Minister Katsu-
discrimination around Directive?
ple infected with a new the world as the number As examples of an- nobu Kato said all the peo- • Are you certain that your assets will be distributed according to your
virus were led by gloved of cases grow. ti-Asian discrimination ple on board will be quar- wishes at your death?
and masked officials More than 1,800 peo- mount, U.N. Secre- antined on the ship for up • Are you confused by the ever changing estate and gift tax laws?
Wednesday off a Japa- ple on another cruise ship tary-General Antonio to 14 days under Japanese • Are you worried that one day you may not be able to care for yourself
nese cruise ship that’s Guterres appealed for law. The ship had 2,666 or make the necessary decisions to remain independent and in your
were being screened in own home?
being quarantined amid Hong Kong after three “international solidarity” passengers and 1,045
growing worry about the passengers on a previous and support for China and crew members. Tests At Dunn & Hemphill, we can create a plan tailored to fit you
spread of an outbreak. voyage were diagnosed other countries hurt by were pending on 273 peo- and your family’s needs. Contact us at (662) 327-4211 to
The quarantine of 3,711 with the virus. Thou- the virus. He urged a stop ple who had symptoms or discuss your estate and long term care planning options.
people aboard the Dia-
mond Princess is part of a
sands of hospital workers
in Hong Kong were strik-
to any stigmatization of
innocent people.
had contact with a man
who was diagnosed with Dunn & Hemphill, P.A.
global health emergency ing to demand the border In the port city of Yoko- the virus after leaving the 214 Fifth Street South | Columbus, Mississippi
that seems to worsen by with mainland China be hama, just outside Tokyo, ship in Hong Kong. 662.327.4211 | www.marketstreetlaw.com
Offering Peace of Mind, One Client at a Time.
W. David Dunn | Christopher D. Hemphill
you call to get a free 30 minute
Estate or Long Term Care Planning Consultation!
*Background information available upon request.
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Tesla stock is soaring. Madness or visionary investing? Providing Our Clients Expertise With
Over 50+ Years Of Combined Experience

Tesla worth more than General Motors, times more than Tesla.
While the spectacular
end of the year, and com-
petitors were about to
Ford and Fiat Chrysler combined run-up in the stock has
been attributed in part to
launch their own electric
BY TOM KRISHER sionary Elon Musk. rising profits and other But sales emerged
AND CATHY BUSSEWITZ Among the world’s au- encouraging signs from stronger than many ex-
AP Business Writers tomakers, Tesla, with a Tesla, it has been ampli- pected, production prob-
market value Tuesday just fied, paradoxically, by lems were vanquished,
DETROIT — Eight shy of $160 billion, ranks the many investors who and while Tesla lost $862
months after it seemed behind only Toyota, at have been “shorting” the million in 2019, it turned
headed for the corporate $232 billion. stock — that is, betting it a profit during the last
junkyard, Tesla is now Many investors see it would drop. As the stock two quarters of the year,
worth more than Gener- as justified for a company goes up, these investors including $105 million in
al Motors, Ford and Fiat that is leading the world are losing money, so they quarterly earnings posted
Chrysler combined, even in electric vehicle sales try to limit their losses by last week.
though the Big Three to- amid an expected global rushing in to buy, driving Among the positive
gether sell more cars and transition from the inter- the price even higher. news coming from the
trucks in two weeks than nal combustion engine to Just last spring, Tesla automaker: Tesla said it
Tesla does in a whole year. batteries. seemed to be in trouble. expects to exceed produc-
In a reversal of fortune Others see the meteor- Its stock had fallen 40 per- tion of 500,000 vehicles
analysts find amazing if ic rise as just plain crazy cent largely on concerns this year at its factories
not nutty, the stock of the for a company that’s never that it was running out of in Fremont, California,
electric vehicle and solar turned a full-year profit. buyers for its high-priced and Shanghai. It appears
panel maker has rocket- “It doesn’t seem to be vehicles, which start at to have worked the kinks
ed to nearly $900, up over closely attached to reali- nearly $40,000 and can out of making the Model
30 percent in just the past ty,” said Gartner analyst run well over $100,000. 3 small car, the company’s
two days. It is now worth Mike Ramsey. Big debt payments lowest-priced vehicle. And
five times what it was in Tesla sold only 367,500 were looming, the com- it announced it will start
June, when there were vehicles last year, com- pany was burning cash producing the Model Y,
whispers of bankruptcy pared with millions at GM, and losses were growing. a small SUV with broad
surrounding the company Ford or Fiat Chrysler. GM Its federal tax credit was global appeal, sooner than
founded by the erratic vi- alone sold 7.7 million, 21 being phased out by the expected.

If you don’t read The Dispatch, how are you gonna know?
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2020 3A

Continued from Page 1A
ing an underwriter with a market conditions when who moved to pass the roll-call vote, with Carv- the bonds, and Raymond vote attempted to block
large capacity and custom- the bonds are sold, prob- resolution and name Ray- er, Ward 6 Alderman and James is certainly a rep- the inaugural Pride pa-
er base — like Raymond ably sometime in March. mond James as underwrit- Vice Mayor Roy A. Per- utable company. I just rade, organized by a group
James, a nationwide com- At that point, Schorr, who er, indicated a bid process kins, and Ward 7 Alder- thought we at least needed formed on Mississippi
pany with a significant works for Government would be little more than man Henry Vaughn op- to bring up and discuss State University’s cam-
footprint in Mississippi — Consultants, would advise a formality and that most posing. whether to request pro- pus, but a federal lawsuit
made them easier to sell. if those service fees were potential bidders with the Beatty, when his name posals.” the Starkville Pride group
By law, any term more fair market value. capacity to underwrite was called, reluctantly vot- Carver, too, said he’s filed against the city drew
than 20 years requires the That prompted Ward 5 bonds of this magnitude ed “yea,” giving the reso- happy with Raymond national media attention
participation of Missis- Alderman Hamp Beatty, are out-of-state. lution its needed majority. James underwriting the and ultimately forced the
sippi Development Bank, and later Ward 1 Alder- “This is a unique set Speaking to The Dis- bonds. As a rule, though, board to reconsider.
which Schorr told The man Ben Carver, to openly of bonds for us,” said patch after the meeting, he supports a competitive In that instance, Ward
Dispatch would operate question Schorr on wheth- Sistrunk, referring to the Beatty, who earned a spot bidding process. 3’s David Little, who orig-
as a “conduit issuer.” As er the city should request amount and lengthy re- on the board in May 2019 In another 4-3 vote — inally voted against allow-
underwriter, the Ray- proposals from other payment term. “There are in the same special elec- again with Carver, Per- ing the parade, abstained
mond James firm would firms. probably only a couple of tion that passed the tour- kins and Vaughn opposed in a re-vote and allowed
actually sell the bonds to “How do we approve underwriters in-state who ism tax increase that will — the board approved a Spruill to break the tie to
institutional and retail in- something (like this) would submit proposals.” fund the park projects, special event permit for move the parade forward
vestors on the open mar- without knowing if we’re She told The Dispatch said he supported the no- Starkville’s third annu- — in part because the
ket “across the country,” getting the best price and after the meeting that any bid resolution Tuesday to al Pride parade, set for city’s legal liability insur-
he said. without a competitive bid savings seen from RFPs “be a team player as much March 21 downtown. ance was unlikely to cover
However, fees associat- process?” Carver asked. would be marginal and the as I can.” Mayor Lynn Spruill again the costs of defending the
ed with Raymond James’ Schorr yielded to the service fees for underwrit- “A lot of this was in mo- called for a roll-call vote on Starkville Pride suit. The
services are not specified board’s discretion, saying ing would be similar to tion before I ever came on the measure, but it went last two years, Little has
in the city’s resolution, aldermen could pursue an “hiring a bond attorney.” the board,” he said. “… forward otherwise with- voted to approve the spe-
and Schorr told the board underwriter with or with- Ultimately, the res- I think we made a good out discussion. cial event permit for the
those would depend on out bids. But Sistrunk, olution passed by a 4-3 decision tonight to issue In 2018, a 4-3 aldermen event.

Relay for Life 2020

Sandy Williams, director of the even breathe” before the building 20/20 Catch the Vision —
176 dogs seized from breeding Humane Society in Tunica County, was aired out, Williams said. “It was Find a Cure
operation in Mississippi told The Associated Press that more horrible.”
COLDWATER — A Humane So- than 100 of the dogs were found in The Tate County Sheriff’s De-
Enter to win in our Valentine’s Day raffle
ciety director said 176 dogs were kennels stacked ceiling-high in a partment carried out a search war- $10 per ticket
removed Monday from a breeding building the size of a one-car ga- rant Monday at a home where the 1 Raffle winner includes the following:
operation in north Mississippi after rage. She said many of the animals dogs were kept in Coldwater, a town $50 Gift Certificate to Harvey’s Restaurant
investigators received a tip that the had filthy, matted fur. of about 1,700 residents that is 35 1 Night Hotel Stay at the Hyatt Place in Columbus, MS
animals were being kept in terrible The stench of urine and feces miles south of Memphis, Tennes- Leo’s Luxury Limos Ride - Hyatt Place to Harvey’s
conditions. was so bad that “you just couldn’t see. and back to Hyatt Place
$65 Gift Certificate to Allegro MedSpa
Raffle tickets will be available for purchase through Monday,
Feb. 10th. Drawing will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 11th.
A member of the Relay Committee will contact the winner

within 24 hours of drawing to claim the prize.
No response will result in a re-draw.
Tickets are available for sale at the following locations:
Continued from Page 1A Westmoreland Dermatology Center
Johnson was first ap- sent to her last year, but but state and local appro- other departures and con- Gary’s Pawn & Gun (both locations)
pointed to the board in supervisors said the appli- priations covered all but solidated administrative Chris’ Pharmacy (both locations)
2010 and previously was cation process is informal $55,000 in FY 2019 com- duties among those still The Commercial Dispatch
assistant director of EM- and simply involves noti- pared to a $3.7 million there, and the athletics Thank you for your support of Relay for Life 2020
CC’s Golden Triangle cam- fying a supervisor of the shortfall in 2018, Evans department has been no
pus in Mayhew from 1980 desire to be considered. said. exception, he said.
to 1990. He is currently Montgomery said he is EMCC’s total fund bal- “We’ve cut some ad-
executive director of the aware that Johnson want- ance increased by $3.2 ministrative slots but
Golden Triangle Planning ed to stay on the EMCC million, from $42.6 million have not eliminated any
and Development District. board, but Howard said he to $45.9 million from FY coaches,” he said. “We’re
Howard told The Dis- was not. Montgomery and 2018 to 2019. still coaching to the same
patch he had nothing Miller said there were at The Dispatch reported level.”
against Johnson and voted least four other applicants in August that EMCC’s Alsobrooks estimated
to appoint him to his first besides Nichols and John- general operating fund athletic administrative
term 10 years ago. son. balance, which Evans said cuts have saved EMCC
“He’s done a wonderful Nichols retired Dec. is only a small part of the between $100,000 and
job on the board,” Howard 31 after 27 years with the overall fund balance, fell $500,000. EMCC’s athlet-
said. “I just felt like it was Starkville Police Depart- from roughly $11 million ics spending racked up a
time for a fresh look and ment and five years as to only $710,844 by the total $1.14 million deficit
maybe some fresh blood.” chief. He did not respond end of June 2018. Evans in FY 2018.
Appointing a new trust- to requests for comment. said the general operat- Alsobrooks said in Oc-
ee two months early gives ing fund balance saw little tober that low enrollment
the person enough time change from 2018 to 2019. played a significant role
to become aware of the is-
Financial improvements The Lowndes and Ok- in EMCC’s financial woes.
sues facing EMCC before at EMCC tibbeha county boards Enrollment for the fall se-
starting the new term, The annual indepen- of supervisors voted lat- mester was down 5 per-
Howard said. The board dent audit of EMCC’s er in August to call for a cent, from 4,086 in 2018 to
of trustees is comprised of finances showed a $2 mil- state audit into EMCC’s 3,882 in 2019. The board
two members from each lion decrease in operating finances. EMCC president will take a “deep dive” into
of the counties EMCC expenses, from $50 mil- Scott Alsobrooks told The the factors behind declin-
serves: Lowndes, Lau- lion in Fiscal Year 2018 to Dispatch he is unsure of ing enrollment at its next
derdale, Oktibbeha, Clay, $48 million in fiscal year whether the state audi- meeting at Lion Hills Cen-
Noxubee and Kemper. 2019, Keith Evans of the tor’s office will fulfill the ter in Columbus in March,
Spencer Broocks, who Meridian-based account- requests, but Evans’ audit Alsobrooks said.
also works with GTPDD, ing firm Rea, Shaw, Giffin will play a role if it does. The college worked
is the other Oktibbeha & Stuart told the EMCC EMCC has saved with the Legislature on
trustee. Board of Trustees at a money through “cost House Bill 378, which was
County Administra- Monday evening meeting control” measures, espe- introduced Monday, to
tor Emily Garrard said at in Scooba. cially in administration, allow out-of-state tuition
Monday’s meeting that Operating expenses Alsobrooks said. The col- waivers.
she asked for applications outpaced revenues by lege did not fill positions
for various boards to be more than $17 million, left open by retirements or

■ In Sunday’s edition
of Roses and Thorns,
the schedule for the
Mississippi Universi-
ty for Women’s fourth
annual “Imagine, Inspire
Challenge Symposium”
was misreported. The
symposium is Thursday
and Friday. For Thurs-
day’s keynote address,
Texas-based artist Dario • Firestarter
Robleto will join MUW • Packing
alumna Dr. Doris A. Tay-
lor, director of regenera-
tive medicine at the Texas Extra • Shipping
Heart Institute, for a
conversation on the deep Newsprint Materials
• Art Projects
connections between art is a great, • Window
and science, focusing inexpensive solution for.... Cleaning
in particular on Taylor’s
groundbreaking research Visit
in trying to create a
Office at The solunar period indicates
peak-feeding times for fish and game.
functioning human organ. 516 Main Street Major
Friday’s events include Columbus, MS Minor 3:15p 4:26p
9:39a 10:52a
six lectures, followed by a Major

Cost: 80¢/lb.
Minor 5:02a 6:16a
Q&A session with Robleto Courtesy of Mississippi Department
of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks

and Taylor.

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Dispatch strives to report
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For first time in 4 years, US life expectancy rises — a little

CDC: On average, an infant born in 2018 year. But from 2014 to 2017, it
fell slightly or held steady. That
rate fell more than 2 percent,
matching the drop in 2017.
other drugs — fentanyl, co-
caine and meth — continued
expected to live about 78 years and 8 months was blamed largely on surges
in overdose deaths and sui-
“I’m a little surprised that
rapid pace is continuing,” said
to go up. And preliminary data
for the first half of 2019 suggest
BY MIKE STOBBE ters for Disease Control and cides. Rebecca Siegel, a researcher the overall decline in overdose
AP Medical Writer Prevention. Suicides continued to in- for the American Cancer Soci- deaths is already slowing down.
The latest calculation is for crease in 2018, as did deaths ety. It’s still a crisis, said Kather-
NEW YORK — Life expec- from the flu and pneumonia Most of the improvement is
2018 and factors in current ine Keyes, a Columbia Univer-
tancy in the United States is up during what turned out to be in lung cancer because of fewer
death trends and other issues. sity researcher. “But the fact
for the first time in four years. an unusually bad flu year. But smokers and better treatments,
The increase is small — just On average, an infant born that that we have seen the first year
declines in some other causes she said.
a month — but marks at least a year is expected to live about 78 where there’s not an additional
of death — most notably cancer Also striking was the drop
temporary halt to a downward years and 8 months, the CDC increase is encouraging.”
and drug overdoses — were in drug overdose deaths that
trend. The rise is due to lower said. enough to overcome all that, had skyrocketed through 2017. The national decline was
death rates for cancer and drug For males, it’s about 76 years according to the report. The death rate fell 4 percent in driven by dips in 14 states, the
overdoses. and 2 months; for females 81 Cancer is the nation’s No. 2 2018 and the number of deaths CDC’s Anderson said. Those
“Let’s just hope it contin- years and 1 month. killer, blamed for about 600,000 dropped to about 67,400. include states where overdose
ues,” said Robert Anderson, For decades, U.S. life expec- deaths a year, so even slight Deaths from heroin and deaths have been most com-
who oversees the report re- tancy was on the upswing, ris- changes in the cancer death prescription painkillers went mon, like Ohio, Pennsylvania,
leased Thursday by the Cen- ing a few months nearly every rate can have a big impact. The down, however, deaths from Kentucky, and West Virginia.

In blessing annexation, Trump erodes an international norm

Israel is poised to annex a vast swath ers have hailed as a his-
toric achievement. The
the White House when
the plan was unveiled last
position that the territo-
ries were seized in a “de-
rounding Israel’s creation,
Egyptian forces took con-
of the occupied West Bank as part initiative has infuriated
the Palestinians, who see
The Palestinians view
fensive war” in 1967 and
that Israel has “valid legal
trol of the Gaza Strip and
Jordan took over the West
of President Trump’s Mideast plan their aspirations for a vi-
able independent state in
the settlements in the
West Bank and annexed
and historical claims” to
them, which is widely dis-
Bank and east Jerusalem.

