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I. Supply what is asked in the following statements. Choose your answers from the word pool.
Needs Wants Competitor Marketing Brand equity Sales
Value Market Satisfaction Market share Branding

__________1. More on the psychological aspect, indicating preferences that can improve the
consumer’s life condition
__________2. A form of communicating or promoting the value of a product, service, or brand to the
__________3.The appreciation in a brand’s value from the point of view of customers
__________4. The group of individual or organizational customers who have both the willingness and
financial capability to purchase a particular product or service
__________5. Refers to the value customers place on a product or service
__________6. Defined a physiological necessities required for human survival
__________7. The measure of how well customer expectations from a purchased product or service
have been met
__________8. The share of a company’s revenues divided by the total revenues of its industry in a
particular year
__________9. Any company in an industry or a similar industry that offers a similar product or
__________10. The ability of manufacturers to successfully distinguish their products from other

II. Write TRUE if the statement is True and FALSE if otherwise.

________11. A business plan must appeal to the audience.
________12. A business plan only serves the entrepreneur who must set the navigational course
of the entrepreneurial activity.
________13. Knowing the contents of a business plan is a good idea.
________14. Both the industry players and the market are not affected by the macro environment
which includes the SPEET.
________15. The business plan must articulate the laws, rules, and regulations governing the
business, and the industry that the enterprise is in.
________16. The sixth section of the business plan is the market demand and supply, the industry
dynamics, and the macro environmental forces affecting the business of the
________17. The EDS involves the harnessing of human, money, and physical resources from
well-selected sources.
________18. The Operations and Marketing units are supported by the clientele.
________19. It is normal for an enterprise to expand their product offerings to include the other
segments of a bigger market.
________20. The Executive Summary can be written at the beginning of the business plan to give
the audience and overview of the business concept.
III. Match Column B with its definition in Column A. Write the letter of the correct answer on the
space provided before each number.
_____21. Contains everything that is relevant and important to a. Business model
the business audience. b. Entrepreneurship
_____22. Shows the future and long-term prospects of the c. Business plan
enterprise. d. Enterprise strategy

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_____23. A formula on how the enterprise exactly plans to make e. Executive summary
money out of the business. f. Business concept
_____24. Includes all natural resources and ecosystem that g. Economic environment
defines the habitat of man, animals, plants, and h. Technological environment
minerals. i. Social environment
_____25. Contains the essence of the enterprise in a concise but j. Main value proposition
powerful manner. k. Enterprise delivery system
_____26. Makes or breaks competing participants in any l. Business goals
industry. m. Ecological environment
_____27. The entire process converting input (resources) into n. Political environment
output and these outputs into outcomes. o. Economic development
_____28. Capability to create new things, invest in new p. Services
enterprises and expand business through new markets,
products and techniques.
_____29. A guide throughout the process of planning a business
_____30. Defines the governance system of the country or the
local are of business
_____31. Builds and develops the game plan for attaining
_____32. Unique selling proposition of the enterprise
_____33. Includes the demographic and cultural dimensions that
govern the relevant entrepreneurial behavior
_____34. Mainly driven by supply and demand forces
_____35. The ultimate goal of every nation

IV. Enumerate the following:

A. 7Ps of Marketing Mix
36. _______________________________________
37. _______________________________________
38. _______________________________________
39. _______________________________________
40. _______________________________________
41. _______________________________________
42. _______________________________________
B. Give two (2) decision tensions in atmosphere determinant
43. _______________________________________
44. _______________________________________
C. Three important return calculations
45. _______________________________________
46. _______________________________________
47. _______________________________________
D. Give three (3) objectives of setting the prices of enterprise products or services
48. _______________________________________
49. _______________________________________
50. _______________________________________

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