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Corporate Social Responsibility

Q1. Choose any ONE listed company from NSE top 500 and go through its CSR
Report (found in annual report under Board Report) for TWO years, 2016-17 and
2017-18, and answer the following;- Select all projects/initiatives reported by the
company that fall under Swachh Bharat Campaign and National Skill Development
Mission for the 2 financial years. Collate and analyses the investment made by the
company, the outcome and impact on the beneficiaries over these two years providing
quantitative data to support the positive impacts reported. You can also include data/
information about these projects/initiatives from the company’s website and
sustainability report if available.


A principal resolution of our CSR approach is that we should connect with frameworks
proximate to wherever we have fundamental operational closeness on the planet. We work
with mistreated frameworks. Our work is involved through HDFC, an interesting trust that
depends upon the working model of agent obligations encouraged by HDFC Ltd. Our work
explores essential restorative organizations, direction, nature and fiasco recovery. Of these,
we have formally spoken about our work on framework planning in a prior segment above.
We articulate our movement on different estimations.


Our work is facilitated through HDFC, a novel trust that depends after working model of
operator obligation formed by HDFC Ltd. The work crosses following zones:

Catastrophe Rehabilitation: Natural debacles like seismic tremors, floods and cyclonic
tempests are a troubling unavoidable truth, particularly in a climatically and geologically
extraordinary nation like India. At whatever point these occur, the bothered sections get
affected the most as the feasibly delicate reason of their organizations gets in addition
angry. Beginning with the Gujarat seismic tremor in 2002, we have reacted to several
trademark fiascos wherein HDFC's workers have moreover met the present test and
anticipated a sterling occupation. By plan, we base on the more tricky preliminary of entire
arrangement reconstructing of the affected frameworks. Amid 2017-18, 'Unagi' the
recovery experience that we had started in Uttarakhand in the repercussions of the floods
there in 2013 has advanced to a pushed stage with the ranchers' wonderful getting all the
administrative and consistence fundamentals to make and sell respect included things from
home produces. In 2013 when we began, our sweeping goal was to brace near to jobs of
frameworks in 22 towns in the Uttarkashi zone. While we think there is far to go in such
manner, our evaluation is that the program is at a phase now where the essential institutional
stage is set up and it will all in all be developed appropriately, continuing.

Direction: Education is essential to the point that it is gigantic to concentrate on different

inspirations driving effect. While fundamental changes will keep being a colossal region
for us, we in addition have a gigantic program that is gotten ready for progressively clear
effect on persecuted young people. Experience HDFC, the expert kept up trust of HDFC,
Corporate Social Responsibility
the program stretched around 70000 young people crosswise over in excess of eight states
. The assignments address an extent of key issues looked by ruined frameworks concerning
class getting ready – beginning from enrolment in schools to sustenance for teenagers,
planning associations for guardians, retouching direction, just to give a couple of points of
reference. These young people are from probably the most helpless get-togethers in our
general populace – urban ghettos, HIV-influenced families, transient work families, road

Getting ready for Children with Disability: We keep fortifying our program which bolsters
the educational and rehabilitative needs of young people with deficiencies from abused
foundations through 14 grows crosswise over more than six discusses that works with
around 2,600 kids. Going past fundamentally instructing, our system endeavors to merge
connecting with factors like accessibility of sustenance, compose support, strikingly
orchestrated teachers, assistive progression, access to human workplaces. Our work in this
space covers various courses of action of crippling and spotlights on early intervention and
complete getting ready. care associations to underserved frameworks covering in excess of
40,000 individuals having a spot with agitated frameworks in Nagaland, Karnataka and
Maharashtra. Our work in these states is in remote, far off towns where social security get
to has been powerless or non-existent till now. Our working strategy is driven by the basic
goals of structure the limit of the zone orchestrate in dealing with their thriving needs, of
extending government foundation and in arranging flourishing experts to address the
emerge prerequisites of the frameworks.

Framework Ecology: Support regular undertakings that have direct ideal position for
persecuted frameworks including yet not constrained to agroforestry, groundwater
recuperation, squander the chairmen, lake reproducing, etc.

Participatory Ground Water Management Program

Over the most recent three years, the program has endeavored to investigate the issues of
ground water in a 35 sq. Km zone around our corporate head-quarters in Bengaluru – a
zone that is reliant on ground water for its needs and which is usually unregulated. This is
illustrative of different quickly making urban and peri urban domains in India; in Bengaluru
itself around 40% of its water needs is met by ground water. Our system was to utilize a
science based way to deal with oversee welcome the hydrogeology of the area and draw in
composes through different stages (occupant science, support, help of mediations).

