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November 15 ,2011

Arch. Glen Malig

Unit II 747B C Raymundo Avenue
Pasig City
Telefax : 570-8151

May we inform you that you are selected to bid for the KURER RESIDENCE PROJECT.
Please pick-up the documents at the Archion Office today November 15 ,2011 not later than
The amount for the Bid Documents is Php 12,000.00 (Twelve Thousand Pesos) which
includes Architectural, Structural,Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical sets.

 Schedule


Invitation to Bid Issued Nov 15, 2011 01:00 PM Archion Office
thru Fax & Email
Issuance of Documents Nov 15, 2011 04:00 PM Archion Office
(for pick-up)

Deadline for Nov 22, 2011 11:00 AM Fax to Archion

RFI/Questions/Clarifications 817.07.92
Archion response to RFI Nov 25, 2011 02:00 PM Thru Fax/email
RFP Responses, Due Nov 30, 2011 11:30 AM Archion Office
Date and Time
Tentative Interview Date Dec 5, 2011 10:00 AM Archion Office
Tentative Pre-Award Dec 8, 2011 10:00 AM Archion Office
Clarification (Selected
Bidder Only)


 This RFP is by invitation only.

 Bidders should be aware that unforeseen circumstances may cause
Dr. Martin Kurer to delay the commencement of or cancel this project.
 By submitting a formal proposal to Dr. Kurer in response to this RFP,
the Bidder acknowledges and certifies that it has reviewed and
understands all the RFP information. The Bidder agrees to be bound
by the representations it has made in its proposal, which if awarded,
will become part of the contract documents.
 Compensation shall be in Lump sum and terms of payment shall be
subject to negotiation.
 The following will be required for this project:
 Performance Bond equivalent to 30% of Contract Price
 Contractor’s All-Risk Insurance Policy amount equivalent to
Contract Price
 Guarantee Bond equivalent to 10% of the actual project cost in
replacement to the 10% retention money to guarantee the works
done from defects that might occur with the project in the span of
one (1) year or 365 calendar days reckon from date of final
 Project shall be completed within eight (8) months construction

Due Date, Time Delivery Instructions

Proposals and bid documents must be submitted to ARCHION no

later than the date and time specified above. Fax proposals will not
be accepted. Proposals may be hand delivered to the Archion front
desk or sent to:

Archion Architects
Attention: Arch’t Dan Lichauco
G/F PIECO Bldg. 2242 Pasong Tamo
Makati City

Pre-Bid Meeting: It is the responsibility of the Bidder to prepare and

submit any questions regarding the RFP. Questions may be
submitted to Arch’t Dan Lichauco or Arch’t Reyvin Gerolaga in
advance of the pre-bid meeting. Attendance is mandatory. Please
limit attendees to no more than 2 personnel per firm. A summary of
significant clarifications and RFIs shall be communicated to all
Bidders by a bid addendum.
Format and number of copies of Proposals:

Two Completed sets of Paper Copies must be submitted using

the guidelines in this RFP. Itemize Bid per area e.g. Masters
Bedroom etc.
One Electronic copy in Word and Excel as applicable must be
submitted on CD-R or Diskette.

 Proposal Deliverables

 Itemized Cost Breakdown

 Works Schedule

 Conditions of Participation

 Proposals must be valid for 90 days from the RFP due date
 RFP Bidders shall carefully review and examine the RFP and all
other referenced documents. Bidders shall notify ARCHION
immediately (prior to bid submission) of any ambiguities, conflicts,
contradictions, omissions and consistencies they identify in the
 RFP Bidders shall carefully review the construction sites to obtain
firsthand knowledge of existing conditions and requirements.
 The Bidder shall consider the de-installation of affected existing
MEP utilities for re-use in the retrofit.
 Only sealed written proposals will be accepted. Ensure the name of
your company and project title is clearly visible.
 This RFP, any submitted proposal and all associated documents
and information concerning the project are considered ARCHION
propriety Information and shall not be disclose to any third party
without ARCHION’s consent, except to the extent, Bidders must
obtain pricing from suppliers, subcontractors and low-tier
 The OWNER reserves the right to reject any and all proposals,
waive formalities and to enter into contracts or not, in the best
interest of the OWNER. The OWNER reserves the right to enter
into additional negotiations with one or more respondents to this
 The OWNER assumes no contractual or monetary obligation until a
Notice to Proceed is issued by the OWNER. Any and all prior or
preliminary verbal and/or written agreements shall not be
considered in the evaluation process or be considered to constitute
an agreement of any kind for the purpose of this RFP. All
agreements after completion of the evaluation process are
preliminary and tentative until final contract approval and execution
by all parties.

 Evaluation and Selection process

 Bid opening is conducted privately . In complete, non-responsive or

late proposals will not be considered.
 Evaluation criteria are at the discretion of the Owner and Archion
 Bid Documents

 Architectural sheets
 Plumbing sheets
 Electrical sheets
 Structural Sheets
 Mechanical Sheets
 Outline Specification

Prepared by:

Reyvin Gerolaga