BY TAMER FAK AHANY one state at the expense danger of being bitterly east Jerusalem — terri- puted.
The Associated Press of another. It often formal- extinguished. tories seized by Israel in Israeli law allows the
izes military occupation. The plan would allow the 1967 war — as a major government to extend
Annexation, at its The United Nations made Israel to keep all its Jew- obstacle to peace. That sovereignty over any part
heart, is a byproduct of it illegal after World War ish settlements in the position is held by much of the British-ruled Pales-
conflict. Almost never is it II. West Bank, where over of the international com- tine Mandate, which in-
an act of peace, though it Israel is poised to an- 460,000 Israelis reside, munity, which views the cluded what is now Israel,
has been cast that way at nex a vast swath of the as well as the strategic settlements as illegal. the West Bank and Gaza,
times throughout human occupied West Bank with Jordan Valley. As for the The Trump plan seems and where the British had
history. the blessing of President rest of the West Bank, to brush aside interna- promised to establish a
Certainly not under Donald Trump’s Mideast “the Israeli military will tional law, effectively home for the Jewish peo-
international law, which plan, which Prime Minis- continue to control the saying Israel is a special ple, without specifying its
describes it as the forcible ter Benjamin Netanyahu entire territory,” Netanya- case. boundaries.
acquisition of territory by and his hawkish support- hu proudly announced at It adopts the Israeli In the 1948 war sur-
Durell Homan
Sunday, Feb. 9 • 12:30-2 PM
2nd Ave North Location
Sunday, Feb. 9 • 2 PM
2nd Ave North Chapel
Greenhill Memorial Gardens
COMMERCIAL DISPATCH day prior for publication Tues- Baptist Memorial Hos- Chapel of Sulligent, In addition to his
OBITUARY POLICY day through Friday; no later
pital-Golden Triangle. Alabama, with Johnny mother, he is survived Gene Guyton
Obituaries with basic informa- than 4 p.m. Saturday for the Incomplete
tion including visitation and
Arrangements are Stewart officiating. by his children, Will 2nd. Ave. North Location
Sunday edition; and no later
service times, are provided than 7:30 a.m. for the Monday incomplete and will be Burial will follow at Hollis of Vernon Al-
free of charge. Extended obit- edition. Incomplete notices announced by Memori- Shiloh Cemetery. Visi- abama and Arionna
uaries with a photograph, de- must be received no later than al Gunter Peel Funeral tation will be from 6-8 Cribbs of Huntsville,
tailed biographical information 7:30 a.m. for the Monday Home & Crematory p.m. Friday, at the fu- Alabama; and siblings,
and other details families may through Friday editions. Paid Second Avenue North neral home. Otts Funer- Danny Moon Jr. of
wish to include, are available memorialgunterpeel.com
notices must be finalized by 3 of Columbus. al Home of Sulligent, Huntsville, Alabama
for a fee. Obituaries must be
submitted through funeral
p.m. for inclusion the next day Alabama is in charge of and Mimi Moon of Tus-
Monday through Thursday; and arrangements.
homes unless the deceased’s
on Friday by 3 p.m. for Sunday Thad Cribbs caloosa, Alabama.
body has been donated to Mr. Cribbs was born
science. If the deceased’s
and Monday publication. For GUIN, Ala. — Thad Nov. 6, 1979, in Monroe
more information, call 662- Lathan Cribbs, 40, died
body was donated to science,
County to Jacqueline
the family must provide official Jan. 30, 2020, at Bap- Cribbs. He was a 1998
proof of death. Please submit tist Memorial Hospi- graduate of Lamar
all obituaries on the form
provided by The Commercial
Gene Guyton tal-Golden Triangle. County High School
Dispatch. Free notices must COLUMBUS — Services will be at and a member of West-
be submitted to the newspa- Therell “Gene” Guyton, 2 p.m. Saturday, at the side Church of Christ in
per no later than 3 p.m. the 73, died Feb. 5, 2020, at Otts Funeral Home Vernon.

Durell Homan
US adds ‘low yield’ nuclear Durell Homan, age 98, died
Sunday February 2, 2020, at
weapon to its submarine arsenal Vineyard Court Nursing Home
in Columbus.
BY ROBERT BURNS increases the risk of war. Services will be held Sunday
AP National Security Writer John Rood, the under- February 9, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. at
secretary of defense for the 716 2nd Ave North Chapel
WASHINGTON — The policy, said in an AP inter- of Memorial Gunter Peel Funer-
U.S. military has deployed view Monday that adding al Home with Rev. Jamie Cum-
a new addition to its nucle- the “low-yield” warhead, mins officiating; burial with
ar arsenal — a long-range known as the W76-2, to U.S. Navy honors, will follow at Greenhill Me-
missile armed with a nu- morial Gardens in Reform, AL. Visitation will be
submarines which tote
clear warhead of reduced held Sunday from 12:30 p.m. until service time at
Trident II ballistic mis-
destructive power. The the funeral home.
siles lowers the risk of
so-called low-yield missile Mr. Homan was born on February 27, 1921 in
nuclear war. He said the
joins other, more powerful Millport, Alabama, to the late Lindsey Strickland
United States will con-
weapons aboard stealthy
tinue its stated policy of (Doc) Homan and Florence Kelly Homan. He was
submarines prowling the
using nuclear weapons a member of McBee Baptist Church and a U.S.
The debut deployment only in “extraordinary Navy Veteran. He was a retired employee of Bal-
aboard long-range subma- circumstances.” He also dor Electric, and Shipley’s Donuts. He enjoyed
rines, known as boomers, said the warhead will riding horses, gardening that he shared with the
is a landmark in U.S. nu- help the United States dis- community, and watching Alabama football. Mr.
clear weapons policy. It is suade Russia from risking Homan loved God, his family and his friends. In
the first major addition to launching a limited nucle- addition to his parents he was preceded in death
the strategic nuclear arse- ar conflict. by his wife Ruby Nell Bobitt Homan, his sisters,
nal in recent decades and “This supplemental Mozell Shaw, Lou Ellen Wilson, Helen McCool,
is a departure from the capability strengthens Aline (Obedie) Shelton, and Minnie (Stub) Hud-
Obama administration’s deterrence and pro- son, and his brothers, Lewis Homan, and Jessie
policy of lessening depen- vides the United States a Homan, and his son-in-law Joe Farley.
dence on nuclear weapons prompt, more survivable He is survived by his daughter, Mary Fran-
in pursuit of a nuclear-free low-yield strategic weap- ces Farley; grandchildren, Lex Farley, Sandy
world. on,” Rood said, adding (Todd) Dyson, Jana (Bo) Rowland; great-grand-
In confirming the mis- that it supports the U.S. children, Tiffany Thompson, Dusty Dyson,
sile deployment to The commitment to deter at- Kelli Thompson, Allie Dyson, Erin Farley; and
Associated Press, the tacks against allies, and
great-great-grandchildren, McKinley Perkins
Pentagon’s top policy of- “demonstrates to poten-
and Madeline Sanders
ficial asserted that the tial adversaries that there
Pallbearers will be Lex Farley, Dusty Dys-
weapon makes Americans is no advantage to limited
on,Bo Rowland, Kevin Rowland, Logan Sanders,
safer by making nuclear nuclear employment be-
cause the United States
Dillon Mason and Ryan Mann.
war less likely. Critics,
including some Demo- can credibly and decisive- The Homan family would like to extend a
crats in Congress, call it ly respond to any threat heartfelt thank you, to the Staff at Vineyard
a dangerous excess that scenario.” Court and Encompass Health.

Send in your News About Town event. Sign the online guest book at
email: community@cdispatch.com www.memorialgunterpeel.com
Subject: NATS 716 Second Avenue North • Columbus, MS
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2020 5A

Biden’s poor showing in Iowa

shakes establishment support
Former vice president
was running fourth, Avalanche of issues takes out
close to Minnesota Sen.
Amy Klobuchar Iowa plan for high-tech caucus
The Associated Press IOWA CITY, Iowa — What went wrong with the Iowa Democratic
Party’s high-tech plan to speed up the reporting of caucus night results?
DES MOINES, Pretty much everything.
Iowa — Joe Biden’s A little-known startup company was picked by party leaders to de-
third presidential velop a mobile app for reporting unofficial results, with key details such
bid enters a critical as the name of the firm kept confidential. While security experts tested
stretch after a disap- the program, many of the people who needed to use it at 1,678 precinct
pointing finish in the locations across Iowa had little to no training. And a “coding issue”
Iowa caucuses sent within the app muddied the results, prompting party officials to halt
the former vice presi- reporting and move to a back-up system to verify the counts.
dent on to New Hamp- Biden When it came time to launch the app on Monday night, there was
shire with a skittish donor base, widespread confusion and frustration. It’s similar to the sort of chaos
low cash reserves and the looming election security experts had been warning about. But while much of
threat of billionaire rival Michael the attention has been on foreign interference like Russia’s effort four
Bloomberg and his unlimited per- years ago, the problems in Iowa highlighted how technical errors can
sonal wealth. be just as serious. It also underscored the risk of relying on voting tech-
In New Hampshire on Tuesday, nologies that election integrity advocates consider unreliable.
Biden insisted he had a “good night” “If I were prone to Twitter, I would use the hashtag #IToldYouSo,”
in Iowa even as he trailed the top said University of Iowa computer science professor Douglas W. Jones,
moderate candidate, former Mayor an election security expert. “It looks like the worst-case scenario hap-
Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indi- pened.”
ana, and the leading progressive,
Bernie Sanders, according to initial never advanced beyond Iowa. to the possibility that Biden fal-
returns from 71 percent of precincts. “If he came in fourth, yeah, that ters. Bloomberg, one of the world’s
Biden was running fourth, close to
could hurt,” said Bill Freeman, a wealthiest men with a net worth ap-
Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar,
Biden donor from Nashville, Tennes- proaching $60 billion, isn’t asking for
who just days ago polled in single
see, who added that he hadn’t even money. He’s simply looking for sup-
That leaves some establishment considered such a possibility head- port that could cut off financial life-
Democrats, including some Biden ing into Monday’s caucuses. “That’s lines to Biden, whose campaign re-
supporters, questioning his conten- a bad night, no matter how you spin ported just $9 million cash on hand
tion that he’ll reclaim clear front-run- it.” to start the year.
ner status in the race against Presi- Most precarious for Biden: Some That’s patronage Biden needs to
dent Donald Trump once the primary of the would-be donors he could remain competitive with Buttigieg,
fight moves beyond overwhelmingly win over with a strong showing are as well as Sen. Elizabeth Warren
white Iowa and New Hampshire to giving new looks to Bloomberg, the and Sanders, who have raised mas-
more racially diverse electorates. former New York City mayor whose sive sums from small-dollar online
And it’s a reminder of how Biden’s entire strategy of sitting out the four contributors who have been far less
previous presidential campaigns early nominating states is pegged generous to Biden.

Liberal watchdog group hires Amnesty director as new CEO

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS minorities and the under- ald, whose son was mur- aide to former first lady
privileged. A decade later dered by KKK members Michelle Obama, to ana-
MONTGOMERY, Ala. he won a $7 million judg- in Mobile. lyze its workplace prac-
— The executive direc- ment against the United Following the firing tices.
tor of Amnesty Interna- Klans of America on be- of Dees, the group hired
tional USA will take over
half of Beulah Mae Don- Tina Tchen, a one-time
as chief executive of the
liberal watchdog South-

Have you checked the

ern Poverty Law Center,
which is trying to steady
itself after months of tur-

moil that included the fir-
ing of its founder.
Margaret Huang, who
has led Amnesty Inter-
national for more than
four years, will begin
work in April at the Al-
abama-based nonprofit
organization, which an-
nounced her hiring Mon-

The announcement
came 11 months after the
Southern Poverty Law
Center fired its founder,

Morris Dees, for unspec-
ified reasons and its pres-
ident, Richard Cohen,
resigned. Other staffers

also left, and the organi-
zation’s employees voted
to unionize in December.
The organization,
which listed $492 million

REal EStatE
in assets on tax forms for
2018, said it has 350 em-
ployees in offices in Ala-
bama, Florida, Georgia,

Mississippi, Louisiana
and the District of Colum-
The announcement
about Huang’s hiring
touted her experience as
a leader in the area of hu-
man and civil rights.
“Change in the South
is coming, and SPLC is ea-
ger to work collaborative-
ly with other social justice
advocates to ensure that
the change improves the
lives of all communities,”
Huang said in a state-
Karen Baynes-Dun-
ning, a former judge, had
served as head of the
Southern Poverty Law
Center on an interim ba-

Dees founded the or-
ganization with a partner
in 1971 as a watchdog for

Art happens.
PETER BIRNEY IMES Editor/Publisher
BIRNEY IMES III Editor/Publisher 1998-2018
BIRNEY IMES JR. Editor/Publisher 1947-2003

BIRNEY IMES SR. Editor/Publisher 1922-1947

ZACK PLAIR, Managing Editor

BETH PROFFITT Advertising Director
MICHAEL FLOYD Circulation/Production Manager

Josh Norman and the importance of re-entry
asketball distinguished him the custody of the State of Mis- the Minnesota Department had custody of him for almost 8
haunted my from most players. sissippi. The Department of of Corrections that reduces years, and 10 months after his
thoughts last He taught me a lot Corrections controlled where reincarceration by 55% and release, he allegedly commit-
week. While the about basketball, he lived, what he did, and who increases the likelihood of ted a similar crime. With a
world mourned the but his life and he was around. MDOC’s stated securing employment within a lack of rehabilitative prison
tragic death of NBA death can teach all goal is to “meet offender’s year of release by 72%. Lastly, programming and re-entry
legend Kobe Bry- of us an important reintegration efforts through Professor Barkow cites studies assistance, didn’t the State of
ant, I grieved the lesson about the rehabilitation and support that show the effectiveness of Mississippi fail Josh? Didn’t it
death of a childhood current prison programs.” This means Josh drug and alcohol counseling fail his new victim, too?
basketball friend: crisis: the impor- should have been offered coun- for prisoners not only with re- I have fond memories of
Josh Norman. tance of successful seling services and educational cidivism but also with recovery Josh. He will forever be the
Josh, also known re-entry. or vocational opportunities, from relapse. “big kid” my 10-year-old self
as J-Rock, was Justin Brooks The last time placed in behavioral support Shamefully, with Josh, the looks up to. Sure, he made mis-
reportedly found I saw Josh was in groups, and provided relevant State of Mississippi did the takes, but none of us should be
hanging in his cell in Unit 29 at 2009. At only 15-years-old, he drug and alcohol treatment. exact opposite. During Josh’s judged by our worse actions.
Parchman. For many, his death was sentenced to 8 years for an He should have been offered incarceration, the corrections I hope Josh’s death leads the
was #11 on a troubling list of armed robbery. His indictment re-entry services and pro- budget was regularly and State of Mississippi to reflect
deaths in our prison system alleges he threatened to rob grams to help him transition repeatedly cut. There was less on how its shortcomings
this year. For me, his death was someone with a beer bottle. back into society. prison programming and less impact the lives of incarcerated
personal. The Circuit Court records As Rachel Elise Barkow drug and alcohol treatment, citizens. We need significant
Josh and I grew up together indicate his lawyer asked the writes in “Prisoners of Pol- which meant less re-entry budget increases for rehabili-
in Rolling Hills subdivision Court to transfer his case back itics,” these ideas have all services. There were fewer tative programming. Judges,
in Starkville, Mississippi. He to youth court for him to be proven to help re-entry. For guards, which meant less though given much discretion,
had one of the best basketball prosecuted as a juvenile. If he instance, a study by the security, less safety, and worse should be more merciful in
goals in the neighborhood; a was prosecuted in youth court, Washington State Institute conditions. their sentencing, especially for
crisp white net with a wooden it is likely that he would have of Public Policy tracked the Less than ten months after juveniles. Prison conditions
backboard and an NBA model received a less severe punish- costs and benefits of prison his release, Josh was arrested should never fall to the inhab-
rim. Josh’s house was a routine ment and would have been held programming for juvenile for armed robbery and bur- itable level of Unit 29, where
meeting spot after school for in a safer facility with better prisoners for decades and glary of a dwelling. He was Josh was held.
the neighborhood kids. We conditions. The Court, for an found they generate a positive accused of breaking into a Unfortunately, Josh’s re-en-
would play pick-up basketball unreported reason, did not return on investment through woman’s house and robbing try story is not unique, and as
until the streetlights came on. transfer the case. Instead, he reduced recidivism. Professor her with a gun. If the allega- of this year, his death is not
On the court, Josh was a fierce was sent to an adult prison. Barkow also points to studies tions of the arrest are true, of either. Let’s honor Josh. Let’s
competitor who also valued After serving close to 8 of cognitive-behavior thera- course, there is some personal right our wrongs, Mississippi.
fairness. He was somehow years, Josh was released in py programs that decrease responsibility for his actions, Justin Brooks is a native of
both tenacious and compas- April of 2018. During his for- recidivism by up to 50%, and but what about the prison Starkville and a second-year
sionate, a leadership style that mative years, he was entirely in a re-entry program run by system’s failure? The prison law student at UC Berkeley.


Voice of the people
Comments on a divided country
One of the points made in Everette Cribb’s
January 21 column in The Dispatch detailed
the connection President Trump has forged and
maintained with the working class. I have no
doubt that Mr. Cribb was right about that. I don’t
claim to understand it, but I sure do see it.
The problem is that Trump has forged such
bonds only with half the country. Some of us,
though dismayed that he won, were ready, back
in 2016, to give him a chance. We hoped that
he would display aspects of his personality not
evident during his campaign. To say that those
folks, me included, have been disappointed, is
putting it mildly. At least, I know it is in my case.
Argue that if you must, but there can be no
disputing that we are a divided country — shock-
ing news, right? I can provide no better examples
than the past two weeks of the impeachment
trial and last night’s State of the Union address.
I couldn’t watch it but knew I’d see clips of it for
days. Sure enough, I started my day watching
Trump refuse to shake Nancy Pelosi’s hand and
Pelosi’s over the top ripping up of his speech af-
ter he handed it to her as is customary at the end.
You can argue whether or not either of these
actions — or many others on both sides during
Trump’s address — are warranted. Warranted
or not, count me as one who thinks they hurt our MORALS
Why is it always sex?
country in the long run. Dividing us may be of
short term political interest, but it’s unquestion-
ably to our long-term national detriment.