Freshwater reusing and feasibility

The per pro water use for the separating year is 900 liters for reliably when showed up
distinctively in connection to 2116 liters in 2016-17, an improvement of around 13.5% with
a dimension out reduction of around 180 million liters of freshwater. Our full scale
freshwater use is 1,620 million liters and we reuse 1,045 million liters of water in 27 of our
real districts (1,200 million liters in 2016-17) utilizing Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs)
and ultra-filtration units. Reused water tends to 41% of the all out water (earlier year at
40%). The extent of reused water as an element of freshwater evacuated is around 59%, up
from 62.7% in 2016-1. This improvement in sufficiency is an immediate consequence of
Corporate Social Responsibility
the social occasion of ultra-filtration and RO experiences for STP treated water at three our
massive locales. In the following year (2018-19) we will commission three additional


During the year 2017-18, your Company's outside exchange salary were '3,91,807 million
and remote exchange outgoings were '2,07,831 million as against '4,04,000 million of
outside exchange benefit and '2,12,910 million of outside exchange outgoings for the cash
related year 2017-18.

Q2. Choose any ONE listed company from NSE top 500 (different company from a
different sector than that selected for Q1 above). Go through its Business
Responsibility Report 2017-18, Section E that has reporting/disclosures on “Principle
6: Business should respect, protect, and make efforts to restore the environment”.
Identify and list the focus areas chosen by the company and the initiatives under these
focus areas. Collate and present both the qualitative and quantitative information on
all the identified initiatives under principle 6 to showcase their outcomes and their
impacts. You will need to visit the company website, Annexure E (Energy
Conservation) under Board Report as well as its sustainability report, if available.
Conclude the answer by providing your analysis of the disclosed data.



The essentialness of a business' activity in making money related regard is a well-

recognized perspective. Regardless, the widely inclusive activity of the business to manage
its regular and social impacts is grabbing vitality.

Among Indian corporate, RIL is one of the indications of complete advancement with its
significant built up judiciousness of improvement as a comprehensive thought that contacts
all pieces of life. The Company's vision is to make a motivating force for the nation,
overhaul individual fulfillment over the entire money related range, and help start India as
an overall trend-setter in the spaces where it works. This shows in the Company's core
value; Customer Value, Ownership Mindset, Respect, Integrity, One Team and


Corporate Social Responsibility Philosophy:-

1.In development, RIL impacts lives particularly of a couple of a few thousand oppressed
people through our CSR works out.
Corporate Social Responsibility
2. RIL hopes to continue with its duty to the overall population through its motivation that
tends to the issues of countless people, updating their lives through human administrations,
improving nature of living by giving preparing and enabling occupations by making
business openings through the going with:

a) For the Business-regard made for the overall population through business (checking
work age, exhibit improvement, making openings, etc.)

b) By the Business-regard made through CSR exercises across over different working
workplaces with appropriate linkages to adjacent systems in which they work.

c) Beyond Business-regard made through intercessions for the systems in arranged

geologies transversely over India.

3. RIL has been locked in with various Social Responsibility exercises in the succession
of the last numerous years. These undertakings have liberally improved the idea of lives
of people through restorative administrations, guidance, occupations and system
progression exercises, making their living foundation fundamentally better. These
activities are spread transversely over India and accomplish well past our business regions
influencing the lives of limited systems.

4. To give main thrust to various Social Responsibility practices over the get-together,
Reliance Foundation (RF) was set up in 2010. Driven by Smt. Nita M Ambani, RF has a
thorough philosophy towards progression with a general hope to make and reinforce
noteworthy and imaginative activities that address a segment of India's most pressing
improvement challenges, with the purpose of enabling lives, living and livelihood for a
more grounded and exhaustive India. Most CSR practices inside RIL are done under the
umbrella of Reliance Foundation.

5. The key rationale of all CSR exercises of RIL is guided by three focus duties of





6. Conscious business decisions by the social affair have clearly and by suggestion made
a motivating force for

different accomplices and helped in improving presences of the all inclusive community.
RIL has reliably taken confidence in making societal motivating force by giving moderate
things and organizations which have supported the advancement of huge endeavors. Over
the total of its zones of exercises, there are regular linkages and interconnections with the
brief and whole deal societal impact.
Corporate Social Responsibility
7. An endeavor is made to ensure that all exercises endeavored by the social affair have an
influence on the beneficiaries in improving their lives. The exercises in like manner should
be replicable, versatile and reasonable on a whole deal premise.

Focus Areas of Engagement

For an association with improved associations like RIL, there are a couple of opportunities
to augment and create social impact at scale and produce a motivation for all. RIL
endeavors to purposely cement the association's CSR exercises to focus on discrete social
issues, all went for engaging lives, living and occupations. Owing to its long show of social
obligation, the estimation of sensible social impact at scale is instilled over the total.


To tackle a couple of enlightening exercises to give quality guidance, getting ready,

capacity improvement for improving the idea of living and business. Exercises are away

a) Promoting fundamental and helper preparing

b) Enabling propelled instruction through authenticity cum infers stipends, including for
differently abled the country over.

c) Using sports as a gadget for progression of understudies in both urban and nation settings

d) Promoting propelled instruction including setting up and supporting universities

e) Skill progression and expert getting ready

Nation Transformation:-

To advance toward associating the developmental gap between common 'Bharat' and urban
India by improving work, keeping an eye on poverty, longing and absence of sound
sustenance. Key exercises include:

a) Supporting Farm and non-farm occupations

b) Improving water insurance and storm water harvesting

c) Developing social order based exercises like VFAs and producer associations towards
structure point of confinement of the system and ensuring reasonability.

