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Classroom Instruction Delivery Alignment Map

Grade: 11/12 Semester: 1ST Semester

Core Subject Title: Reading and Writing No. of Hours/Semester: 54 hours/ semester
Prerequisites (If needed):

Core Subject Description: The development of reading and writing skills as applied to a wide range of materials other than poetry, fiction and drama
Culminating Performance Standard: The learner produces each type of academic writing and professional correspondence following the properties of well-written texts and process approach
to writing.

1st Quarter
Highest Enabling Strategy to
Use in Developing the Highest
Highest Thinking Skill to Assess Thinking Skill to Assess

Content Content Standards Performance Standards KUD

Learning Competencies
Assessment Technique Teaching
RBT Level General
WW QA PC Strategy

3. Distinguishes between and

The learner... The learner... among patterns of
development in writing across Inclusio
RWS11.1. Reading and
realizes that critiques a chosen sample of disciplines n of
Thinking Strategies across a. narration
information in a each pattern of items Topic outline
Text types b. description
written text may be development focusing on from writing
Reasoning and
selected and information selection, c. definition Understanding Evaluation this
C. Patterns of Development d. exemplification / topic in
organized to achieve organization, and
a particular purpose. development. classification the
e. comparison and contrast periodic
al exam
f. cause and effect
g. problem - solution
h. persuasion
Performance Task:
G – Each student produces a type of professional correspondence following the properties of well-written texts and process approach to writing.
R – Employees of XYZ Corporation
A – Recipients of the letters
S – Usual business transactions: (positions of employees depend on the track of students)
 Employee A writes a sales letter
 Employee B writes an order letter
 Employee C writes a complaint letter
 Employee D writes an adjustment letter
 Employee E writes an inquiry letter
 Employee F writes a follow-up letter
 Employee G writes a recommendation letter
 Employee H writes an acknowledgement letter
 Employee I writes a cover letter
 Employee J writes a resignation letter
P - (product) Business correspondence
S – Properties of a well-written text:
 Organization
 Coherence and Cohesion
 Language Use
 Mechanics