We all know this polarization was in place
long before Trump came on the scene. It is most ertainly, if it’s Graham took to social this most natural and common of
definitely not his fault. But, right now, he sure moral failures media to declare that human activities?
is not helping. Worse, I don’t think he has the you’re after, you our sense of “moral Beg pardon, but is it not a moral
slightest interest in even trying. And he is in a can take your pick. decency” is “disappear- concern when you rip babies from
better position than anyone else in the country to Just last weekend, ing before our eyes” parents’ arms? When the planet
unite us at least a bit more. after all, Republican and that his Exhibit burns? When hate crimes spike?
I’m ready to give someone else a chance. And senators finally ad- A was the Super Bowl When government steals ballots —
that’s also putting it mildly. mitted that Donald halftime show in which and thus, voices — from vulnera-
Paul Mack Trump is guilty of the the two singers, clad in ble voters?
Columbus offenses for which he skimpy outfits, gyrated You’d think these would be
was impeached. They through a hits medley. moral issues, yet somehow, the
conceded this as they Graham saw this right never frames them as such.
Disappointed with Pelosi’s actions prepared to acquit him. Leonard Pitts as an example of the Congress robs the poor to give to
Dear Nancy Pelosi, do you realize how embar- Sen. Lamar Alex- “sexual exploitation the rich, people are sick because
rassing you have become to our country? Don’t ander assured us the president of women.” He declared himself being healthy costs too much, a
you know you and the present elected Democrats learned his lesson and won’t do it “disappointed” in the NFL and in black man in Mississippi is doing
in our Congress are destroying our Democrat again. This, even though he once Pepsi, which sponsored the show. 12 years for possession of a cell-
Party and that your actions tonight during our obstructed justice while being And here, let us point out the phone ... and there is nary a flicker
President’s best ever State of the Union address accused of obstructing justice. obvious. Namely, that Graham’s of indignation from the likes of
show that you would like to do the same to our Meantime Trump, who has professed concern about the Graham. But let a barely sheathed
country? Even CNN talkers are saying you have made black athletes’ supposed sexual exploitation of women is, buttock flicker across his screen,
made a “disaster” of the your party. disrespect for the national anthem shall we say, inconsistent with and he’s apoplectic?
Well it’s plain to me and the entire country a signature issue, demonstrated his lockstep support of Trump, an Lord, have mercy. No, seriously,
that since you will not stand for his great accom- his own deep respect as the song adulterer, a consort of porn stars, Lord. Have mercy.
plishments and the prosperous nation we’ve be- was being performed prior to the a credibly accused sex criminal Because, increasingly, this is
come as a result of President’s Trump’s excellent Super Bowl. He goofed around who once exhorted voters to turn not only a nation with no moral
leadership, that you would also like to destroy us and fidgeted like a 2-year-old on a out for a credibly accused child direction, but a nation that has no
as well. caffeine high while the grown-ups molester and a man whose most idea what being moral even looks
Please watch a video of tonight’s speech and stood solemnly, hands over their famous quote is a boast about like. Which is a sad crossroads for
pay close attention to the disgraceful spectacle hearts. grabbing women’s vaginas without a people who once saw themselves
you made of yourself. The whole world was Such affronts to what is prop- invitation or permission. as the embodiment — imperfect,
watching you, Nancy. Shame on you. er and right are ubiquitous in On all this, Graham is largely to be sure — of all in the human
One good thing you did without knowing it the Trump years. So naturally, a mute, yet he bemoans “sexual ex- experience that was brave and
at the time, was to stir up and feed our deter- prominent man of God decided ploitation” in a sexy dance routine? good and hopeful and aspirational
mination to reelect the greatest president since on Sunday that he’d had enough Consider it superfluous proof and compassionate and free and
George Washington. Also, on top of that, it made and pronounced himself morally that the right wing has gone hy- right. And Graham is “disappoint-
every patriotic American’s desire to “drain that offended. pocrisy blind. ed?”
swamp” — especially you and the other Dem- By Jennifer Lopez’s backside. But again, that’s the obvious Join the club.
ocrats up for reelection in our House of Repre- Or maybe it was her frontside. part. Here’s the less obvious part: Leonard Pitts Jr., winner of the
sentatives — grow with leaps and bounds. Yes, Or it could have been Shakira’s Why is it always sex? Why is it 2004 Pulitzer Prize for commen-
thank you for that, Madam Speaker! backside or frontside. He wasn’t that conservatives only ever see a tary, is a columnist for the Miami
Raymond Gross really specific. All we know for moral dimension, cause for moral Herald. Email him at lpitts@
Columbus sure is that the evangelist Franklin indignation, in the evocation of miamiherald.com.
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2020 7A


North Mississippi Medical Center’s Direc-
The Christian Women’s Job Corps-Golden
n HIC A SHA BA HA tor of Food and Nutrition Services Mary Triangle, 207 S. Lafayette St., Starkville,
The Hic A Sha Ba Ha DAR Chaper meets Walker presents a cooking demonstration is accepting applications for its spring
at 2 p.m. Feb. 6 at Cadence Bank in of overnight oats at 10:30 a.m. Feb. 5. For semester of job and life skills training.
Starkville. Program includes American His- more information, call 662-495-9355 or Classes begin Feb. 4. For more informa-
tory Essay winners and the Good Citizen visit nmhs.net/west-point-wellness-center. tion, call 662-722-3016 or email cwjcgt@
Award. For more information, call Amanda n OPEN HOUSE hotmail.com.
Edwards, 662-324-0037. The North Mississippi Medical Center in n VALENTINE’S GALA
n AARP COLUMBUS West Point hosts open house from 7:30-9 The Stephen D. Lee Foundation hosts its
AARP meets the first Wednesday of each a.m. Feb. 6. Games and refreshments 10th Valentine’s Day Gala from 7-10 p.m.
month at 10 a.m. in the Community Room available. Charter members will take a Feb. 14 at the Stephen D. Lee Home,
of Regions Bank, Main Street, Columbus. photo at 10:30 a.m. Feb. 7. For more 316 Seventh St. N., Columbus, featuring
Programs are geared to the needs and information, call 662-495-9355 or visit special desserts and floral arrangements.
interests of seniors 50 and up. For more nmhs.net/west-point-wellness-center. Contact Eulalie Davis, 662-328-3088, for
information, call 662-889-9496. information and reservations.
n AARP STARKVILLE The Homestead Education Center hosts a n SAFE HAVEN VOLUNTEERS
AARP Starkville meets the first Thursday of Natural Health Expo from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. Safe Haven Inc. seeks community vol-
each month at 10 a.m. in the Community Feb. 8 at 607 Hospital Road in Starkville. unteers. Trainings are held every three
Room of Cadence Bank, West Main Street, Fitness and food information, as well as in- months. If you or someone you know would
Starkville. Speaker will be Richard Hark- tegrative care and support will be provided. like to volunteer, contact Joyce Tucker,
ness with MSU Department of Plant and Free admission. For more information, email 662-327-6118; Cequeila Bigbee, 662-435-
Soil Science. For information, call Eileen Andrea Bhatia, thehomesteadms@gmail. 1806; or email 1deliveredin2014@gmail.
Carr-Tabb, 662-312-3431. com. com.
The Columbus East Lions Club meets every Baptist Golden Triangle offers 6 p.m. CPR Ayusa, a nonprofit organization that
second and fourth Monday of the month at classes for the community in the Patient promotes global learning and leadership
65 Airline Road. For more information, call Tower. Preregistration required. Call the through cultural exchange and leadership
662-549-3421 or 662-574-7552. Education Department, 662-244-2498. programs for high school students from
n HOST LIONS CLUB around the world, is taking applications for
n CHILDBIRTH CLASSES American families in the Northeast Missis-
The Columbus Host Lions Club meets Baptist Golden Triangle offers Childbirth
sippi area interested in hosting internation-
every Friday at noon at EMCC Lion Hills and Breastfeeding classes each month, 6 al high school students for the 2020-2021
Center for a buffet lunch and business p.m., in room 6, near the Gift Shop, $20. school year. Call Amy Benjamin, 662-205-
gathering. For information or to register, call 662- 6867, or email, abenjamin@ayusa.org.
Possum Town Toastmasters meet every
Friday at 7 a.m. at the Church of Christ, Emerson Family Center in Starkville offers The Mississippi Association of Supervisors
Columbus. To become a better communica- childbirth classes from 5:30-7:30 p.m. accepts scholarship applications through
tor and leader, call 662-549-3483. every Tuesday. For more information, call March 15 from all graduating high school
n POSSUM TOWN QUILTERS 662-320-4907. seniors for the Minority Caucus Scholar-
Possum Town Quilters meet at 9:30 a.m. n CANCER SUPPORT ship. For applications or information, visit
the second and fourth Saturdays of each Baptist Cancer Center hosts a support mssupervisors.org/minority-caucus.
month at the Rosenzweig Arts Center (low- group for cancer survivors and their fami- n JA SCHOLARSHIPS
er level), 501 Main St., Columbus. Check lies, noon-1 p.m. the third Friday of every Junior Auxiliary of Columbus accepts schol-
us out at possumtownquilters.blogspot. month. Lunch provided. For information arship applications from Lowndes County
com. and location, call 662-244-2923. graduating high school seniors through
n LOWNDES REPUBLICAN WOMEN ■ DIABETES SUPPORT Feb. 7. For applications or more informa-
Lowndes County Republican Women meets Baptist Golden Triangle hosts day classes tion, visit jacolumbus.org/applications or
the second Tuesday of each month at for Diabetes Support on third Wednesdays email jacolumbusscholarships@gmail.com.
the Lion Hills Center, 2331 Military Road. of each month, 10-11 a.m. in Patient Tower n JIM SPRUIELL SCHOLARSHIP
Buffet line opens at 11:15 a.m., with call room 6. For information, call Lacy Smith, The Health Care Foundation of North
to order at noon. 662-244-1392. Mississippi accepts applications for the
n GT QUILTERS GUILD n CARING FOR THE CAREGIVER Jim Pruiell Memorial Scholarship from high
The Golden Triangle Quilters Guild meets This caregivers support group meets at school seniors preparing to enter college
at 5:30 p.m. every third Thursday at the 11:30 a.m. on last Thursdays at First or individuals currently in the workforce
Starkville Sportsplex Activities Building. United Methodist Church, 602 Main St., and pursuing a career in emergency health
■ BREAKFAST WITH THE BULLDOGS Columbus. Adult Psychiatric-Mental Health care. For applications or information, visit
MSU alumni, friends are invited to Break- Nurse Practitioner Patricia Malone of Bap- nmhs.net/youth-education.
fast with the Bulldogs on second Thurs- tist-Golden Triangle is the speaker Jan. 30. n BOOK SALE
days each month at Starkville Café. Dutch All are welcome. A study of the book “No The Friends of the Starkville Library Book
treat breakfast 7:30 a.m. Contact Carol Act of Love is Ever Wasted: The Spirituality Sale is the first Monday of each month at
Moss Read at carolmoss@bellsouth.net or of Caring for Persons with Dementia” is the Starkville Public Library, 326 University
662-312-0637. underway. Drive.
Take Off Pounds Sensibly No. 288 meets A Domestic Abuse Recovery Group meets Memphis Town Community Action Group
Tuesdays at Community Baptist Church, Thursdays at 6 p.m. through Safe Haven meets fourth Tuesdays at 6 p.m. to
Yorkville Road East, Columbus. Weigh-in Inc. Group counseling for rape recovery is discuss issues related to the Kerr-McGee
begins at 5:30 p.m. Contact Pat Harris, available. For information, call 662-327- site. For information, contact Leon Hines,
662-386-0249. 6118. 662-574-6109.
Take Off Pounds Sensibly No. 270 meets Baptist Golden Triangle seeks caring, com- Reach1 Teach1 Ministries’ 50 Dresses
Thursdays at 4370 Cal-Kolola Road, passionate volunteers to help in a variety Ministry Program to the Golden Triangle
Caledonia. Weigh-in begins at 5-5:30 p.m. of hospital settings. For information, call area helps those in need of a dress or
Contact Michelle Holliman, 662-386-3650. Lisa Bowers,662-244-1165. suit for a job search. Donations accept-
n DRUG/ALCOHOL INTERVENTION ed. Call Regional Coordinator Cequeila
n SENIOR CRAFTS Bigbee, 870-627-2859 or e-mail 1delivere-
Senior Crafts meets at the Starkville Narconon offers drug and alcohol interven-
tions. For free screenings or referrals, call din2014@gmail.com.
Sportsplex Tuesdays, 10-11:30 a.m. Crafts
provided by the parks department. For 1-800-431-1754. n WALKING GROUP
information, call Lisa Cox, 662-323-2294. n GOLDEN TRIANGLE AA J.L. King Center’s Families First of Oktib-
Golden Triangle AA meets daily for support. beha County invites the community to join
n QUILTING CLUB its Walking Group at 6:30 a.m. Monday-Fri-
Quilting Club meets in the activities room If you want to drink, that is your business.
day at Westside Park, 700 N. Long St.,
adjacent to the multi-purpose facility at If you want to stop drinking, that is our

the Starkville Sportsplex Thursdays 10 business. For information, call 662-327-
a.m.-noon. Bring your own project to work 8941. n EFFECTIVE PARENTING
on. For information, call Lisa Cox, 662- Family Resource Center, Columbus
323-2294. campus, 1575 Second Ave. N., offers free
The Columbus Al-Anon Family Groups
effective parenting classes, with insight
meet Mondays and Thursdays at 5:30
on child safety, appropriate discipline,
HEALTH NOTES p.m. When you don’t know where to turn
because someone drinks too much, we can
effective communication and more. For
information, call 662-368-3603.
n 3D MAMMOGRAMS help. For information, call 888-425-2666
Baptist Golden Triangle offers Hologic’s or go to msafg.org. n FREE COMPUTER CLASSES
new Genius 3D mammography exam to Emerson Family Center, Starkville, offers
better diagnose breast cancer. Funds from
Susan G. Komen Foundation are available
OTHER EVENTS free computer classes 1-3 p.m. Tuesdays.
Call 662-320-4607.
to cover cost of screenings or diagnostic n FREE TREE GIVEAWAY n FREE TUTORING
mammograms for those without insurance Lowndes Co. Soil and Water Conservation Family Resource Center, 1575 Second
or whose insurance does not cover the District will be giving away free trees from Ave. N., Columbus, offers free tutoring,
test and who meet certain other criteria, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Feb. 6 at 2282 MLK Jr. computer use and printing services for
low-income, uninsured or underinsured Dr., Columbus. One bundle per person. pre-K-eighth grade. Limited slots. Call 662-
and living in Clay, Lowndes, Monroe or For more information, call 662-328-5921, 368-3603.
Oktibbeha Counties. Call 662-244-1000 ext. 3.
or visit goldentriangle.baptistonline.org to n BASEBALL/SOFTBALL Emerson family Center, Starkville, offers
see if you qualify. For appointment, call REGISTRATION Parent Café meetings 11 a.m.-noon every
Radiology scheduling, 662-244-2979 or Lowndes Recreation Summer Baseball Monday. For more information, call 662-
800-544-8762, ext. 2979. and Softball Programs registration is open 418-5193 or visit fcp-parentcafe.com.
n HEALTH SCREENINGS through Feb. 22 at the Recreation office, n TENN-TOM WATERWAY MUSEUM
The North Mississippi Medical Center 17 Airline Road (rear of Driver’s License The Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway
in West Point offers free blood pressure Building). Wee-Ball for ages 3-12, T-ball, Transportation Museum, 318 Seventh St.
screening and health information Feb. coach-pitch, baseball and fast-pitch soft- N., Columbus, is open for tours Monday-Fri-
3, and free body mass index and bone ball available. $60/$70 online registration. day, 8 a.m.-2 p.m. School field trips, civic
density screenings Feb. 4. For more infor- All games at Lake Lowndes State Park. clubs, church groups encouraged. For
mation, call 662-495-9355 or visit nmhs. Call 662-328-0885 or visit lowndesrecre- group tours, call 662-328-8936 or 662-
net/west-point-wellness-center. ation.com. 574-5794.

Slow-moving storm system prompts

fear of flooding in South
System also has the potential to spawn a few tornadoes at risk of severe weather
on Wednesday. The area
in parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama today is home to more than 9
million people and in-
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS der a flood watch through the potential to spawn a cludes several large cities
Friday morning, where few tornadoes in parts of such as New Orleans and
ATLANTA — A some rainfall amounts Louisiana, Mississippi Birmingham, Alabama.
slow-moving storm sys- could eclipse 5 inches, and Alabama on Wednes- The threat of severe
tem could dump sev- according to the National day. Damaging wind weather shifts east on
eral inches of rain in Weather Service. gusts and hail will also be Thursday, when damag-
some parts of the South, Heavy rains were al- threats. ing storms will be pos-
prompting flood watches, ready soaking large parts Large parts of Louisi- sible across northern
forecasters said Tuesday. of Mississippi and Ala- ana, Mississippi, Alabama Florida and large parts of
Two dozen counties in bama early Tuesday. and the Florida Panhan- Georgia, South Carolina
north Georgia will be un- The system also has dle were in an area most and North Carolina.

Tell your child a bedtime story.

