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Meriam Pelaco


- refers to all persons - refers to all persons - they have almost the
1. Definition Of engaged in teaching at the engaged in teaching at the same definition of
Teacher elementary and secondary elementary and secondary teacher.
levels, whether on a full- levels, whether on a full- RA7836, made the
time or part-time basis, time or part-time basis, definition of teachers
including guidance including guidance brief.
counselors, school counselors, school
librarians, industrial arts or librarians, industrial arts or
vocational teachers and all vocational teachers and all
other persons performing other persons performing
supervisory and/or supervisory and/or
administrative functions in administrative functions in
all schools in the aforesaid all schools in the aforesaid
levels and legally qualified levels and legally qualified
to practice teaching under to practice teaching under
this Decree. this Decree. Refers to all
persons engaged in
teaching at the elementary
and secondary levels,
whether on full-time or
part- timebasis, including
industrial arts or vocational
teachers and all other
persons performing
supervisory and/or
administrative functions in
all schools in the aforesaid
levels and qualified to
practice teaching under this
a. Scope of The examination shall The examinations for the In P.D. 1006,
Examination consist of written tests, the elementary and secondary examinations for both
scope of which shall be school teachers shall be elementary and
determined by the Board, separate. The Secondary teachers were
taking into consideration Examination for teachers in composed of written
the the elementary level tests and the scope was
teaching plan of the shall consist of two (2) not clearly stated while
schools legally constituted parts, namely: professional in R.A.
in the education and general 7836,the examination for
Philippines. education. The examination teachers in the
for teachers in the elementary level shall
secondary level shall consist consist of two (2) parts,
of three (3) parts, namely: namely: professional
professional education, education and general
general education, and field education and the
of specialization. Examination for teachers
in the secondary level
shall consist of three (3)
parts, namely:
professional education,
general education, and
field of specialization.
b) Qualifica-tion No applicant shall be No applicant shall be In P.D. 1006 Elementary
Require-ments admitted to take the admitted to take the Education, a teacher who
for examination unless, on the examination unless, on the holds a Bachelor's degree
Examinees date of filing of the date of filing of the in Elementary Education
application, he shall have application, he shall have (B.S.E.Ed.) or its
complied with the complied with the following equivalent can teach
following requirements: requirements: kindergarten and a
(a) Except those who have (a) A citizen of the elementary grades but in
been engaged in teaching Philippines or an alien RA7836, teachers in
as herein defined for at whose country has preschool must be a
least five years in schools in reciprocity with the graduate of bachelor's
the Philippines not Philippines in the practice degree in early childhood
organized exclusively for of the teaching profession; education (BECED) or its
nationals of a foreign (b) Atleast eighteen (18) equivalent and for
country at the time of the years of age; teachers in the
effectivity of this Decree, (c) In good health elementary grades, a
the applicant must be a and of good reputation with holder of a bachelor's
citizen of the Philippines; high moral values; degree in elementary
(b) That he is of good moral (d) Has not been convicted education (BSEED) or its
character; by final judgment by a court equivalent. On the other
(c) That he is free from any for an offense involving hand in P.D. 1006, a
physical and/or mental moral turpitude; holder of Bachelor's
defect which will (e) A graduate of a school, degree in Education or its
incapacitate him to render college or university equivalent with a major
efficient service; and recognized by the and minor, or a
(d) that he possesses the government and possesses Bachelor's degree in Arts
following minimum the minimum educational or Sciences can teach in
educational qualifications qualifications, as follows: the secondary schools
1) For teachers in the (1) For teachers in with at least eighteen
kindergarten and preschool, a bachelor's units in professional
elementary grades, degree in early childhood education but in R.A.
Bachelor's degree in education 7836, atleast 10 units in
Elementary Education (BECED) or its equivalent; professional education is
(B.S.E.Ed.) or its equivalent; (2) For teachers in the required courses, a
2) For teachers of the elementary grades, a bachelor's degree in the
secondary schools, teacher who holds a field of specialization or
Bachelor's degree in bachelor's degree in its equivalent, with at
Education or its equivalent Elementary Education least eighteen (18) units
with a major and minor, or (BSEED) or its equivalent; in professional
a Bachelor's degree in Arts (3) For teachers in the education.
or Sciences with at least secondary grades, a
eighteen units in bachelor's degree in
professional education; education or its equivalent
and with a major and minor, or
3) For teachers of a bachelor's degree in arts
secondary vocational and and sciences with at least
two-year technical courses, ten(10) units in professional
Bachelor's degree in the education; and
field of specialization with (4) For teachers of
atleast eighteen units in vocational and two-year
professional education. technical. The qualification
requirements for
examinees in the P.D. 1006
and R.A. 7836 are almost
the same. However, there
was a revision on the
qualification of teachers in
Elementary and Secondary
c) Rating Obtained a general average The rating was not inscribed In P.D.1006, in order that
of at least 70 per cent in all in this act. a candidate may be
subjects, with no rating deemed to have
below 50 per cent in any successfully passed the
subject. examinations, he must
have obtained a general
average of atleast 70 per
cent in all subjects, with
no rating below 50
Per cent in any subject.
But in R.A.7836, the
rating was not in scribed
in the act.

d) Report of 150 days after the last day 120 days after the The report of results in
Results of the examination examination P.D. 1006 is 150 days
after the last day of exam
while in
RA7826, it takes only 120
days to reveal the result.

3. National (NBT) was directly under The Board for Professional The promulgation of
Board for the Teachers is collegial body Presidential Decree No.
Teachers Supervision of the Civil under the general 1006 on September 22,
Service Commission. The supervision and 1976 formally organized
NBT was the first board to administrative control of the National Board for
exercise regulatory the Professional Regulation Teachers (NBT). Directly
exercise over the teaching Commission. The regulation under the supervision of
profession. and licensing of teachers the Civil Service
was transferred to the PRC Commission, the NBT
through the enactment of was the first board to
Republic Act No. 7836. exercise regulatory
exercise over the
teaching profession. On
December 16, 1994 the
regulation and licensing
of teachers was
transferred to the PRC
through the enactment
of Republic Act No.7836,
otherwise known as “The
Philippine Teachers
Professionalization Act of
1994.” The law provided
for the
professionalization of
teaching under the aegis
of the PRC

4.The Board for