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Final Grade Course.

Student’s Names: Students ID:

Luiyyi Espino 16-6321.

Marleny De La Rosa 15-0588.

Adriel Diaz 14-0503

Diorka Hernandez 16-3920


Module II task I.

Teacher’s Name:

Carlos Marte Grullon.


29/01/ 2020, Nagua , M.T.S.


Teaching is nowadays a true demanding activity due to the advance

in pedagogy and didactic and how these have contributed to
organize and to form teachers to have better educative plans. This
organization is visible in how educators have to plan a good class.
And this is the main idea of the work here is to speak and highlight
the importance of a good lesson plan, as it gives the teacher
guidelines and guidance so that he can achieve the proposed goals
for his students

Today is unacceptable to have teachers who do not have a plan to

follow. Improvising is good in some cases, but, when we refer to
education a lesson plan is indispensable. Not to have a plan can be
a waste of resources and time to the students who are going to
receive a big amount of information without any use. The purpose is
not only to have a plan, though; this must be interesting, dynamic
and productive. That’s why we want to emphasize the use of
technics such as a good warm-up.

Module 2 Writing Project.

Think of a theme, such as family, money, friendship or travel. Write

a lesson objective for that theme, and create a warm-up activity and
objective discussion. Remember a good warm-up activity stimulates
recall of prior learning, introduces new ideas and connects them to
prior learning. Fill out the "lesson objectives" and "warm-up and
objective discussion" sections of the lesson plan template and save
it for later. You will submit the complete lesson plan template later
on in this course. In the "My Submission" box, copy and paste the
text of your lesson objectives, and your warm-up and objective
discussion to submit for this peer-review assignment. If you need
help, look at the sample lesson plans in this module and ask for help
in the discussion boards.

Lesson Plan

Business/Materials Lesson Objectives

Family trees (papers) Students will be able to describe their
Pc family members.
Speakers Students will be able to describe
Data show people using adjectives.
Warm-up and Objective Discussion
The class will be separated in groups, and each one of them will have
a family tree with only one persona titled. They will have to complete
the tree with the rest of the family members. A time will be set up, the
first team to finish or the one who has more members correctly wins.

Finally, ask the students to compare their work and judge their
partners work.
Instruct and Model

Play a video where people describe their family.

Ask the students which words where used to describe the family

List of adjectives to describe appearance and personality of people

and practice them with the students.

Show pictures and ask the students which are their main

Ask the students which members of their family have these

Guided Practice
Divide the students in pairs and ask them to draw a family tree of
his/her partner’s family and write an appearance and personality
characteristic for every member.
Independent Practice

Ask the students to introduce 2 family members and describe them.


The family will be used for a biography that every student has to


The didactic activities are an important support tool in the teaching-learning

process since they allow for an interaction between the teacher and the

These activities allow students to participate and put into practice the
knowledge acquired, achieving that significant learning is generated.

We think that is important to start each lesson in personal relationships with our
students, where they can express their experiences, also their ideas and
connect them with the material of the course.