8A WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com


Austin Frayser/Special to The Dispatch

LEFT: The Idea Shop, a makerspace located downtown, was recognized as Partner of the Year at the Greater Starkville Development Partnership’s annual banquet and
awards Tuesday night at the Mill at MSU Conference Center. Michael Lane, the shop’s director, accepted the honor. RIGHT: Son and father duo Jimmy and Richard Linley,
of Northeast Mississippi Exterminating, were awarded the R. Clay Simmons Exemplary Enterprise Award. Other award winners included Babel Street, Industry of the Year;
Starkville Parks and Recreation, Crystal Pineapple Tourism Award; College View Apartments, Best New Development; and teachers of distinction Niki Mulrooney (Overstreet
Elementary) and Dane Peagler (Starkville High).

Continued from Page 1A
of this, they’re speaking the workplace, especially ing to be looking at them ver overall. That said, the District, while not all se-
about it. ... Talking about, if they have that Silver or for this.” students can retake just niors are required to take
‘What can I do? How can I higher score.” the section they want to the WorkKeys, an increas-
be a part of this?’”
Columbus Municipal
At both CMSD and
LCSD, all seniors are re-
More seniors taking do better on and get that
higher score.
ing number of seniors
are doing so, said Lenora
School District Super- quired to take the Work- exam area wide CMSD offers Work- Hogan, director of the
intendent Cherie Labat Keys along with the ACT, The WorkKeys is pro- Keys classes for some district’s Millsaps Career
said emphasizing work- thanks to grants from duced by the same com- students and otherwise
Labat Allison pany that produces the and Technology Center.
force readiness skills is the Golden Triangle De- includes WorkKeys prepa- Hogan said all stu-
becoming as important, velopment LINK, which ACT and awards scores ration in English classes,
She’s not the only area dents who complete the
if not more important, helps area districts fund Bronze, Silver, Gold and with math coaches com-
superintendent to think two-year program at the
than pushing the ACT the exam. McClelland Platinum, with Platinum ing in to help students
so. Career and Technology
in a district where many and English as the highest. with the applied math
“Everybody’s not The exam has three Center take the exam
students will not attend going to college,” said teacher section. CHS also imple- — between 60 and 90
a four-year college after Eva Marie parts, said Lee: applied ments a WorkKeys boot-
Lowndes County School math, which tests stu- students each year — as
graduation. District Superintendent Lee, who camp within two weeks do any seniors who want
“In a high school teaches dents on things like ge- before students are set to
Sam Allison. “I think ometry and the ability to to take and whose ACT
that doesn’t have the in Mississippi we want Wo r k K e y s take the exam, Lee said.
calculate discounts; work- scores show they have the
socio-economic back- readiness at That way, if there’s any-
to treat everybody like place documents, which aptitude to score a Gold or
ground as our particular CHS, both thing students are strug-
they’re going to college includes things like work- higher on the WorkKeys.
district, one in three stu- said multi- McClelland gling with, teachers and
for an education, and place policies, letters and An increasing number
dents in America will go ple area in- coaches at the boot camp
that’s not really fair.” memos; and graphic liter- of students have been do-
to college,” Labat said. dustries at least will con- can focus on that.
“... In districts of poverty, Like CMSD, LCSD is sider the WorkKeys when acy, which tests students’ LCSD students take ing that each year.
that number may go from increasingly emphasiz- making a hire — and ability to read charts and the exams at their home “In (the 2016-2017
one in seven to one in 10. ing WorkKeys for high that’s if they don’t out- data. high schools — not school year), we had 68
They don’t have that op- school seniors. right require them, like Unlike with some aca- through the CTC, Mc- students to take it,” Hogan
tion and are not going to “In the Golden Trian- Yokohama in West Point. demic tests, she and Mc- Clelland said — and work said. “... This past year we
college, so what are we gle area, we’re … blessed Lee said that goes Clelland said, the student’s with guidance counselors had 153 to take it.
really preparing them for and inundated with a lot for more than major in- overall score is whatever who set up practice exams “Every year, after
if they don’t have a trade, of industry,” said Lown- dustries like Paccar and the lowest of their scores to prepare students for (students) leave, I’ll have
don’t have a skillset or an des County Career Tech Steel Dynamics. on the three tests was — the exams. Allison said them come back and say,
assessment that could Center Director Susan “You’ve got the banks,” meaning a student who between 400 and 500 se- ‘Man, Dr. Hogan, I wish I
open the door for an op- McClelland. “With that she said. “You’ve got scores a Gold on applied niors in the district take had taken the WorkKeys.
portunity to higher wag- being said, I think it just small stores like Beans math and graphic literacy, the exam every year. Now I’m having to pay to
es and a better standard helps children to be pre- and Cream. ... All kinds but a Silver on workplace At Starkville-Oktibbe- take it because I want this
of living?” pared to move right into of business areas are go- documents receives a Sil- ha Consolidated School job,’” she said.

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2018 after she pointed a taser at in September 2017 after the suspension was an incident two days before she pulled her punishment.
a handcuffed Lowndes County inmate, whose feet were also when she left her assigned beat taser on the inmate. Conflict disclosure: Managing
Adult Detention Center inmate shackled, had spent several without her supervisor’s autho- Howard appealed the sus- Editor Zack Plair took part in ed-
who she had taken to Baptist minutes threatening her and rization to practice traffic stop pension before the city’s Civil iting this article. He is currently
Memorial Hospital-Golden Tri- using profane language. training with other officers at Service Commission which ulti- involved in legal proceedings with
angle. The incident occurred Also cited in Howard’s 2018 another location. That occurred mately ruled not to change the the city of Columbus.


BY GARRICK HODGE percent of their shots.
ghodge@cdispatch.com UK opened a 14-point
lead with 10 minutes re-
Ben Howland was maining, but the Bulldogs
right. trimmed the lead to six af-
Monday afternoon, ter Tyson Carter drilled a
the fifth-year Mississip- 3-pointer with 4:30 left to
pi State men’s basketball play. Alas, Kentucky re-
coach told reporters his took a double-digit lead,
team had “no chance” sealing the win.
against No. 15 Kentucky
Despite not making
if the Bulldogs didn’t play
a single 3-pointer in the
a complete 40 minutes.
second half, the Wildcats
Well, they didn’t.
cashed in at the charity
MSU started slow for
stripe, converting 31 of
the fourth straight con-
35 free throws, includ-
test, trailing the Wild-
ing 16-of-16 in the final
cats by eight at halftime
2:20. Nick Richards was
Tuesday at Rupp Arena.
a handful all night for the
In previous contests, the
visitors, scoring a game-
slow starts hadn’t been
high 27 points on 7-of-10
an issue, as the Bulldogs
(14-8, 5-4 SEC) shot a shooting and 13 of 15 free
combined 59 percent in throws. The forward also
second halves in their five grabbed 11 rebounds for a
SEC wins. Against UK double-double.
(17-5, 7-2), MSU shot 41 “He’s one of the domi-
percent after halftime en nant bigs in all of college
route to a 80-72 loss. basketball,” Howland
After the defeat, the said.
Bulldogs had their five- Immanuel Quickley
game SEC winning streak was only 3 of 11 from the
snapped and have now floor but converted 14
lost 14 straight contests straight free throws en
to the Wildcats. route to scoring 21 points.
MSU, which hasn’t Robert Woodard II
beaten a ranked team on contributed 16 points on
the road since 2010, shot a 6-of-10 shooting effort,
31 percent in the first half but SEC Player of the Year
and found itself staring Candidate Reggie Perry
at a 31-23 deficit at the had his worst offensive
break. effort in conference play,
“We just had a hard only converting 4 of 16
time scoring, and espe- field goals for 14 points.
cially scoring around the Junior point guard Nick
basket,” Howland said Weatherspoon also had
postgame. an off night, going 2 of 11
Following a game in and scoring nine points in
which he scored a ca- the loss.
reer-high 20 points, D.J. The Bulldogs shot 5 of
Stewart scored 10 of his 16 from beyond the arc
15 points in the first half. and 36.8 percent from
The Bulldogs missed a the floor. Transition de-
few open looks from long fense continues to be a
range early and shot 2 problem as well, as Ken-
of 7 from beyond the arc tucky scored 25 fastbreak
in the half. MSU limited points.
Kentucky to one 3-point- Mark Zerof/USA TODAY Sports MSU is back in action
er in the first half, but the Kentucky forward Nick Richards shoots the ball against Mississippi State forward Reggie Perry in the second half at 7:30 p.m. Saturday
Wildcats converted 43.8 Tuesday at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. Richards had 27 points Tuesday to lead all scorers. against Vanderbilt.


Breaking down MSU’s 2016 recruiting class four years later Sanders helps West
bportnoy@cdispatch.com Lowndes boys pull ranked second among
SEC corners according

away from Ethel

to PFF. Injuries limited
STARKVILLE — Dantzler to nine games
Mike Leach is walking in 2019, but he’s expected
into a win now situation. to be drafted in the first BY THEO DEROSA crowd: It was the start of
While previous coach three rounds of April’s tderosa@cdispatch.com a furious 18-0 West Lown-
Joe Moorhead won 14 NFL Draft. des run that stretched the
games and two Egg As for Thompson, he Jherquaveus Sanders Panthers’ lead from eight
Bowls during his tumul- comprised one third of got it right. to 26 points in the span of
tuous tenure at Missis- the prolific linebacking Watching fellow West just a couple of minutes.
sippi State, the fan base corps that included 2017 Lowndes senior Albert West Lowndes (9-8) car-
grew weary of off the field signee Wille Gay Jr. and Plair fail to finish a dunk ried that momentum to a
issues. A gift-wrapped Leo Lewis the past two late in the third quarter 70-44 win over Ethel on
2018 roster that finished Bryan Lynn/USA TODAY Sports seasons. An old-school of Tuesday’s home game Tuesday.
8-5 with a loss to Iowa in Mississippi State linebacker Erroll Thompson tackles thumper, Thompson against Ethel, Sanders “Whenever you can
the Outback Bowl didn’t Tennessee running back Tim Jordan during the first spurned home-state Al- took his time when the score back to back and
help things either. half Oct. 12 at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennes- abama at the last minute opportunity came his not give up any points,
But with Moorhead’s see. to sign with Mullen. A way. that’s huge,” Yates said of
time up, Leach heads former in 2018 by ESPN, captain in 2019, he fin- Early in the fourth the spurt. “That’s always
into his first season in Everything checked out Pro Football Focus and ished last season with 84 quarter, Sanders found fun. I hope we can do that
Starkville with the senior For a class that ranked himself with the ball
the Coaches as a junior in tackles — 3.5 for a loss more often.”
foundation of his squad No. 11 in the SEC, Mullen and without a defender
2018. Simmons was later — two passes defended, The Panthers have
having been laid by cur- pulled in plenty of star one forced fumble and in front of him. He ap-
selected by the Tennes- certainly found more of
rent Florida coach Dan power with the 2016 class. one fumble recovery and proached the rim straight
see Titans with the 19th that type of success since
Mullen and the 2016 re- Headlining the group will be MSU’s most expe- on with a little less speed
overall pick in the 2019 the start of the district
cruiting class — a group was No. 18 overall pros- NFL Draft. rienced returning defend- than his teammate, leapt section of their schedule.
that finished ranked pect Jeffery Simmons Behind Simmons, er after he opted to skip and threw down a power- West Lowndes is 8-1 in
No. 28 nationally in — tied for the sec- cornerback Cameron the draft and remain in ful two-handed slam, fir- district games, rebound-
247Sports.com’s compos- ond-highest rated player Dantzler and linebacker school for his final year of ing up the Panthers fans ing from a 1-6 start to the
ite rankings. to ever sign with MSU Erroll Thompson became eligibility. in attendance. season. The team’s only
And though Leach’s in 247sports.com history. stalwarts for the MSU The major remaining “I think the crowd district loss came Jan. 17
air raid offense and in- Simmons carried some defense. Dantzler start- hits from the 2016 class was kind of waiting on at Ethel — a shorthanded
coming defensive coordi- baggage entering his col- ed all 13 games as a red- come in the form of for- it,” West Lowndes coach West Lowndes squad lost
nator Zach Arnett’s 3-3-5 lege career after a video shirt sophomore and was mer East Central Com- Donta Yates said. “We 66-52.
scheme differ vastly from of him punching a woman named a second team munity College tight end missed a couple earlier. But from the start
the past two regimes’ on- during a fight emerged All-SEC performer after Jordan Thomas and wide The crowd feeds off that, Tuesday, West Lowndes
field strategies, the sec- in March of 2016. That recording 43 tackles, two receiver Osirus Mitchell. and as long as they put flipped the script. The
ond-to-last class of the said, he was a stand-up tackles for loss, one sack, Thomas came to MSU as it in the basket, it’s fine Panthers jumped out to a
Mullen era should anchor citizen during his time in two interceptions and 11 the No. 1 rated junior col- with me.” 9-2 lead early in the first
The Pirate’s first year at Starkville and was named passes defended. His 41.1 lege tight end and record- Sanders’ dunk did quarter, picking up a 19-8
MSU. a first team All-SEC per- passer rating allowed also See RECRUITING, 2B more than just fire up the See PREPS, 2B
2B WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

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ed at least two catches in fumble recovery in 26 ap- Miami native Korey Conclusions and a 2020
seven of 13 games as a pearances. Charles has been mostly
senior — finishing as the relegated to special teams outlook
In all, Mullen’s second-
Bulldogs’ third-leading Might want a redo duty during his time at
to-last class was littered
receiver following a move Attrition is always MSU and likely won’t be a
to receiver following a part of the secondary ro- with playmakers and sol-
natural with any signing
string of injuries at the tation in 2020. id role contributors as 12
class and MSU suffered
position. of the 19 signees graded
very little in its 19-player
Mitchell was the last out as productive or bet-
and lowest-rated player to
2016 group. Jury is still out ter players during their
Three-star tight end Safety C.J. Morgan
sign with the Bulldogs as careers, while three re-
Christian Roberson was is hard to label a miss
the No. 160 ranked pros- main up in the air.
ultimately recruited over given he’s suffered inju-
pect in the state of Florida Simmons concluded
in ensuing classes and ry issues and spent two
in 2016. Ranking aside, his time as a Bulldog as
transferred to Charlotte years behind first round
he led the team with 430 arguably the most dom-
ahead of the 2019 season. NFL Draft pick Jonathan
yards and six touchdowns Three-star athlete Ja- inant defensive player in
Abram, but the four-star school history and if not
and finished second on mal Couch was the high- prospect out of Bossier for an ACL tear during
the roster with 29 recep- est-rated departure in the City, Louisiana has been a pre-draft training likely
tions in 2019 and stands 2016 class — leaving MSU mixed bag throughout his would have found himself
to be a major beneficiary for East Tennessee State four years at MSU. With inside the top 10 picks.
of Leach’s air raid offense. University in 2018. The
the departures of safety Dantzler too could
Other hits in this class No. 346 ranked player
should also include of- Jaquarius Landrews and sneak into the back end of
nationally, Couch record-
fensive linemen Stewart nickelback Brian Cole, the first round come this
ed just 18 receptions for
Reese, Dareuan Parker Morgan could rewrite April’s draft depending
304 yards and four touch-
and Greg Eiland — all of this narrative should he on his combine testing.
downs during parts of two
whom started for the Bull- rebound from the torn Back in Starkville,
seasons in Starkville.
dogs in 2019 and should ACL that ended his 2019 with Leach breaking in
Other departures in-
do so again in 2020. Ei- cluded South Bend, Indi- campaign. his patented pass-heavy
land and Parker have ana safety John Michael Marquiss Spencer and offensive scheme, Mitch-
notbaly out-played their Hankerson and Eight Kobe Jones are similarly ell, Parker, Reese and
recruiting rankings as Mile, Alabama, receiver hard to tab given both Eiland should all be ben-
the No. 67 and 87 players Reggie Todd. Two of the came to MSU with con- eficiaries of the coaching
in Mississippi in the 2016 Bulldogs’ four lowest rat- siderable hype as four- change in 2020.
class. ed signees in the class, star recruits and top-300 And though Leach
Lastly, Copiah-Lin- Hankerson and Todd prospects. And though has been known as an
coln Community College were both dismissed from neither has been remote- offensive guru, his de-
prospects Tre Brown and the team for varying legal ly close to the playmaker fenses have struggled
Lashard Durr proved to issues. Simmons was during his throughout his 18-year
be solid rotational pieces Of those who re- three years, both were head coaching career.
throughout their time at mained, Dontea Jones productive replacements With offensive growing
MSU. Durr concluded his came to MSU as the na- for he and fellow first pains seemingly inevita-
career with 36 tackles and tion’s No. 1-ranked tight round draft choice Mon- ble, Thompson, Jones and
four pass breakups and end, but Mullen’s and tez Sweat this past sea- Spencer become all the
one interception in 25 ca- Moorhead’s varying of- son and should help bol- more important in keep-
reer games — including fensive schemes have left ster a Bulldog defensive ing the Bulldogs in games
13 starts — while Brown him with little ability to line that was startlingly while the potent passing
notched 21 tackles, one make an impact during young and inexperienced attack gets its feet under-
forced fumble and one his career. in 2019. neath it.

