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Somila International school follows CBSE pattern, Using English as the medium of instruction, the
entire establishment works only with wholesome education. The school advocates the system of
integrated curriculum taught across using different methods. Activities project works, presentations,
educational trips are an indispensable parts of our curriculum so that the concept formation is strong
and lasting. The syllabi is prescribed by CBSE.
Subjects Term 1 (100 Marks) Term 2 (100 Marks)
st st
(1 Half of the session) (1 Half of the session)
20 Marks periodic assessment + 80 20 Marks periodic assessment + 80
Marks for Half Yearly Exam Marks for Yearly Exam
Language-1 PA 20 Marks Half Yearly Exam PA 20 Marks Half Yearly Exam
Language-2 Periodic Test 10 Written Exam for Periodic Test 10 Written exam for
Marked with 80 Marks with Marks with 80 marks with
Language-3 Syllabus covered syllabus covered syllabus covered syllabus coverage
till Announcement till announcement till announcement as below :
Mathematics of test dates by of Half Yearly of test dates by Class VI : 10% of
school Exam date by school 1 term covering
Science school. significant topics +
Notebook Notebook entire syllabus of
Social Science submission 5 submission 5 2 term
Marks at term end Marks at term end Class VII: 20% of
Any Other Subject 1 term covering
Subject Subject significant topics +
Enrichment 5 Enrichment 5 entire syllabus of
Marks at term end Marks at term end 2 term
Class VIII: 30% of
1 term covering
significant topics +
entire syllabus of
2 term

Grading Scale for Scholastic Areas

(School will award grades as per the following grading scale)
Marks Range Grade
91-100 A1
81-90 A2
71-80 B1
61-70 B2
51-60 C1
41-50 C2
33-40 D
32 & Below E (Needs Improvement)