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Undoubtedly, Steve Jobs is a
great inspiration for all of us; he was a
key for the development and
advancement in the life of
technology. His creations have
upgraded the paths of technology
into a huge step, revolutionizing it.
Steve Jobs’ creation of Apple
along his partner Stephen Wozniak
was unpredictable due to
insufficiency of resources and money
to publish his creations world-widely
which made him to follow the paths of
his dream and turn it into reality.

Chapter 1
Steve Jobs was born on February
24, 1955 in San Francisco, California.
His parents who are “Joanne
Schieble” and “Abdulfattah Jandali”
has placed him up for adoption, later
on Steve was adopted by Paul and
Clara Jobs who happen to be a lower
Steve Jobs grew in a
neighborhood full of electronic
engineers who happen to work in their
garages most of the time. When Steve
reached thirteen years old, he met
someone who definitely changed his
life 180 degrees, the eighteen years

old teenager is Stephen Wozniak. He
used to be into electronics as well.
When Steve reached eighteen
years old, eligible to enter college, he
informed his parents that he has
intentions to enroll into Reed College,
which happened to be a bit
expensive for his parents, however,
they had promised Steve’s unwed
biological parents that he’ll get a
college education. After exactly one
year in college, turned out that Steve
had another interests, and he left his
college, his attentiveness thoughts
towards Eastern Philosophy, fruitarian
diets and LSD.

Months passing and he returns to
California searching for an
occupation, he got an opportunity to
work for the Atari Corporation as a
designer for video games in 1974.
Steve later succeeded to save
sufficient money to go on a campaign
trip to India, to experience Buddhism.

Chapter 2
Autumn of 1974, Steve
reconnected with his old friend,
Stephen Wozniak who they both had
similar interests, Stephen was at that
time working for the Hewlett-Packard
company which is currently well-
known as (hp). Later on, Stephen

informed Jobs that Hewlett-Packard
turned down his own computer logic
board idea. Therefore, Steve brought
up the idea of starting their business
together as he noticed Wozniak’s
intelligence and he knew what was
Stephen capable of and how
software hobbyists will be amazed, so
he wanted to implement and turn
Wozniak’s creations and intelligence
into a real thing that pays off his hard
work. In 1976, Jobs sold his Volkswagen
minibus so did Wozniak sell his
programmable calculator to obtain
enough money to start building the
“Apple I” A.K.A The Logic Board. It was
built in Steve’s family garage. And
finally after a few months, the Apple

computer was finally created on April
1 of 1976.

The following months witnessed

success for Wozniak and Jobs as Steve
would assemble boards of Apple I and
distribute them in exchange for cash
to independent computer dealers

around their neighborhood which
raised their hopes up.

Chapter 3
Wozniak had already started
working on Apple II after the success
of the first computer thanks to Steve’s
distribution among the computer
dealers. Steve Jobs started to seek
growth of their small company and he
moved further onto the next step,
convincing former Intel executive
“Mike Markkula” who invested a total
of $250,000, and in exchange for his
investment he obtained 30% of the
company’s assets. Markkula had high
hopes for the both young intelligent-

minded Stephen Wozniak and Steve
Jobs; he told them that they may
reach Fortune 500 in less than two
years if they continued on the same
path of success.