Continued from Page 1B

advantage by the end of Sanders will need even “It just brought up our “It’s gonna feel great,”
the period. Sanders and more performances like spirit to keep going and Bozeman said. “It’s gonna
freshman Darrell Brooks Tuesday’s as the games play hard throughout the feel a little sad because
combined for 14 points go by. whole thing,” Sanders they won’t be here with
in the first quarter alone Friday is West Lown- said of that memorable me anymore next year, so
and 23 in the first half, des’ final regular-season loss. it’ll be a lot of mixed emo-
giving West Lowndes a game, a home contest Sanders, back for a tions.”
37-19 halftime lead and against Noxapater; the few weeks now after a
showing Tuesday wasn’t district tournament starts high ankle sprain, made
going to follow the same next week. As the season an early impact to get
pattern. wraps up, Yates knows a somewhat lethargic
“This time, the team what he’s got in the se- West Lowndes offense
came together,” Sanders nior. into gear. The Panthers
said. “Everybody locked “Qua’s one of our se- couldn’t connect on shot
in. We got the win. We did nior leaders,” Yates said after shot in the first few
what we needed to do.” of Sanders. “He under- minutes, but Sanders was
Ethel fought back, stands my expectation of the exception. She hit a
though, closing the gap him and that the team is pair of free throws and lat-
to single digits early in looking for him to lead.” er stole the ball and laid it
the fourth quarter thanks On Tuesday, Sanders in to give West Lowndes
to strong 3-point shoot- certainly delivered. a 4-2 lead — but she still
ing and stellar play from acknowledged her team’s
Sacarrio Merritt and Izik West Lowndes girls 49, early offensive struggles
Stewart. Merritt scored early on.
17 points, and Stewart
Ethel 14 “We’ve gotta work on
The West Lowndes
had 10. that and get better with
girls knew what they
But Sanders’ dunk needed to work on after that, because we’re gonna
brought the lead back to being eliminated by Ethel play harder teams down
10 points and jump-start- 57-56 in the first round of the line,” Sanders said.
ed a run in which Brooks last year’s Class 1A play- But for the other 28
and sophomore Decam- offs: defense. minutes or so, West Lown-
by Willis each played big Over the summer, ju- des played its style nearly
roles. The Panthers ran nior guard Averi Sanders flawless basketball: forc-
up and down the floor said, the Panthers worked ing turnovers, contesting
seemingly at will, never on their footwork day af- shots inside and running
settling down to run of- ter day, trying to get their out to find open shooters
fensive sets when they defensive skill where it outside or cutters at the
could cash in at the rim or needed to be. rim.
draw fouls. “We know if we want Sanders finished with
“We’re a transition to further our season this eight points, while senior
team,” Yates said. “When year, we’ve got to play Marvaysha Seals and
you can run and get some strong defense,” junior Tydajasha Hood
layups and easy baskets, West Lowndes coach Ta- played big scoring roles
that’s what we’re looking keea Bozeman said. as they typically do for the
to do.” Tuesday was more Panthers. Seals had 12
Sanders, who followed proof that all that practice points, and Hood matched
his dunk with four more has paid off. Sanders with eight.
points on a pair of free West Lowndes (19-0) West Lowndes is one
throws and a layup during locked in, delivered one win away from an unde-
the Panthers’ big run, of its best defensive per- feated regular season,
finished with 20 on the formances of the year and which it could close out
night. After he helped served a bit of revenge to Friday at home against
lead the team to the MH- the school that knocked Noxapater in what Boz-
SAA Class 1A semifinals the Panthers out of the eman knows will be an
last season, where the playoffs with a dominant emotional senior night for
Panthers lost to Okolona, 49-14 win Tuesday. her team.

Contacting the Sports Department

If you need to report game scores or statistics, you can call us at 662-327-2424
ext. 126. If you need to reach sports editor Garrick Hodge, email him at ghodge@
cdispatch.com. If you need to reach sports writer Ben Portnoy, email him at
bportnoy@cdispatch.com or sports writer Theo DeRosa, email him at tderosa@

Game Coverage / Results

High school football coaches who don’t speak to a reporter from The Dispatch
are asked to email information to the sports department from their games. The
Dispatch will include its prep football coverage in Sunday’s edition, so we will con-
tact coaches Friday night or Saturday to get details. Coaches, please let us know
what is the best time for us to contact you.
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2020 3B


College Football
Leach finalizes first MSU coaching staff
Saddler scores 28 as Columbus girls beat Noxubee County
ment Tuesday at Lamar Eric Green led The Rams will play
STARKVILLE — Mike Leach has finalized his first
staff at Mississippi State. Columbus 54, Columbus boys 65, School in Meridian. Starkville with 18 host Kemper Academy
Noxubee Co. 50 Noxubee County 59
Per a news release, Leach has hired all 10 of his
Bailey Harris scored points. Trey Jackson for the district champi-
allotted on—field assistants. Of those, running backs MACON — The Co-
coach Eric Mele, offensive line coach Mason Miller, 21 points, Lucy Sharp had 16, NyJal John- onship Thursday.
inside receivers coach David Nichol, outside receivers BY THEO DEROSA
lumbus High boys team had 14, and Sydney son had 14, and Coltie
coach Steve Spurrier Jr., special teams coordinator Matt beat Noxubee Coun- Young had 11.
Brock, cornerbacks coach Darcel McBath and defensive
ty 65-59 in Tuesday’s
Adair had 12 for the Pa-
triots. Heritage Acade- Starkville will play
Columbus Christian
line coach Jeff Phelps followed Leach from Washington
State. MACON — The Co- game in Macon. my will face Starkville Germantown again Academy girls 57,
Rounding out the staff are defensive coordinator lumbus girls beat Nox- Gabe Williams had Academy at 6:30 p.m. next Tuesday in the dis- Kemper Academy 21
Zach Arnett (San Diego State), safeties coach Jason ubee County 54-50 on 16 points to lead the Thursday. trict tournament. DE KALB — The
Washington (Texas) and associate head coach/nickel-
Tuesday in Macon. Falcons. Willie Young The Patriots boys Columbus Christian
backs Tony Hughes — the lone on—field holdover from
previous coach Joe Moorhead’s time in Starkville. Aniya Saddler had 13, and JJ Williams
and Tre Dismuke each
will play their opening Columbus Christian girls had an easier time
Leach did not hire an offensive coordinator, as he
will run the offense.
scored 28 points, re-
scored 11.
game in the district
tournament at 5:15 p.m.
Academy boys 58, than the boys did, rout-
ing host Kemper Acade-
corded seven steals
Spurrier Jr. — the son of legendary Florida coach
and grabbed five re- Columbus will face Thursday.
Newton County my 57-21.
Steve Spurrier — is the lone import with Southeastern
Conference coaching experience. He spent time as an bounds for the Falcons.
Grenada in the first Academy 48, OT Kylie Emerson and
round of the district DE KALB — The
offensive assistant at South Carolina from 2005 to 2015.
The full list of coaches is as follows:
DJ Jackson added nine
tournament at 8:30 p.m.
Starkville boys 93, Columbus Christian
CC DeVos each scored
19 points for the Rams,
Eric Mele — Running Backs
points for Columbus.
Feb. 11. Germantown 55 Academy boys team and Cayden Harding
Mason Miller — Offensive Line Aadijah Williams STARKVILLE — pulled out a 58-48 over- added six.
Dave Nichol — Inside Receivers had 13 points for Nox- The Starkville High
Steve Spurrier Jr. — Outside Receivers ubee County, and Heritage Academy boys team delivered a
time win over Newton
County Academy on
Columbus Christian
Zach Arnett — Defensive Coordinator
Tony Hughes — Associate Head Coach/Nickel- Na’Kailya Mason had girls 57, Winston barrage of 3-pointers Tuesday in the district
will face Hebron Chris-
backs 12. Academy 49 in a 93-55 win over Ger- tournament in De Kalb.
tian for the district
championship Thurs-
Matt Brock — Special Teams Coordinator/Outside The Falcons will MERIDIAN — The mantown in Tuesday’s Lawson Studdard
Linebackers play West Point in the day.
Darcel McBath — Cornerbacks Heritage Academy home game. led Columbus Christian
Jeff Phelps — Defensive Line opening game of their girls team beat Win- The Yellow Jackets with 21 points in the vic-
Jason Washington — Safeties district tournament at ston Academy 57-49 hit 16 3s in the victory, tory. Jonathan Peal con- Other scores
4 p.m. Feb. 11 in Gre- in the opening round closing out an undefeat- tributed 16, and Dakota Germantown girls
Women’s College Basketball nada. of the district tourna- ed district stretch. Shaw had nine. 44, Starkville 42
Jackson named SEC Freshman of the Week
Mississippi State forward Rickea Jackson was
named the Southeastern Conference Freshman of
the Week for the second time this season, the league

LeBron scores 36 with 3-point outburst

announced Tuesday.
Jackson averaged 23 points per game in the
Bulldogs’ wins over Auburn and Georgia, making 18 of
30 shots from the field over the two-game span.
Against the Tigers, she had 22 points on 10-of-14
shooting and added four rebounds and a steal. She THE ASSOCIATED PRESS performances. ly with Harris and Tor- the third quarter before third straight, handing
topped that performance by setting a new career high DeMar DeRozan rey Craig taking turns holding off a Pelicans Charlotte its fourth con-
with 24 points against Georgia, adding two rebounds, LOS ANGELES — had 28 points, nine re- shadowing him. rally in the fourth. secutive loss and 12th
two blocks, two steals and an assist. LeBron James scored
Jackson leads Mississippi State in scoring with
bounds and seven as- Denver led by 34 in Brandon Ingram in 13 games.
13.9 points per game and has scored at least 15 points 19 of his 36 points in the sists in his hometown the third, and Jokic was scored 32 points and Harden finished a
12 times this season. In conference play, she leads all fourth quarter while hit- for the Spurs, who have given the final quarter Zion Williamson had rebound shy of a tri-
SEC freshmen in scoring and is second in field goal ting five 3-pointers in an lost five of seven. off. The short-handed 20 for the Pelicans, ple-double after also
percentage. incredible three-minute Nuggets were without who briefly got as close
Mississippi State will face No. 23 Tennessee at 5:30 scoring 40 points but
p.m. Thursday in Knoxville, Tennessee. span, propelling the Nuggets 127, Paul Millsap (bruised as seven twice in the falling one assist short
Los Angeles Lakers to left knee), Mason Plum- fourth period before
Trail Blazers 99 lee (right foot) and Mi-
of a triple-double in
Men’s College Basketball a 129-102 victory over
the San Antonio Spurs
DENVER — Nikola
chael Porter Jr. (right
the Bucks stemmed the
tide and improved to
Houston’s last game.
MUW drops road game at Lyon College Jokic finished an assist He’s scored at least 35
on Tuesday night. ankle). Jamal Murray 20-4 away from home points in his past three
The Mississippi University for Women men’s bas- shy of a triple-double
ketball team lost Tuesday’s road game to Lyon College James added nine returned to the lineup this season. games after struggling
in just three quarters,
(Arkansas) 77-55 in Batesville, Arkansas. assists and seven re- after missing 10 games Williamson was 5-of- through a shooting
and Gary Harris helped
The loss dropped the Owls to 9-13 on the season. bounds, and he hit five with a sprained left an- 19 shooting, and New slump over his previous
MUW faced an early 23-10 deficit, and the hole got keep hot-shooting Da-
of his six 3s in that de- kle. He finished with 20 Orleans was minus-11 four.
even bigger. Lyon pushed its lead as big as 36 points mian Lillard in check
in the second half, but the Owls scored 22 points in the cisive barrage. Anthony points. with its rookie sensa- The Rockets played
as Denver routed Port-
final 9 minutes, 19 seconds to cut into the advantage Davis and Kyle Kuzma tion on the court. without starters Clint
a bit. had 18 points apiece as Jokic had 29 points Bucks 120, Capela and Russell
Tavonta Jones led the Owls with 15 points, and
Keith Harris scored 13. the Lakers beat San An- and 13 rebounds as the Pelicans 108 Rockets 125, Westbrook, who sat
MUW will host Campbellsville University-Somerset tonio for the third time Nuggets improved to NEW ORLEANS — Hornets 110 out with injuries. The
at 2 p.m. Saturday in Columbus. this season, sweeping 8-0 against Northwest Giannis Antetokoun- HOUSTON — James Hornets led early in the
the season series. Division rivals this sea- mpo had 34 points and Harden had 40 points fourth quarter before
College Softball Kuzma, the subject son. They held Lillard 17 rebounds in Milwau- and 11 assists, and the Houston used a 15-2
EMCC splits season-opening doubleheader of numerous trade ru- to 21 points, ending his kee’s victory over New short-handed Houston run to take control.
The East Mississippi Community College softball mors with the deadline string of eight straight Orleans. Rockets overcame an Miles Bridges and
team split with Marion Military Institute in Tuesday’s approaching, added 12 games with at least 30. Khris Middle- early deficit to defeat Terry Rozier had 20
season-opening doubleheader in Scooba.
The Lions (1-1) won Game 1 by a score of 11-1 on
rebounds in one of his Lillard was 8 of 23 from ton scored 20 for the Charlotte. points each for the Hor-
the mercy rule but lost 16-12 in the nightcap. most impressive recent the floor, predominant- Bucks, who led by 19 in Houston won its nets.
EMCC had a 9-2 lead in Game 2 after three
innings, but Marion scored 13 unanswered runs to grab
a 15-9 lead in the sixth inning and held on from there.
EMCC will host Shelton State Community College NBA
for a doubleheader Feb. 11. The first game will start at 4
p.m., and the second game is slated to start at 6 p.m.

Prep Soccer
Covington, Capela on the move in four-team trade
Starkville Academy boys 0, Lamar School 0
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Rockets for the Hawks, Also in the deal: consistently played this won’t have to decide
(Starkville Academy advances on penalty kicks) the Timberwolves add- Jarred Vanderbilt is season — and they’re this summer what to do
Robert Covington
ed soon-to-be restrict- leaving Denver for 10-1 in games without with Beasley and Her-
SOURCE: From Special Reports is going to the Hous-
ed free agents Malik Minnesota, and the him. Houston could nangomez. The Nug-
ton Rockets and Clint
Beasley and Juancho Timberwolves are get- still look to acquire an- gets also picked up a
CALENDAR Capela is going to the
Atlanta Hawks as the
Hernangomez from ting Keita Bates-Di- other big man for depth first-round pick for this
Denver and the Nug- op, Noah Vonleh and through another trade year in the deal and that
Today headline moves in gets got Shabazz Napi- Gerald Green from the or potentially after a could become a chip in
Men’s College Basketball a complicated trade er from Minnesota plus Nuggets as well as Evan buyout, and this trade
that was struck early any other trades Den-
South Carolina at Ole Miss, 6 p.m. a first-round pick from Turner from the Hawks. gives the Rockets some
Wednesday involving ver tries to execute be-
Houston. Green is likely to be financial flexibility to fore the deadline.
Thursday four teams, 12 players ESPN and The Ath- waived once the deal is do so.
and at least three draft Capela is under con-
Prep Boys Soccer letic first reported the final, and Atlanta will Covington started
picks, according to two tract for three more sea-
Starkville Academy at Washington, 3 trade, which was sub- also have to make an- his career in Houston,
people familiar with the sons, and joins Atlanta’s
p.m. sequently confirmed by other move to finalize has become one of the
situation. other outlets, including the trade since it must NBA’s top defenders young core of Trae
Prep Girls Basketball
Oak Hill Academy vs. Carroll Academy Among the key com- the Houston Chronicle first clear a roster spot. and it’s hard to envision Young, Kevin Huerter
at district tournament, Carrollton, 5:15 ponents, according to and Denver Post. The biggest take- him being anything but and John Collins. The
p.m. the people who spoke It was not immedi- away from the deal a strong complement Hawks will have cap
Heritage Academy vs. Starkville Acade- on condition of anonym- ately clear if a call with would seem to be that alongside Rockets stars space to use this sum-
my at district tournament, Lamar, 6:30 ity because the trade NBA attorneys to re- this commits Houston James Harden and Rus- mer, will likely have
p.m. has not received league view and approve the to keeping the small- sell Westbrook. a top-five pick in this
New Hope at Caledonia, 6 p.m. approval: Covington trade would happen on ball lineup that it has Denver — currently year’s draft and now
Noxubee County at West Point, 6 p.m. and Jordan Bell will Wednesday or Thurs- employed with much No. 3 in the Western have two well-regard-
Prep Boys Basketball join the Rockets from day. The league’s trade success of late. Cape- Conference — gets ed bigs alongside the
Heritage Academy at district tourna- Minnesota, Capela and deadline is Thursday la was the only center some flexibility as well, backcourt of Young and
ment, Lamar, 5:15 p.m. Nene are leaving the afternoon. that the Rockets have in part because it now Huerter.
Oak Hill Academy vs. Indianola Acade-
my at district tournament, Carrollton,
New York 139, Cleveland 134, OT SOUTH St. Louis 54 32 14 8 72 174 153 Carolina at Arizona, 8 p.m.
5:15 p.m.
New Hope at Caledonia, 7:30 p.m.
Pro Basketball Orlando 112, Charlotte 100
Boston 123, Atlanta 115
Georgia Tech 76, Virginia Tech 57
Kentucky 80, Mississippi St. 72
53 30 18 5 65 142 136
51 29 16 6 64 188 150
Nashville at Calgary, 8 p.m.
San Jose at Edmonton, 8:30 p.m.
NBA Glance Miami 137, Philadelphia 106 Tennessee 69, Alabama 68 Nashville 52 25 20 7 57 171 172 Friday’s Games
Anaheim at Toronto, 6 p.m.
Noxubee County at West Point, 7:30 EASTERN CONFERENCE Brooklyn 119, Phoenix 97 MIDWEST Chicago 53 25 21 7 57 160 166
Atlantic Division Memphis 96, Detroit 82 Ball St. 62, Kent St. 54 Winnipeg 54 26 23 5 57 159 166 Buffalo at N.Y. Rangers, 6 p.m.
p.m. W L Pct GB Sacramento 113, Minnesota 109 Cent. Michigan 92, Bowling Green 82 Minnesota 52 24 22 6 54 160 174 Detroit at Columbus, 6 p.m.
Toronto 36 14 .720 — E. Michigan 66, Buffalo 62 Pacific Division Minnesota at Dallas, 7:30 p.m.
Women’s College Basketball L.A. Clippers 108, San Antonio 105 N. Illinois 66, Toledo 61
Boston 34 15 .694 1½ GP W L OT Pts GF GA
Tuesday’s Games Ohio St. 61, Michigan 58 Vancouver 54 30 19 5 65 177 163
Philadelphia 31 20 .608 5½
Mississippi State at Tennessee, 5:30
New York
22 27 .449 13½
15 36 .294 21½
Milwaukee 120, New Orleans 108
Houston 125, Charlotte 110
Denver 127, Portland 99
Penn St. 75, Michigan St. 70
South Dakota 106, Peru State 45
W. Michigan 64, Miami (Ohio) 60
Edmonton 53 28 19 6 62 170 165
Vegas 55 27 21 7 61 170 166 Transactions Tuesday’s moves
Southeast Division Arizona 55 27 21 7 61 155 148
L.A. Lakers 129, San Antonio 102 Xavier 67, DePaul 59 BASEBALL
MUW at Judson, 5:30 p.m. W L Pct GB
Today’s Games SOUTHWEST
Calgary 54 27 21 6 60 147 166
San Jose 54 23 27 4 50 139 178 American League
Miami 34 15 .694 — TEXAS RANGERS — Signed 1B Greg Bird to a
EMCC at Coahoma Community College, Orlando 22 28 .440 12½ Phoenix at Detroit, 6 p.m. Auburn 79, Arkansas 76, OT Anaheim 53 22 26 5 49 137 163
minor league contract.
Washington 17 32 .347 17 Golden State at Brooklyn, 6:30 p.m. Texas A&M 68, Missouri 51 Los Angeles 54 19 30 5 43 133 171
5:30 p.m. Charlotte 16 35 .314 19 Indiana at Toronto, 6:30 p.m. Texas Tech 69, Oklahoma 61 NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for overtime
National League
Atlanta 13 38 .255 22 Orlando at Boston, 6:30 p.m. FAR WEST loss. Top three teams in each division and two wild
Men’s College Basketball Central Division Atlanta at Minnesota, 7 p.m. Boise St. 67, Wyoming 62 cards per conference advance to playoffs.
Hicks, RHP Edwin Jackson and OFs Jon Jay and
Colorado St. 80, Fresno St. 70 Trayce Thompson to minor league contracts.
EMCC at Coahoma Community College,
W L Pct GB
43 7 .860 —
Cleveland at Oklahoma City, 7 p.m.
Nevada 88, Air Force 54
Monday’s Games
Florida 5, Toronto 3
Memphis at Dallas, 7:30 p.m. National Basketball Association
7:30 p.m. Indiana 31 19 .620 12 Denver at Utah, 8 p.m. Dallas 5, N.Y. Rangers 3 NEW YORK KNICKS — Fired president Steve
Chicago 19 33 .365 25 Philadelphia 3, Detroit 0
Detroit 18 34 .346 26
Miami at L.A. Clippers, 9 p.m.
Hockey Tuesday’s Games
Mills. Announced general manager Scott Perry will