d) Using advancement towards passing on need based information for improving

individual fulfillment.


notwithstanding GRI and IR structures, the current year's Integrated Annual Report regards
the accompanying 12 systems:

 World Business Council for Sustainable Development's (WBCSD's) center zones,

Corporate Social Responsibility
 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol,
 Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) suggestions,
 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs),
 American Petroleum Institute/The International Petroleum Industry Environmental
Conservation Association (API/IPIECA),
 United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Principles,
 Business Responsibility Framework dependent on the standards of National
Voluntary Guidelines on Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibilities of
Business (NVG - SEE),

Q3. With the introduction of the Companies Act 2012, spending 2% of net profit on
CSR has become conditionally applicable to listed and non listed companies as per the
provision laid out under section 135. The company can deploy the CSR projects
themselves or through an implementing agency that fulfills all mandatory
requirements laid down.
a. As the new Lead, CSR Management Committee, explain what according to you are
the five critical challenges/ key factors that will influence and/or enhance working
with an implementing agency/ngo that you will have to address for achieving your
project objectives.

3 a Ans:-


Over and over, authorities have seen corporate social commitment (CSR) as essentially one
more wellspring of weight or passing winning design. In any case, as customers, agents,
and suppliers and society all the more widely place growing criticalness on CSR, a couple
of boss have started to accept a gander at it as an inventive opportunity to in a general sense
fortify their associations while adding to society meanwhile. They consider CSR to be
central to their general methodology, helping them to imaginatively address key business


The possibility of CSR is bolstered by the likelihood that associations can never again go
about as bound fiscal substances working in division from increasingly broad society.
Customary points of view about power, survival and profitability are being cleaned up.

On the probability that you should need to put the power of corporate social commitment
to work for you, by then consider the going with systems:

Dispatch strong and screen truly

When you have organized your CSR program you'll have to make care and complete your
drives enough, yet make sure to make advancing frameworks for checking how well these
exercises work. Colossal norms, sharp advancing, and trademarks that rustle up some fervor
Corporate Social Responsibility
can get your message out, anyway checking the program's success, and how well it systems
with your set up vital methodologies, are what genuinely count..

Consider your customers' needs and tendencies

Survey CSR programs concerning tending to your customers' needs, since you need them
to be prepared. Luckily most by far support moral vital methodologies. Customers need to
buy from and reinforce associations that are doing incredible on the planet.

Use CSR to update capacity selection

By practicing or executing programs that advance corporate social obligation, your

affiliation will pull in lively, trained, and skilled agents who regard your drives and
rationalities. Right when your affiliation is populated with people who handle and
incorporate themselves with your CSR program, and who really believe in its
characteristics, it is easier to impeccably fuse, keep up, and advance such ventures into
ordinary undertakings.

Develop a fantasy

Socially careful lead in business starts with a cognizance of your character and what you
acknowledge as an affiliation. Get some information about your middle feelings, your
business systems, and your model of accomplishment.


Planning organization structures that draw NGOs into overall scale common basic
reasoning, policymaking, and execution remains a critical overall test. Regular society has
much more to offer to intergovernmental shapes. The very realness of all-inclusive essential
authority may depend upon NGOs to ensure connectedness to the overall public's around
the world and substitute for authentic noticeable influence, which overall bodies, without
picked officials, need

3 b. Suggest viable and practical solutions to any two of these challenges that you will
present to your CSR Team.

Corporate social responsibility is feasible as it incorporates practices that can be kept up by
a relationship without conversely impacting the business improvement. CSR isn't just about
verifying nature, mulling over organic duty or having a reusing approach, it is connected
to considering the whole depiction of the association, from inside systems to the clients,
making in each walk that a business takes during ordinary errands and for its sound
Corporate Social Responsibility
Issues and Challenges

The prime inspiration driving joining CSR in corporate business is to make the corporate
business practices similarly as the corporate culture both handy in three unique ways:
money related, social and biological. Giving proportionate proportion of thought to all the
three estimations, yet various associations trust that corporate social obligation is a much
outside bit of their business, while most trust it to be an unessential issue for their business
as satisfying their customers/clients is dynamically huge for them. It is also felt that shopper
steadfastness is just about expense and organization yet concentrating on simply these
pieces of business makes them astonish fallen towards other noteworthy changes happening
worldwide that could pulverize the business. The change is named as social commitment
which is an open entryway for the business.
A bit of the drivers driving business towards CSR include:
Inefficiency of the Government
Previously, governments have depended just on institution and rule to pass on social and
normal focuses in the business section which has prompted certain failed exercises.
Solicitations for Greater Disclosure
There is a creating enthusiasm for corporate presentation from accomplices, including
customers, suppliers, delegates, systems, monetary experts, and fanatic affiliations.
The possibility of corporate social commitment is as of now steadily settled far and wide
as a marketable strategy. Regardless, to move from theory to strong action, various
hindrances ought to be endure. The positives of a CSR action are that it can give an
affiliation both viewing supports similarly as authoritative capacity and moreover attract
helpful people to manage the exercises. In this way looking exercises by Corporate around
the world one feels that we can foresee more from them.