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1. What is importance of gating system? (2m)
2. What are the various reasons for casting defects? (2m)
3. Explain various defects in castings, their causes and remedies (5m)
4. What is the difference between casting and pattern (2m)
5. What are the desirable properties of moulding sand? Explain (5m)
6. Explain direct are furnace. (5m)
7. What are the various machines used for making sand mould? Explain?
8. What are various allowances considered in pattern making?
9. Explain the process of designing a gating system for sand casting process. (5m)
10. Explain the principle of working of induction furnace. (5m)
11. What is function of the riser in sand casting process? (2m)
12. Define freezing ratio and solidification time. (2m)
13. What is directional solidification? State various aids to achieve directional solidification?

1. What is the role of CO2 in CO2 process? (2m)
2. Which special casting process is used in making jewellery? Why?(2m)
3. Explain the principle and operation of centrifugal casting with applications. (5m)
4. Describe the process of shall moulding. What are the advantages and disadvantages? (5m)
5. Write a sort note on inspection and testing methods of casting. (5m)
6. Explain the principle and working of die casting process. (5m)
7. Explain thermoforming of plastics. (5m)
8. Describe injection moulding process. (5m)
9. Compare die casting process with sand casting process. (5m)

1. What is the principle of submerged arc welding? (2m)
2. What is the principle of plasma arc welding (2m)
3.State the differences between brazing & soldering. (2m)
4. What are the different types of flames in gas welding process? (2m)
5. Why do you need to maintain vacuum in EBW? (2m)
6.State the principle of SMAW. (2m)
7.Distinguish between TIG & MIG welding. (7m)
8.Write a short note on solid state welding with suitable example. (7m)
9.Write a short note on thermit welding. (7m)
10. What is an arc blow? (2m)

1.What is meant by weldability of a metal? (2m)
2. What is difference between blanking and punching? (2m)
3.What is principle of spinning? (2m)
4.What is spring back ad why is it a concern in bending? (2m)
5.Write a short note on stretch forming. (7m)
6.Write a short note on flow forming. ((7m)
7.Explain in detail the defects in welding. (7m)

1.Distinguish between hot working and cold working. (7m)
2.What are different types of roll stands? Explain. (7m)
3.Differentiate between extrusion and drawing. (7m)
4.Explain yield criteria. (7m)
5.Distinguish between upsetting and fullering. (2m)
6.Write a short note on forging process. (7m)
7.Write a short note on forging equipment. (7m)