ON THE AIR Thursday’s Games take over control of basketball operations.

Cleveland 13 38 .255 30½ Colorado 6, Buffalo 1 FOOTBALL
Orlando at New York, 6:30 p.m.
Southwest Division New Orleans at Chicago, 7 p.m. NHL Glance Washington 4, Los Angeles 2
N.Y. Islanders 4, Dallas 3, OT
National Football League
Philadelphia at Milwaukee, 7 p.m. EASTERN CONFERENCE NFL — Suspended Jacksonville Jaguars DT Carl
W L Pct GB
32 18 .640 — San Antonio at Portland, 9 p.m.
Atlantic Division
Tampa Bay 4, Vegas 2
Boston 4, Vancouver 0
Davis without pay for the first four games of the
regular season for violating the league’s policy on
Dallas 31 19 .620 1 Houston at L.A. Lakers, 9:30 p.m. Boston 54 32 10 12 76 181 137 Columbus 1, Florida 0, OT performance-enhancing substances.
COLLEGE BASKETBALL (MEN’S) Memphis 25 25 .500 7 Friday’s Games Tampa Bay 53 33 15 5 71 192 147 Montreal 5, New Jersey 4, SO ARIZONA CARDINALS — Signed QB Chris Stev-
San Antonio 22 28 .440 10 Dallas at Washington, 6 p.m. Anaheim 3, Ottawa 2, SO
5:30 p.m. — Villanova at Butler, FS1 New Orleans 20 31 .392 12½ Memphis at Philadelphia, 6 p.m.
Florida 52 29 17 6 64 188 171
St. Louis 6, Carolina 3
eler to a reserve/future contract.
Toronto 53 28 18 7 63 191 176 CLEVELAND BROWNS — Waived C Lo Falema-
6 p.m. — Georgia at Florida, ESPNU
Northwest Division
W L Pct GB
Atlanta at Boston, 6:30 p.m. Montreal 55 25 23 7 57 172 170 Nashville 2, Winnipeg 1, OT
Minnesota 3, Chicago 2, OT
ka. Named Chad O’Shea pass game coordinator/
Detroit at Oklahoma City, 7 p.m. Buffalo 53 23 23 7 53 151 167 wide receivers coach.
6 p.m. — South Carolina at Mississip- Denver
35 16 .686 —
32 17 .653 2
Toronto at Indiana, 7 p.m. Ottawa 53 18 24 11 47 144 179 San Jose 3, Calgary 1 JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS — Named Trent Baal-
Houston at Phoenix, 8 p.m. Detroit 54 12 38 4 28 111 207 Arizona 3, Edmonton 0 ke director of player personnel.
pi, SECN Oklahoma City 30 20 .600 4½
Miami at Sacramento, 9 p.m. Metropolitan Division Today’s Games HOCKEY
Portland 23 28 .451 12 GP W L OT Pts GF GA Toronto at N.Y. Rangers, 6:30 p.m. National Hockey League
Portland at Utah, 9:30 p.m.
8 p.m. — Wake Forest at Louisville, Minnesota 15 34 .306 19 Washington 54 36 13 5 77 197 160 Boston at Chicago, 7 p.m. NEW JERSEY DEVILS — Recalled F Ben Street
Pacific Division Pittsburgh 52 33 14 5 71 176 142 Thursday’s Games from IR and assigned him to Binghamton (AHL).
ESPN2 W L Pct GB Anaheim at Montreal, 6 p.m.
8 p.m. — LSU at Vanderbilt, SECN
L.A. Lakers
L.A. Clippers
38 11 .776 —
35 15 .700 3½
College Basketball Columbus 54 29 16 9 67 144 135
N.Y. Islanders 51 30 15 6 66 150 139
Philadelphia 53 29 17 7 65 170 157
Detroit at Buffalo, 6 p.m.
Los Angeles at N.Y. Islanders, 6 p.m.
Recalled D Colton White from Binghamton.
MICHIGAN STATE — Announced the retirement
20 30 .400 18½
19 31 .380 19½
Tuesday’s Scores Carolina 53 30 20 3 63 169 145 New Jersey at Philadelphia, 6 p.m. of football coach Mark Dantonio. Named defensive
EAST N.Y. Rangers 51 25 22 4 54 166 166 Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay, 6 p.m. coordinator Mike Tressel acting head coach.
Golden State 12 39 .235 27 Duke 63, Boston College 55 New Jersey 52 18 24 10 46 141 190 Vegas at Florida, 6 p.m. VANDERBILT — Announced the resignation of
6:30 p.m. — Orlando at Boston, ESPN Monday’s Games Fairfield 55, Monmouth (NJ) 53 WESTERN CONFERENCE Colorado at Ottawa, 6:30 p.m. athletic director Malcolm Turner. Promoted senior
9 p.m. — Miami at LA Clippers, ESPN Dallas 112, Indiana 103 Maryland 56, Rutgers 51 Central Division Vancouver at Minnesota, 7 p.m. woman administrator Candice Storey Lee to inter-
Golden State 125, Washington 117 Rhode Island 73, UMass 67 GP W L OT Pts GF GA Winnipeg at St. Louis, 7 p.m. im athletic director.
4B WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com


Red Sox agree to trade Betts, Price to Dodgers

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS for a World Series title af- been announced. celebrated a World Series Gerrit Cole signed with quarterback Tom Brady
ter losing in the 2017 and Betts, who will earn championship since 1988. the New York Yankees leaving as a free agent.
BOSTON — Banking ‘18 Fall Classics, are send- $27 million this season, They fell in 2018 against for $324 million over nine The deal makes sense
on Mookie Betts to be ing outfielder Alex Verdu- has spurned nine-figure Betts and the Red Sox a years and third baseman only in the complicated
the missing piece in their go back to the Red Sox. offers from the Red Sox year after being defeated Anthony Rendon signed
World Series pursuit, the economics of baseball’s
The deal also involves the for a long-term deal and by the Houston Astros in a $245 million, seven-year
Los Angeles Dodgers collective bargaining tax,
Minnesota Twins, who expressed eagerness to seven games. contract with the rival An-
finally pulled off a block- are getting right-hander test the free agent mar- Price is due $96 mil- gels. which penalizes a team
bluster deal with the Kenta Maeda from the ket. Boston decided to lion over the final three Verdugo, a left-handed for spending over a pre-
cost-cutting Red Sox. Dodgers and sending move him now — a centu- years of a $217 million, hitter, batted .294 with 44 set limit — $208 million
Boston agreed to trade pitching prospect Brus- ry after selling Babe Ruth seven-year deal he signed RBIs and 12 home runs in for 2020. What’s more, a
the 2018 AL MVP to the dar Graterol to Boston. to the New York Yankees before the 2016 season. 106 games before a back ballclub that surpasses
Dodgers on Tuesday Los Angeles will also get — rather than let the four- The 2012 AL Cy Young injury in August ended the threshold in three
night, according to two cash from Boston to offset time All-Star walk after Award winner missed his season early. His out- straight years pays a top
people with knowledge of some of the $123 million the 2020 season. time last year with a wrist field defense is average, rate of 95 percent; on the
the deal, packaging Bet- owed to Betts and Price, One of baseball’s best issue and went 7-5 with a but at 23 he has time to other hand, if a team goes
ts with left-hander David but the exact amount was all-around talents, the 4.28 ERA in 22 starts. improve. under the limit for a sea-
Price in a salary dump not yet known. popular Betts should fit The Dodgers final- Betts’ departure deep-
designed to save the Red son, the penalty for their
The people spoke to nicely into a Dodgers ly pulled off the kind of ens the disappointment in
Sox tens of millions of dol- The Associated Press on lineup that also includes splashy offseason deal Boston, whewre the New next violation resets to
lars and help them dip be- condition of anonymity reigning NL MVP Cody that has eluded them in England Patriots sat out the lowest rate of 20%.
low baseball’s luxury tax because the trade, pend- Bellinger. Los Angeles recent years. They lost the Super Bowl for the This deal is expected
threshold. ing the exchange of med- has won seven straight out on two primary offsea- first time in four years to get Boston below that
The Dodgers, eager ical information, had not NL West titles but hasn’t son pursuits when pitcher and face the prospect of threshold.

Comics & Puzzles

Dear Abby
EAR ABBY: I WARD: Because I am foolish and naive. Am I? —
was married you didn’t SUSPICIOUS IN THE MIDWEST
to a won- mention whether DEAR SUSPICIOUS: I have
derful, beautiful your first wife also my opinion, but not knowing
woman when we remarried, I will your husband, I’m hesitant to
were much young- assume that she accuse him of being an adul-
er. We got married didn’t. terer. However, you know him
because of an If you wish to pretty well by now. (I assume
unplanned preg- date her — and that having researched your
nancy. After some the feelings are husband’s chosen vacation
years, we both had mutual — there spot, you have seen your doctor
grown in different should be nothing to be checked for STDs.) My
ZITS directions, and stopping you. questions to you would be — in
we divorced. We HOWEVER, your your heart of hearts — what do
remained friends idea of playing YOU think? And if you agree with
even after I remar- the field before your girlfriends, what are you
ried. committing again prepared to do about it?
I’m now in the Dear Abby is wise. I have DEAR ABBY: Many years ago,
early stages of said before, and my wife and I decided we would
my second divorce because I I’ll repeat it for you: If you and help each other write our obit-
am lonely in a marriage where your first wife decide to remarry, uaries. I know this may seem
there’s no communication or it would be a good idea to get macabre, but when she died a
intimacy. I have tried working premarital counseling together few years ago, after 48 years of
things out; my wife isn’t interest- to ensure that all the issues that marriage, it was less stressful
ed, so I have given up trying. We drove you apart the first time to just fill in the date and age.
no longer have a physical bond, have been resolved. What do you think? — PRACTI-
but I refuse to lower myself to DEAR ABBY: My husband CAL UPSTATE NEW YORKER
GARFIELD cheat to fulfill my needs.
I find myself drawn to my
and I have been married 20
years. He is now on vacation in
that if it worked for you, other
first wife, and I know she feels Thailand with his best buddy readers might consider it. Many
the same. While I’d like to (without me again) for the third people wonder what will be said
see how life as a single guy of time in as many years. of them after they’re gone. This
55-plus would be, I also want After doing some research, I way, they can add or delete as
to date my ex. We have a child have discovered that this place they wish.
together, and we have more in is a major sex tourism desti- Dear Abby is written by
common now than before. Can nation also known as “Sodom Abigail Van Buren, also known
a second time around really on the Sea.” My husband says as Jeanne Phillips, and was
work? Or should I first play he stays away from all the han- founded by her mother, Pauline
the field once I am divorced? ky-panky and goes there only for Phillips. Contact Dear Abby
— WORKING BACKWARD IN the beach, the food, the culture at www.DearAbby.com or P.O.
CONNECTICUT and “guy time” with his best Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA
DEAR WORKING BACK- friend. My girlfriends all tell me 90069.
TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Feb. ebration, however small. more important. Big leaps don’t
5). This solar return is marked TAURUS (April 20-May 20). show you everything between
by a breakthrough in your Every so often, it’s important to point A and point B.
attitude. You’ll sing the song, remind yourself that you really LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). No
play the game and meet the don’t have to do anything. What one really ever has control over
challenge. And when you’ve do you want to do? Do that. Or, a relationship, at least not in a
mastered that, you’ll sing the at the very least, find something lasting way. Total control would
challenge, meet the game and to want in the things that must defy the very point and nature
play the song. Every mix-up be done. of relationships. Can you find a
lands you in a more flexible, GEMINI (May 21-June 21). way to enjoy the uncertainty that
free, strong and agile position. You get a charge from being of is the very essence of sharing?
BABY BLUES Aries and Gemini adore you. help. The best help you can give VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).
Your lucky numbers are: 3, 25, is the teaching kind, but that Sometimes knowing that you
5, 48 and 20. usually comes after the showing have to take action inhibits you
ARIES (March 21-April 19). kind. Show three times. After from dreaming as big as you
It’s much easier to hit those that, it’s teaching that’s need- could. So don’t demand action
milestones when you’re aiming ed, not doing it for them. of yourself. Let yourself think
for them. Are you clear about CANCER (June 22-July 22). and dream freely. Defy the
what and where they are? Also, Small, consistent steps are not mental limits.
touching a milestone should just as important as the big LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).
always be followed up with a cel- leaps. They are much, much You will embody the spirit of
Calliope today, the muse with
a beautiful voice, an arbiter of
disputes carrying a giant writing
tablet everywhere. You’ll be the
one to sort things out as only
BEETLE BAILEY you can do.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.
21). Maybe there is greatness
to believe in and maybe there
is nothing at all. Either way, we
cannot go forward without faith.
Faithlessness fills the body with
paralyzing fear. Believing opens
and fills hearts with the energy
to move.
21). You have a few perfor-
mance goals you’d like to meet,
though meeting them will bring
no joy unless you also have the
MALLARD FILLMORE intention to absorb the lessons
and experiences along the way.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
19). Keeping things in their
proper scale when others don’t
is a talent. You do this well.
They need you to be an example
and to lead the way with that
calm, reasonable dignity for
which you’re famous.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
18). Though you’re impressed
and inspired by people with
noble qualities and fine disposi-
tions, it’s also important to be
FAMILY CIRCUS with comfortable people who
make you feel like you’re accept-
ed and you belong.
PISCES (Feb. 19-March
20). There’s no need to con-
demn or elevate anyone today,
so forgo both the pressures
(and for some, the pleasures)
of judgment. Wrongdoers will
self-punish; right-doers will

Three wise men

Jan Swoope: 328-2471

You had me at
These frosted watermelon cutouts
make sweet Valentine treats.

snacks for
loved ones

alentine’s Day naturally
brings thoughts of heart,
flowers, sweetness and love.
Because it also occurs during
American Heart Month, it’s a
perfect opportunity to start taking
care of your own heart and the
hearts of loved ones.
Part of the charm of the day’s
celebrations is in giving family and
friends flavorful foods to enjoy,
from chocolates and candies to oth-
er sugary treats. However, the fes-
tivities don’t have to be completely
focused on unhealthy bites in order
to make someone feel special.
This year, it can be easy to
share in the fun of Valentine’s
Day by serving those you love
with sweet, seasonal treats. For
example, these frosted watermelon
cutouts make for ideal snacks for
tasteofhome.com children and adults alike whether
This chocolate pecan fondue from tasteofhome.com is just one of many variations on this sweet dipping dessert it’s an after-school treat or a sweet
said to trace back to the 1960s and a New York restaurant. dessert with just three ingredients,
heart-shaped cookie cutters and

Dip, devour: It’s National

minimal time spent in the kitchen.
If you’re really looking to
impress that special someone, a
watermelon and chocolate des-

Chocolate Fondue Day

sert board calls for creativity and
plenty of tasty morsels like berries,
cashews, almonds and dark
chocolate. Without any baking or
BY JAN SWOOPE of salt. Or, it can expand to dark, with originating fondue as a way to cooking required, simply spread
jswoope@cdispatch.com white or flavored chocolate and in- use hardened cheese, according to out the ingredients for a platter
that’s just as visually appealing as

gredients like honey, vanilla bean, timeanddate.com. The first fondue
ith Valentine’s Day just cinnamon, caramel, peanut butter, it is appetizing.
recipe appeared in a recipe book
over a week away, it seems cayenne, marshmallow creme, cof- Both recipes include the bene-
published in Zurich, Switzerland,
a good time to mention fee, almonds, pecans or a variety fits of watermelon, which boasts
that February is National Chocolate in 1699, cites purdys.com. It called plenty of vitamin C to boost the
of liqueurs. Dippers are limited for a blend of melted cheese and
Month. In fact, today — Feb. 5 — is only by imagination — bananas, immune system’s defenses as a
Chocolate Fondue Day. What better wine to dip bread in. The chocolate cholesterol-free, fat-free and so-
strawberries, cubes of pound cake,
time to remind ourselves how ir- fondue came about much later — dium-free food. Plus, watermelon
Rice Krispy treats, marshmallows,
resistible it is to dip ... well, almost pretzels, tangerines, cookies, about the mid- to late-1960s in New draws its red color from the pow-
anything ... in melted sweetness? brownies — the list goes on. York — but it also originated with erful antioxidant lycopene (12.7
A chocolate fondue can be the For a bit of background, the a Swiss, Konrad Egli, who was chef mg per serving), which may help
centerpiece of a party or a romantic word “fondue” is derived from the at Chalet Suisse in Manhattan at protect cells from damage, and the
rendezvous for two. The recipe French verb “fondre,” which means the time, reports europeancuisince. healthy treat is American Heart
might be as simple as chocolate, to melt or dissolve. It all began with com. Association Heart-Check Certified
heavy whipping cream and a pinch cheese: The Swiss are credited See FONDUE, 6B with just 80 calories per serving,
making it the perfect centerpiece
for Valentine’s Day recipes.

