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Sub Notes

Thank you for subbing for me today. I’ve structured the lessons to be more student-driven today, so hopefully, you will
have an easy time of it,

English 9
Students should be in the library during this period. They are to add the following elements of their paper to their drafts:
 How your problem is similar to other problems (why certain things never get solved, or are allowed to get worse)
 Why previous solutions failed, or were never tried.
 How this problem could continue to affect people in the future.

They may use the internet to research these issues, of course, but warn them against plagiarism, as it results in an
automatic failing grade on the assignment.

Yesterday, we went over the ideas behind black markets, and how they are affected by supply and demand. Students
should write a reflection piece in essay form, detailing the following (1 paragraph per bullet point):
 Why black markets come into being.
 What a prohibition is and why the government uses them.
 Why prohibitions are damaging to any economy.
 Why some prohibitions may be marginally better for society than an unrestricted market. Provide at least one
 If they think that the existence of black markets are marginally better for the economy than an unrestricted market
and explain their reasoning.
 If there are some black markets that are good for society, and to explain their reasoning.

English 11
We looked at propaganda and nostalgia yesterday, and how it can be used to affect emotion and mood.

Show the class the following videos:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vLrTNKk89Q (“Education for Death” by Disney – WW2)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upXhM4r7INw (“Our enemy, the Japanese” – WW2)

Have them detail what the message of each piece is, and how each one uses fear, hate, or anger to promote dehumanization.

Finally, have them watch this video:


At the end, have them explain how techniques of nostalgia are being used to promote the lifestyle, even for people that never
grew up doing that time.

Students should be in the library, researching information on their speeches. Specifically, they should be looking for information
that would shock, surprise, or interest an audience. Have they put that information on slides in their PowerPoint file from
before, and save it for later use. By the end of the period, students should have at least 5 interesting facts on their topic.