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Wilmington Bulk LLC

Wilmington Bulk LLC and the North Carolina

State Ports Authority entered into a joint
venture to build a grain transshipment facility at
the Port of Wilmington. The facility is based on
EMS-Tech’s Circ-A-Bin storage system capable
of storing approximately 2 million bushels of
grain. Acting as the primary contractor, EMS-
Tech designed, built and commissioned the
system with completion in the fall of 2002. The
system comprises two travelling hoppers, and
eleven conveyors to receive, store and load the
grain into trucks.
The system is based on GE Fanuc 90-30 PLC
with GE Versamax remote I/O drops. The drops
communicate with the main PLC via Genius bus.
ABB variable frequency drives and Benshaw
soft-starters were installed integral with the
SquareD motor control centers based on EMS-
Tech design. The entire system is controlled
and monitored from a PC based central operator
station located in the facilities site office.
Remote CCTV cameras allow a single operator to
load trucks from the site office where weighing
and ticketing are also performed. Grain handling necessitated design, equipment
and installation suitable for Class II, Division 1
and 2, Group G hazardous locations. The
system was designed to meet NEC, local and
State Port rules and regulations. The installed
system passed inspection without change.
In coordination with our mechanical group,
EMS-Tech Inc. provided a comprehensive
electrical engineering package for this project,
including detailed control and power design,
hazardous area classification, complete electrical
drawing sets, PLC and HMI programming,
electrical equipment procurement, pre-delivery
equipment inspections, site installation
supervision and commissioning. This project was
successfully commissioned in the fall of 2002.
Remote internet access to the control system
from our offices provides full customer support.

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