Coconut cream pie A classic, slow-cooked meal

milkshakes, anyone? FAMILY FEATURES

FAMILY FEATURES hether you’re looking for

a family meal or a dish to
ooking for something out of feed a different type of
the ordinary? Here’s a coconut crowd, taking advantage of kitchen
cream pie milkshake to make tools like your slow cooker can help
in the blender and add a promise of take the effort out of preparation.
the islands to your mid-winter. Flavored using cranberries and or-
For more recipes, go to culinary. anges, this cranberry-orange pork
net. loin is a classic dish that’s perfect
for entertaining any type of group.
COCONUT CREAM Find more recipes at culinary.
3 scoops vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup milk
1/3 cup cream of coconut 1 tablespoon oil
2 tablespoons sweetened flaked coconut 1 pork loin (4 pounds), tied at 1-inch
1 whole graham cracker
Whipped cream, for garnish intervals
Graham cracker crumbs, for garnish 14 ounces cranberry sauce
1 cup dried cranberries
n In blender mix ice cream, cream of co- 3/4 cup orange juice
conut, flaked coconut and graham cracker 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
on high until smooth. Pour into glass. Top 3 strips orange zest
with whipped cream and graham cracker Salt, to taste
crumbs. Pepper, to taste
(Source: Recipes adapted from Milk- familyfeatures.com
MeansMore.org) Cranberries and oranges give this pork loin a flavorful twist. See PORK LOIN, 6B
6B WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

Flavorful all-day nutrition

FAMILY FEATURES cheddar cheese, divided
12 yellow corn taco shells

rom cereal and milk to
yogurt and fruit to broc- n To make tangy guacamole: In small
bowl, mash avocado, juice, hot pepper
coli and cheese, com- sauce and garlic. Stir in yogurt. Cover
bining dairy with plant-based and refrigerate until serving time.
foods creates a superfood n To make lentil tacos: Heat oven to
power couple that can help 400 F.
ensure you and your family are n In medium saucepan over medi-
um-high heat, combine water, lentils,
getting the nutrients you need onion, chili powder, garlic and salt.
any time of day. Bring to boil. Reduce heat. Cover and
With the rise in popularity gently boil 12-15 minutes, or until
of plant-based diets, dairy can lentils are just tender. Uncover and
help optimize nutrient absorp- boil 5-15 minutes, or until most liquid
tion from plant foods and pro- evaporates.
n Remove lentils from heat. Stir in 1
vide additional nutrients like cup tomatoes and 3/4 cup cheese.
high-quality protein, calcium, Spoon into taco shells. Stand filled
vitamin D and vitamin B12. tacos in 13-by-9-by-2-inch baking
Combining dairy and plant- dish. Sprinkle tacos with remaining
based foods can be easier with tomatoes and cheese. Loosely cover
these dairy-powered recipes dish with foil. Bake 3-5 minutes, or
until cheese melts.
from Milk Means More. They n Stir guacamole. Serve with warm
are ideal for creating a nutri- tacos.
tious and delicious plan for ev- (Source: Culinary dietitian Marcia
ery meal throughout the day. Stanley, MS, RDN)
Dairy-inspired, plant-based dishes like this creamy couscous with broccoli, tomatoes and cheese can
Start with a blueberry apple help boost nutrition.
crisp smoothie bowl in the
morning then build out your
platter. Sprinkle with cheddar cheese.
lunch or dinner plans around Top with tomatoes and fresh basil SMOOTHIE BOWL
a main course like lentil tacos leaves. Prep time: 5 minutes
(Source: Culinary dietitian Marcia Servings: 1
with tangy cuacamole and Stanley, MS, RDN)
a classic Moroccan staple, 1 cup frozen blueberries
creamy couscous with broc- 2 cups apples, roughly chopped,
coli, tomatoes and cheese, on LENTIL TACOS WITH TANGY reserving 2 tablespoons for topping
the side. 1 teaspoon cinnamon
Find more recipes that
GUACAMOLE 1/2 cup plain, non-fat Greek yogurt
Prep time: 40 minutes 1 cup spinach
combine the goodness of dairy Servings: 6 pure maple syrup, to taste
and plant-based foods at milk- ice cubes (optional)
meansmore.org. Guacamole:
1 medium ripe avocado, pitted, Toppings:
peeled and chopped 2 tablespoons oats
CREAMY COUSCOUS WITH 1 tablespoon orange, lime or lemon
1 teaspoon pure maple syrup
1 tablespoon pecans, chopped
BROCCOLI, TOMATOES familyfeatures.com
1/4 teaspoon hot pepper sauce
1 clove garlic, minced 2 tablespoons reserved chopped
AND CHEESE This blueberry apple crisp smoothie bowl is topped with maple 1/2 cup plain, fat-free Greek yogurt apple
Fesh blueberries
Prep time: 15 minutes syrup, pecans, oats and fruit.
Cook time: 5 minutes Lentil tacos:
Servings: 6 pasta) 2 1/3 cups water n In blender, blend blueberries,
n In large nonstick skillet over apples, cinnamon, yogurt and spinach
1 cup finely shredded Parmesan medium heat, cook onion in butter 1 cup dry brown lentils, rinsed and
1/2 cup chopped onion drained until smooth. Taste and add maple
cheese 2 minutes. Add broccoli, garlic and syrup, to taste. If thicker mixture is
2 tablespoons butter 1/2 cup finely chopped onion
3 cups broccoli florets 1 cup (4 ounces) shredded cheddar pepper. Cook and stir 2 minutes. 2 teaspoons chili powder desired, add ice cubes.
1 teaspoon minced garlic cheese n Stir milk into broccoli mixture. Bring 2 cloves garlic, minced n Pour into bowl. Mix oats with maple
1/2 teaspoon pepper 1 1/2 cups seeded and chopped to boil. Stir in couscous. Remove from 1/2 teaspoon salt syrup. Top smoothie mixture with
3 cups fat-free, 2 percent or whole tomatoes heat. Cover and let stand 5 minutes. 1 1/2 cups seeded and chopped oats, pecans, apples and blueberries.
milk 2 tablespoons slivered fresh basil n Gently stir Parmesan cheese into tomatoes, divided (Source: Rachel Gurk of Rachel
1 1/2 cups plain couscous (wheat leaves couscous mixture. Spread on serving 1 1/4 cups (5 ounces) shredded Cooks)

Continued from Page 5B
Perhaps we should this 1 cup (6 ounces) semisweet low heat until smooth. Stir Nutrition Facts: 2 table- carbohydrate (20g sugars, 1g
Fondue tips Valentine’s Day because, chocolate chips in orange juice concentrate; spoons: 278 calories, 16g fat fiber), 4g protein.
A few tips gleaned 1/2 cup sugar keep warm. Serve with cake (9g saturated fat), 83mg cho- (Source: tasteofhome.com/
from some of the web- well, pretty much any- 1/2 cup milk and fruit. lesterol, 177mg sodium, 32g Mary Jean DeVries)
sites mentioned include thing dipped in chocolate 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
using the best quality is fabulous. 4 large firm bananas, cut into
3/4-inch slices
chocolate you can afford 1 pint whole strawberries
for the most flavorful CHOCOLATE PECAN Shortbread cookies and large
fondue. (eHow.com marshmallows, optional
recommends brands FONDUE
Prep/total time: 15 minutes n In a heavy saucepan, cook
with a minimum of Makes 1 1/3 cups and stir the chocolate chips,
paraffin and processing sugar, milk and peanut butter
for best results.) While 1/2 cup half-and-half cream over low heat until smooth.
your chocolate melts, 2 tablespoons honey Transfer to a fondue pot and
stir constantly to ensure 9 ounces semisweet choc- keep warm. Serve with banan-
olate, broken into small pieces as and strawberries.
smooth texture. Uneven 1/4 cup finely chopped Nutrition Facts: 1/4 cup: 218
or extreme heating can pecans calories, 10g fat (4g saturated
cause chocolate to burn 1 teaspoon vanilla extract fat), 1mg cholesterol, 57mg
or curdle. Fresh fruit and shortbread sodium, 32g carbohydrate
From popsugar.com: cookies (27g sugars, 3g fiber), 4g
n Always melt the n In a heavy saucepan over (Source: tasteofhome.com/
chocolate over low heat to low heat, combine cream and Beverly Olthaus)
avoid scorching. honey; heat until warm. Add
n The dish is easier chocolate; stir until melted.
Stir in pecans and vanilla.
to manage if you melt the
n Transfer to a fondue pot or ORANGE CHOCOLATE
chocolate first over the a 1-1/2-quart slow cooker and
stove, then transfer it to keep warm. Serve with fruit FONDUE
Prep/total time: 15 minutes
the fondue pot. and cookies.
Makes 1 1/3 cups
n Keep water or Nutrition Facts: 2 table-
any moisture out of the spoons: 178 calories, 12g
fat (6g saturated fat), 6mg 1/2 cup milk chocolate chips
melting chocolate pot; it cholesterol, 6mg sodium, 19g 3 ounces bittersweet choco-
will affect the molecular carbohydrate (17g sugars, 2g late, chopped
fiber), 3g protein. 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
structure of the choco- 3 tablespoons thawed orange
late, causing it to develop (Source: tasteofhome.com)
juice concentrate
a grainy texture. 1 frozen pound cake (16 ounc-
n Salvage thickened es), thawed and cubed
or lumpy chocolate by PEANUT BUTTER Assorted fresh fruit
stirring in a few tea-
spoons of vegetable oil.
CHOCOLATE FONDUE n In a heavy saucepan,
Prep/total time: 10 minutes combine both chocolates and
Do you fondue? Makes 12 servings cream; cook and stir over

Continued from Page 5B
Find more Valentine’s desired. Top heart shapes with 1/4 cup dried cranberries
Day inspiration and reci- brownie bites and add frosting 1/3 cup roasted, salted
as desired. cashews
pes at watermelon.org.
1 cup chocolate covered
FROSTED WATERMELON WATERMELON AND 1 bar dark chocolate, broken
into squares
BOARD Mint leaves, for garnish
1 seedless watermelon, cut Servings: 6-8
into 1/2-3/4-inch thick slices n On serving board, arrange
4 brownie bites 1/2 medium seedless water- watermelon in center and
1 cup frosting (any flavor) melon, cut into wedges and surround with raspberries,
cubes cherries, strawberries, cran-
n Using heart-shaped cookie 1 cup fresh raspberries berries, cashews, almonds,
cutters, cut shapes out of 1 cup fresh red cherries chocolate and coconut chips.
watermelon slices or simply 1 cup strawberries, trimmed Scatter mint leaves around
use cut watermelon wedges, if and halved board for garnish.

Pork loin
Continued from Page 5B
n In skillet over medium heat, heat oil.
n Sear pork loin on all sides.
n In slow cooker, stir cranberry sauce, dried cranberries, orange juice, cinnamon and orange zest
until combined. Set pork loin in middle of sauce mixture and drizzle sauce over meat.
n Cover and cook on low 4 hours, or until meat reaches 140-145 F.
n Transfer pork to cutting board. Remove twine.
n Strain cranberries from slow cooker; set aside. Pour strained liquid into skillet. Add salt and
pepper, to taste. Simmer 7-8 minutes.
n Spoon cranberries and sauce over pork loin.
minutes West along the North dress is Post Office Box 1827,
right-of-way line of said drive a Columbus, Mississippi 39703.


distance of 40.0 feet to the ini- YOUR RESPONSE MUST BE
tial point of the property herein MAILED OR HAND DELIVERED
described; thence North 48 de- NOT LATER THAN THIRTY (30)


grees 08 minutes West a dis- DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF THE
tance of 124.1 feet to an iron FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS
pin; thence South 44 degrees SUMMONS. IF YOUR RE-
01 minutes West a distance of SPONSE IS NOT SO MAILED OR
139.2 feet to an iron pin on
To place ads starting at only $12,
the North right-of-way line of Ar- DEFAULT WILL BE ENTERED
call 662-328-2424 or visit ads.cdispatch.com
thur Drive; thence South 56 de- AGAINST YOU FOR THE RELIEF
grees 34 minutes East along DEMANDED IN THE PETITION.
said North right-of-way line a
distance of 155.0 feet to an You must also file the original
West right-of- of your responsenwithWEDNESDAY,
the Clerk FEBRUARY 5, 2020 n 7B
way line of a drive; thence of this Court.
North 30 degrees 13 minutes
East along said West right-of- Issued under my hand and the
way line a distance of 118.9 seal of said Court, this the
Legal Notices Legal Notices LegaltoNotices
feet an iron pin and the ini- Legal Notices
30th day of January, 2020.

tial point of this description,
containing 0.41 acre, more or CINDY EGGER GOODE, CLERK
SUBJECT TO a ten-foot general SIPPI
utility drainage easement (SEAL)
along, adjoining and South of BY: /s/ Tina Fisher
the North property line of the D. C. Apts For Rent: South
above described lot and a five-
foot wide general utility and PUBLISH: 2/5, 2/12, & TWO 1BR/1BA APTS
drainage easement along, ad- 2/19/2020
joining and West of the West located at 121 5th St. S.
property line, and along, adjoin- $700/mo. 662−328−
ing and North of the South 8655.
property line.

