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Statement of Purpose

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine”
–Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President at Gartner

I am writing this letter of motivation and statement of purpose in response to the Masters scholarship in
Big Data Management and Analytics Erasmus Mundus Masters Program. My name is Welemhret
Welay Baraki and I was born in Ethiopia, Tigray region. As a little son of poor farmer, I grew up
serving my family as a shepherded of camels and cattle. Enduring tremendous life challenges, I achieved
my goals solely on hard work and determination, then, due to my obedience, devotion and academic
intelligence I received dozens of prizes from my esteemed teachers and remained exemplary for the rest
of my community. Through course of time, I come to realize that what the revered African father of
freedom N.Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change
the world”.

I am the best fit to join to your master’s program in BDMA. My track record of academic and co-
curricular excellence has been consistent throughout all of my education. I was able to secure the
position of valedictorian for my first 12 years of education and my 5 years of college. This helped me
attend my studies at a special high-school and at the top ranking University in Ethiopia. My B.Sc. study
at Mekelle Institute of Technology bestowed upon me a comprehensive exposure to a wide range of
skills which will be crucial for my future career. My success in the Natural Science particularly in
Mathematics and Information Technology helped me easily get a scholarship to study at Mekelle
Institute of Technology, which is the only non-governmental and non-profit making higher institute in
Ethiopia, established with the aim of producing innovative and competent science and technology
professionals to emancipate our region Tigray and Ethiopia at large from destitution, backwardness, and
to attain rapid development through IT.

When I began my undergraduate study, I had the opportunity to expose myself to the full range of
Information Technology courses, all of which tended to reinforce and solidify computing interest which
is the heart of the current technology. Since my academic performance has been always on top of my
class, after undergraduate graduation, I immediately joined Adigrat University and I’m working as full-
time Lecturer and Software developer since September 11, 2014. I view my teaching responsibilities as
exciting opportunities to help students become inquisitive thinkers, insightful computer scientists and I
approach these responsibilities with enthusiasm and creativity. As a young instructor, I often teach my
student with highest work conduct and discipline. Having strong passion, I often keep on updating my
knowledge and research excellence by practicing and teaching the key courses of computer science and
IT specifically, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence.

Big-data Analytics have certainly revolutionized the way we conduct business. The multi-disciplinary
domain of Data science combines computer science with statistics, probability, business models, and
operations management skills. It will further provide an answer to the most complex business and
technical questions. Undoubtedly, Large-scale Data Analytics is poised to be the next big thing in the
future. So I believe that there is no time as the present to learn about it.

I have been fascinated by the upcoming technological field of Data Science and BDMA, since the time,
I worked as Business Intelligence Analyst in Friat-Selam on different data science projects. Most
importantly, my inspiration and interest for further study in the discipline of big data grew even more
after I did successful research projects on “Categorization and Classification of Real-state property”.
With an emphasis on experiential learning, an innovative and research-based curriculum and core
subjects like Big Data Management, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence and Scalable Data
Science, and this graduate program will provide me with the necessary edge to lead in this knowledge-
based industry.

To empower my experience and profession, I was taking many online courses from Cognitiveclass.ai,
Udacity and Ehacking Academy on data science, machine learning and ethical hacking courses. Since,
I am interested in Big-data, I am so enthusiastic to study with one of the renowned and experienced
professionals in your prestigious institute.

As a result, I wish to pursue Master’s Degree in BDMA with specialization of Large-scale Data
Analytics of becoming a researcher and entrepreneur in my country Ethiopia. I have strong interests in
the field of Big-data analytics which compel me to pursue further research in the area in Erasmus
Mundus program. My strong programming skill, excellence in mathematics and statistics will be best
utilized in the BDMA program that will make me an excellent candidate to your graduate program.

The purpose of my study in your graduate school will be on big-data researches to gain hands-on real-
world project learning experiences and conduct an in-depth investigation in the area and explore
opportunities. After graduation I will start my own technology company that mainly focuses on data
science and artificial intelligence to revolutionize and conduct research and development to put firm
milestone and make smarter business decisions to the current development of Ethiopia in particular and
Africa in general.

If you give me an opportunity in your master program, I am certain that I would be a valuable asset to
the Erasmus Mundus Masters program. In addition, I will serve my country back with the knowledge,
skill, experience I gained from my education. I firmly believe that my academic credentials, enthusiasm,
inspiration makes me strong candidate for this scholarship grant.

I certify and declare all the statements made above are correct to the best of my knowledge, skill,
intelligence and experience. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.
Sincerely Yours,
Welemhret Welay