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Basketball season can be an extremely profitable time of the year if you know where and how to get
your basketball predictions. This article is an exploration of the various methodologies and tools that
can be accessed and utilized for this purpose.

First of all, there are the sports handicapping organizations. If you search Google, you will discover that
there are literally thousands of sports handicapping companies accessible via the worldwide web. If you
choose to hire a sports handicapper for your basketball picks, there are two things you want to look at:
how much do they charge, and what is their winning percentage over the past two or three basketball

The cost is easy to find. Usually you can purchase packages ranging from one single game up to the
entire basketball season and everything in between. Finding their long term record may require some
research. In fact you may have to ask them directly through their support system. Any handicapping
organization that is unwilling to provide proof of winning percentages should probably be avoided.

Once the picks costs and winning percentage are known, you can add in your average wager amount to
determine if purchasing a basketball picks package from the particular handicapping organization is
likely to be a profitable venture for you or not.

The alternative to employing a sports handicapping organization is obtaining a circumstance dependent

prediction system. The premise behind prediction systems is that based on historical data, when a
particular set of circumstances exists in a basketball game, the outcome is relatively predictable.

To put it into perspective, most sports handicappers will release several plays every day and a great
handicapper will win 60% of his plays; 55% to 57% is more likely. When you factor in the cost of paying
the handicappers for their picks, turning a profit becomes difficult.

By comparison, prediction systems are likely to win at a rate of 90% or higher over the course of a
basketball season, while costing only a fraction of what a handicapper charges. The downside of
prediction systems for hardcore gamblers is that because the systems are circumstantially based, there
may only be 2 or 3 plays per week.

The bottom line is this: if you need to gamble every day and you aren't that concerned about making
money, a handicapper is probably the best choice.

On the other hand, if you are content with 2 or 3 plays per week and are in it for the financial profit,
then prediction systems are probably the best tool for making your basketball predictions.

This article was written by the owner of Basketball Predictions, an organization dedicated to providing
hard factual information about sports handicapping systems.