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Approved by: Lt Ames, Date: 0270872000 ‘Nam ely Rilinan ae 28 Cityrtownvitage | Oak Lawn state: | [Dates | 02/05/20 Uninspected Mator vehicle charge Operating Vehicle While Registrations Suspended or | Time: | 9:26AM Revoked Market sveet Potsdam Town Court, February 29%, 2020 1000 AM “he above listed subject was sued 2 Uniform Traffic Tickets afer patrol observed a vehicle traveling on Market treet with an expired NYS inspection iccaoal sticker displayed onthe front windshield. traffic stop on Market Street also revealed that the vehicle had a suspended registration. ‘Name: ‘Sean M.Tierson ‘Age 2 CiyrTownvitage | Potsdam sar] wy [Date: | 02/05/20 ‘Charge: No/inadequate Stop Lamps Time: | 20:56PM Main treet Potsdam Town Cour, February 19°, 2020 10-00 AM "The above listed subject was issued a Uniform Traffic Ticket afer patrol observed subject traveling on Main Street with no stop lam. (0020 Trafic Stop on Munson Steet (0421 Potsdam Reseue dispatched to acall (854 Accident on Leroy Steet 0926 Traffic Stop on Market Street 0929 Handicap Parking Permit at 38 Main Street 0956 Found Property at 38 Main Steet 1012 Potsdam Rescue dispatched toa call 1016 Records Check at 38 Main Stest Page of2 1042 ust 1205 1459 1si8 12a 1908 2037 2108 2109 2158 220 2256 2356 Potsdam Rescue dispatched 0 call Records Check a 38 Main Stet Records Check at 38 Main Stet Harassment at 38 Main Stroet Potsdam Reseve dispatched toa call Suicide Artempt on Sandstone Drive Accident on Grant Strest ‘Trafic Stop on Market Street “Traffic Stop on Elm Steet ‘Assist Other Law Enforcement on Maple Srest Trafic Stop on Leroy Stet Tralfie Stop on Main Steet Trafic Stop on Maple Street “Taaffe Stop on Piemepont Avenve Trafic Stop on Maple Steet, Page 20f2