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India perfumes and deodorants market stood at over $ 970 million in 2019

Founder - Darshan Patel (Vini cosmetics).

VINI COSMETIC PVT LTD was establish in 2009 by Darshan Patel

80% share is from Fogg in overall revenue of the Vini cosmetics.

Fogg was finally launched in end-2011 with the tagline Bina gas wala spray (deodorant without gas). The
market response was overwhelming. Media reports, quoting Nielsen data, have said that Fog is now the
leader in the deodorant market with a 12 percent share. And in six years since the launch of Fogg the
market for deodorants in India has expanded four times to Rs 3,600 crore from Rs 900 crore earlier.


20% market share. One of the top selling brand.

Marketing strategy and its successes

Quality of the product-

Fogg came in the Indian market giving a huge shock and came with a lot of promises. The main attraction
of Fogg Deodorant is that it lasts longer compared to other deodorants in the consumer market. Fogg
guaranteed at least eight hundred sprays per single bottle, which caused a huge stir in the market and
encouraged the customers to buy their products. Fogg came into being when the deodorant market
contained products that were similar to each other. Fogg became a revolutionary product that was liquid
based instead of typical gas-based deodorants in the market. Fogg promises that their products are best
in their quality, as it undergoes dermatological testing, therefore the consumers are assured of no side


Fogg understood the market of deodorants, the Indian market has a variety of customers, but to push
the sale of their products they had to price their products reasonably. The main target of Fogg was the
middle-class Indians who would like to invest in their products but at a cost-effective price point. The
prices were initially started from rupees hundred and twenty for a bottle of Fogg perfumed deodorant.
This move was extremely successful because their prices were more or less similar to that of the other
rival brands. Now Fogg has even come up with the idea of pocket perfumes which costs only sixty. This
marketing strategy became a successful one and now Fogg is the top-selling deodorant brand in India.

Distribution of Fogg in the market–

Fogg is an Indian brand and it is present in and around India. Fogg is very easily available to its
customers. They don’t have their stores around India but they have a strong and widespread network for
distributing its products easily found in the Indian market. Fogg takes the help of its parent company
Vinni group which already has an established and powerful distribution channel.

Fogg’s one of the most important marketing strategies is advertising its products and making it familiar
to the customers. Fogg took the help of different media, print, digital, electronic and visual media in
newspapers, magazines, hoardings, billboards, television channels, radio, and promotions on
wheels.Fogg even campaigned on a various social media platform and its products are advertised via its
website, Twitter Handel, YouTube and Facebook page. ‘Kya Chal Raha hai, Fogg Chal Raha Hai’ and ‘No
Gas, Only Perfume’ these taglines became extremely famous among the customers.

The Main USP of Fogg Deodorant is that it lasts longer compared to other deodorants in the consumer

Fogg Deodorant has adopted a penetration pricing policy.

Tagline - Body Spray without gas.