I will only convey such title as

is vested in me as Substitute EMPLOYMENT Apts For Rent: West



CALL US: 662-328-2424

17th day of January, 2020.
Customer Service
Dean Morris, LLC
Substitute Trustee LOCAL LAW FIRM is seek- Apartments & Houses
855 S Pear Orchard Rd., Ste. ing Receptionist/Secretary.
404, Bldg. 400
Ridgeland, MS 39157 Previous experience 1 Bedrooms
(318) 330-9020 helpful but not necessary.
Computer skills a must. 2 Bedroooms
adp/F19-0674 Email resume to:
3 Bedrooms
PUBLISH: 1/29/2020,
2/5/2020, 2/12/2020 Furnished & Unfurnished

Education 1, 2, & 3 Baths

(CONTRACTUAL): Starkville & Credit Check
IN THE MATTER OF THE ES- Oktibbeha School District’s viceinvestments.com
JR., DECEASED after school program is
ROSARIO CARRILLO, ADMINIS- seeking qualified and ex-
TRATOR perienced individuals for
the following responsibilit- Apts For Rent: Other
NO. 2019-0190-F ies:
RULE 81 SUMMONS BY PUB- • To develop and lead 1−2 BR Apt: $350−395
LICATION hands-on, problem-based 1−2BR TwnHome:
TO: THE HEIRS AT LAW OF STEM (e.g. entomology, $625−650
STEPHEN OSAKUE, JR., DE- herpetology, geology, ar- Lease, Dep, Credit Check.
CEASED chaeology, astronomy, hor- Coleman Realty
ticulture, agriculture anim- 662−329−2323
NOTICE TO DEFENDANT(S) als and crops, etc.) enrich-
ment activities that incor-
You have been made a Defend- porate the arts.
ant in the suit filed in this
Court by Rosario Carrillo, Ad-
ministrator, seeking to determ- • Guest speakers to ad-
ine the unknown heirs-at-law of dress STEM career paths.
Stephen Osakue, Jr., De-
ceased. You are hereby • Youth develop and fam-
summoned to appear and de- ily support specialist to
fend against said Petition at work with students and
9:00 o’clock a.m. on the 17th
day of March, 2020, in the their families to promote
SUBSTITUTED TRUSTEE’S NO- Chancery Courtroom of the social and emotional
TICE OF SALE Lowndes County Courthouse in growth.
Columbus, Mississippi, and in
case of your failure to appear For more information or to
and defend, a judgment or or- submit a letter of intent in-
der may be entered granting cluding an expected hourly
WHEREAS, on the 14th day of the relief requested in the Peti-
November, 2018, Milton E. tion. rate and resume, contact
Rawle, Jr. and Wife, Keisha Amy Pitts at 1504 Louis-
Rawle aka Keshia Rawle, ex- Further, you are required to ville Street, Starkville, MS,
ecuted and delivered a certain mail or hand deliver a written 662-615-0033,
Deed of Trust unto Real Estate
Closing Services, Inc., Trustee
response to the Petition to De- apitts@starkvillesd.com by
termine Heirs at Law filed in Friday, February 14, 2020.
for Mortgage Electronic Regis- this action to Elizabeth F.
tration Systems, Inc. as nomin- Jones, Attorney for Rosario Car-
ee for Acceptance Capital Mort- rillo, Petitioner, whose ad-
gage Corporation, Beneficiary,
to secure an indebtedness
dress is Post Office Box 1827, General Help Wanted
Columbus, Mississippi 39703.
therein described, which Deed YOUR RESPONSE MUST BE
of Trust is recorded in the of- THE COMMERCIAL DOWNTOWN: 2BR/1BA
fice of the Chancery Clerk of NOT LATER THAN THIRTY (30) DISPATCH is seeking a CH&A, 1 story, W/D,
Lowndes County, Mississippi in DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF THE mechanically-minded indi- historic district, 1 block
Mort Book 2018 at Page FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS vidual to work in its press- from downtown.
24464; and SUMMONS. IF YOUR RE- room. Applicants must be $575/mo. + $575 dep.
SPONSE IS NOT SO MAILED OR comfortable working around NO PETS. 662−574−8789.
Legal Notices on the 18th day of DELIVERED, A JUDGMENT BY Peaceful & Quiet area.
Legal Notices November, 2019, Mortgage heavy machinery, adhering

DEFAULT WILL BE ENTERED to tight deadlines and must
Electronic Registration Sys- AGAINST YOU FOR THE RELIEF
tems, Inc. as nominee for Ac- DEMANDED IN THE PETITION. have an eye for detail &
ceptance Capital Mortgage Cor- quality. Flexible hours are a
poration, assigned said Deed must. Must pass drug test.
CALL US: 662-328-2424 of Trust unto American Finan-
You must also file the original
of your response with the Clerk Email resume to
cial Resources, Inc., a New Jer- of this Court.
sey Corporation, by instrument mfloyd@cdispatch.com
Legal Notices
recorded in the office of the or drop resumes off at Have a rental property?
Issued under my hand and the 516 Main Street
Invitation for Bids:
aforesaid Chancery Clerk in seal of said Court, this the List it here for fast results.
Mort Book 2019 at Page Columbus, MS 39701.
The Mississippi Department of 24775; and
30th day of January, 2020.
No phone calls please. ads.cdispatch.com
Finance and Administration Of-
fice of Personal Service Con- CINDY EGGER GOODE, CLERK
WHEREAS, on the 6th day of
tract Review will accept sealed January, 2020 the Holder of Medical / Dental
bids until 11:00 AM CST on LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS-
said Deed of Trust substituted SIPPI
March 5, 2020 for the pur- and appointed Dean Morris,
pose of establishing a (SEAL)
LLC as Substitute Trustee by BY: /s/ Tina Fisher
statewide preapproved list of instrument recorded in the of-
providers of Professional Nurs- D. C.
fice of the aforesaid Chancery
ing Services. Detailed specific- Clerk in Mort Book 2020 at
ations may be obtained by con- PUBLISH: 2/5, 2/12, &
Page 321; and 2/19/2020
tacting Victoria James at
victoria.james@dfa.ms.gov or WHEREAS, default having been
601-359-6580 or by going to made in the payments of the
the Mississippi Department of indebtedness secured by the
Finance and Administration Of- said Deed of Trust, and the
fice of Personal Service Con- holder of said Deed of Trust,
tract Review website at having requested the under-
http://www.dfa.ms.gov/bid-rfp- signed so to do, on the 19th
notices/. day of February, 2020, I will
during the lawful hours of
PUBLISH: 1/29 & 2/5/2020 between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00
p.m., at public outcry, offer for
Invitation for Bids: sale and will sell, at the south
The Mississippi Department of east front door of Lowndes
Finance and Administration Of- County Courthouse, 505 2nd
fice of Personal Service Con- Ave. North at Columbus, Mis-
tract Review will accept sealed sissippi, for cash to the
bids until 10:00 AM CST on highest bidder, the following
March 5, 2020 for the pur- described land and property
pose of establishing a situated in Lowndes County,
statewide preapproved list of Mississippi, to-wit:
providers of Temporary Staff-
ing Services. Detailed specific- Lot 19, Pinecrest Subdivision,
ations may be obtained by con- Number II, an unrecorded sub-
tacting Victoria James at division, located in the West
victoria.james@dfa.ms.gov or Half (W1/2) of the Northeast
601-359-6580 or by going to Quarter (NE1/4) of Section 22,
the Mississippi Department of Township 18 South, Range 17
Finance and Administration Of- West, Lowndes County, Missis-
fice of Personal Service Con- sippi, and being more particu-
tract Review website at larly described as follows, to-
http://www.dfa.ms.gov/bid-rfp- wit:
Beginning at an old iron pin at
PUBLISH: 1/29 & 2/5/2020 the Southeast corner of the
Northwest Quarter (NW1/4) of
the Northeast Quarter (NE1/4)
The following vehicle has been of Section 22, Township 18
abandoned at Dixie Towing South, Range 17 West,
LLC: Lowndes County, Mississippi;
thence North 87 degrees 30
2014 Nissan Sentra minutes West a distance of
VIN# 3N1AB7AP6EY332799 660.0 feet to an iron pin;
thence North 00 degrees 45
If not claimed by February 7, minutes West a distance of
2020 it will be auctioned off. 284.1 feet to a point on the
Auction will be a Dixie Towing North right-of-way line of Arthur
LLC, 16 Oswalt Rd, Columbus, Cove; thence North 87 de-
MS 39702 on February 7, grees 30 minutes West along
2020 at 8:00 A.M. said North right-of-way line a
distance of 180.0 feet; thence
PUBLISH: 1/29 & 2/5/2020 North 00 degrees 45 minutes
West a distance of 140.0 feet;
SUBSTITUTED TRUSTEE’S NO- thence North 79 degrees 21
TICE OF SALE minutes West a distance of
169.3 feet to a point on the
STATE OF MISSISSIPPI East right-of-way line of a drive;
COUNTY OF Lowndes thence North 59 degrees 47
minutes West along the North
WHEREAS, on the 14th day of right-of-way line of said drive a
November, 2018, Milton E. distance of 40.0 feet to the ini-
Rawle, Jr. and Wife, Keisha tial point of the property herein
Rawle aka Keshia Rawle, ex- described; thence North 48 de-
ecuted and delivered a certain grees 08 minutes West a dis-
Deed of Trust unto Real Estate tance of 124.1 feet to an iron
Closing Services, Inc., Trustee pin; thence South 44 degrees
for Mortgage Electronic Regis- 01 minutes West a distance of
tration Systems, Inc. as nomin- 139.2 feet to an iron pin on
ee for Acceptance Capital Mort- the North right-of-way line of Ar-
gage Corporation, Beneficiary, thur Drive; thence South 56 de-
to secure an indebtedness grees 34 minutes East along
therein described, which Deed said North right-of-way line a
of Trust is recorded in the of- distance of 155.0 feet to an
fice of the Chancery Clerk of iron pin on the West right-of-
Classified ads are a great form of
Lowndes County, Mississippi in way line of a drive; thence
Mort Book 2018 at Page North 30 degrees 13 minutes Good help isn’t hard to find if you know
person-to-person advertising.
24464; and East along said West right-of-

WHEREAS, on the 18th day of

way line a distance of 118.9
feet to an iron pin and the ini-
where to look. Start your search here.
November, 2019, Mortgage tial point of this description,
Electronic Registration Sys- containing 0.41 acre, more or
tems, Inc. as nominee for Ac- less.
8B WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com
Apts For Rent: Other Mobile Homes for Rent Sporting Goods

RENTALS Utilities & cable included, 9−5: Tues−Fri &
TOWNHOUSES & APARTMENTS from $145/wk − $535/ TWO FREE SIGNS 9−12: Sat. Visit www.cdispatch.com
month. Columbus & County Over 50 years experience!
1 BEDROOM School locations. 662−242 Auctions Repairs, cleaning, for a printable copy of
−7653 or 601−940−1397. refinishing, scopes
2 BEDROOMS mounted & zeroed, these puzzles.
3 BEDROOMS handmade knives.
Located: Hwy 45 Alt, North
LEASE, of West Point, turn right on
© The Dispatch

near CAFB, Caledonia Yokahama Blvd, 8mi & turn

DEPOSIT schools. Call 601−940− left on Darracott Rd, see
AND sign, 2.5mi ahead, shop on
left. 662−494−6218.
CREDIT CHECK Office Spaces For Rent

LEASE. 1112 Main St.,
2411 HWY 45 N Ste. 5. 3700 sq. ft.
Plenty of private parking.
COLUMBUS, MS 662−327−9559. ADS STARTING AT $12
Commercial Property For Rent Campers & RVs
DOWNTOWN. 3,000 sq. ft.
truck terminal, 9,500 sq.
WHEEL. 39ft, 4 slide−outs.
2BR, 48" TV & 27" TV.
ft. shop & 3,200 sq. ft.
office/shop. Buildings can
ADS STARTING AT $25 $26,500. 662−386−9605.
be rented together or
separately. All w/ excellent Houses For Sale: North

access & Hwy. 82 visibility.
662−327−9559. FSBO: 3BR/2BA, 3304 5th
St N. Fenced back yard w/
Houses For Rent: North sm shop. Great neighbor−
hood. $110,000. 662−356
−4764 or 901−848−0051. Estate Sales

ch/a, stove, dw, & fridge Instruction & School
Sudoku is a number- Yesterday’s answer
furn. Fenced backyard. Houses For Sale: New Hope
Dr. Mark G. Hazard & placing puzzle based on
1204 6th St. N. $785/mo Sarah S. Hazard Sudoku
a 9x9 gridis witha several
num- 8 9 1 4 2 6 7 5 3
249 S. Division St.
+ dep. 662−352−4776. ber-placing
given numbers.puzzleThe object 5 2 4 7 1 3 8 6 9

2020 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

16 WIDNER IN NEW HOPE Feb 7 & 8:9−4, Feb 9:1−4
Newly remodeled. 3BR/ Nice Collection of antique based onthe
is to place a 9x9
numbers 3 6 7 5 8 9 2 4 1
COLONIAL TOWNHOUSES. 2BA home. Approx. 1,500 furnishings: access, lamps, grid
1 to 9with
in theseveral
empty spaces 4 5 6 2 3 1 9 8 7
2 & 3 bedroom w/ 2−3 sq. ft. Has 25’x30’ wired mirrors, rugs, kitchen items
bath townhouses. $625 to metal shop w/ roll−up front & much more. given
so thatnumbers.
each row, each The 2 1 8 9 7 5 6 3 4
$675. 662−549−9555. & side door. $164,900. View @ estatesales.net object
column and each 3x3 the
is to place box
numbers 9 7 3 8 6 4 1 2 5
contains the1same to 9 number
Ask for Glenn or text. 662−549−9298. Antiques & Collectibles
662−570−5686 the empty spaces so 1 4 5 6 9 8 3 7 2
Houses For Rent: East only once. The difficulty 7 8 9 3 5 2 4 1 6
Houses For Sale: Caledonia Garage Sales: New Hope Christian Women’s Job that each row, each
level increases from
3 BR/1BA HOUSE Poplar Corps Class Spring column and each 6 3 2 1 4 7 5 9 8
St. 425/mo. 425/dep. No FSBO: 3BR/2BA ON 2.5 Multi−Family Sale @ 8214 2020−FREE TRAINING Monday
3x3 boxtocontains
Sunday. Difficulty Level 2/04

ACRES. 1600 sqft. Hwy 182 East. Saturday. Evening classes in

Hud. No Section 8. 205−
Completely remodeled. Baby/toddler clothes, Computer Training, the same number only once. The difficulty level
442−2011 or 601−940−
1397. $178,000. 662−386− Medela breast pump, toys, Resume Writing & increases from Monday to Sunday.
7113. diaper genie & more. Adult Interview Skills for Job
clothes. Household items. Seeking Women.
4BR/2.5BA BRICK HOME Enrolling now for Tues &
located on large lot w/ 2 Lots & Acreage Thurs starting February
car garage. Fresh paint & 4th at Christian
tile floors in kitchen &
bathrooms. Located at
495 Emerald Dr. $1,100/
acre lots. Good/bad credit.
10% down, as low as
MERCHANDISE Women’s Job Corps.
Min H.S. Diploma or
Equivalent required. Call
mo + $1,000 dep. Avail $299/mo. Eaton Land.
Feb 1. 770−658−7726. 662−361−7711. ADS STARTING AT $12 662−722−3016 or visit
General Merchandise
2 TIRES w/ rims &
hubcaps. Fits 2004 Ford AKC GERMAN SHEPHERD
Taurus,$25 EA; 2 Butane PUPPIES. Exc. ped. Blk/
Tanks 1o gla. & 5 gal., $15 red. Vet checked, w/s,
for both; Mink Coat−hip wormed. Ready to go!
length, Autumn Haze, size 662−213−4609.
10, $500 Cash Only. Call
Pet Supplies / Accessories
FEB 1−29. ALL MUST GO! Happy Jack® LiquiVict 2x:
662−435−0641. 548 Hwy. recognized safe & effective
45 N. Frontage Rd. 10−till. by U.S. CVM against hook
By appt: 662−352−4460. & round worms in dogs.
Furn, home decor, linens, At Tractor Supply.
Tonneau cover, comm kit (www.kennelvax.com)
items, etc. No junk.

Over 100 pairs of Name

Brand Women’s Shoes for Five Questions:
Sale Sale starts February 6
−8! I have over 100 pairs

1 Deion
of Name Brand Women’s
Shoes for Sale starting as
low as $9.99! Some are
new in the box! Location;
Meeting Room, 303 Sanders
Shoney Drive Columbus,
MS, 39705. $10.00 662−
Houses For Sale: Other 889−8928


PCs & Laptops.
Hardware & Software.

3 Looper
Windows, MacOS, Linux.
Call Kevin @ 773−231−
7349 and leave voicemail.
Golden Triangle Area.

4 Denver ACROSS
We pay CA$H. 1 Kid
R12 R500 R11.
Convenient. 5 Second
Certified professionals. thoughts
5 Clarinet 11 Lusty look
312−291−9169 12 Otherworldly
13 Eye line
14 Blood line
Need a 15 Put in stitches
new car? 16 Bakery buys
17 Radio parts
19 Cry loudly
22 Coral island
24 Border lake
26 Mournful cry
27 Nap
28 Painter Max
30 Not so many
31 Sinking signal 3 Economic 22 Ensign’s OKs
32 Tip over declines 23 Bullfight
34 Cut drasti- 4 Chop up beast
cally 5 Partridge’s 25 Yemen port
Start in the classifieds section for 35 Stop — dime cousin 29 Groom’s garb
your buying and selling needs! 38 More cushy 6 Turmoil 30 Flowed into
41 Symbol of 7 Esthete’s 33 Juan of
grace concern Argentina
Ads starting at $12 for one week! 42 Exaggerate 8 “Life of Pi” 34 Broadcasts
43 Make sweat- director 36 Finger feature
ers 9 Spoil 37 Pot starter

44 “The Good 10 Shrewd 38 Atlantic fish
Place” actor 16 Buddy 39 Future em-
45 Cruise stop 18 Miseries bryos
19 Confronta- 40 Buddhism
DOWN tions branch
1 Résumé listing 20 Move like 41 Enjoy Aspen
monster 21 Saloon staple
Carpet & Flooring General Services General Services Painting & Papering

Bucket truck & stump SERVICE. Special Prices.
removal. Free est. Interior and Exterior
Serving Columbus PA Painting. 662−435−6528

since 1987. Senior


citizen disc. Call Alvin @ Tree Services

242−0324/241−4447 100 Russell St.
E Starkville, MS

"We’ll go out on a limb for J&A TREE REMOVAL

you!" 662-268-8058
Work from a bucket truck.
DAVID’S CARPET & Insured/bonded.
WORK WANTED: Call Jimmy Prescott for free
CLEANING estimate, 662−386−6286.
Carpentry, minor electrical, $545 plus Filing Fee
1 Room − $50 minor plumbing, insulation,
Did you
painting, demolition, All Attorney Fees Through The Plan
3+ Rooms − $30 EA

gutters cleaned, pressure
Rugs−Must Be Seen Jim Arnold, Attorney
washing, landscaping,
Car Upholstery cleanup work, moving help.
Cleaning Available 662-324-1666
662−242−3608. 104 South Lafayette Street, Starkville

General Services MONOGRAMMING Lawn Care / Landscaping


Local delivery, 14 yd truck.
Backhoe & Dozer work.
Just for Ladies JESSE & BEVERLY’S
Mowing, cleanup,
This paper was printed
in the basement of
Mobile Home Pads & Mossy Oak Mall • West Point landscaping, sodding, The Dispatch in
Driveways. 662-492-4221 • Mon.-Sat. & tree cutting. downtown Columbus.
662−497−1388 CHILDREN’S & LADIES’ CONSIGNMENT 662−356−6525