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Holy Cross College of Carigara

Carigara Leyte


Jorge O. Labante

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Instruction: Give the best answer in every question.

___________________________1. It is the artistic way of persuading prospects to

buy products or services from which they can derive suitable benefits.

___________________________2. This type of personal selling, sales obtain from

existing costumer whose habits and patterns of thought that are already
conducive for sale.

___________________________3. “Everything is right for the sale”, this is the claim

of what theory?

___________________________4. It is the make or break moment in sales.

___________________________5. This way of closing the sale, salesperson tries to

push prospect into buying decision.

___________________________6. This theory emphasizes the side of the buyers

___________________________7. This technique in closing a sale works because it

creates a sense of urgency and can help overcome inertia when a prospect
wants to buy.

___________________________8. It is the process of finding out candidates, who

are encourage to apply

___________________________9. Way of closing the sale that draws on the power

of positive thinking.
__________________________10. It is the process of perfecting the salesmen for
their work

__________________________11. In this closing a sale, prospect feel that they are

reaching already the buying decision so it easy for salesperson to close the

__________________________12. This technique of closing the sale, salespeople

make an offer that includes a special benefit that prompts immediate

__________________________13. This type of selling aims to convert the prospect

into costumer.

__________________________14. This theory is also known as “seller oriented


__________________________15. It is a grouping of costumer and prospects

assigned to an individual salesperson.

__________________________16. This is the process of finding out the best person

suitable for the job.

__________________________17. In this technique, salespeople show to the

prospects the benefits of the product and then ask a low-impact questions.

__________________________18. It is an action for the sales manager to ensure

efficient use of time and assets.

__________________________19. Salespeople reiterate the items to the costumers

for them to buy products.

__________________________20. It is the planning work which is essential in

eliminating calls of non-buyers.

__________________________21. A salesperson can close the sale in a form of

question. What technique is being used?

__________________________22. This technique uses the approach of removing a

feature or service and present the discounted offer.
__________________________23. It is the process set to know whether the sales
executives are achieving the quotas or not.

_________________________24. Through your excellent performance and

consecutive close of sales with your client, your manager gives you an increase
in your salary at the same time a P15, 000 cash as your commission. What
kind of compensation is this?

_________________________25. It is the way how salespeople work with their

costumers to maintain company competitive edge.


Give the three General Objectives of Sales Management




Enumerate the Four Theories in Selling





Two types of Personal Selling


Give at least three major reasons in establishing Sales Territory



Choose two techniques in closing the sale. In a form of Venn Diagram give their
differences and similarities

Procedures in setting Sales Territory