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15CIVL11C- 15CEM11C Research and Communication Skills S2 – (2015/2016)

The British University in Egypt

Faculty of Engineering

Assignment # 1
(10% of Total marks)

 Description of the problems you noticed and how they are not adhering to the specifications.
 Development of arguments for your case.
 Use of reference source in justifying your claims. You are not expected to provide quotes
from the document, but should make specific reference to relevant sections.
 Style of English adopted and grammar together with structure and tone of either the
memorandum or letter.

 Your document must be typed on the computer using Microsoft Word and using appropriate
headed papers.
 If any names or addresses are to be assumed (if you think they are missing and need to be
assumed), use your name and BUE address.

Deadline is Week-5 and no late submissions will be accepted.

Question1: (50%)

A letter should be produced on the provided headed paper. The letter will be addressed to the Prime
Contractor. This letter should indicate the problems you have noticed on site and show that they do
not adhere to the specifications used for this project (specifications posted on the e-learning). Indicate
the section numbers from the specifications must be also in your letter for each rejected item. Finally,
confirm that the contractor needs to take actions considering your findings and to follow the
specifications of the project as it may cause serious problems on the long-term. Information provided
within the letter should be sufficiently detailed and comprehensive, and the letter must be two pages
minimum (single-spaced).

As a qualified engineer, you decided to work at international consultant company by the name
Technical consulting bureau (TCB). In your site visit, you have visited a site for new mega mall in
new Cairo. The mall structural beams and columns were designed based on the British code of
practice 8110 of 1997 provided on the E-learning. As you arrive at the site and after the investigations
and revising the required documents, you noticed the following:
 Lapping of continues steel bars (tension or compression) are taken 100 mm for all diameters
for beams, slabs, and columns.
 For the exterior and interior concrete beams, columns and slabs, a 10 mm concrete cover is
being used.

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15CIVL11C- 15CEM11C Research and Communication Skills S2 – (2015/2016)

 Anchorage length of the bars embedded in concrete is taken 100 mm for all bar diameters
while design documents ask for 40 times the diameter of the bar.
 Damage steel is be used as reinforcement for beams and slabs.
 No butting tightly or taping the ends is conducted, if more than one strip is used within a
movement joint.
 A concrete precast beam of 5 m span supported on concrete columns was constructed 20 mm
 A concrete precast beam of 5 m span supported on steel columns was constructed 20 mm off.
 No compaction was provided during concrete placing, but water is added to concrete while
creating the finishing surface.
 Significant time lag in concrete placing after mixing was often.
 Reinforcement was displaced during placing.

Question2: (50%)

A memorandum (Memo) is to be produced to the Resident Engineer on the pro-forma company paper
attached. It must be limited to a single page but should comprise three paragraphs justifying your
decision on why works should stop immediately at the project until safety requirements are satisfied.
Justification should be addressed by referring to the UK regulation document provided: Construction
(Design and Management) Regulations of 2007 (which is uploaded on the e learning). Note that the
first paragraph in your memo should indicate your field visit findings; the second paragraph should
indicate the recommendation regarding immediate work stop at the site; and the third should provide
solutions for the safely issues according to the UK regulations. While working as a site engineer for
the contracting company “ORASCOM limited”, your chief engineer appointed you to a villa site, 7th
street, 2nd phase, El-Shorouk city, Cairo, Egypt. You have noticed the following on your arrival to
the site:
 Large piles of garbage are left lying around everywhere in the site.
 No signs, awareness sessions, or equipments regarding safety are provided for the workers
during construction.
 Lighting source after sunset is not sufficient.
 No fire detection, alarm system, or fire-fighting equipment provided on site.
 The emergency routes are blocked with obstructions and there is no signs showing the
emergency routes and exits.

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